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board has weak case against filters

1 january 2004

by stephen a. delia sr. - © recorder newspapers 2003


i am writing to express my concern for the exposure in our community -- the potential for the children of our community to be exposed to pornography in our library.

even though our library is not bound by the children's internet protection act (cipa, which requires libraries that take federal funds to install internet filters on their computers), it would seem a matter of good sense that they should be installed.

when the u.s. supreme court upheld cipa, they established the constitutional boundaries of the law, which any library can easily work with.

yet our library does not have filters, nor does the board of trustees have any plans in place to install them or even to research what's needed to install them.

i attended the board meeting on dec. 17 to learn the board's concerns and to request that filters be installed.

although they had a few valid concerns, none were show-stoppers. i did hear many "reasons," which i feel are weak, for why filters should not be installed. for example, one objection is that filters are not 100% effective. while that is true, they are quite good, and i would rather have some solution, even if imperfect, than the serious lack of protection that we have now.

there are many other factors to consider, but to keep this letter from being too long i can't detail them here. check and for much more information.

every township resident that i have contacted, and whom responded, agrees that we should have filters. all did not know that filters are not installed in our library.

does anyone in our community believe our children should be exposed to pornography?

although our board says one thing, their actions, or lack thereof, might indicate otherwise. perhaps they are waiting to hear from us (the taxpayers).

if you agree that internet filters should be installed on our library's computers, please write the board or attend the next meeting.

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