echoes sentinel

filters should be inserted in library computers

25 december 2003

by john mozer - © recorder newspapers 2003


first, i would like to thank the board of trustees of the long hill township library for all their hard work.

however, i am disappointed that the board of trustess for the long hill township library has decided not to install internet filters.  i don't see pornography permitted at any other long hill township facilities, and i wouldn't expect it to be found at our library.  i realize that the board of trustees is not expressly allowing pornography at the library, but not filtering the internet is the equivalent of allowing someone to randomly place pornographic materials throughout the book shelves of our library and not doing anything about it.

i am also disappointed that the board of trustees does not appear to seek public opinion on this issue.  although the library board is an autonomous unit, it is my understanding that the library is funded by long hill township taxpayers.  i believe the board of trustees should be looking to the citizens of long hill township on this issue, and not the american library association, who does not fund our library.

i am a resident of long hill township for 16 years and have always felt that i live in a community where our children come first.  we have a good school system and several recreation programs.  we have a dare (drug awareness resistance education) program to protect our children from drug abuse.  why wouldn't we install filters in our library to protect our children from pornography?

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