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home : opinion : letters tuesday, january 10, 2006

1/10/2006 10:00:00 pm  email this articleprint this article 

[first letter removed for lack of relevancy.]

library doling out ala propaganda
regarding "brookfield library computers to get privacy screens," (news, jan. 4):  this is a fantastic article perfectly illustrating how the american library association (ala) endangers american communities in a way that makes it look like unsafe libraries is what the people really want for themselves. we see in this article:

1. filtering on children’s computers does not protect children from adults using unfiltered computers, and the exposures occur over and over again.  which will be the one that results in a child being raped or molested?

2. the library is intentionally misleading the public that the only real solution available, filters, violates peoples rights.

3. the library is citing the ala as the reason why it is recommending anything but filters, proving again ala policy drives local policy resulting in the incident in this particular library and libraries nationwide.

4. the library is using an acceptable use policy to give the appearance that something is being done although such policies are a failure everywhere unless tied to the use of filtering software.

5. the librarians are talking the good talk but refusing to walk the walk, again fooling the public into thinking the librarians are concerned for the community’s children instead of the ala’s policies.

6. the public is actually being misled to the point where the mother of the affected child is satisfied with useless solutions.  the librarians here have successfully fooled the public into believing ala propaganda and keeping their own children exposed to criminal activity while making it look like this is what the community wants instead of the acluified ala.

[plan2succeed citizen's group]
chatham, n.j.

[p2s: amazingly, see how the ala propaganda has again worked so effectively, this time in the letter below that was printed on this very same page on the same day!  this is further direct evidence of the pervasiveness and effectiveness of the ala's propaganda machine.]

[third letter removed for lack of relevancy.]

rights of children need protection, too
as i was putting my last dish away, i couldn't get rid of the thought that there was something awkwardly wrong with the article in the paper about the way that computers are being used at the brookfield library to view pornography ("brookfield library computers to get privacy screens," news, jan. 4).  as most women, i do a lot of thinking while doing dishes during the holidays. i did quite a lot of thinking.

computers are the best invention since the black-and-white tv, but there is always a dark side to what is the best information center we will ever have.  i am all for the first amendment rights.  [p2s: ala propaganda - the truth is the issue of first amendment rights has been asked and answered in us v. ala, a case the ala lost in the us supreme court years ago.  the court held, among other things, "[p]ublic libraries' use of internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' first amendment rights...."  in a case the ala itself lost on this very issue yet it keeps pushing the big lie, can it be said this is anything else other than propaganda?]

that is certainly one of the strengths of our country, but it's hard to believe that we must now provide privacy screens (six at $185 each), so that kooky people can sit back and relax in a nice environment adjacent to the children's area and view pornography to their hearts' content.  next thing we will be providing pop and pretzels.  these computers and screens are all being used at our taxpayers' expense.

as i understand, you cannot put protective filters on these computers because, if you restrict the word breast, for example, someone would not be able to look up breast cancer and read about their concerns.  [p2s: ala propaganda - the truth is modern filters properly installed and maintained allow breast cancer through while inappropriate web sites are blocked.]  but what about looking up the words (breastcancer) combined or concerns of women.  maybe i am wrong or i just don't get it.

a couple of weeks ago, there was a program on tv; i think that it was "dateline" or something like that.  it was about how pedophiles, sex offenders use the internet to entice young children to meet with them, first in public places and then the worst, lewd and immoral acts that could happen to a child happens.  nineteen offenders were arrested in a few days.

i was sorry to read that the incident at the library did happen before.  i wonder how many times some nut sat at the computer and never got noticed?  are the employees watching?

the state police of illinois reports 14 sex offenders registered in brookfield.  i understand people sign in to use the computer, but they are purged at the end of the day.  why?  [p2s: ala propaganda - the truth is the ala feigns interest in privacy rights as a means advance a political agenda while library records are being used by libraries by the thousands to hunt down those who have not paid library fees, thereby ruining their credit ratings and invading their privacy.] can't a list be kept in case there is a pattern?  as i read, the outlets for the computers are in the floor, so the computers can't be moved.  i suggest that the children's area be moved away from them-far away!  [p2s: ala propaganda - the truth is pornogaphy does not belong in a public library - there's no need to move kids anywhere.  just stop the porn. the criminals always find the children in the common areas anyway.  leslie burger, president-elect of the ala, implies children have a need for pornographyjudith krug, de facto leader of the ala for decades, essentially says that parents who care get their children playboy magazine.  on the other hand, the us supreme court said internet filters may be used to enforce existing book collection policies:  "[a] library provides [internet] access for the same reasons it offers other library resources:  to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits by furnishing materials of requisite and appropriate quality.  the fact that a library reviews and affirmatively chooses to acquire every book in its collection, but does not review every web site that it makes available, is not a constitutionally relevant distinction."  whom do you choose to believe, the porn-pushing ala or the us supreme court essentially holding the ala to be part of the radical extreme left, mainly because of the the ala's own actions after the case in refusing to reform its policies in accordance with the court's findings--what may have been a radical view once is now just plain against the law, just plain propaganda.  and with statements like those the ala leaders made above, there's no denying the ala is pushing porn on america's children.]

everyone has rights but we have the right to protect our children and provide a safe environment for them.  [p2s: yes. the writer has seen through the ala's propaganda here!  contrary to the letter writer's concerns, the top member of the ala says, "i get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children...."] now until things are resolved, i will have to go into the library with my grandchildren.  it just goes back to that uncomfortable feeling i had when i was doing the dishes.

jane harps

• ed. note:  the adult services computers at the brookfield public library are not located adjacent to children's services.  they are, however, located adjacent to the copy machine and near the dvd section used by families and children.

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