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minneapolis public library a "hostile work environment," says federal agency

01 june 2001

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on thursday, may 24, the equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc) found that a minneapolis, minnesota, public library had subjected twelve of its employees to a sexually hostile work environment, violating title vii of the civil rights act of 1964, when they were exposed to graphic, hard-core internet pornography.

"we knew it was just a matter of time before some dedicated librarians would stand up to the american library association and rescue their library," jan larue, senior director of legal studies at the family research council, said in a press release.

due to pressure from the american library association, most libraries do not carry internet filtering systems to keep out the hard-core pornography.

that the eeoc would make such a determination is very significant, according to robert s. halagan, an attorney representing the librarians. this ruling "should cause the library to take a more realistic view of the case," he told cns news.

not only was hard-core porn left visible on library internet terminals, graphic printouts were left on tables and youngsters and library staff were exposed to images of bestiality and child rape, causing many patrons to complain.

"they were exposed to not only sexually graphic material and the most explicit stuff that's out there on the web, but also child pornography and material that is clearly unlawful and illegal � and that library chose not to take action to address that situation," halagan stated . . . until the twelve librarians filed their complaint with the eeoc, that is.

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