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"i don't spend a lot of time reading what the american family association says about ala and pornography, but from time to time i check in.  you never know when someone will use one of these pages as a "to do" list and show up at your library.  so, without further commentary - except to note that 'pray' appears before 'reaserch' on the afa's list of steps - please see plan2succeed's library porn removal page [this page] and the american family association's library internet filtering page."
here are things plan2succeed is doing to fight this problem.  these are things you can do too to fight like david against goliath -- we all have to work together:
  1. political candidates take note:  sean connaughton, the republican candidate for lt. gov. in virginia, has been distributing flyers taking credit for getting porn filters installed on county computers and on public library computers in prince william county, va.  his flyers (#1 thing he will do) say as lt. gov. he will "lead the effort to install pornography filters on computers at libraries so our families will be protected."  his website is at  one whole side of his flyer has a girl at a computer with in big letters the question:  who's protecting our children from internet pornography?  see his tv commercial.
  2. politicians take note:  democrat mayor phil gordon of phoenix, az has gotten the support of businesses by placing filters on internet computers, among other things.  see mayor won't let phoenix become another 'sin city' and strip club owner guilty of unauthorized building use.  people should tell their politicians that you can point out examples of businesses supporting the use of filters in public libraries, and in phoenix, you can't even have them disabled!!
  3. contact other groups.  let's all help each other.  for example, see nancy, former public library board member, refocus attack on libraries! - nancy is not affiliated with plan2succeed.  her writings are her own.  however, plan2succeed works with many individuals and organizations and will provide a web presence for anyone who asks.  nancy's web page is one such example of our collaboration.  a similar arrangement has been made with milla kette ( of grassroots american values - a firelands area conservative action group.
  4. one person has finally had enough and is aggressively pursuing all approaches to removing the influence of the ala from our children's lives.  that's laurie taylor.  read about her fayetteville, ar disgustification here:  ppmc - parents protecting the minds of children.
    • laurie taylor is outstanding -- her email address is  she is working with all groups fighting the ala.
    • laurie taylor is brilliant -- she has raised a novel issue that is devastating and we should all copy.  she goes right for the jugular.  all of us should dig through our state statutes to see whether people, perhaps the ala itself and local library boards of trustees, are violating existing state laws by following ala dictates.  let us know and we'll post it here.  look what laurie found:
      to: superintendent bobby new and board members: steve percival, howard hamilton, laura underwood, chris bell, tim kring, tim hudson, susan heil

      can you explain to me how you, the board members or librarians could be exempt from prosecution under the following arkansas code?  this is not a rhetorical question, but one that needs an immediate answer so i will know how to proceed.

      this one passage, quoted below, of the book, push, i have most recently challenged is a sterling example of a book that fits the criteria stipulated in the following arkansas code:
      - social worker comes to talk to her mother about the sexual abuse:  "i wake up at night, morning he not wif me, i know he in there wif her.  when did it first start?  i don' know.. am good mother.. [he] jus' a high natured man.  she still little.. around 3 maybe.  i give her bottle.. got milk in my bress but from [boyfriend] sucking.  i give him tittie. [daughter] bottle.. bottle her, tittie him.. never get dried up 'cause [he] always on me.. we in bed.. her on one side.. [him] on other side.. [he] got my tittie in his mouf.. natural..  i hot. he sucking my tittie.. he getting hard.. climb on me.. then he reach over to [child].  start wif his finger between her legs.. he say.. this is good for her.. git off me, take off her pampers and try to stick his thing in.. trip me out.. it can almost go in.. freak baby.. i say stop.. i want him on me!..  sex me up, not my chile.. cain't blame all that sh** happen to [her] on me... he her daddy, but he was my man!....  i hate mama, she ain' sh**.

      6-17-410. teacher licensure - first-time applicant, renewal application, revocation, suspension, and probation.

      (11) engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print media, transportation of minors for prohibited sexual conduct, or use of a child or consent to use of a child in a sexual performance by producing, directing, or promoting a sexual performance by a child, as prohibited in �� 5-27-303, 5-27-305, 5-27-402, and 5-27-403;

      (12) distribution to minors, as prohibited in � 5-64-406;

      (16) pandering or possessing visual or print medium depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child, as prohibited by � 5-27-304;

      5-27-304. pandering or possessing visual or print medium depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child.

      (a) no person, with knowledge of the character of the visual or print medium involved, shall do any of the following: (1) knowingly advertise for sale or distribution, sell, distribute, transport, ship, exhibit, display, or receive for the purpose of sale or distribution any visual or print medium depicting a child participating or engaging in sexually explicit conduct;

      (2) knowingly solicit, receive, purchase, exchange, possess, view, distribute, or control any visual or print medium depicting a child participating or engaging in sexually explicit conduct.
  5. look at what other groups are doing:  here's one planning to push new state law that prohibits giving state $$ to public libraries that do not have internet filters, essentially mirroring the federal law.  also, see enough is enough,, freedom at risk, and family friendly libraries.  here's someone else who tracks nationwide library filtering incidents ( and asks, for example, "are libraries facilitating felony crimes"?  here's a group ( - "a guide to the political left") that tracks the ala's connections with individuals, groups, and financial supporters regarding the ala's support of terrorists against the usa -- interestingly, they have an absolutely fascinating, mesmerizing mapping feature that shows the interconnected nature of numerous leftist organizations that support the ala that we can use to pressure the ala.  also see why won't library protect children?
  6. great idea!  this crusader takes out an ad in a local paper having a form soliciting the opinions of the public!  hey, we should try that.  see "oak lawn pressed on anti-playboy fight" to learn about the efforts of mark decker to have playboy removed from his public library.  he even held up a huge sign at a major thoroughfare for hours to get attention.
  7. see an excellent letter from a library director that could be a model for all communities:  finally, a library director who gets it.
  8. attend library board of trustee meetings and make yourself clear.
  9. attend local governmental meetings and make yourself clear.
  10. run for office in your town government.  one of us is doing that now in what may be the first instance of someone running primarily on this issue.
  11. get police records of library incidents.
  12. get free google daily news alerts on the search of your choice.  we get search reports on the words public library pornography and on "public library" ("internet filter" or "filtering software").  from this we are learning that libraries all over the usa have the same problems, and the librarians have the same ala excuses, like well-trained automatons.  we have a page of examples of filtering successes and library management failures.  actually, the ala trains librarians on how to fend off questions about filtering.  but that as it may, we are now seeking to unite with other grass roots organizations to join forces and go after the head of the fish, namely, the ala.
  13. imagine how good you will feel when your hard work starts to produce results.  for example, look at this wonderful letter we received:
    thank you, for your information, your help, and your interest.  upon receiving your email, january 5, 2005, i went to your web site and downloaded the us v. ala decision.  as you stated in your email all of the answers would be found in this document.  i read and wrote a three page summary of the decision and began disseminating the summary throughout our community.  i emailed approximately 50 copies to friends and residents, i mailed and emailed copies to all of the churches, copies went to the current board of county commissioners and to the craig city council.  last night while attending the craig city council meeting, to ask for their support, i was presented a letter dated january 24, 2005, from the library director this letter says that, "site filters provided by esoft have been installed on the firewall of the libraries [sic] wide area network.  this system will restrict access to chat rooms, criminal skills, drug and extreme sites, gambling, games, hate speech, sex and other sites not yet identified.  the library now believes that it is current and in full compliance with cipa and colorado's hb 1004, colorado's library filtering mandate."  [04/23/2004 governor action - signed]

    i have been involved in this discussion since july 2003.  i do not believe that we would be where we are today if it were not for you.  thank you, for your interest, help, and your information.


    les hampton, former moffat county commissioner
  14. write letters or emails to your government officials, your library, your school pto or pta, your friends, your clergy, etc.  for example, see our contact us page to see a letter to florida governor jeb bush re senate bill sb 1552 and for various letters written to libraries.  here is some guidance for clergy:
    many clergy confuse lobbying for or against legislation with political activity.  lobbying is permitted (the rule of thumb is up to 5% of income); supporting or opposing a candidate is grounds for revocation of a church's 501(c)(3) tax exemption.  in my opinion, churches can invite both candidates to come and present their views, without endorsing either candidate.  in my opinion, they can also distribute information that fairly informs citizens about how candidates have voted (or what their position is) on various issues.  to be on the safe side, if i were preparing a pamphlet to provide information about candidates' voting records or positions, i would include a variety of issues, not just one or two "hot button" issues on which the church may have a strong position.  the prohibition on "politics" may be unfair, but it's still the law.  sincerely, robert peters, president of morality in media
  15. much of the ala's funding comes from corporations.  reality is the ala is possibly responsible for nationwide criminality in libraries as reported by david burt and as seen over and over again to this very day.  try to educate your favorite corporation about the hard line tactics of the ala and how those tactics are not family friendly.  we have called a few corporations and plan to contact many more.
  16. here's an actual email to dave dorman, ceo of at&t, the company that wired many libraries in the first place:


    it's important to look at the message below, but it is more important to lead the corporate effort to protect our children by demanding the ala stop preventing filtering of internet computers in public libraries that are often only there in the first place thanks to at&t.  the us supreme court in us v. ala has already resolved the issues of censorship and first amendments rights.  all that remains is to stop the carnage in public libraries like the 8 year old girl raped and left for dead a few weeks ago because, in part, the ala advises libraries to defy the supreme court case.  at&t could be seen as being a major support for families across the usa if at&t stops donating money to the ala and libraries that follow the ala until they stop sexualizing children, then encourages other corporations to do the same.

    please call me directly to discuss this issue that affects communities nationwide. xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    thank you.

    for publication in at&t today:

    too bad this library allows unfiltered access to the internet despite the us supreme court case of us v. ala.  too bad the american library association (ala) continues to allow children to have access to p-rn-graphy because they say it would be age discrimination to keep them from seeing it.  too bad children continue to be raped and left for dead in public libraries as a direct result of the ala's refusal to allow internet filtering which attracts criminals.  too bad corporations continue to support the libraries instead of holding off donations until the ala follows us v. ala, library computers are filtered, and children and citizens are safer.  for more information, please see and thank you.

    at&t donates to public library in new jersey - [west new york reporter (n.j.), online, 3/28/04.]  in a continuing effort to bridge the technological divide between lower-income urban towns like west new york and union city and wealthier communities, telecommunications giant at&t donated $15,000 last week to the west new york public library to go towards computer training for residents who might not have experience with the technology.  at an event last week, at&t new jersey president j. michael schweder was joined by west new york mayor albio sires and peter van brunt, president of the board of directors of the jersey city episcopal community development corporation, in celebrating the aid that at&t continues to bestow on west new york, as well as other communities.  last week's donation marked the second consecutive year that at&t and the jersey city episcopal community development corporation have worked with the library to bring the "information superhighway" to the town.  over the past three years, at&t has donated nearly $550,000 to community technology centers all over new jersey.  "this program exists from west new york to cape may county, and we are seeing real results," said schweder.  "when i was at the library last week, i took a look at a binder that contained the names and comments from people who have used the program and they had nothing but good things to say."
  17. contact national organizations that are fighting the same fight and ask how you can help locally with regard to your own public library.
  18. put up signs or posters telling people how the public libraries are porn/criminal friendly and anti-family.  plan2succeed has just such a poster, is posting them about town, and makes the poster available to everyone for posting as they see fit and for editing to fit their own situations.  right now that handout is available only as a powerpoint file that's just over 1 meg in size.
  19. do your homework and read the material on this web site.  goliath is well organized, well entrenched, and battle hardened.  the ala web site even contains information for librarians on the questions they might receive from parents and the spin the librarians are supposed to use to respond, even telling them how to respond politely.  what our own trustees have said and the way they behave shows us they have read and understand these marching orders.  do not be fooled.  we have every right to expect that porn is not served on a taxpayer-bought silver platter.  here's a great start for you:  library protection plan - a guide to help concerned citizens persuade public libraries to protect children from internet pornography.  this report dates before the us v. ala case but is very useful nevertheless.  source url.
  20. work together with everyone.  send us information and we'll post it for others to see.  should you wish to become very involved, we'll consider giving you your own email address.
  21. talk to neighbors, friends, pto/pta organizations, churches, boy/girl/heritage scouts, etc., to spread the word.  the library board of trustees cannot possibly stand against the whole community, can it?  issue press releases.  here's our first press release.
  22. plan2succeed is considering legal action, going for the heart of the problem in an attempt to kill this monster that has pervaded our library and libraries all over the usa.  in new jersey, library boards of trustees are created by statute.  the statute gives them certains powers, so to speak.  and a statute makes them autonomous.  if they do anything outside that statute, they are vulnerable to legal attack.  and they might lose their autonomy.  our public library and probably thousands of other are based on such enabling statutes.  our public library and probably thousands of others admit, right out in the open, in a brazen fashion, that they are intentionally acting outside the scope of their enabling statute.  for example, my library says in its so-called internet policy, "because the internet is a vast and unregulated information network, it also enables access to ideas, information, images and commentary beyond the confines of the library's collection, mission, selection criteria and collection development policies."  well, if they are admitting they are acting beyond the mission and policies of the library, they should not be shielded by the courts and the porn should be filtered out.  this seems like common sense to us.  pay attention now, us v. ala may apply only to libraries getting federal funding, but the above legal argument may cause the whole goliath to come crashing down!  just because the ala has brought its perversions into thousands of libraries does not mean its too late, nothing can be done, the problem is too big.  so don't be discouraged if the board says it won't act, if the committee says it has no power over the board, if the problem seems too large.  the libraries are acting outside their mission and, heaven willing, they will be reined in and children and families will be protected all over the usa!
  23. new idea to get message out: shareholder proposals

    a recent wall street journal had an article about peta bringing a shareholder proposal to pfizer to get them to stop animal experimentation. that gave us an idea. so we contacted peta. they gave us a web site to check out, and we're throwing a few more in.

    at the above links you can find:

    if shareholder proposals never win, what do they accomplish?  shareholder proposals can accomplish change in (at least) two important ways:
    1. they catalyze internal discussion within a corporation, which can lead the company to make the change that the shareholder has requested.  members of the equality project have withdrawn proposals at several corporations when companies agreed to implement our proposals.
    2. they can catalyze discussion between senior managers and shareholders.  in many instances, shareholders have worked in partnership with activist organizations, and have arranged meetings between corporate executives and activists.
    3. they have far-reaching educational value.  proxy ballots are read by a company's board of directors, employees, shareholders and the major media.  the equality project proposal at general electric received 8.6% of shareholder votes in 1999.  subsequently, general electric implemented a sexual orientation nondiscrimination policy.
    4. even if they are ultimately withdrawn by their proponents, proposals are often covered by the press.
    here is the gist of what a proposal might say, quickly, not well thought out:

    whereas as company admirably supports many charities to support social interests, among other things, and whereas some charities change over the years to include interests that are out of line with company's charitable interests, then company should no longer support that particular charity and should encourage that charity to change in a way more in line with company's charitable goals.  for example, the america library association is a venerable institution that has in the past been performing activities in line with company's social interests.  however, the ala has changed to include activities designed to sexualize children.  these activities include 1) the dissemination of lists of p-rn-graphic books for children; 2) the recommendation to public libraries that they defy the us supreme court holding in us v. ala by continuing to allowing unfiltered access to computers in public libraries, particularly egregious where citizens requests for filters are ignored; 3) the statements they make such as "suppression [of 'hard-core p-rn-graphy'] is discrimination" and "every time i hear someone say, i want to protect the children, i want to pull my hair out!", and 4) their so-called library bill of rights stating "a person's right to use a library should not be ... abridged because of ... age ..." being used as the reason for allowing minors unfettered access to p-rn-graphy.  worse, children all over the usa are exposed to p-rn-graphy and the resultant crime is a direct and proximate result of a library's failure to filter the internet.  children are even raped and left for dead, stuffed behind toilets in public libraries.  were company to stop donating money to the ala and issue press releases that further donations to the ala will be contingent upon the ala's compliance with the us supreme court, pressure would be legitimately brought to bear on the ala, and the sexualization of children in public libraries will be severely curtailed, winning company great press coverage and corporate good will.  remember, issues of censorship and first amendment rights have already been asked and answered by the us supreme court so those issues are not involved here.

    therefore, company will now stop supporting charities whose goals include the sexualization of children and will issue press releases that any charitable donations will continue upon the cessation of those activities that are out of line with the company's charitable interests.
  24. n.j.s. 19:37-1.1.  petition of voters.  whenever a governing body of a municipality has adopted an ordinance or resolution pursuant to section 19:37-1 of the revised statutes, upon the presentation to the governing body of such municipality of a petition signed by 10% or more of the voters registered and qualified to vote at the last general election in such municipality, requesting the governing body of such municipality to ascertain the sentiment of the legal voters of the municipality upon any question or policy pertaining to the government or internal affairs thereof that is reasonably related to any proposition formulated and expressed in such ordinance or resolution, such governing body of the municipality shall thereupon adopt at its next regular meeting following the presentation of such petition a resolution requesting the clerk of the county to print upon the official ballots to be used at the next ensuing general election a certain proposition as formulated and expressed in the petition.  such request shall be filed with the clerk of the county not later than the 60th day previous to the election.  [that's a quote folks--we don't make up 154 word sentences!]

    now no one should get too excited; the politicians have protected their turf from the citizens:
    n.j.s. 19:37-4.  result not binding.  such result shall not bind the governing body from which the ordinance or resolution emanated, nor be taken or construed as other than an expression of sentiment by the voters, to be followed or disregarded by the governing body in its discretion.  [can anyone see why a court order such as an order to show cause might be more effective, or at least why we need to explore many routes?]

    and here's another blocking manouever:
    n.j.s. 19:37-5.  ordinance or resolution necessary.  the submission of a public question in the manner herein provided shall not become operative in any municipality or county until the governing body thereof shall by ordinance or resolution duly passed declare its desire to submit any question or questions in this manner.
  25. oh yes, several attorneys are now helping plan2succeed.  when we get more time, we'll post the information for everyone to use.  for example, we are considering legislative approaches.  again we're doing this in spare bits of time so please forgive the formatting but here are some cases, statutes, and articles:
  26. i have also contacted bret schundler at empower the people.
  27. will someone please investigate exactly how a library could install filters and what they would cost and how they would function?  here is a head start.  we have found one company will provide appropriate filtering for $6/month/computer.  that kind of blows the board's "it's too expensive" argument out of the water, doesn't it?  by the way, exactly why does the board believe children are not worth the extra expense?  more ideas appear in the next paragraph.
  28. south central kansas library system.  given this site is written by librarians, the navigational links on the left take you to useful information including filtering solutions (even a free filter!), sample internet policies, many resources including cipa resources for librarians and internet safety web sites, the results of an internet safety workshop dated after the us v. ala decision, and workshop q & a's.  really the site seems pretty good, fair, and balanced.  bring this site to the attention of your librarians.
  29. scary nj cases show clear reason why internet filters are needed to deter criminal activity:
    1. state v. sisler, ___ nj ___, ___ a2d ___, 7/24/2003.  public library computers used to view and print child porn in a stack 1 1/2 inches high.
    2. state v. sisler, 353 nj super 590, 803 a2d 700, 8/8/2002.  public computers in morris county library in hanover township were used to view and print a 1 1/2 inch stack of child porn at sites named boy lovers, man/boy lovers, and child starlets.  the man said he used the county library because "it was near where he worked."
    3. in the matter of the commitment of pc, 349 nj super 569, 794 a2d 211, 4/8/2002.  a repeat criminal/child molestor used vineland public library computers to view child porn despite earlier warnings!  [can anyone see the need for filters here?  and weren't those early warning shoulder taps really effective!]  the "sexual violent predator" visited boylinks, north american man boy love association (nambla), and sites labeled "masterbation."  he said, "i do actually like guys who are underage," and "sexual activity with children can help the child learn about sex," and "society makes a bigger deal out of sexual activity with children than it really is," and "i think the main thing wrong with sexual activity with children is that it is against the law.")  the man had a "repetitive and compulsive pattern of behavior." [can you believe, even after this, the library's policy remains "the library does not monitor and has no control over the information on the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content."  not true.  they just refuse to take action, thereby complying with ala direction.]
  30. another recommended course of action is to call people who can help.  don't worry about embarrassment, just go right to the top.  this issue is too important and time is too limited to go slowly up the chain.  to that end i have dropped in on an equity judge and spoke with his clerk, i have called major national organizations and spoken with their top executives, i have walked into religious institutions and spoken directly with their leaders, i have called companies that give money to the ala and explained to pr directors that the public is aware the ala provides lists of pornography for children and gives access to porn to kids and the public does not appreciate anyone who supports that, even if the ala performs good deeds in other areas.  [similarly, people give money to terrorist organizations claiming they intended the money to be used only for humanitarian reasons.]  what a thrill it is to get off the phone with a major executive with the feeling that he/she is genuinely concerned about the ala's actions and is considering whether the company should continue to support the ala.  i urge you all to go to the ala site to see what corporations support them, then pick up the phone and let them know how you feel.
continued from above ...

rant mode:  all-access library content - is it corrupting your kids, or are you???
friday, march 18, 2005

"gotta see these, if you like a good scare.  can't believe our society is still at such a point, in some places. [this page].  check this out:  the american family association (or in canada, the tories) want to eliminate all access to anything they determine illicit from all library computers because that very access, folks, is what they say is corrupting the youths of the world today.  plan2succeed (replace ceed with k and it's more like it) is only too eager to help, with a frightening, incitement-laden step-by-step action plan.  can somebody say family group's version of cop killer?  apparantly [sic] the american library association (ala), which effectively is all that is library, has to go because it actually, in the eyes of afa and p2s, supports the corruption of youths in america!  ...."

i'm a porn pushing media whore
friday, march 19, 2005

comments not posted due to inappropriate language, but targets are this page,, and parents against bad books in schools.

this page will describe our experiences trying to get internet filters installed into our public library.  hopefully, our experiences can be a guide for you to get filters into your own public libraries.  we're not ready to write the whole story here yet, but let us tell you a quick overview.

many years ago the first one of us learned that the ala had infiltrated public libraries and school libraries.  he didn't really listen then as he was not personally affected and didn't really believe librarians would try to sexualize children.  then his kindergartener came home on the fourth day of school with a pornographic book that was given to her by the school librarian.  the principal admitted the book was worse than he had reported and had the book removed from the library, explaining that the librarian gave it to her because it was on a list of books for kindergarteners produced by the ala.  well, that brought back a flood of information he had heard before but did not believe.  the ala believes children should have access to pornography because it would be age discrimination to keep them from seeing it.  furthermore, they seem to have a sort of affirmative action program for children deprived of pornography their whole lives that they implement by producing lists of books including pornographic books for children of different grade levels.

so our first member went to our public library to confirm if that part of the nightmare was true too.  it was!  he asked a librarian what she was instructed to do if she saw anything inappropriate.  she looked both ways, leaned forward, then whispered, still looking left and right, that she had been directed not to call the police for any reason arising out of the use of the computers. 

so he wrote a letter to the library with a copy to the mayor offering to purchase and install all filtering software.  he received a polite letter that filters were not needed in that the library endorsed the ala views about filters.  we guess money is not the obstacle.  he had a meeting with governor mcgreevey of new jersey when he was running for office about this issue but there was little he could do.

he wrote a web site about the problem and was about to release it to the public when 911 occurred.  his attention was diverted.  he did not pick up this matter again until the us supreme court came out with a case that totally turns every ala argument on its head.  now we could bring filters to the library with the weight of cipa and the us supreme court behind us.

we are learning that despite cipa and the supreme court, a tiny group of people located in just the right places can totally defy legislative law and judicial rulings with impunity.  the library board of trustees has refused to accept input from the public saying that the issues are too complicated for the public.  the ala has issued guidance saying that libraries only need to talk about filters, not install them, and if worse comes to worse and they are found to have violated cipa, the only consequence is the loss of what little federal funds they have.  at least one newspaper has even joined the cabal by refusing to publish information about the consequences of a lack of public library filters.  even one of the sources we have cited in this web site has threatened to sue us unless we remove an article about librarians suing for working in a hostile, pornography-filled environment in a public library.

in sum, we'll be preparing much more detailed information on the above.  for now, see internet porn in public libraries and schools.  it's really shocking to us how a few people in the right places can essentially protect the criminals from the children, how the ala can knowingly and intentionally advise librarians how to circumvent the law of the land, and how people are totally unaware of this and just let it happen.  well we're not fooled and hopefully you aren't anymore either.  and we can tell you this--the more obstacles we face, the more we are determined to get filters into our own library and to provide you with information on getting filters into your own public libraries.
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