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9/25/00 plan2succeed plan2succeed plan2succeed's first public library contact - offers free filtering software services a member of plan2succeed notices the public library is unfiltered and offers to install and maintain filtering software for free.  the offer is refused citing the ala's policy.
6/28/01 police news section echoes-sentinel millington man jailed on child pornography charge; allegedly viewed material at library a regular public library patron used the intentionally unfiltered computers to view pornography.  a library patron, not a librarian, called the police.  the police are specially trained because of "a growing number of computer-related incidents that have been reported to police during the past year."  hmmm, how many have not been reported?  could the advertisement in the internet usage policy of unfiltered access have attracted this criminal?
7/5/01 john p. pavelec echoes-sentinel censorship issues arise after library pornography incident this is a further expansion of the above article.  ominously, we also learn computer-related incidents have "tripled."  the library's director said there have been five such complaints since 1993!  [that's peculiar since she told me recently there was only one such complaint.]  she further said if someone was caught viewing pornography, they would be asked to move to another computer!  she said pornography's always been in the library so there's no need to stop it now! 
7/12/01 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel long hill library wrong to oppose internet filtering the local public library is wrong to oppose internet filtering software as evidenced by the man arrested in the library for viewing pornographic material.� following the ala's recommendation, our local public library's management sees to it that no filters are used.� the library has become a magnet for criminals.� worse, a librarian reported she was instructed not to call the police for any reason arising from the illegal use of the unfiltered computers.
10/25/01 vincent paterno echoes-sentinel indictment is lodged against postmaster; union county files 24 counts on pornography, assault charges charges of child pornography and attempted sexual assault are lodged against a man who used the public library's internet in a library that follows the ala's recommendations not to filter the internet.  curiously, the author leaves out any mention of the library.  i know this from interviewing those living in the area.  note that this criminal is different than the one reported a few months ago on 6/28/01.  it seems the library does not mind if unfiltered computers continue to attract more criminals.  who's next?
6/23/03 u.s. supreme court u.s. supreme court united states v. american library association, inc. "[p]ublic libraries' use of internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' first amendment rights...."  "internet access in public libraries is neither a 'traditional' nor a 'designated' public forum."  "[a] library provides [internet] access for the same reasons it offers other library resources:  to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits by furnishing materials of requisite and appropriate quality.  the fact that a library reviews and affirmatively chooses to acquire every book in its collection, but does not review every web site that it makes available, is not a constitutionally relevant distinction."� "concerns over filtering software's tendency to erroneously 'overblock' access to constitutionally protected speech that falls outside the categories software users intend to block are dispelled by the ease with which patrons may have the filtering software disabled."� "the interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all members of the court appear to agree."
7/24/03 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel library mulls anti-porn filter ruling in light of the recent us v. ala case requiring public libraries to install internet software filters, a local public library that previously followed the ala's lead decides to wait for direction from the ala on what to do.
7/25/03 carla d. hayden, ala pres. american library assoc. [ala] cipa decision response: a statement from ala president carla d. hayden and the ala executive board the ala, shocked that the us supreme court would attempt to stop the ala from its goal of sexualizing our children, reacts and attacks.� they react by issuing this statement in which they immediately attack the court's decision, doing anything and everything to go around the law of the land.� they will "work to minimize the negative impact" by advising libraries not to accept federal funds, by finding alternatives to filtering through "educati[ng the] parents and children," by claiming the court's decision is racist, etc.� sounds like they are desperate to me and that they are trying to keep the wool over our eyes.� a lie told often enough becomes the truth (lenin); despite us v. ala, they continue to decry "impeding the public’s access to constitutionally protected material."
7/31/03 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel u.s. supreme court's porn decision is too restrictive for libraries despite the editor's assigning of a misleading title, the article is about how the local public library's internet usage policy should be changed to match community standards recently given strength by a family friendly united states supreme court decision, us v. ala.� the community should not allow the ala to again guide the rewriting of our internet usage policy.
8/7/03 a longtime resident echoes-sentinel library should comply with porn ruling responding to my article of 7/31/03, this longtime resident of another community reports that her own public library is infected by the ala in a similar manner.� she agrees the computers should be filtered and the internet use policy should be changed.� "it is of great concern to me that children could be so easily exposed to pornography in such a public place."
8/28/03 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel township library policy not consistent with u.s. supreme court ruling this article takes citizens by the hand and shows them an example of how the internet usage policy could be rewritten.� language from us v. ala is directly inserted while references to the ala are removed to drive a stake through the heart of that monster.� curiously, the editor failed to note that i removed the ala from the policy, so i make a few changes in this version.
10/23/03 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel parent requests computer filters for explicit material this article is written about me and my visit to the library board of trustees.  you see i feel that it's only fair to let the board know what i plan to do.  no matter, the board is prepared for the likes of me.  they don't need any input from mere citizens.  and, although i asked, they certainly didn't have any suggestions for me as to what kind of public input would be acceptable to them so they would filter the computers.  they will continue to follow ala advice to stall, delay, and go against the supreme court decision.  after all, who else is going to protect the criminals from the children.
10/23/03 george borkowsky echoes-sentinel few libraries use court-approved anti-pornography filters "[l]ibraries have been reluctant to use filters, in past because ... the [ala] opposes filtering."  "two years ago our long hill township police arrested a pervert trading child pornography and using library computers to lure children into sexual encounters."  "even though the filters can be shut off for any adult who asks, the ala argued in court that most adults would be too embarrassed to do so.  in that case, 'they should really be too embarrassed to ask taxpayers to pay for their pornography access.'"
11/19/03 donald kuhn, president long hill township library board of trustees library board position concerning the child internet protection act this is a library board of trustees open public meeting handout.  the hyperlinks are added by plan2succeed.  see below for more commentary.
this (above) is a library board of trustees open public meeting handout.  the hyperlinks are added by plan2succeed.  it's just a draft but it's intentionally misleading (saying there's been only 1 internet incident whereas 2 years ago 5 incidents were admitted, and saying filters may be disabled for any reason at all despite clear language otherwise in us v. ala), and uses frightening language designed to scare the public about the evils of "censorship" leading to people not being able to see everything on the internet (even though the dissent in us v. ala admits there is no censorship if the filters may be disabled).  it uses double talk arguing that it must wait for guidance from the fcc in the summer of 2004 while at the same time arguing it is not subject to cipa since it receives no federal funding.  even still, it awaits guidance from the ala, the librarian union that thinks children should have access to pornography to prevent age discrimination.  it hints at the internet being completely outside its collection practices and this is in direct defiance of the specific holding of us v. ala that filtering is to be used to enforce collection practices -- the mere presence of the internet does not mean anything goes.  it is deceptive in stating it is working for the "best interests of the community" when it really works to spread the ala's destructive practices into our community, and it was at last month's meeting that the board said the public's input was not needed because the issues were too complicated for the public.  the board sidesteps the issue of possible criminal activity caused by unfiltered computers -- the new library will have newer, faster computers and an even greater need for filtering software.  there is no need to wait for another victim.  you are being forewarned now to install filtering software!  another crime now will expose the township to greater liability due to foreknowledge of potential criminality and the ease of the potential prevention of same.  not taking federal funds does not mean the reasoning of us v. ala is useless.

here are the handouts plan2succeed gave to the board for consideration while they finalize their draft:
(1) an article from an ala publication showing the bias of the ala.  the ala should not be used as the only major source of information.  intellectual freedom begins at home
(2) a memorandum of legal opinion from concerned women for american who submitted a friend of the court brief on the winning side of us v. ala.  the brief tells how filters should be implemented and warns about how various groups such as the aclu are advising libraries to circumvent cipa and us v. ala.  library procedures for disabling software filtering and unblocking websites
11/24/03 ala american library assoc. [ala] ala releases new internet tools, information for libraries this ala press release claims to provide new information.  it does.  its link contains information on how to deceive people and nullify the us supreme court.  the link advises, for example, that libraries need only "discuss" policy--the action of installing filters is not required!  for this statement, the ala relies on a legal memorandum [68kb] that describes how to skate around the supreme court decision, even going so far as to say if worse comes to worse, there are no real criminal or civil consequences and only some funding will be lost.
11/27/03 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel library board weighs against computer filters this page 1, above the fold, full spread article is about the library board of trustees draft cipa statement and one of plan2succeed's arguments against it.  the board explained why it refuses to use internet filters while claiming to be "sensitive to and supportive of parental concerns for the protection of children."  the board's main argument is that filtering is censorship.  plan2succeed points out that this view of the board's is directly counter to us v. ala since nothing is censored if the filters are disabled as allowed by the supreme court.
12/11/03 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel anti-porn advocate makes 'filters' case this above the fold article is about plan2succeed's appearance at a township committee meeting.  the committee decided to take no action regarding the library board of trustees claiming the board was autonomous and said is was powerless to allow a municipal question on the ballot to determine whether citizens want internet filters.  it's funny how the board refuses to accept any input from the public and, when asked to respond to arguments and as if to prove my point, library director arlene most quipped, "i'm not going to debate this in public."  how's that for government accountability!
12/22/03 plan2succeed press release - town refuses to ask citizens if library porn should be filtered out; seeking pro bono counsel the citizens of long hill township in morris county are not allowed to have their opinions polled as to whether or not they want their taxpayer-supported public library to install internet filters on computers to prevent children from seeing pornography.  something is wrong when a small group of people called a library board of trustees determines that a library must continue to allow access to pornography despite admittedly being outside the library's mission, the township committee claims it is powerless to stop the board, and the citizens have no say. is now seeking legal counsel willing to launch legal actions against the board and the committee on a pro bono basis.
12/25/03 john mozer echoes-sentinel filters should be inserted in library computers "i realize that the board of trustees is not expressly allowing pornography at the library, but not filtering the internet is the equivalent of allowing someone to randomly place pornographic materials throughout the book shelves of our library and not doing anything about it."  "i believe the board of trustees should be looking to the citizens of long hill township on this issue, and not the american library association, who does not fund our library."
1/1/04 stephen a. delia sr. echoes-sentinel board has weak case against filters "[i]t would seem a matter of good sense that [internet filters] should be installed"  "yet our library does not have filters, nor does the board of trustees have any plans in place to install them or even to research what's needed to install them."  "does anyone in our community believe our children should be exposed to pornography?"
1/15/04 leslie krowchenko questionable books returned to library in an effort to remove inappropriate books from a public library, is cited as a recommended source of information.  "it helps when we know we are not alone...."
1/29/04 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel more residents want library computer filters "there are a lot of people who are in favor of filters, ... i'm still baffled why were not moving towards that."  "i don't see why there's not more of a sense of urgency to protect children from pornography and other harmful subject matter."  "[t]he committee will probably work on the computer filter issue in the next few months," however, the input of town citizens is expressly not sought despite repeated requests at this and previous meetings.
1/29/04 jean middleton echoes-sentinel long hill library officials should focus on installing computer filters "because filters have improved greatly, are modifiable and removable, simply by adult request, no questions asked, the question becomes, 'do the majority of long hill residents wish to see pornography while at the library or run into people who do'"?
2/12/04 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel plan2succeed asks residents to not support library "there is a complete disregard of the public by the library board of trustees in the face of repeated direct requests for public involvement in internet filtering decisions."  "this spitting in the face of the citizens is what really deserves the hugh m. hefner first amendment award from the playboy foundation."  "is it the board's statutorily defined function to ensure people of all ages have access to pornography"?  "claims of autonomy should not protect the board where it chooses to stray beyond its mission."  "we ask all citizens to immediately stop supporting the library financially since it is not acting in trust for the citizens."
2/26/04 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel debate on computer filters continues "the library board of trustees walked the fine line on letting residents know they're being listened to...."  "residents for and against filtering told the board what issues should be taken into consideration regarding filtering."  "[b]oard members are volunteers who can't devote '40 hours' a week to go through enough information to make informed decisions on filters" said one of the board members.
2/26/04 david j. kaplan echoes-sentinel plan2succeed's ideas go against the first amendment "reading the headline banner:  'plan2succeed asks residents to not support library,' ... actually frightened me.  it was like ... the taliban dictating what should and what should not be done by others under their thumb."  "[t]heir means of dealing with this problem has too broad a stroke for a free society."  "support the long hill township library...."
4/15/04 jason goemaat echoes-sentinel long hill sees republican primary race "four-term township committeewoman maryann nergaard faces a primary election challenge this june from first-time candidate [plan2succeed member], who has been active crusading for computer filters at the long hill public library."  see more articles related to this primary election.
6/18/04 subcommittee of the library board of trustees long hill township library board of trustees report on filtering internet access this is a library board of trustees publication showing an apparent sincere effort to look at many of the issues involved.  however, the final recommendation to leave adult computers unfiltered will still attract criminals to the library.  people need to go to the july and september library board of trustee meetings to be heard.
6/24/04 patricia llerena echoes-sentinel library computer filters considered 'heavy-handed' the library board of trustees recommends that children's computers are filtered while adult computers are not.  this shows plan2succeed is making progress, but it also shows criminals are still welcome into the library.  the board attacks plan2succeed saying we are "fear mongering in the extreme."  such attacks show their legitimate arguments are not strong enough on their own so they must rely on ad hominem attacks.
7/1/04 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel residents should attend meetings "[s]exual predation occurs on a daily basis worldwide and that it could happen to anyone."  "[l]et us not frame the entire matter as exaggerated fear mongering.  ....  don't airlines train people in the use of special equipment in the rare event of a crash landing?  ....  shouldn't the people decide instead of just a three member subcommittee?  everyone please take an interest and ... attend a library board of trustees meeting...."
7/24/04 patricia llerena echoes-sentinel residents' views vary on computer filters the board is considering installing filters on at least some of the library computers.  [this is a minor victory for residents, but the battle is not over because the criminals will still get unfiltered access on "adult" computers.]  us supreme court ignored by our library:  "the state also has an independent interest in the well-being of its youth....  the knowledge that parental control or guidance cannot always be provided and society's transcendent interest in protecting the welfare of children justify reasonable regulation...."
8/12/04 plan2succeed the dartmouth online masturbation, redux "[s]ince when is fondling yourself in front of 30 students grounds for being asked to move to a more secluded computer?"  [with a title chosen by the editor, not us, this is a response to "man watches porn on first floor berry."]
8/17/04 jedidiah sorokin-altmann the dartmouth online filtering would be foolish "[t]he plan2succeed citizens group advocates installing 'constitutionally approved internet filters' in a letter to the editor titled 'masturbation, redux' (the dartmouth, aug. 12.) it is worth pointing out, however, that blocking software doesn't merely prevent access to pornographic material....  anyone who wants to limit what they can see on the internet should install blocking software on their own computer and stay home."
8/24/04 dan linsalata the dartmouth online no filters required "[the plan2succeed citizens group's] affront regarding the assistant librarian's response to a man fondling himself in berry was right on the money (the dartmouth, aug. 12); his calls for 'constitutionally-approved internet filters' go over the top.  all the college needs is a common sense policy.  although the supreme court has upheld every american's inalienable right to view asian transvestite porn in a public setting, and katherine mcnabb '06 asks us not to 'yuck somebody else's yum,' i'm confident that no one is finding 'yum' in a middle-aged man having a m�nage-�-one in a public library.  the open-door policy of the dartmouth college library allows anyone from the greater hanover community to come in, including young children.  there are plenty of simple measures that can be taken to prevent such indecent behavior without violating anyone's constitutional rights."
9/7/04 plan2succeed why the library board must filter all internet computers "we urge our board to filter all computers, to update the internet use policy, and to stop following the ala's 'library bill of rights' until it comes into compliance with the law."
9/8/04 municipal meetings echoes-sentinel long hill township "the library board of trustees will meet at 7:30 p.m., wednesday, sept. 15.  this will be the final opportunity for the public to comment on a proposal to filter internet access on the library's computers."
9/11/04 editorial the star-ledger the library's integrity see below about main, of which long hill township public library is a part:
"a problem that confronts all public libraries is illustrated in the morris county internet [main] library service's recent rejection of federal funding to upgrade public-access, internet-linked personal computers.  ....  [t]he problem is that existing anti-porn filters also can prevent library patrons from accessing legitimate information.  for example, the filters would not permit a user to call up anything containing the word 'breast' — which means it would be impossible to access information on breast cancer.  ....  [main] determined the filters were simply too cumbersome.  still, the question of people using publicly funded computers to access unsavory web sites also needs to be considered.  some libraries have designated certain computers for use exclusively by minors — and those have the anti-porn filters.  such an accommodation might be considered by the libraries in the morris county library system.  still, we think main's decision was a wise one."  [p2s:  this is an example of a member of the media doing the work for the ala.  instead of doing his research, he reports that filters would make it "impossible to access information on breast cancer."  this is completely untrue, one of the very same falsehoods the ala makes intentionally, as proven in other comments below." the filters can be disabled just by asking the librarian to do so, thanks to us v. ala.  but this is not new information.  he could have easily read the us supreme court case that defines this issue.  this is the same old story of librarians and some media intentionally misleading the public to convince the public to vote against filters.  then he says as an "accommodation," perhaps the computers for minors should be filtered.  an accommodation to whom, the molesters praying on the minors?  there is no need to accommodate the unconstitutional views of librarians that children should have access to pornography.  by the way, while property taxes are going up and libraries are advertising for donations, why is main turning down $10,000 so that porn will remain available in morris county, nj libraries?  the writer does not address that issue.  9-11 is a perfect date for this disaster of an editorial to be published, especially while children are being terrorized nationwide by molesters and librarians whose policies continue to attract the molesters and rapists despite law and a us supreme court decision.]
9/15/04 echoes-sentinel echoes-sentinel internet freedom will cost morris county library system $10,000 see below for the article summary and our arguments in response:
morris county's internet library service will forgo about $10,000 in federal funds this year, rather than request that its 36 member libraries install devices to filter out pornography on their computers.  ....  among critics, the most common example of the imperfection of filters is that any reference to 'breasts' would not be accessible even if the person wanted to research the subject of breast cancer.  ....  main received the federal funds in past years, known as 'e-rate' funding.  but this year, the members decided to forego the funds rather than fit the filters....  ....  'it won't reduce or increase our assessments for operating budgets....'  ....  member libraries also were concerned with legal liabilities not only if a juvenile views pornography but also if an adult is limited in viewing constitutionally protected information....  'for our board, it was not only that you might filter information people want but that you would have to undo filter operations for people,' ....  'there is no perfect filter.'"  [p2s:  their arguments completely ignore that one merely has to ask a librarian to disable a filter to research breast cancer.  simple, huh?  but don't let the public know or they might not be against filters!  further, the arguments are absurd—since filters will never, ever be "perfect," does that mean filters should never be used because a library might be sued if something slips through?  this argument that filters are not perfect so they should not be used makes us v. ala useless; filters will never be perfect.  does it make sense to throw out us v. ala because librarians are suddenly lawsuit conscious if one child sees filtered pornography but they are not worried about lawsuits if many children see unfiltered pornography?  it's an absurd, obvious excuse to ensure the goal of librarians remains intact despite us v. ala, namely, pushing pornography on children.  and look at that excuse making for giving up $10,000 that the taxpayers will now have to make up one way or another.  these librarians and library boards ought to be replaced by those who comply with the us supreme court, not the ala's so-called library bill of rights that says it is age discrimination to keep children from seeing pornography.  librarians and library boards should represent county residents, not ala radical librarians gunning to sexualize our children.]
9/22/04 patricia llerena echoes-sentinel library board oks filters for computers see below for highlights of article:
the library board of trustees unanimously voted at a wednesday, sept. 15 meeting, to install internet filters on all of the computers in the children's department and some in the adult section....  about 20 parents, mostly fathers fearing their children could be inadvertently exposed to pornography at the library, addressed the board members.  ....  in may 2001, a township man was arrested for viewing child pornography at the library.  he was found guilty and sentenced to jail time on sept. 21, 2001.  ....  library director arline most said ... that the library staff rarely has to stop people from looking at inappropriate web sites.  once in a blue moon, she said, the staff may see a young adolescent male at a computer in the children's section, and it's obvious from his body language that he knows he's doing something wrong.  "we're not doing anything actively to bring pornography to the library," said board member bryan boylan, chair of the committee that created the library board's report on filtering internet access.  "i feel filtering is censorship, even if it can be turned off,  boylan added.  ....  schools superintendent arthur dibenedetto attended the meeting ... [and] said he, the principal and librarian reviewed the award-winning book, "mangaboom," by charlotte pomerantz, and decided to keep it on the shelves.  ....  dibenedetto said he could "understand (why) some people may find it (the content) objectionable."
9/29/04 top stories echoes-sentinel long hill joins a short list of libraries using filters "long hill township joined a short list of morris county libraries that filter their computers after the library board of trustees unanimously agreed to filter all the computers in the children's section, wednesday, sept. 15.  ....  [i]n the main consortium, ... only five of those libraries installed filters on their [children's] computers.  those libraries are in jefferson township [all computers], chester township, morristown, kinnelon, plus the county library in whippany."
9/29/04 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel [plan2succeed] wants all computers filtered "[u]nfiltered computers will still attract criminals.  this has been the experience of many other libraries.  ours is no different.  only filtering all computers will best prevent criminality.  we believe the library installed the filters to forestall our real goal - placing the question of internet filters on a public ballot, potentially leading to the filtering of all computers."
10/14/04 scott orshan echoes-sentinel this reader could use a '[plan2succeed] filter' "very simply, there is no such thing as a 'pornography filter.'  ....  asking the librarian to turn off what has been characterized as a porn filter is going to brand us as perverts....  ....  i do support filtering in the kids' section.  ....  what i could really use at this point is a [plan2succeed] filter."  he obviously hasn't read us v. ala nor appreciates that kid computers will now be filtered thanks to plan2succeed.  google this guy and you'll find him partying with my former political opponent's spouse [maryann nergaard and spouse bill hudzik] and writing content for the public school web site.  no bias, eh?
10/27/04 dan mcguire echoes-sentinel long hill man says there's no mandate for filters see below for revealing excerpts and p2s comments.
"i must write to condemn the never-ending and increasingly outrageous campaign of [one member of plan2succeed] to subjugate an entire township to his way of thinking....  this individual is apparently never going to be satisfied until he has imposed his value system on all of us, using lies and dubious tactics that hearken to joseph mccarthy or the 527 groups of contemporary national mudslinging.  ....  [he] wants you to believe that there is a groundswell of support for filtering.  nothing could be further from the truth.  ....  [he] would lie to the entire community to continue the smoke-and-mirrors and try to demand your respect.  [he] is now dedicating himself to putting a public question on a future ballot.  ....  a ballot issue is not only a waste of our resources (financial and civic/government), but without legal merit....  finally, i urge the entire community to condemn [his] chilling remarks ..., unseemly tactics ..., [and] devious editing.  ....  censorship, witch-hunts, are all in a day's work for [plan2succeed].  ....  [plan2succeed]'s tactics and never-ending efforts to hijack public policy are both unseemly and antithetical to democracy and a healthy community.  as such, i would urge the community to take action.  how?  [d]eny him an audience.  for example, the echoes-sentinel can ... refus[e] to publish content filled with lies, inaccuracies or dubiously edited quotations, i.e. every letter ever written by [him].  maybe our library board should [make] 'sunshine law' [meetings] less frequent...."  in other words, use censorship and secret meetings to prevent p2s from asking for a public ballot to poll residents on their wishes.  this man is the co-chair of the long hill township public library civic / community campaign committee.  he demeans the library.  the library director and i disagree on almost everything, but we respect each other and address our arguments towards the issues, not each other.  dan mcguire's attacks are completely unwarranted, besides being factually incorrect -- there are so many errors that i won't even try to respond.  p2s encourages fair debate -- that's why we have material on our site that in truth does not support our position, which mr. mcguire uses against us.  he is reported to have made other personal attacks against me instead of addressing the issues.  p2s hopes mr. mcguire and his ilk will follow the library director's example and engage in appropriate debate instead of personal attacks and calls for real censorship.
1/7/05 plan2succeed contra costa times residents being misled on library letter to the editor showing our responses to typical examples of librarian excuse making:  1) filters don't work, 2) who defines what's inappropriate, 3) other libraries don't filter either, and 4) citizens made the decision not to filter, not the library.
2/3/05 plan2succeed the craig daily press [plan2succeed member], on behalf of plan2succeed citizen's group:  chatham, nj letter to the editor showing our observations of media bias and arrogance related to library filters.
3/15?/05 kelly milner halls her web site censor alert; plan2succeed excellently deceptive attack letter going into detail about plan2succeed:  "...ever heard of them?  if you live in knoxville, iowa you may have.  because one of their loyalists supposedly registered a challenge to and defaced a copy of scientific american magazine in a knoxville public library branch, calling an unclothed illustration of a prehistoric woman -- a hominid -- pornographic.  ....  [p2s is] -- a venomous anti-freedom group determined to force their vision of morality on the rest of the country.  i wonder if their women are forced to wear burkhas.  keep you eyes on this hateful group and deny them their wish to deny you your rights."  perhaps we will offer to send the library of copy of that scientific american magazine, by far one of the best magazines in the country.  we are not trying to force our vision anywhere, we are just trying to get the ala to stop defying the law of the land, a law set by two branches of the federal government, not by p2s, where the defiance of which may be directly resulting in the rape and molestation of children in public libraries!  lastly, the comment about the burkhas may be considered racist or discriminatory, inflammatory at the least -- and they call us a "hateful group" in the next sentence!  note:  on a later date, ms. halls has retracted her comments and apologized.  we give her credit for that.  please see her web page for details!
3/24/05 john rennie, editor of scientific american sciam perspectives scientific american:  your magazine for hominid-on-hominid action! remember we wrote above that the kelly milner halls article was an "excellently deceptive attack"?  apparently, we have been proven correct.  this comment from the scientific american editor shows how easy it is to be misled by people like halls.  see how easy it is for complete falsehoods by the racist fringe to be accepted by mainstream media.  be sure to read our comments following john rennie's comments to learn how we defended ourselves and attempted to help john rennie realize that he has been misled completely.  for the record, scientific american is one of the best magazines ever -- everybody please purchase a subscription.
4/7/05 john rennie, editor of scientific american sciam perspectives correction:  scientific american:  your magazine for hominid-on-hominid action! a gracious correction/apology is issued in response to our comments about being unfairly smeared.  "correction:  in comments, [mr.] plan2succeed clarifies that he does not support mcspadden's actions against sciam, and that he has long been a fan of sciam.  rather, he had merely responded to dispute a letter by the librarian, who had said that the library contained no pornography.  good point, and my apologies for the confusion.  read the letters in question here, and read the comments for [plan2succeed]'s side of the story."
4/12/05 plan2succeed finally, a library director who gets it a series of communications showing at least one library director gets it -- namely, community children are to be protected, not the ala's goal to sexualize children in defiance of the law.  the library director's response is outstanding and could be a model for communities nationwide.
5/1/05 plan2succeed ala policies make a librarian's life difficult someone tries to blame a judge planning to force a library to use legal filters for making a librarian's life difficult.  our article shows it the ala that does this, not those who comply with the law.
7/18/05 pabbis pabbis news the ala and porn filters and how far is too far in "young adult" books? "the well resourced, radical, internet porn loving, anything-goes-at-any-age ala's impact on children, local communities, and public tax expenditures is very troubling.  a small, out of the mainstream circle of people in the ala have a huge impact as they define and implement their new and strange ideology in both public and public school libraries.

plan2succeed is an organization that plans to succeed at 'stopping the ala from pushing porn in public libraries.'  they have useful information on:
- how the ala continues to resist and undermine the supreme court decision on filters
- information about the ala and children
- crimes and filters in libraries
it is disgusting how some public libraries are becoming 'safer' for public porn and perverts but unsafe for children."  naturally, we agree fully.
11/20/06 plan2succeed the bergen record net filters, pro and con "perhaps more important, filtering all computers will greatly reduce the chances of adults using the computers inappropriately and injuring children, as was the case in montvale where a man was arrested in the borough's public library.  ....  local librarians, unfortunately, often follow ala guidelines that advise them to hide the truth from the public with non-incendiary language.  ....  community standards should hold sway, not those of the ala."
11/21/05 abby simons des moines register library sex offender incident fuels internet filter push; offender admitted viewing porn on library pcs "a homeless sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in a des moines library restroom last month told police he used library computers to view pornography many times."  p2s is quoted in this article.  when this story first came out it made no mention of the connection to unfiltered library computers.  only after p2s made inquiries as to whether this might be so did reporters pick up the scent.  we view this as another win for p2s and the truth.  see also library incident fuels push for internet filters.  months later, this incident has become the basis for iowa's efforts to pass legislation statewide, and p2s exposed it!  an entire state, iowa, may be filtered thanks to p2s!
11/21/05 john skipper globe gazette no internet filtering at mason city public library "this is a sad thing.  children are being raped and molested in public libraries, and it's often a result of pornography being available in public libraries."  see comment immediately above.
11/22/05 associated press sioux city journal groups push internet filters after library sex offender incident "katherine martin, president of the iowa library association, said she supports open access to legal information, which includes legal pornography...."  in public libraries?  see comment immediately above.
1/10/06 plan2succeed riverside brookfield landmark library doling out ala propaganda an excellent exposé of ala propaganda.  amazingly, another letter printed that very day also suffers from the effects of ala propaganda disease.  that appears here as well.  see the extensive comments we have made to prove this beyond the shadow of a doubt.
1/25/06 plan2succeed echoes-sentinel ban all "authentic literature" books from schools "does anyone in our community, other than librarians, educators, and sex offenders, believe an 11-year-old's exposure to stories of rape, incest, and prostitution is educational?  ....  why can't schools be trusted to protect our children from sexually inappropriate material?"
9/19/06 plan2succeed gresham outlook brading doesn't comply with community standards this is interesting.  a man on a library board that joined the ala and the aclu in its suit against cipa, then decides to bypass the case his library lost in the us supreme court by turning down $104,000 per year, sues a mother for publishing a flyer about what happened to her daughter in the library which she believes is partly the man's fault.  read more here:  "non-legislative approach:  use political flyers to oppose candidates who oppose your children."
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