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25 sep 2000

long hill township public library
91 central avenue
stirling, nj 07980

dear long hill township public library,

as a new township resident, i had occasion to bring my [young] child to the long hill township public library.  i was impressed.  the children's section downstairs is quite charming.  my child was immediately comfortable playing a computer game on a computers with a mouse designed for small children.  and i noticed you also have internet access.  excellent!

i noticed that the internet was not filtered against web sites inappropriate for my child or for any child.  the american library association (ala) states on its web site, "remember, the vast majority of internet sites are perfectly safe.  but, like the real world, the virtual world contains some sites with sexual, violent, and other content that may not be appropriate for children."  therefore, i offer my services at no charge for assisting the library with selecting, installing, and maintaining effective internet filters.  without going into details at this time, let me say the i have considerable and detailed experience with computers and the internet, and i'm even an adjunct professor of computers ....  i believe you will find my advice and service to be of great value.

please let me know if you would like to speak with me regarding my volunteer services in placing internet filters on the computers in the library.  i look forward to hearing from you soon at the address appearing above.

thank you very much,

[ member]

cc:suzanne dapkins, mayor
 township of long hill
 1802 long hill road
 millington, nj 07946

[we are still looking for the written responses to this letter but basically, as best as we can recall, the library said there is no need for filters.  the library specifically mentioned the ala as the reason why no filters were needed.  the mayor also responded saying something like her term would be finished soon and the issue should be raised again in the future.]

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