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see also:  dangerous access, 2000 edition:  uncovering internet pornography in america's libraries [bi063.pdf; 208kb]
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note:  you too can get the daily list of filtering successes and library management failures by using google news search on the phrase "library porn or pornographic or pornography or porno" (and don't include the quotes).  you too will see the common thread is the ala's intentional efforts despite the law to push pornography on children, resulting in the terrorization of children and families.  contact us if you want to help stop this.  let's work together to bring down the ala's house of cards.
4/24/06 is library a place for porn?  first amendment, 'common sense' vie for child protection "adults can view pornography on computers at the library.  that's not news, but it could be history if one pima county supervisor has his way.  as pima county prepares to take over operation of the tucson-pima public library system from the city in july, republican supervisor ray carroll wants filters installed on all its computers, even those used only by adults.  'my impression is that we don't have smut rags on the magazine rack,' he said.  'why do we have people allowed to have access to these images on the internet?'

[l]ibrary deputy director patrick corella ... said he personally was opposed to mandatory filtering of adults' computers, though it ultimately is a legal and political decision the supervisors will have to make.  'pornography is a protected issue for adults, unless it's child pornography, which is illegal anyway,' he said.  'there is such a thing as privacy.'  the library carries playboy, but not more explicit adult magazines like hustler.  ....

democratic supervisor sharon bronson said she was surprised to learn the computers don't have filters.  'i don't know what the first amendment issues are, but the primary thing is to protect our children from inappropriate material,' she said.  the other supervisors weren't so sure about filters, though.  'we have to move it to another room,' republican supervisor ann day said.  'we can't have kids viewing pornography.  first amendment, yes, but we need some common sense.'  carroll said putting unfiltered computers in a separate room doesn't solve the problem.  'i don't think we need an adult section to the public library,' he said.  other supervisors said they are concerned but want to balance the rights of adults to view legal material.  'i don't know what the solution is,' said supervisor ramón valadez, a democrat.  'should kids be able to view pornography?  no.  adults are another matter.  so how do we prevent that while honoring the first amendment?'"  [p2s:  yes, legal pornography is protected generally, but us v. ala says internet filters can be used legally to keep it out of public libraries by helping to enforce existing book collection practices.  so who's right, the us supreme court or library deputy director patrick corella who has been trained by the ala how to fool the public to ensure a continuous flow of pornography into public libraries?  this article is also interesting because republicans and democrats are together both for and against the filtering, further evidencing this is not a political issue but one where the filtering opponents need to read us v. ala and stop believing the ala propaganda.]
4/24/06 viewing porn on library computers scrutinized "if a pima county supervisor gets his way, adults will no longer be able to look at pornography on library computers.  ....  republican supervisor ray carroll says he wants filters installed on all of the computers at all of the libraries.  he says he's worried about the kind of people who would look at porn in a public library and about children who can walk by and see what's on the screen.  the children's computers already have filters."  [p2s:  further proof people are starting to figure out filtering children's computers is not enough; all need to be filtered.  notice further he not only wants to protect children from viewing porn, but also stop criminals from endangering the children in the first place.]
4/21/06 stalking internet predators in east providence "the internet is the new wild west.  ....   'it has happened here,' sgt. john sequeira, who gave the main presentation at the meeting, said.  'it continues to happen here.'  [a man] currently serving 137 months in a federal prison ... would spend lots of time at the weaver library, which at the time did not have the internet filters it does today, and he aroused the suspicions of one librarian.  the librarian found an image in a wastebasket that contained child pornography, and contacted the police.  police believe he was printing off child pornography, keeping some and discarding other images.  an investigation was launched.  he was arrested at the seekonk library by the fbi after having an explicit conversation with an undercover agent, whom he believed to be a 12-year-old seekonk girl."  [p2s:  for those who think their own communities are immune, this story is for you.  the entire article is worth reading.  above we see a librarian defying the ala by seeking out then reporting criminal activity.  and did you notice the crime occurred -before- internet filters were installed?  what a coincidence!]
4/21/06 convicted sex offender busted in perris library "a convicted sex offender was arrested for suspicion of violating probation after being seen using a computer to download pornography at a library, authorities said friday.  ....  [he] was convicted of attempted child molestation and using e-mail to seduce a minor in 2002 in los angeles county.  he was arrested at a pizza parlor, where he arranged to meet the child."  [p2s:  another day, another arrest, another ala travesty.]
4/20/06 man who left resume in garbage with child porn sentenced "a man who left his resume along with some child pornography in a bathroom wastebasket at the cleveland public library has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.  ....  the twice-convicted child molester ... 33-year-old used computer equipment at the library downtown to download then print out graphic porn from the internet.  [t]he homeless man [had] two prior convictions and a psychological profile that predicted he was likely to victimize more children.  [he] was on parole from a three-year sentence for molesting a nine-year-old female relative in 2001."  [p2s:  the ala is proud to encourage affiliated libraries not to comply with cipa and obtain funding elsewhere.  see what the ala has wrought -- 30 years in prison!  a perfect sentence for those in the ala who enable this in the first place.]
4/20/06 child molester gets 30 years for porn left at library "[a man], 33, made himself easy for police to track down when he used computer equipment at the cleveland public library downtown to download a thick pile of graphic porn from the internet and printed it out.  the parolee pawed through the contraband, then stuffed it in a lavatory wastebasket -- inadvertently including among the discards a copy of the résumé he had just prepared on the same equipment.  common pleas judge ann mannen looked at the homeless man's two prior convictions and a psychological profile that predicted he was likely to victimize more children and handed down her harsh sentence.  ....  [the man] was on parole from a three-year sentence for molesting a 9-year-old female relative in 2001, and had served one year for a 1992 conviction for groping a 12-year-old neighbor girl.  ....  'i think he's a tremendous danger to the public,' she added.  'the public is safer if he is in a prison facility.'[p2s:  perhaps, but in reality the public is safer if the ala doesn't encourage this guy to view porn in the public library in the first place.  here's a repeat offender essentially invited in by the ala's refusal to stray from its agenda, even after having lost big in us v. ala.]
4/19/06 man accessed child porn on library computer, police say "an oshawa man is facing a criminal charge after a witness reported seeing him view child pornography in a public library.  [a] man using a computer at the brooklin public library was looking at an image of a child engaged in a sexual act with an adult."  [p2s:  o canada, we stand on guard for thee.  but not for the children, else this library would have had effective internet filtering software on all computers.  see also, library 'net' users subject to strict policy; oshawa man charged with viewing child porn, 21 apr 2006.]
4/???/06 need to add more here "more coming soonish."  [p2s:  folks, sorry for the gap here.  but when you don't have the ala's massive resources and tax revenues to push porn, it is hard to keep up with all the crimes possibly occasioned by the ala.  but we will make an effort to backfill this area.]
4/1/06 school mum about penalty for coach who viewed porn "oak lawn high school leaders refuse to say what disciplinary action they've taken against a varsity football coach who allegedly used his school computer to view and e-mail pornography to other staffers.  ....  sources familiar with the situation said head coach [so and so] was being investigated for violating the district's internet usage policy.  a member of the senior class told the principal and assistant principal about a month ago that he had learned [so and so] e-mailed pornographic images of men and women from his school computer to other coaches and staff members during the school year, the source said.  'they weren't innocent swimsuit shots,' another source said."  [p2s:  another effective "internet usage policy," right?  and a student, not the staff, busted the coach. ]
4/1/06 mark a. caserta:  parents must protect kids from pedophiles on internet "most contact with children occurs in chat rooms where pedophiles pose as other children experiencing similar issues with adolescent life while gaining the trust of the victim.  since most schools don't allow the use of chat rooms, children usually experience these internet chat sites while at home or in the library where they are the most vulnerable."
3/31/06 fullerton librarians express internet concerns; children with full access are accessing inappropriate sites, they say "city librarians have raised concerns about children who misuse library cards to access and accessing inappropriate sites in the children's section of the downtown branch.  ....  parents must sign a permission slip for eighth-graders and younger to get a library card, which provides them with access to internet-enabled computers.  'they have three options,' [library director al] milo said.  a blocked card completely bars access to the internet; a filtered card allows access to the internet, but locks out myspace, pornography and games; and a non-filtered card allows access to anything, including  'the choice is up to the parents, and most choose filtered,' milo added.  problems arise when friends share unfiltered cards or there is no parental supervision, said children's services manager jeanette pham.  'we want to create a wholesome place,' she said.  'many times there are little ones playing our barney games, and they can look over and see inappropriate images.'[p2s:  here's the problem with the sharing of library cards again that led to other libraries using fingerprint systems.  but look how these librarians do what's right for the community, not for the ala.  can you imagine what judith krug will say when she hears a librarian wanted a library to be "a wholesome place" and most parents "choose filtered" internet access?  get the digitalis!]
3/31/06 filter the filth "a library has been heavily criticised after two youngsters accessed pornographic sites on the internet.  helen turner was horrified to learn that her 10-year-old grandson had looked on while his 12-year-old friend accessed porn sites from the newly rebuilt raynes park library.  her grandson was left distressed by the experience.  mrs turner said:  'he is scared he's done something wrong.  he's disturbed and cannot emotionally cope with what he's seen.'  ....  mrs turner said:  'it's an outrage.  we have filtered the internet at home with no problem at all.  i don't know why you can access these sites from the library.  surely that's not what a library is for.'  she said she thought the onus should not be on children to censor themselves.  ingrid lackajis, head of library and heritage services, said:  'merton deeply regrets the internet service at raynes park library was abused by two of its younger members.  ....  'our view is that the two individuals knew exactly what they were entering into.'"  [p2s:  whoops, there it is:  "she said she thought the onus should not be on children to censor themselves."  can you imagine the gall of this parent to go against libarians who advise parents to teach children to censor themselves????  look - the librarian has "deep regrets  but says it's the boy's fault!!!!]
3/31/06 libraries lose web pornography fight "internet pornography is rife in public libraries across australia, with most powerless to stop it.  a survey by the australian family association has found 76 per cent of public libraries are having problems with members accessing pornographic websites, mostly 'low-grade' material.  of the 60 libraries surveyed, 98 per cent had 'no effective' filtering, and 77 per cent had no filtering.  family association vice-president mary-louise fowler yesterday said libraries were meant to be places of safety and learning, not red-light zones full of adult sleaze.  'it seems many libraries have simply given up the fight, and by their acquiescence they are allowing their venues to become porn galleries for children,' she said.  ....  internet access at brisbane city council's 33 libraries was recently reviewed after a 12-year-old boy allegedly viewed offensive material, sparking a police investigation.  the boy was allegedly shown a graphic on-screen image by a man in his mid-40s at the indooroopilly library. "
3/30/06 explosive growth of the internet proves boon and hazard for librarians "after the lecture, connie mccarthy, dean of university libraries at the [college of william & mary], explained that chmara was brought to the campus, in part, because staff at swem were attempting to deal with the issues that were addressed.  'we clearly have had people looking at child pornography in the library,' she said.  in some instances, patrons have complained to staff members about being bothered by what others are viewing."  'i don't think we acted on that,' she said.  'a lot of our staff, who are interested in protecting freedom of speech, would be reluctant to walk up to a person and say, 'what you're looking at is offensive to this other patron.'  more likely we would suggest to the offended patron to use another terminal.'  using information conveyed through the lecture, staff at swem will attempt to develop policies to help both staff and patrons understand the library's position regarding use of its facilities.  concerning the potential use of internet filters at swem, mccarthy ruled them out because, she explained, people with diseases who look up materials dealing with anatomy could be denied access to valuable information.  'what i heard [chmara] say is that basically we will always be at risk,' mccarthy said.  'you don't come away with any solid conclusions.  the internet really is a bold new frontier, and none of us want to be the first to be sued.'[p2s:  this article is about one of the ala's main liars, sorry, make that lawyers, and the desired effect it has on a librarian.  ah, the freedoms of college.  child pornography.  "i don't think we acted on that."  based on this article, we are pretty confident the ala library bills of rights has been amended:

the new ala library bill of rights:

article i:
college campuses shall provide child pornography to the public at no cost.

article ii:
anyone who complains about article i will be labelled a censor, a homophobe, or a christian nut trying to force his morality on others.

article iii:
if someone complains about pornography on computers in america's second oldest college, tell them to beat it, move, get out.

article iv:
who cares what king william iii or queen mary ii think about child pornography run rampant at their namesake college and the librarians admitting that they do absolutely nothing about this criminal activity -- get with it, man.

article v:
if any libraries look wobbly, send in chmara and other attorneys to lie, sorry, speak to them about why filters should not be used.

article iv:
to help people to  understand  why child pornography should remain unfiltered, "develop policies" for "both staff and patrons" to fool them all into going along with defying existing law and community standards.

article vii:
scare people into thinking they will be sued if they do filter rather than if they violate laws and community standards and do not filter and a child is raped or molested as a result.  after all, child pornography is just a moral point of view.  get your laws off my child porn!]

article viii:
keep telling the 'breast cancer can't get past filters' lie over and over again.  people are really stupid and they actually believe it!  hehe!  besides, if judith krug finds out we didn't use one of these patented, tried and true excuses the ala suggests we use, we might be in for a lot of trouble!]
3/30/06 student caught in act of self-love? "tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. a female student approached a reference librarian in the dimenna-nyselius library and informed her that a male student was inappropriately looking at pornography and touching himself.  the librarian called public safety.  officers responded and found a male student with a hand down his sweatpants in the 24-hour computer lab adjacent to the café by the library entrance.  the student was documented and referred to judicial for sanctioning. "  [p2s:  the article includes a cartoon of a guy in his underwear reading a book and about to, well, let's just say the caption says, "you'll love coming here..."]
3/28/06 pedophile who molested girl admits he's still a major risk "convicted pedophile ... admits he's a high-risk offender who poses a threat to public safety.  he also concedes that he meets the technical criteria to be designated a dangerous offender and separated from society.  ....  he often violated hospital rules by ... accessing pornographic sites while on supervised visits to the library."  [p2s:  supervised!]
3/25/06 compromise for decency "while the right to view pornography on the public library's internet system is guaranteed under the first amendment, one might hope common sense would prevent a porn viewer from viewing sexy websites on a open, quite public, library terminal.  ....  [t]he library has put in place an internet filtration system that blocks all adult and sexually explicit content, but the system can be deactivated at the request of any adult user."  [p2s:  another editor propagandizing -- right to view porn on computers in publi libraries?  hasn't this guy read us v. ala?  apparently not.  and he uses the "breast cancer" bogeyman again -- so apparently he's not even informed about much improved filters.  but he does eventually get to the right conclusion, "a decent compromise."]
3/20/06 cross-dressing septuagenarian in lewd bust; cops:  pervy pensioner caught pleasuring himself in ohio library "the 72-year-old west virginia man is due today in an ohio court to face a misdemeanor public indecency charge.  ....  according to cops, a surveillance camera captured [him] pleasuring himself while seated at a table in the [bellaire] library's mezzanine."  [p2s:  we are now investigating whether internet computers were involved.]
3/19/06 schools need better web site-filtering practices "[school web site-filtering practices have] many flaws....  the best way to fix the mess ... is to completely replace it.  start by giving each student a personal logon and password.  then use new software that would start out with a basic list of allowed sites....  it also would have a blacklist of proven bad sites.  if a student were to try to access a site unknown to the software, a screen would be produced that would inform the student that the visit would be recorded and the site would be reviewed by the school district's network administrator.  the student could then continue to the site as if there was no filtering software.  if the site was discovered to be inappropriate by the district, it would be permanently blocked.  if it was determined to be an appropriate, relevant or useful site, then it would be allowed permanently.  lists of good and bad sites could be built up quickly, and students who abused the system could be punished.  if school districts finally implement a better filtering solution, students will be able to use online resources more effectively.[p2s:  the author is 16 years old!  however, his use of the word "censorware" shows how effective the ala's propaganda campaign has been.  calling cipa-compliant filtering "censorware" when us v. ala says the filters do not censor is propaganda.  those who favor the ala in allowing children unfettered access to the internet despite the law made up that term for propaganda purposes.  n2h2, bess, secure computing corp.]
3/18/06 public enemy #1, the aclu ! "the american civil liberties union is at war with the united states of america.  ....  if you are ... a local deviant attempting to view internet pornography at a public library, ... you can count on the support of the aclu.  they got your back !"  according to david horowitz (a former leader of the new left movement), their agenda is to dismantle the constitution in a revolutionary future, but also to use it in the present as a radical weapon to weaken the american state.  .... 

in recent years there has been an uproar concerning the availablity of hard-core pornography on the internet at the public libraries.  in an attempt to limit children's exposure (pardon the pun) to public library porno, citizen's groups and congress have pushed to install porn-blocking software in many public libraries around the country.

in 2003 the aclu filed suit against the installation of porn blocking software on behalf of a group of librarians (no kidding) and a rhode island based health information website which was blocked.  the aclu claimed that the installation of porn blocking software denied citizens (children included) access to some 'men's health websites' and raised 'serious 1st amendment issues.'

how dare those citizens block acces [sic] to robert maplethorpe's 'bullwhip diaries!'

the supreme court ruled against the aclu and found that the blocking software should stay in place on the condition that the filters are deactivated for any adult user who asks.

are the rhode island peep show owners going to picket outside of the libraries protesting the loss of business?  do rhode islanders now have to pass a law that states that all adult porn viewers at public libraries must keep both hands above the keyboards at all times?

the aclu would probably fight that one based on freedom of 'expression.'  thanks to the aclu, children are no longer safe in some libraries.

by supporting children's '1st amendment rights' to view internet porn, the aclu has progressed from being merely anti-american, to viciously anti-social.  ....

by fighting hard to allow children access to internet pornography ... the aclu descends into the murky abyss of inhumanity.  this is the most explicit example of the degree to which the aclu is at war with our country.  [p2s:  and the ala as well.  the aclu and the ala walk in lockstep on this issue of pushing porn on children.]
3/17/06 group charges libraries filtered out web site "the council of conservative citizens, a nationwide group that has been portrayed as racist, is suing four libraries in the st. louis area for allegedly blocking patrons from viewing its web site.  gordon baum, a lawyer from st. charles who is the group's chief executive, ... filed a suit in u.s. district court on monday claiming the maplewood city library, university city public library, valley park community library and festus public library had violated his constitutional right to free speech by blocking access to the web site.  at least two of the libraries say they now permit patrons to view the site.  ....  federal law requires libraries that use federal money to have an internet filter that can block out pornography, but it does not require a filter to block hate speech, [maplewood city library director terrence] donnelly said.  the university city library stopped blocking the group's web site after it received a letter from baum in november, said the library's director, linda ballard.  'we have turned off the hate speech filters for the adult machines, but they're still in place for the children's machines,' she said."  [p2s:  morenet; bess.  let's see if the ala cares.]
3/17/06 library to filter online porn; ramsey county acts after weighing access vs. problems "reversing a long-standing policy, the ramsey county library board this week voted unanimously to install anti-porn software on its library computers.  ....

current policy prohibits the library's computer users from accessing pornography....  but some people break the rules.  librarians ... report that patrons do frequent pornographic web sites, sometimes printing the images.  staff are then put in the uncomfortable position of confronting the users.

'one of our key concerns as a library board was to not inflict our staff with having to find these images on computers and to be subjected to unwanted information,' said board president david norrgard.

three years ago, a dozen librarians from the minneapolis public library filed suit in federal court alleging that they were subject to a hostile work environment from patrons surfing online sex-related sites, printing out material and even masturbating in the librarythe library paid the plaintiffs $435,000 to settle the case and has since installed filters on its computers.

another motivation for the change in ramsey county is the potential effect on children.  'the whole goal of the library is to be a community gathering place, and we don't want to have any patron feel like it's not an environment they would want to bring their family to,' [library director susan] nemitz said.  ....

the board's decision was also influenced by improvement in the filtering software, making it far superior to what was around in the past, nemitz said.  earlier software sometimes filtered out material that was appropriate, such as information on breast cancer.  ....

the cost for the filtering software is about $12,000 for three years, plus $4,000 for a server, nemitz said."  [p2s:  finally!  the secret of opening the eyes of the public is to hit' em in the pocketbook!  the library director here is about to come under the thumb of the ala for 1) admitting publicly that filters work--even allowing for breast cancer research, 2) implying that libraries should be family friendly, 3) arguing that cipa money should not be turned down, and 4) admitting that filtering costs are not great.  someone please ask for a resolution commending her for being one of the few librarians nationwide exposing the ala's misinformation; the ala should not be the entity controlling local libraries.  we wonder if she is aware that she has strayed from the ala propaganda.  well, all's well that ends well.  bravo!  and notice the article admits people break the policy rules, exactly as we have been showing in article after article, proving again the ala policies are useless.  and look at that unanimous vote by the library board to install filters!  what an inspiration!!!!]
3/15/06 sex offender arrested again "he is a registered child sex offender from wichita falls, and now he is back in custody for another aggravated sexual assault of a 3-year-old, plus six charges of possession of child pornography.  you will never believe where this man claims he came across this sexually explicit material.  according to an affadavit, [the perp] downloaded and printed the pictures of children engaging in sex acts from computers at the wichita falls public library.  ....  using computers there to find illegal material such as child pornography is against library policy, especially in the hands of a convicted child sex offender."  [p2s:  and again, library policy is ignored by criminals.  no wonder the ala says to use policies but not filters -- policies don't work and filters do, and anything that stops children from access to porn or criminals from access to children is anathema to the ala.]
3/12/06 can't look away; therapist speaks on the damage a pornography addiction can cause "on average, the uvsc library staff catches at least one person a week viewing pornographic materials on the library computers, and the number of instances of people being caught rises as finals approach.  twenty-five percent of total search engine requests are porn-related.  the top ... search[] being[] sex....  all uvsc computer labs follow state law, which says:  'public displays:  utah law (76-10-1228) prohibits public display (at any establishment frequented by minors, or where the minors are invited as a part of the general public, i.e. uvsc), any motion picture, or any still picture that consists of nude or partially denuded figures posed or presented in a manner to provoke or arouse lust or passion.'  it is illegal to view pornography on uvsc campus.  all uvsc public computers are marked with a warning stating:  'this computer may be monitored for inappropriate use,' and computer lab employees have access to monitor what is being viewed on each computer in the facility.  but how often do staff members check it?  one library employee said they don't check what the students are doing very often.  usually they wait for someone to approach them with a complaint about another person using the computer to look at porn before they will actually check student computer activity."  [p2s:  see how useless warning statements are?]
3/12/06 schools, libraries filtering kids' web access "resourceful children gain internet access away from home, often at a library or at school itself....  but at schools and/or libraries, limits on access by using software filters has been the rule and not the exception for quite awhile now.  and arguments about filtering began even before it became popular.  ....  enter the children's internet protection act (cipa), a federal law enacted by congress in december 2000 to address concerns about access to offensive content over the internet on school and library computers.  ....  in response, the american library association initiated a legal battle to have this requirement struck down.  in the summer of 2003, the us supreme court ruled that the filtering for funding requirement was constitutional and would stand."
3/9/06 enforce pornography restrictions in the mse; intelligently designed "there is nothing that my fellow hopkins students and i love more than the mse library.  so when my friends and i were studying on c-level and noticed a dirty old man looking at pornography on a public computer terminal, we were horrified.  ....  but i had no idea how widespread this public pornography habit truly is.  i would say to a friend, 'hey dude, there is some nasty bum looking at porn in the library.'  expecting maybe a gasp of shock or a dropped jaw, i myself was shocked to find that the responses from my friends were so nonchalant and varied:  'oh, yeah, i've seen him before.  you mean that shady white guy who wears the wife-beater and faded jeans?'  'oh, yeah, i've seen him before.  you mean that guy with the red, tucked-in, hopkins recreation shirt and pittsburgh steelers cap?'  i would respond, 'no, i mean that overweight bald man with a tattered yellow jacket.'  i wondered how it was possible that so many men could find it necessary to utilize a library computer for something so blatantly inappropriate.  ....  i think many students will find it uncomfortable to study in a library with men who find little social disincentive or embarrassment in blatantly viewing pornographic material.  should our female students have to carry mace and be on the lookout for perverts as they roam the stacks?  ....  we must take more careful measures to ensure that the library is being used for its purpose in research and study and not for the sexual fancies of these public perverts.  for instance, we should also place a block on all pornographic websites in the library, if not that, remove anyone who chooses to look at it."  [p2s:  another university library computer porn viewer.  and the hits just keep coming, thanks to the ala.  look at how this young student gets it right and implicitly puts the ala to shame.  shame on the ala!  see how porn viewing in the library has become commonplace and the librarians have done nothing about it.  and you can bet nothing will be done either, thanks to the ala's grip on libraries nationwide.]
3/9/06 lustful:  self love; the curious incident of the hayden library masturbator the curious incident of the hayden library masturbator"'an 18-year-old male was arrested sunday, january 29, at the hayden library and charged with indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.  the suspect allegedly pulled his underwear to his mid-thighs to masturbate while watching pornography on his laptop.'  ....  the officer asked the student if he had been watching pornography and masturbating.  the student looked down and admitted, 'yeah.'  ....  unlike many public libraries which use internet filters, students using computers at asu are free to access pornography whenever they like.  it is not even against university regulations.  according to vicki coleman, associate dean of library services, many students may have legitimate academic reasons for viewing pornography and therefore in the interests of 'free intellectual exploration,' library staff do not monitor what students are looking at.  ....  after two incidents of non-student patrons viewing sexual images of children at asu libraries in february 2005, coleman says the library was forced to install filtering software on machines that do not require a student login.  ....  but it's not just non-students that take advantage of unfiltered access.  late-night staff at the computing commons report three incidents from last semester alone where complaints were filed against students viewing sexually inappropriate material.  ....  according to coleman, it is only when viewing pornography 'interferes with the rights of other library patrons' that university staff will take action.  'such interference may occur when explicit materials are plainly visible, or in direct public view, and the patron may be asked to move to a less public location,' she says.  ....  christian, an asu student who asked that spm not use his last name, says he has also masturbated in public.  'i've done it in libraries, offices, department stores,' he says.  'it's something about doing the most private thing in the most public institution.  the element of risk turns me on.'  ....  despite the general disgust, christian says he thinks the incident is not that unusual.  there are a lot of people who like to masturbate in public...."  [p2s:  it's time for asu alumni to stop funding asu:  "many students may have legitimate academic reasons for viewing pornography and therefore in the interests of 'free intellectual exploration,' library staff do not monitor what students are looking at."  you can't use filters then disable them as needed?  this library administrator, vicki coleman, needs a wake call, or do we all want to wait until a student is raped.]
3/9/06 the lonely guy; meet david owen, a convicted sex offender who freely roams the halls of the kansas state capitol "in august 1998, an exterminator spraying owen's apartment in wichita found pornographic pictures of children under owen's bed and called police.  owen confessed to downloading images at the wichita state university library and taking them home.  among the photos that authorities found were a couple of photos of 10-year-olds engaged in sexual intercourse."  [p2s:  normally we don't mention offender's names, other than the ala, but in this case it seems he wants to be known because he is helping stop other offenders.]
3/8/06 library lechers livin' large; a bizarre scene "was i seeing things or did i really read the following paragraph in an article in the washington post entitled 'policing porn is not part of job description':  'at most public libraries in the washington area, an adult can view pornography on a library computer more or less unfettered.  montgomery [county] asks customers to be considerate of others when viewing web sites.  if others are put off, librarians will provide the viewer of the offending material with a 'privacy screen.''

nope, i wasn't seeing things.  holy cow!  talk about some accommodating librarians.  i already knew -- er, that is, i've read -- that the american library association's recommended policies on dealing with the viewing of pornography were lax, but this is ridiculous.  privacy screens?  well then, how about a box of kleenex for that messy, porn-consuming library patron after he gets the 'information' he was seeking?  and how about a cigarette for afterwards?

....  all that stuff about libidinous library lotharios and the lenient librarians who enable them was merely incidental to the real outrage.  ....

notice how from the perspective of the writer of the article, what made the scene 'bizarre' was the homeland security agents' behavior, not that of anyone who might have been using the facilities of a public library as his own personal government-funded peep show.  ....

what that means is, if you happen to be some stodgy, uptight killjoy who gets offended by the sight of a little skin and maybe some heavy breathing from the internet station next to yours, you're the one with the problem.  but just because you feel icky sitting next to some guy while he indulges his carnal desires via computer isn't a good enough reason to deprive him of his intellectual freedom.

and anyway, how big of a problem is this, really?  leslie burger, president-elect of the ala, said, in what was obviously meant to be a reassuring way, that 'libraries are not the hotbed of looking at porn sites.'  in other words, no big deal, rarely happens, don't sweat it.

really?  they seem to be hotbed enough that somebody decided the best way to deal with it is to pass out privacy screens to lecherous patrons.
  what's next, privacy rooms with soundproof walls and locks on the doors for those lusty citizens who just can't find any other place to exercise their constitutional rights?

last paragraph in the post article:  'still, montgomery [county] plans to train its homeland security officers 'so they fully understand library policy and its consistency with residents' first amendment rights under the constitution,' romer said in his statement.'

great.  the terrorists may not have won, but the porn fetishists certainly have.[p2s:  well, well.  someone else not afraid to speak the truth saying exactly what we already said:  1) the ala "enables" these criminals, 2) the media provide cover for the ala by spinning the truth until it's no longer recognizable, 3) the ala knowingly lies to the public using the same old propaganda, and 4) the good guys need to go to reeducation camp:  repeat after me in newspeak-- pornography in public libraries is good, the ala is good, children viewing porn is good, criminals freedom's trump children's freedoms.]
2/27/06 porn addict violates two young boys "this pervert was not only caught with child pornography, but was convicted of sexual abuse against two young boys -- one was 13 years-old, and the other victim was 11 years-old.  the fact of this tragic crime, like my previous post, is the obvious connection between pornography (especially child pornography) and sexual abuse.  ....  it is interesting to note that in handing down the sentence, the judge ordered the pervert to hand over both computers.  similarly, my previous post about the farmer city pervert who attacked two young girls was ordered to avoid use of the internet as a term of probation.  the judges in these cases seem to recognize the fact that the internet plays a significant role in the motivation of these sex crimes against children.  again i ask -- when will our elected officials in springfield see this obvious connection and enact a law requiring internet filtering in our public schools and libraries?  why wouldn't they want to protect our children and communities from sex predators?  what special interest group could possibly persuade them not to act in the best interest of our children, families and communities?"  [p2s:  the ala and the aclu, that's who.  to learn about what state and local officials can do, see this table of existing or pending state cipa laws.]
2/23/06 garbage goofs, groaning and ganja gaffes "an employee of the mansfield library reported that a man was looking at child pornography on a library computer.  officers responded, but were unable to verify the allegation, dewitt said.  the computer was confiscated, and the case has been turned over to the missoula police department, he said."
2/22/06 police make public library porn arrest police make public library porn arrest - click for larger view."upper arlington police nabbed a man they say downloaded child pornography at a public library.  a 10tv camera caught the arrest on tape, with officers ordering the suspect to shut off his car get on the ground.  'we've got a warrant for your arrest!  put your hands behind your back!' an officer commanded.  ....  'we're concerned that somebody would do that at a public place like that with other people around,' said sgt. greg patrick.  ....  since [then], the library is looking at new options to keep this from happening again, like ... adding other types of filters for computers.  currently, the library system has a word filter.  but it does not work in all cases."  [p2s:  hopefully, people will wake up and in the future the arrest warrant will be for people at the ala.  the fish stinks from the head.]
2/21/06 after 4-3 vote, wa pl board to filter all net access "the board of the fort vancouver regional library district, wa, has voted 4-3 to filter all library computer access for pornography, joining the phoenix pl and perhaps others in apparent violation of the supreme court's interpretation of children's internet protection act (cipa), which would require libraries to disable the filters for adults on request.  (no challenge has yet been filed, however.)  ....  the library said that, of about 450 messages from citizens, about two-thirds favored more stringent filtering...."  [p2s:  can you sense the palpable exasperation in this ala story?  it practically screams, "help!!!  aclu!!!  help!!!"  hey, let's make it a national trend and watch the ala's blood pressure rise!]
2/20/06 the american library association (ala) successfully pushes smut on your children - why do they do it? - how do they do it? "the illusion of the local community being in control of their own schools and libraries is just a good facade for the ala to present to the public.  ....  the un-american ala has taken the american constitutional right of freedom of speech and has perverted it into their right to push graphic and explicit smut on children.  ala and ala affiliate brown boot bullies are constantly working to implement their weird social marxist agenda.  ....  in schools and libraries you are seeing and will continue to see increasing use of graphic and explicit books.  ....  the ala believes 'anything-goes-at-any-age' and that there is no difference between children and adults.  ala and ala affiliates ... push smut in both public and school libraries.  ....  homosexual poet allen ginsberg said, 'we'll get you through your children.'  the ala is doing it ... through a network of like minded affiliates, distortion and propaganda, threats of legal action, intimidation and bullying of parents and citizens who don't agree with them, constant intervention in local issues, and indoctrination, intimidation and control of english teachers, school administrators and librarians.  ....  they have worked for years to get the power to enforce their ideology on children, parents, local communities and the public.  they now have this power almost everywhere and are working hard to increase it further and to marginalize any librarians or english teachers who don't subscribe to their twisted views.  to see how the ala and ala affiliate bullies push smut on your children click here.  ....  unless more parents, taxpayers and local communities wake up and fight back, the ala will soon have absolute power in deciding what is appropriate in english class and the libraries for all america's children.  ....  to pabbis it appears that the ala is successfully running a huge racketeering or terrorist operation for the political indoctrination and moral corruption of children.  ....  ala leadership is a small group of very (usually aging) leftist, social marxist, pro-sexualization, pro-homosexualization, pro-atheist, pro-'multi-culturalism', pro-'world government', pro-world tax, anti (especially christian) religion, pro-porn, america bashing, america blaming people."  [p2s:  must reading!  look at this graphic!  wow!]
2/17/06 library problems heard at student council meeting "the highlight of thursday's student council meeting was guest speaker bobbilyn negron of the 'take back your library' student campaign. .... student council started a library task force during the fall semester, and [the] four main points were the ... viewing pornography on the library's computers."  [p2s:  hey, ala!  students don't want porn on their schools computers!  sadly, they are forced to lobby for the obvious, caused in part by the ala's defiance of the law.]
2/17/06 security added at broome library; officer to help enforce rule against computer porn "broome county's only county-owned building without security will get a uniformed officer starting next month.  ....  'you don't want to be the library where an incident happened,' [carl a. fenescey, broome security director] said wednesday.  'that won't go away for a generation.'  the 90-day pilot security program will start wednesday when the library plans to implement a new patron code of conduct policy.  library officials wanted to beef up a previous policy to prohibit patrons from using library computers to access pornography on the internet or by any other means.  ....  'we felt it was probably necessary to have security personnel there to enforce that policy,' said thomas gray, president of the library's board of trustees.  ....  security cameras may also be installed at the library."  [p2s:  anything but filters again.  and a new useless acceptable use policy will be just as useless as the previous one -- no criminal cares about acceptable use policies.  isn't "beefing up a previous policy" an admission that the policy was a failure?  some communities never learn and always let the ala types run roughshod over them.]
2/15/06 in our view:  the real library issue "now that the fort vancouver regional library board has decided to filter internet pornography from all computer terminals, it's time for both sides of this contentious issue to rally....  ....  the columbian for several years editorially opposed fully filtering fvrl libraries, but on dec. 11 we took a new stance, starting with this recommendation to the library board:  'treat your electronic offerings the same way you treat your print offerings.  when books and magazines are 'selected' for libraries, no one screams, 'censorship!'  it's part of what librarians do ...  why not do the same thing for internet access?'  ....  we hope that the distracting quarrel about a disgusting issue (pornography) is over.  if the pro-filter crowd makes this a wedge issue and tries to further hamstring the libraries with additional exclusions of books or other resources, then they will expose the fact that it really wasn't about libraries after all.  it was only about imposing more narrowly defined personal values on a public institution.  and if long-time, civil-libertarian library lovers withdraw their support as a result of this decision, then they will effectively douse their own passionately expressed love of books and learning."  [p2s:  what an excellent, clear thinking editorial board.  bravo!]
2/15/06 aclu decries approval of library filters; new policy - the district's board must first define what it considers pornography "fort vancouver regional library district board members may have violated their code of ethics when they voted this week to put filters on all library computers, the clark county american civil liberties union chapter president said tuesday.  craig dewey said mandated filtering for adults was a conflict of interest with a code that, as listed on the district's web site, says board members will 'resist all efforts by groups or individuals to censor library materials.'  a second code says the board will 'work to ensure that the public has equal access to information, both as a constitutional right and as the best way to sustain a democratic way of life.'  the library board voted monday to tighten its internet filtering practices....  but dewey criticized the board's 4-3 vote.  'we prefer to see the library not playing a parental role or decide for parents what their children see and don't see,' he said.  any legal action the organization could take would be done through the seattle aclu office, he said.  ....  margaret tweet, a camas resident who for years has advocated for greater filtering to combat access to pornography in libraries, said the board's decision was 'terrific.'  'we're not the only ones doing this,' tweet said.  'we're taking the steps that other libraries with problems have taken successfully in the past.'  ....  'people will feel better that the board is more responsive to community standards.'[p2s:  the aclu rides to the rescue of the ala.  it's the ala's policy forced on the local library that the aclu claims is being violated.  essentially, the aclu is saying an ethics policy that excludes community standards to allow children to be sexualized is being violated.  typical for the aclu, a communist organization from its birth, it claims to be protecting "a democratic way of life," which is to them and the ala one where age is not a legal reason to keep children from seeing porn even though the us supreme court says it is.  see the aclu's comment that libraries may not play a parental role in protecting children from porn?  remember folks, we're taking about the aclu , an organization founded to bring about the end of the united states as we know it--where better and easier than to attack and demoralize its children.  then, everyone start shaking now, the aclu does the usual threatening to sue act.  the aclu has been largely successful in the past, especially with leftist judges, but the times they are a changin'.  the aclu is losing case after case lately as their true nature has become exposed for all to see.  with regard to the aclu riding to the rescue of the ala, tell the aclu to take a hike.  scram!]
2/14/06 vancouver library board votes to add mandatory internet filters; pornography - once software is in place, adults won't be able to shut off screening functions "mandatory filters will be installed on all computers in the fort vancouver regional library district, the library board decided monday.  the 4-3 vote will eliminate the ability of users to turn off filters on some computers and view material that some find objectionable but that is legal.  ....  'it's critical that the library be family-friendly, and i believe we're heading away from that,' [board member jack ] burkman said.  ....  peterson said she was the swing vote.  she supported the change, she said, only because she does not think pornography is a 'valuable information source' that cannot be obtained elsewhere.  issues of 'family values,' morality and 'economic blackmail' were not persuasive, she said.  ....  'if you want voters' money, you have to do what voters want,' ken topper of yacolt said.  ....  smith, a hood river librarian, said she doesn't think pornography viewing is a problem in the libraries.  library officials have received few complaints, she said, and the idea that libraries are unsafe is a 'misperception.'"
2/14/06 library to filter all web access "in the wake of persistent criticism that the library distributes pornography, the fort vancouver library board decided monday to change its internet policy and impose the most restrictive rules of any local library.  the library board voted 4-3 on monday to filter all internet access, to make viewing pornography against the library's policy, and to have library staff monitor internet use.  ....  board member jack burkman said he came to his decision in part after hearing from folks who felt uncomfortable in the library.  'i believe it's critical the library be friendly to families,' he said.  ....  that word [pornography] came up frequently during the two hours of public comment and debate.  about 50 people attended the meeting.  it inspired marlene adams to see what all the fuss was about.  she told the board that she 'googled a vulgar term for female anatomy.'  she clicked on the first site.  'it was a depiction of oral sex close-up,' adams said.  'well, if this isn't obscenity, i don't know what is.'  jerry king, library board chairman and former vancouver city attorney, explained that garden-variety pornography doesn't qualify as obscenity, because it is widely available.  ....  king steadfastly defended internet access to legal material.  'there are valid reasons to watch porn in a library,' he said, to gasps and a shout, 'it's a matter of right and wrong!' from the audience."  [p2s:  a library board votes 4-3 to install internet filters!  but the board chairman says, "there are valid reasons to watch porn in a library"!!  let's watch as the ala exerts all its forces and propaganda and those of the aclu to bring out the troops to attack the board to get it to reverse its decision, just as the ala did in overland park, kansas when it too decided 4-3 to oust ala influence.]
2/9/06 team 7 investigators find crimes, threats at central library "seattle's new $169 million downtown library has attracted ... dozens of men watching porn movies at public computer terminals.  'i worry that pedophiles are hanging there, just waiting.  there are a lot of teenagers there by themselves.  i worry about that.'  records show 491 'code of conduct violations' serious enough to get a patron kicked out.  ....  seattle library administrative services director marilynne gardner says [f]ewer than 500 incidents of disciplinary misconduct proves to her this place is safe and secure.  ....  patrons have repeatedly been expelled for sexually inappropriate behavior.  in just one afternoon near the fifth floor computer terminals, we observed several men acting out things you wouldn't want your children to see.  gardner defends the library security saying, 'in any public place, even at the grocery store, we encourage parents to stay with their children, especially young children.'  ....  'i stay away from the teen section.  a bunch of the homeless guys sit there and sleep and watch people.  ... i don't want to keep telling people to stay away from me,' young said.  ....  library staff say they haven't had many complaints from the public, but almost everyone we spoke with outside the building, like melissa letz, had concerns.  ....  there are certain incidents that go on inside that you might consider a crime, but kiro team 7 investigators checked and seattle police aren't called very often to make that official determination."  [p2s:  more librarian propaganda outrages -- when the media expose the things they saw that children should not see, the librarians response is to say well the children should have their parents present.  just lovely.  and look, the library says they don't get many complaints while the media turns that idea on its head.  are your librarians misleading your community in a similar fashion?  just look at the total denials here by the librarians, the total lies.  the media even exposes unreported criminal activity!  the freedom of pornography people aren't hiding something, are they?  and these are the people we are supposed to trust to make decisions on whether to use internet filtering?  hello?  is anybody home?  see also incidents at seattle's central library, incident reports - city library branches, incident reports - king county library branches, sample incident report.  "if you want to see full incident reports (not computer summaries) the documents are considered a public record under the washington open records/public disclosure act.  you may request documents by writing to:  seattle public library administration, 1000 fourth ave., floor 11, seattle, wa 98104"  this article proves librarians lie and cannot be trusted to protect patrons.  cites and states must take action to protect the citizens from the criminals and the librarians who protect and enable the criminals.]
2/9/06 man caught in library with printouts of child porn "a 23-year-old man has been caught in a slavic village library with computer printouts of child pornography.  ....  he spent three years behind bars for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl.  labeled a sexual predator, he was ordered to stay away from kids.  ....  it turns out [he] would use the public library on fleet avenue for his twisted sexual pleasure -- surfing the net for child pornography.  [he] was able to download the kiddie porn right under the noses of the guards at the library.  but then made another big mistake.  'he goes to use the men's restroom at the library and leaves his porn and resume on the lavatory there ... he admitted that he was looking at the child porn ....'"  [p2s:  guess those "acceptable use policies" really scared off this guy, huh?  and how about those guards, huh?  no, filters aren't necessary where a library has acceptable use policies and even guards in place.  well don't look at us funny -- this is what librarians argue in story after story!]
2/9/06 lawmaker wants libraries to filter porn from kids "an area lawmaker took a shot wednesday at the topeka and shawnee county public library and its policies regarding the use of computers by children.  rep. becky hutchins, r-holton, said the library was too liberal in letting kids surf the internet.  those children run the risk of getting into pornographic web sites, she said.  'they leave it to the discretion of minors,' hutchins told members of the house.  hutchins successfully added a provision to a library bill wednesday that would require public libraries to use internet filters on computers that are accessed by minors.  ....  meanwhile, shawnee county's top library official dismissed the need for the measure.  'we're trying to fix a problem that ain't broke,' said gina millsap, director of the topeka and shawnee county public library.  ....  rep. eber phelps, d-hays, said he recently took a tour of the topeka and shawnee county public library and was shown its surveillance room, which monitors computers.  'it was somewhere on the level of what we would see at lansing state prison,' phelps said.  he called hutchins' amendment 'a reaction to a rumor' that the library was being lax in keeping inappropriate material off of publicly owned computers.  'put some trust in these people who are running our libraries,' phelps said."  [p2s:  hey, legislators, get some guts like these!  but, as a librarian tells the same misinformation the ala provides, another legislator says we should trust the people who think it's age discrimination to keep a child from porn.  scary!]
2/8/06 students viewing porn on computer at local school "internet pornography made its way into the classroom at fairview elementary school in lansing this week.  ....  parent:  'i was appalled.'  pornographic images for mature eyes only were available for her fourth grader to see when another student brought them up online.  parent:  'pictures of naked ladies and pictures of several sexual acts going on.'  a spokeswoman from the lansing school district ... told 6 news that the episode was unintentional.  further, she says lansing schools have filters in place on the student's computers, designed to prevent them from viewing violent and pornographic materials.  parent: 'it's one thing to have a filter, it's another thing to make sure the filter is working properly.'  ....  parent:  'it's hindsight, it's after the fact, my child has these visions in her mind of the things she saw on a pornographic website that her classmates were able to pull up in the classroom.'"  [p2s:  this again affirms filters are not effective if they are not effectively deployed and maintained.  oh, the ala says if they are used, they should be set to the weakest setting.  gee i wonder if that happened here?  parent:  contact us to discuss possible law suit against the school and others to try to prevent similar harm to more children!]
2/7/06 cracking down on pornography in the library "last week [three iowa senators] introduced legislation, senate file 2108, that looks to prevent libraries from receiving state funding if they failed to provide filtering software that blocks access to pornographic web sites.  ....  the legislation was written with the children's internet protection act (cipa) in mind.  the cipa is federal legislation that says in order for libraries to receive federal dollars, they must have filters to block explicit content.  the act has been called by some people unjust censorship - a violation of the rights afforded by the first amendment, say critics.  but in a 2003 supreme court decision, united states v. american library association, inc., the court ruled that congress should be allowed to 'protect children from pornography' on public computers.  the library, it was decided, is not a public forum, safeguarded by free speech liberties, but instead a place of learning resting on pillars of research, reading, and recreation.  'libraries have a responsibility to the taxpayers who fund them,' [state senator] behn said.  'they are not exempt from helping protect our children from inappropriate material.'"  [p2s:  fantastic!  this is a rare fair and balanced article where the media did not merely act as a loudspeaker for ala propaganda!  bravo!]
2/6/06 the cuddle puddle of stuyvesant high school new york magazine cover story: the cuddle pubble of stuyvesant high school"alair is headed for the section of the second-floor hallway where her friends gather every day during their free tenth period for the 'cuddle puddle,' as she calls it.  there are girls petting girls and girls petting guys and guys petting guys.  .... that said, the stuyvesant cuddle puddle is emblematic of the changing landscape of high-school sexuality across the country.  this past september, when the national center for health statistics released its first survey in which teens were questioned about their sexual behavior, 11 percent of american girls polled in the 15-to-19 demographic claimed to have had same-sex encounters-the same percentage of all women ages 15 to 44 who reported same-sex experiences, even though the teenagers have much shorter sexual histories.  it doesn't take a stuyvesant education to see what this means:  more girls are experimenting with each other, and they're starting younger.[p2s:  this article has nothing to do with filters.  but in our opinion it exposes the effects of the ala's successful efforts to push inappropriate sexualized material on children.  as the head of the youth section of the ala said, it's good for children read about teenage oral sex orgies so they can experience it from a safe distance.  well it appears the children are actually learning in school, exactly what the ala wants them to know.  read it and weep for our children, our country.  see also, "the heteroflexible, pansensual, bi-curious teenager--the fast lane in the american high school," by r. albert mohler, jr., 15 feb 2006.]
2/2/06 police beat:  indecent exposure in library "[arizona state university] police reported the following incidents wednesday:  an 18-year-old male asu student was arrested sunday night at hayden library and charged with indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.  the suspect allegedly pulled his pants and underwear to his mid-thighs to masturbate while watching pornography on his laptop.  when asked why he had gone to the library to view pornography and masturbate, the suspect allegedly told police, 'to be honest, the internet connection at my dorm isn't good enough.'[p2s:  here we see the criminal is honest even where the librarians are not.  this library is the site of numerous incidents but the librarians say it's too few to do anything about it.  right.]
2/1/06 bill requiring library internet filters raises concerns "the director of libraries in waterloo and cedar falls stands firmly opposed to legislative efforts requiring internet filters in return for state funding.  carol french johnson, who jointly oversees the two public libraries, said internet filters designed to block access to pornography at library terminals will cause more problems than they resolve, noting the libraries have already taken steps to prevent users from browsing graphic content in the building.  'from our perspective, we don't have a problem,' johnson said. 'this needs to be a local issue.'  'what is on your screen is very visible to our staff and everybody who walks through,' she said.  'if we have any problems with you, you're out.  it has been very effective.'  johnson also notes the current filtering technology is ancient.  'they are still blocking by words; they cannot block pictures,' she said.  'essex, england, is blocked because 'sex' is in there and breast cancer is blocked because 'breast' is in there.  i don't believe that anybody could support blocking breast cancer information to someone who has breast cancer.'  but the bigger problem for waterloo and cedar falls revolves around their shared bibliographic data base, which is on a server at the university of northern iowa campus.  'if we have titles that get blocked because of filters, we don't have access to our own data base,' johnson said.  'i don't know what we would do.  in essence, we would have to find our own automated system, which would cost the taxpayers and awful lot of money.'  finally, johnson disagrees with the idea that internet access draws child molesters to the library.  'the problems with pedophiles in the library is not new and it's not because of pornography on the internet,' she said.  'i used to monitor pedophiles in the libraries in miami in 1969 (before internet was available).  it's always been a problem and parents need to be aware of that ... and not drop of[f] their young kids unattended.'"  [p2s:  this article reveals pure propaganda and outright lies by librarians desperately trying to stop a state-wide filtering law.  since we have pointed this out so many times, see if you can figure it out for yourselves.  hint, every single thing she said is propaganda, an outright lie, or ignores us v. ala.  here's just an outrageous juxtaposition:  "from our perspective, we don't have a problem," johnson said.  "this needs to be a local issue." this is exactly why a state-wide solution is needed.  after saying there's no problem, she says just leave it up to us local librarians who say it's no problem and we'll make the right decision.  finally, notice that outrageous statement that internet access has nothing to do with molestations.  that's like saying playing russian roulette has nothing to do with suicide.]
1/30/06 senators want porn filters on library computers "three republican senators are pressing for restrictions on 'adult, pornographic' materials in iowa's public libraries.  ....  senator jeff angelo, a republican from creston, says some iowa libraries get no federal money and therefore aren't required by law to install the filters.  he's co-sponsoring a bill to require iowa's public libraries to install those porn filters on library computers.  'it cannot be denied that there are men in this state who are going into our public libraries on a weekly or sometimes daily basis and accessing pornography (on the internet),' angelo says.  ....  angelo cites a recent case in the des moines public library where a man who was accessing porn on the library's computer was arrested and charged with trying to molest a three-year-old child who was in the library at the same time.  angelo says a librarian also told him she had taken a group of children to a library computer which had a screen-saver on it because it hadn't been in use recently.  when the librarian touched the mouse, a pornographic image popped up because the man who'd been using the computer had been reading porn.  ....  'this is a public safety issue,' [senator jerry behn of boone] says.  ....  'libraries live by different rules than all the different businesses -- the movie theaters and video rental stores -- do,' [senator brad] zahn [sic] says.  ....  'people expect more out of our libraries.  it's our safe haven,' zahn says."  [p2s:  please contact senators jeff angelo, jerry behn, and brad zaun to tell them you support their efforts in this regard and that you are not fooled by ala propaganda.  update:  here is an example of an editorial completely mesmerized by ala propaganda -- "tuesday's our views; don't call the library 'mom'," 7 feb 2006.  in contrast, here is a story where the reporter is not fooled by the ala, apparently after investigating the truth instead of rebroadcasting the propaganda, and presents a fair and balanced story:  "cracking down on pornography in the library," 7 feb 2006.]
1/30/06 iowa library association critical of bill calling for porn filters on computers "the president of the iowa library association is critical of a bill three republican state senators are pushing that would restrict access to pornographic materials in iowa libraries.  iowa library association president susan craig of iowa city says forcing libraries to install internet filters on computers that screen out pornographic websites is too 'onerous.'  ....  'the parent should be monitoring and making decisions about what they allow or don't allow their children to do,' craig says."  [p2s:  iowa citizens:  your librarians think protecting your children is too "onerous."  if your child is raped, be happy you will not have unduly drained the tax base of the community.  besides, as you can see, the ila president, slavishly following the ala, says librarians are not to make decisions about pornography for children.  p2s suggests adding to the bill language that would expose the librarians, the library, its board of trustees, the ila and susan craig, and the ala and judith krug to liability for any damage resulting to children as a result of the failure to filter and to do so effectively in cipa-like fashion.  this is an illustration of why "smut!" is the ala anthem.]
1/29/06 gop pushes for library internet filters [this article is similar to the above two, but adds notable excuses.]  "susan craig of iowa city, president of the iowa library association, said her group would oppose [because] a policy decision ... should be made locally by library boards.  senate democratic leader mike gronstal of council bluffs said the proposal is worthy of legislative consideration but he cautioned that the issue of internet filters is complicated and that savvy computer users often find ways to bypass such barriers."  [p2s:  here we see more excuses.  first, ala policy is forced into hundreds of libraries by the ala, but the ala and its ilk argues that removing the influence of the ala must be done on a library by library basis -- so in iowa they argue the libraries are too poor to install filters, but are rich enough to independently push off the yoke of the ala.  as to the senate democratic leader mike gronstal's statements, notice they sound nice but are really an excuse to allow children continued access to porn and criminals continued access to children.  the truth is the decision to use filters is not "complicated" because us v. ala has already asked and answered all legal questions involved.  further, if the claim that "savvy computer users [would] bypass" the filters were true, then cipa and us v. ala were a total waste of time and should not now be enforced because they are useless against "savvy computer users."  now does anyone not looking for an excuse really believe that?  the people of iowa are not that stupid.]
1/29/06 bcc scrutinizes internet-use policy in child-porn case; student remains jailed on 16 counts "a broome community college student remained in broome county jail without bail saturday, a day after he was accused of using a campus computer to download child pornography.  [he] was charged friday by broome county sheriff's deputies with 16 counts of possessing a sexual performance by a child, a felony, after he was accused of downloading more than 200 images — 160 of them pornographic — in a library computer lab.  ....  bcc public affairs officer richard david said ... 'this is a clear violation of the college's internet acceptable-use policy agreement....'  'there is really no explanation that can justify this,' he said.  ....  [t]he student had visited a variety of pornographic web sites with images of children around 10 years old."  [p2s:  "there is really no explanation that can justify this."  yes there is.  it's called your refusal to install internet filters to block this in the first place.  it's called using ala-recommended, obviously useless "internet acceptable-use policy agreements" to politely ask criminals not to be criminals.]
1/13/06 your local sob sex traffic several library crimes listed -- but read the article since we are a small group against the behemoth ala and we need some sleep.  and the author is famous for her work exposing the pedophile kinsey who has changed the sexual mores of the world for the worse while his crimes against children were hidden.
1/12/06 opinion - library needs change in net policy fantastic article.  it's rare when the media exposes the ala as the danger it is, but this is one of those editorials -- but read the article since we are a small group against the behemoth ala and we need some sleep.
1/11/06 library balances intellectual freedoms in online access another child victimized in a public library by a convicted sex offender using the computers, and more ala propaganda -- but read the article since we are a small group against the behemoth ala and we need some sleep.
1/10/06 library doling out ala propaganda "[t]he [ala] endangers american communities in a way that makes it look like unsafe libraries is what the people really want for themselves.  ....  the librarians here have successfully fooled the public into believing ala propaganda and keeping their own children exposed to criminal activity while making it look like this is what the community wants instead of the acluified ala."  [p2s:  an excellent exposé by p2s of ala propaganda and its effect on the public.  amazingly, another letter printed that very day also suffers from ala propaganda disease.  that letter appears here as well.  see the extensive comments we have made in that letter to prove this beyond the shadow of a doubt.]
1/10/06 mayor:  county expenses are taxing city; pto dynamo named citizen of the year "the meeting ended with some sharp discussion of whether internet filters ought to be placed on all of the public library's computers.  councilors jay bowers and ken merrifield said that after an earlier meeting with the library's board of trustees, they had the impression that there was a 'gentleman's agreement' that if the city paid for filters, they would be placed on all the computers.  library director rob sargent said filters were installed on all the computers in october, but if a library user who is over 18 requests that the filter be disabled, that request is honored.  'i don't want city taxes being used to pay for porn,' said councilor glen feener.  andreozzi said that filters sometimes block content.  for example, she said, a filter might block the word 'breast,' even if used in the phrase 'chicken breast recipe' or in a search about health.  some of the other councilors were unconvinced, and sought to have another meeting with the library board of trustees.  'let's have a come to jesus talk,' feener said."  [p2s:  again librarians spreading the same misinformation.  but the "gentlemen's agreement" looks interesting.  click the nearby link to read more about it.]
1/10/06 money to block access to porno web sites at libraries "supervisors have voted to spend [$340,000] for computer software and other equipment to block access to pornographic web sites at los angeles county libraries.  the board of supervisors voted in october to install limited filters on adult computers and more restrictive filters on children's computers to prevent library visitors from viewing sexually explicit sites.  funding was approved today on a unanimous vote.[p2s:  unanimous vote, folks!  you can do this in your own towns!  all computers will be filtered, not the useless solution of just the children's computers.  bravo!  see also "county to vote on blocking library porn," jan 10, 2006.]
1/9/06 fort vancouver filters internet more than most "completely unfettered internet access is recommended by the american library association, said [deborah caldwell-stone, deputy director of the oif with the ala].  filters, she said, are 'not a great tool for a public library in particular to use.'  in the mid-1990s, 'filtering was very, very, very crude instruments,' she said.  'you couldn't get to sites that talked about chicken breasts, for example, because of the word 'breasts.''  while filters are better today, 'even very sophisticated filters fail.  they block access to perfectly innocent information and they still allow access to sexually-explicit materials,' she said.  internet policies differ because there are different feelings about what information is appropriate, she said.  no one wants to expose children to pornography, but should an unsupervised teenager access a web site with information about sex?  caldwell-stone argues it's up to the parents to set those standards for their own children.  'is it the librarian's job in place of the parent to decide whether that child has a need for that information?' she said.[p2s:  laura ingraham but monkey logohere we have a perfect laura ingraham "but monkey" (someone who says something good, then says "but," and follows with a contradiction of the good statement he just made.)  caldwell-stone of the ala says, "no one wants to expose children to pornography, but should an unsupervised teenager access a web site with information about sex?"  sure sounds nice until you think about it.  she means librarians who follow ala policy are hands-off and will do nothing to stop your children from being exposed to pornography.  she then confirms this is ala policy:  "completely unfettered internet access is recommended by the [ala]" she is reported o have said.

she then throws the curve ball intentionally designed to confuse people:  "is it the librarian's job in place of the parent to decide whether that child has a need for that information?"  first, this a manifestation of the myth (a big enough lie told often enough will become true even if it is false), made up by acluified librarians in the ala, that librarians have no responsibility for supervising children.  now everywhere else public servants have a certain duty regarding the welfare of children.  the ala would have us believe only librarians have no such duties regarding children.  this article goes a long way toward using ala quotes to expose the ala's extreme, radical agenda to ensure children maintain access to pornography.  is this what you want to guide your own local librarians who follow ala policy?

second, children never have a "need" for pornography!  the ala obviously believes children have a "need" for pornography, and only a parent of only his own child can prevent a child from seeing pornography.  this from caldwell-stone who has repeatedly attempted to censor true information about the ala itself that she did not want anyone to know.  when she says people have "different feelings about what information is appropriate," she is saying some people may think children should have access to pornography.  do you think that?  do you know who does?  her boss, judith krug, the de facto leader of the ala for decades!  "parents who would tell their children not to read playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"  9/18/95 citizen, quoting judith krug, ala director of oif.  the ala is a radical, extremist organization pushing pornography on children in public libraries and schools nationwide.]
1/5/06 adult may have accessed child pornography at groton library; concerns raised about facility's computer policy "town councilor james l. streeter called on the town to implement stronger safeguards and increased internet controls that would prevent pornography from being viewed on the publicly accessed computers at the groton public library, especially in the presence of children.  streeter told the council tuesday that he learned the town was investigating an incident in which 'an adult male was found to have accessed, watched and downloaded child pornography from one of the public computers at the groton public library.'  'i want to look out for the morals of our children.  public tax dollars are paying for' these computers, streeter said wednesday.  'i'm not trying to restrict anybody.  if they want to view pornography that's up to them, but if they use the public's computers there have to be restrictions.'  police chief kelly m. fogg confirmed ... the computer involved wasn't located in the children's section of the library.  ....  library director alan benkert declined comment ..., but the librarian said he wanted to reassure the public that the library does utilize filtering software and 'comply with the children's internet protection act and any other law' governing online access.  ....  but in compliance with a u.s. supreme court ruling, the library does afford patrons age 17 and older the ability to ask library staff to temporarily turn off the filtering software 'for bona fide research or other lawful purposes,' benkert said.  ....  streeter said the library's policy and monitoring were still not enough to protect the children.  he said he has seen a mixed crowd of young and adult patrons using the computers in the adult section.  he is concerned about the child sitting next to an adult who had the filters disabled.  'i think it's inappropriate in our library to have the possibility of pornography being viewed by an adult with a child sitting next to him.  it's a crime,' he said.  'i can readily concur with the free-speech issue.  there are ways to control it.  one way could be to have adults in a separate room, where the kids would not have any contact or have a chance to walk by.'"  [p2s:  mr. streeter, mr. streeter.  you are in the right church but the wrong pew.  for example you say adults could view porn in a separate room.  well that's nice; then they can walk back into the next room and grab a kid into the bathroom like happens nationwide.  by saying you concur do you mean you concur with the librarians who, guided by the ala, mislead you about the law?  the free-speech issue about which you are rightly concerned has been asked and answered by the us supreme court in us v. ala, a case the ala lost.  yet the ala advises libraries how to make end runs around the law or completely ignore that it even exists.  likely as a result, children continue to be raped and molested in public libraries.  the use of filters, effective ones, effectively applied and maintained, does not violate anyone's free speech rights, according to the us supreme court.  it seems you have been mislead into believing libraries that filter present some issues not already asked and answered in a case the ala itself lost and lost big.  it seems you have also been misled into thinking pornography in the public library is part of some other right the acluified ala made up and lost before the us supreme court.  please, mr. streeter, you and other government leaders like you.  please get an education, get a backbone, and do the right thing to protect your children from the ala's perverse pervasive predilection for pushing porn principally on children nationwide in public schools and public libraries.  a library's claim that it complies with cipa, as your library has done, is often made with full knowledge that it is either not complying or it is pushing the envelope of legality.  do you want envelope pushing where your children are involved?  do not take the word of librarians alone.  get educated and find out what's the truth in your library.  read us v. ala, then read your library's internet policy and it should be clear to you that your library is not in compliance with cipa -- are they claiming they are?  that's what the library director said in the news story.  there may be theft of federal funds then.  shockingly, your library's policy even admits "library patrons may be observed viewing explicit sexual images on an internet computer."  does that sound cipa compliant to you?  your library may be exposing your town to litigation and its children to danger.  if ever people get past the miasma of law and court-defiant misinformation from the ala and your local library and looks at the cold, hard facts in the light of us v. ala, cipa, and other trustworthy sources, they may see better how to protect children in public libraries.  given the pervasiveness and effectiveness of the ala's efforts to ensure children maintain continued access to pornography despite the law, i really can't blame you for being so misled.  see also "filter flap confounds cipa-compliant connecticut library," ala, 1/6/06.]
1/4/06 brookfield library computers to get privacy screens - response to complaint about child's exposure "computer screens in the adult services area of the brookfield public library will be outfitted with privacy screens as a way to prevent other patrons from being exposed to material they deem offensive.  ....   [a] brookfield resident complained that her 12-year-old son had been exposed to pornography while he was using the copy machine, which is located directly adjacent to the adult services computers.   the woman's son related to her that on dec. 1, while he was standing at the copy machine, a man using one of the computers was viewing pornography openly.  this is not the first complaint library officials have received about pornography being viewed on computers in the adult services area, which are not subject to any sort of preventive filters.  the library faced a similar complaint in 2003.   computers in the youth services department have protective filters to prevent children being exposed to pornography accidentally.   'i was completely surprised, shocked,' said the woman, who requested anonymity to protect the identity of her son.  'it's disgusting that happens in the library.  i had assumed this was not happening here.  my question is, do people have the right to openly view pornography here?  do our children not have the right to not be exposed to this in our library?'   in addition to purchasing privacy screens, the library board's policy committee will begin formulating a new computer use policy in an attempt to prevent patrons from surfing the web for porn.   the board has consistently been reluctant to simply place filters on the adult services computers.  library board president margaret blasage cited the american library association's position on such filters.  according to blasage, the ala's position is that filtering constitutionally protected speech could lead to lawsuits.   'we need to deal with other issues, not filtering,' blasage said.  'filtering is as wrong as it is right.'  ....   'we're all faced with the important question of safeguarding first amendment rights of patrons versus protecting our children,' said board member judith sweet.  'the privacy filters will, to the best of our ability, meet those requirements as well as can be expected.'  ....   the woman who complained about the dec. 1 incident involving her son said that she was satisfied that library board members acted to purchase the privacy screens.  'i feel it's safer,' she said.  'it's a good solution.'[p2s:  this is a fantastic article perfectly illustrating everything plan2succeed has been saying.  we see in this article:

1)  filtering on children's computers does not protect children from adults using unfiltered computers, and the exposures occur over and over again - which will be the one that results in a child being raped or molested?,

2)  the library is intentionally misleading the public that the only real solution available, filters, violates peoples rights,

3)  the library is citing the ala as the reason why they are recommending anything but filters, proving again ala policy drives local policy resulting in the incident in this particular library and libraries nationwide,

4)  the library is using an acceptable use policy to give the appearance that something is being done,

5)  the librarians are talking the good talk but refusing to walk the walk, again fooling the public into thinking the librarians are concerned for the community's children instead of the ala's policies, and

6)  the public is actually being misled to the point where the mother of the affected child is satisfied with useless solutions -- the librarians here have successfully fooled the public into believing ala propaganda and keeping their own children exposed to criminal activity while making it look like this is what the community wants instead of the acluified ala.]
1/1/06 man caught downloading pornography from library; every library system has a strategy to keep people from looking at pornography on the internet, but there is no fool proof way to prevent it "library workers say [a man] accessed porn despite technology designed to block it.  greensboro's public library tries to train patrons how to filter explicit material out of their searches themselves.  it also requires users to agree to a computer usage agreement.  greensboro's public library does not use filters because they can keep researchers of anatomy for instance, from getting information.  one librarian says it's not a huge problem.  he says he catches someone about once a month.[p2s:  what a way to start out the new year, thanks to the ala.  we see illustrated here 1) misinformation by librarians (by claiming filters block anatomy researchers), 2) misdirection by librarians (by implying that acceptable use policies are adequate protection), and 3) a general disregard for the truth (by stating the viewing of inappropriate materials that filters might otherwise have blocked is "not a huge problem").]
12/30/05 police:  man used public library to view porn "police in winston-salem said a man has been charged with exploitation of a minor after using a public libary [sic] computer to look at pornographic web sites.  [the man], 24, was charged with 27 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, investigators said friday.  [the man], a registered sex offender in north carolina, was placed in forsyth county detention center under a $175,000 bond.  according to authorities, security personnel at the forsyth county library on west fifth street reported that [the man] was observed viewing 'obscene material' on a library computer.  detectives said [the man] had been visiting pornographic web sites and downloading images.[p2s:  this third-degree sexual exploitation appears to be the ala's christmas gift to a minor in a public library since this library, following ala advice, allows patrons to turn off filtering automatically instead of a librarian turning off filtering as required by cipa -- and cipa does not require filters to be disabled to view pornography.  meanwhile the library claims it is cipa complaint to 1) keep getting federal funding to which it is not entitled because it is not, despite claims, compliant with cipa, and 2) have a convenient cover for when a child is injured by an adult using non-cipa compliant computers.  readers, if your library has a system like this one, your children are in danger, as in this case, and the ala may be partially responsible, as a lawsuit may prove.  p2s encourages the family involved to bring suit against the library, its board of trustees, and the ala itself.  please contact us for suggestions.]
12/28/05 first-person:  the culture of pornography click for pornified: how the culture of pornography is changing our lives, our relationships and our families"parents will be especially interested by paul's finding that libraries, including both public libraries and school libraries, have become a major conduit for getting pornography to teenage boys.  stephen jones, a 14-year-old boy from washington state, complained to his hometown newspaper:  'i love to read.  i love the internet service the library provides; but we have a problem.  pornography is available through the library internet.  the library has filters, but as it stands now anyone over the age of twelve can have the filters taken off.'

we can be sure that many parents are unaware of these policies.  david burt, a public librarian concerned about the trend, cited a librarian in washington who told him:  'on monday of last week a group of about eight to ten teenage boys came to the library and asked if they could get pornography on the internet.  i replied that they could.  ... later that afternoon one of the younger boys (elementary age) said that the big boys had shown some dirty pictures on the computer.  ... when i applied to work at the library, running a porn shop was not in the job description.  ... we are supplying pornography to minors without their parents' permission or knowledge.'[p2s:  buy:  pornified:  how the culture of pornography is changing our lives, our relationships and our families ]
12/21/05 police blotter "a patron at mountain view library, 585 franklin st., saw a man fondling himself about 4:45 p.m. monday while viewing a computer porn site."
12/21/05 judges rule jail term is excessive "a wirral man ... was arrested in june 2004 ... after child porn had been printed in a library and left behinda scrap of paper with the name of two girls on it was also discovered.  one of the girls was 14 and the crown alleged she 'was being groomed' to 'engage in sexual activity' over the telephone."
12/21/05 our view:  alertness on sex offenders "a girl made an innocent trip to the public library, where she noticed a man taking photos of her with his cell phone.  ....  [t]he teen told the librarian [who] was aware of sex offender notifications and recognized the man ... from photos she'd seen, [so] she contacted police.  ....  [p]olice ... found child pornography on his [home] computer.  ....  he is well-known to police in plymouth, pembroke and halifax and has a history of child pornography offenses.  he [may have been] contacting boys and girls on the internet, using different identities, pretending to be a teen.  the librarian said [the known sex offender] had been in the library frequently, and police say library computers are often used by sex offenders seeking pornography or contact with youngsters.  ....  [p]ublic awareness is the biggest asset in stopping sex offenders from snooping and preying on people.  what happened in plymouth is a good lesson for parents, children and librarians everywhere.[p2s:  "what happened in plymouth is a good lesson for parents, children and librarians everywhere."  you can say that again!  we happen to know this library is fully filtered but porn consistently gets through despite the library's best efforts.  this would be a perfect argument for why cities need to override libraries where the libraries fail to act or do so insufficiently, and why a library's autonomy is not appropriate under certain circumstances.]
12/16/05 library staffer identifies patron as sex offender "an employee of the plymouth (mass.) public library identified a patron as a high-risk sex offender after a girl complained that the man took her picture with a cell phone at the library december 12.  ....  [he] had been using the library's computers often over the past few weeks.  ....  ppl director dinah o'brien told the patriot ledger that the library's 15 unfiltered computers are not monitored, but they are all in a high-traffic area where inappropriate use would be observed."  [p2s:  right, observed, but librarians are trained by the ala to "avert your eyes, sweety."  see also child porn trips up sex offender:  cops search home, arrest him, after girl complains he took her photo at plymouth library, 14 dec 2005:  "he compiled a list of more than 200 contacts at silver lake high school, according to police."]
12/14/05 library looks to crack down on porn; broome legislature suggests guidelines for internet use "when pat dutra first became a librarian, problems with viewing indecent material primarily stemmed from patrons' innocent curiosity.  ....  now the broome county public library faces a more serious problem:  patrons using the library's computers to view pornography.  library director donna riegel said the problem isn't new, but the library was unsure of its legal options in addressing it.  'we need something to give us some power,' riegel said.  the broome county legislature will vote on a resolution thursday that recommends the library's board of trustees establish rules and regulations on internet use, particularly for viewing pornography.  ....  the resolution, however, is only a recommendation; the library's board of trustees ultimately sets the library's policies.  ....  chief assistant broome county attorney robert behnke said the library's authority to restrict computer usage comes from the 2003 u.s. supreme court case united states vs. american library association, which held that libraries can use filters to restrict patrons' access to internet pornography.  supreme court justices likened that power to the authority libraries have to choose what materials they put on the shelves, behnke said.  ....  several computers in the library's j. donald ahern business resource center were disconnected from the internet because of pornography being viewed on them, riegel said."  [p2s:  yes!  this community should pass an ordinance requiring cipa-like filters!  see the state & city cipa laws page at for details!]
12/11/05 in our view - filter libraries "here's a win-win solution for beleaguered fort vancouver regional library officials in their continuing battle to get a much-needed bond issue passed:  treat your electronic offerings the same way you treat your print offerings.

when books and magazines are 'selected' for libraries, no one screams, 'censorship!'  it's part of what librarians do.  since not every book and magazine in the world can be placed in a library, these documents must be selected and, yes, taste judgments often are made.  why not do the same thing for internet access?

if that sounds like the dreaded 'filters' word gasp! for internet access at fvrl system libraries, well, your hearing is correct.  and we think 100 percent internet filtering should be agreed upon ... at a public hearing ... at the vancouver community library....

why?  it's simple.  filtering all internet access at fvrl libraries could be the breakthrough tactic that would secure voter approval for a bond issue that came agonizingly close to success last month.  ....

we're not sure how much of that failure was due to the concern or anger that many people have expressed over adults' unfiltered internet access to pornography at the downtown library.  but we were given a mild, unscientific clue last week by fvrl executive director bruce ziegman.  in a meeting with the columbian's editorial board, ziegman said a survey was conducted of 200 people who ad voted 'no' on the nov. 8 bond issue, and 42 percent said they opposed the measure for money reasons.  another 28 percent said they opposed it because of the access-to-pornography issue.

'we only needed to 'flip' 204 votes to win,' ziegman lamented.

we believe that filtering all internet access, just as the print collection is selected, could convince enough 'no' voters to change their minds and push the approval level to over 60 percent.  ....

what about free speech?  the columbian is its biggest champion, but even here, every evening we select what goes into the next day's paper.  and yes, taste often is a factor in those decisions.

what about pornography opponents who might use this 'victory' as a springboard to push for further restrictions?  the fvrl board should tell them 'no' in the future.  the figurative line on internet access was moved, but it won't be moved again."  [p2s:  hallelujah!  an editorial supporting 100% filtering!  see how the internet porn issue caused by a library that refuses to follow community standards resulted in taxpayers voting down money for the library!!  this shows citizens are starting to wake up to the ala's tactics, and other communities should consider similar actions to protect their communities.  see also, "porn issue behind library bond opposition in southwest wa," dec 22, 2005; "library board to discuss internet policy," jan 9, 2006; "library tackles issue of web use," jan 10, 2006; fort vancouver libraries keep web filters for kids; policy - board members haven't decided how or whether restrictions should apply for adults, 10 jan 2006.  ("[library] board member elena smith, a hood river librarian, objected to cutting off all access to pornography, which, unlike obscenity, is constitutionally protected."  typical!)]
12/8/05 'animal' teens attack woman, 84; victim suffers broken jaw, arm in purse-snatching outside west-end library click for bigger cover page picture of 84 year old victim of public library pornography-viewing teenagers.  media credit: dave thomas, toronto sun"an elderly woman suffered a broken arm and jaw after she was thrown to the ground in a daytime mugging by three teen thugs yesterday.  ....  'they're just animals,' said one outraged cop.  'put a big zoo around the city.'  ....  'people go to church for a funeral and there's gunshots, they go to the library and they're mugged,' nunziata said.  'where can you be safe?'  'it's disgusting,' she said.  'it just makes me sick.'  ....  police said the elderly victim had just left the mount dennis library branch at about the same time the three teens had also left after surfing porn sites on the library computers.  police said staff had been keeping on eye on them because of what they were looking at, and the trio left.  ....  she described the trio as being around 14 and 15 years old. "  [p2s:  usually it's porn-viewing adults assaulting children.  here it's porn-viewing children assaulting adults.  the picture is of an actual unfiltered porn crime victim!  click on it to see the bigger, front page version!  aren't unfiltered computers lovely?  now we know what the ala means by diversity -- equal opportunity victims of ala policy.]
12/8/05 keeping kids from nasties on the net; more needs to be done to protect minors from internet pornography, writes guy barnett "last month, 62 members of the federal coalition signed a letter to the prime minister calling for a ban on access to pornographic, violent and other inappropriate material via the internet.  the signatories believed the internet should be regulated in a similar way to other media.  if adults wished to 'opt in' to access the material then of course that would be their right, and they would have to apply for their right of access.  it is too easy for children to access all manner of material on the internet, and i believe the system should default automatically in favour of protecting our children before we start considering the rights of adults.  general access to this material at public facilities is an area of particular concern.  according to the australian library and information association survey of its 91 members in late 2003, the majority of libraries in australia did not apply filters.  there is no legal obligation on public libraries to use filtering to prevent children accessing pornography.  ....  i do believe our government should regulate the internet at home and in public places to ensure the best interests of children are protected.  a survey by the australia institute called 'regulating youth access to pornography' dated 2003 found that 84 per cent of boys and 60 per cent of girls had been accidentally exposed to pornographic material on the internet, while two in five boys had deliberately used the net to see sexually explicit material.  the survey found that 93 per cent of parents were in favour of filtering out pornography available on the home computer, let alone those in public buildings.  the survey also drew a link between prolonged exposure to this material and tolerance of sexual aggression.  is this why some men see women as a fashion to be used one day and discarded the next?  women deserve respect and our children protection from obvious indecency.  any civil rights claim to automatic access is overridden by these principles.[p2s:  guy barnett is a liberal senator for tasmania, australia.  while the ala frowns on filtering even despite the ala's loss in us v. ala, notice the "survey [that] found that 93 per cent of parents were in favour of filtering out pornography available on the home computer, let alone those in public buildings."  too bad the usa does not have such men willing to say and do right by their families:  "women deserve respect and our children protection from obvious indecency."]
11/21/05 library incident fuels push for internet filters [p2s:  during our temporary absence we have scored another major success, revealing that a library bathroom molestation of a toddler, first reported as an isolated crime, was likely the direct result of, you guessed it, a registered sex offender using unfiltered computers in a library that refuses to filter "legal pornography,"  there are several articles about this.  see the bottom of our publications page for another three articles, and they are more detailed.  here's another such incident, another little girl.]
past month safe libraries safelibraries. org - are children safe in public libraries?  [p2s:  dear readers:  plan2succeed has been on hiatus while assisting with the efforts of  there they have exposed the ala's censorship hypocrisy by top management, revealed typical excuses used to allow children access to porn, disclosed how the ala targets america's children by refusing to protect children from and enabling the distribution of pornography at public and public school libraries, illustrates local libraries using double speak to apply ala but not community standards, etc.  please give them a read.]
10/11/05 child predator reports scare parents; take a deep breath, keep a watchful eye, officials say "justin newman [has ...] seen news accounts of grown men arrested on charges that they preyed on children in municipal libraries.  ....  'you don't want to be too fearful,' said des moines police sgt. barry arnold.  'but, doggone it, it's pretty bad when it happens in your own backyard.'  ....  last week, des moines police charged registered sex offender [je] jr. with sexually assaulting a 20-month-old girl in a restroom at the downtown public library.  ....  then monday, on the same day des moines city leaders voted to expand a 2,000-foot boundary law and eliminate the few remaining places where child molesters can live legally, another man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a pre-teen girl at an ames library [- the man], a library regular, inappropriately touched the girl after he asked whether she would like to see a picture in a book.  ....  'people think, "it's iowa.  it doesn't happen here,"' lien said as he watched his 2-year-old grandson play on a slide.  'i don't think that makes any difference.'"
10/11/05 porn filtering back on agenda "internet content regulation has dropped off the radar for the moment in a world now more concerned with terrorist attacks than pop-up pornography.  but bubbling away in the background there is a growing push across party political lines and the conservative/radical divide for tougher regulation.  it came to the surface over the course of the federal election and tougher filtering, including proxy filtering by isps, remains on the agenda for some liberal and labor politicians, christian lobby groups and the family first party.  ironically, it was the left-leaning australia institute that sparked the most recent content debate, releasing research showing 93 per cent of parents wanted mandatory filtering.  study author michael flood, [said,] ... 'there is consistent and reliable evidence that exposure to pornography, especially violent pornography, is related to male sexual aggression against women[.]'  'exposure to sexually violent material increases male viewers' acceptance of rape myths, desensitises them to sexual violence and erodes their empathy for victims of violence.  'adults also show an increase in aggressive behaviour.'  ....  fatherhood foundation convenor warwick marsh [said,] ... 'the truth is it would be impossible to guarantee 100 per cent filtering due to the interconnected nature of the internet[.]'  'but any filtering is better than nothing.  we are trying to reduce the pornographication of our society.'  ....  last month labor backbencher anthony byrne, [said] ... 'we, in this place, set the community standards and i say that libraries have to install internet pornography filters as a matter of priority, and if they cannot do it by choice, then it should be mandated[.]'  'i will continue this campaign until ... any child who walks into a library will be protected by an internet pornography filter in the library.'  ....  there is little doubt the public wants something done about internet sleaze.  ....  eighty per cent of women and 59 per cent of men wanted tougher controls on porn.  a newspoll done for the australia institute earlier this year found 93 per cent of parents wanted mandatory filtering."  [p2s:  what a radical idea:  "we, in this place, set the community standards and i say that libraries have to install internet pornography filters as a matter of priority, and if they cannot do it by choice, then it should be mandated."  surfcontrol]
10/10/05 students have place to 'hang' at library teen friendly safe environment at a public library.  media credit: jrb"the main flagstaff city-coconino county public library and the east flagstaff community library each have separate, exclusive sections devoted solely to the 12- to 18-year-old age group.  ....  the computers have internet capability, and teens are able to check e-mail and chat online, though filters prevent them from accessing pornographic and gambling sites.  ....  'we're serving a valuable purpose,' [manager bill landau] states, 'if only to provide them a safe environment -- a place where good things happen.'[p2s:  a "' safe environment" for children?  bravo!  but the ala will crack down when it reads this article.  as judith krug, top dog at the ala says, "i get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children...."]
10/9/05 bullhead city library now offers wi-fi service "the bullhead city library ... offers free wi-fi service in the library and in the area surrounding the library.  ....  the wi-fi ... until recently was completely unfiltered, allowing people to view anything on the internet, but the library is currently in the process of adding internet filters so minor can't access mature web sites, hart said.  the internet filtering system will only block pornography web sites, so users will still be able to view other types of web pages, hart said.  'with all the new technology, we've had to put up some barriers to protect our younger patrons and meet federal regulations,' said phillip hollister, library services manager."  [p2s:  bravo!  the library employees should be awarded by their city!  we bet the ala will find out about this and immediately apply pressure to prevent filtering.  the ala can't stand when a library manager agrees with the us supreme court and says children are entitled to special protection using filters; ala agenda is the exact opposite.]
10/9/05 when parents talk about sex, kids listen;  sexual behavior has become more casual with teens, but clear messages can have a big effect "[a]uthor sabrina weill [the real truth about teens & sex (perigee, 2005, $23.95)], ... says teenagers' sexual behavior has gotten increasingly public -- and casual.  ....  as a teen magazine columnist and editor -- she was founding editor of cosmogirl and is a former editor of seventeen -- weill has spent years talking and corresponding with teenagers about sex.  .... 'i think parents don't want to seem uncool,' weill says.  'when i tell parents that middle-school kids are looking at porn in their school library, they're floored.  i think that, for a lot of parents, it doesn't occur to them to say to their 12-year-old that this is what pornography is.  there's really a generation gap and a communication gap.'[p2s:  "middle-school kids are looking at porn in their school library?"  no way!  ala librarians would not allow children to look at porn, would they?  see also, "parents can influence choices about sex," 25 oct 2005.]
9/29/05 man pleads guilty to meth charge "[porn patron] received an 18-month prison sentence from delaware circuit court 2 judge richard dailey for possessing child pornography, a class d felony.  police arrested [him] in march at a muncie's carnegie library, where they found him with a computer disc containing stories of adults engaging in sex with children.  [he] also admitted to police that he had used a ball state university computer to download child pornography."
9/28/05 the issue is spending tax money on playboy "the eileen byrne radio show on wls 890 am invited me on for an interview regarding this matter.  the producer went on to an abc-owned filtered computer and typed in 'breast cancer' and no porn sites came up.  eileen remarked that filters seem to work.  my point was before the producer did this was that all library computers should have permanent filters blocking hardcore porn from all patrons, children and adults.  not to prevent people from doing legitimate research.  patrons can research breast cancer on library computers and consult their physicians.  ....  still not convinced that the oak lawn public library is not a safe place for children?  are they intentionally keeping all options open to indoctrinate children sexually?  call them and ... ask, 'why don't you have permanent filters on all computers?'  kids can gain access to porn sites by turning off the filters, and so can adults.  permanent filters work, and for as little as $6 a month, the library can be a safer place for all."  [p2s:  for an independent survey showing public library patrons do not want porn, see]
9/28/05 it scares me "i want my kids not to have access to some things, and our libraries are currently wide-open.  i work with a group that is trying to get some sort of filters on library computers.  there was a rape in philly a year ago, one here in va earlier this year, done by self-confessed library porn junkies on children (aged 7 and 11 in the library bathrooms).  sure the parents should have been there, especially the 7 year old, but think about it, why should the kids have to pay for their parent's mistakes by getting brutally raped.  by the way, the philly little girl was left to die, bloody and naked in a stall. i am not about censorship, but protection of 'safe' environments.  i haven't read anywhere that we are guaranteed the right to free internet porn (or even free internet for that matter).  what you look at in your home is fine, but there are other people in a library and your rights don't supersede mine! i can't yell fire in a library.  i can't yell out hate-speech, and i am not even supposed to yell at all in a library, but it's ok to see someone fondling themselves through their pants while they look at porn in a library???  help me understand this please! seems like if an idea is pushed by the right it must be denounced by the left. why can't we look at this with open minds instead of sticking our fingers in our ears, and yelling free speech, free speech, free speech to drown out the logic?[p2s:  another child raped in a public library?]
9/26/05 talking to teens about sex "sabrina weill, the former editor-in-chief of seventeen magazine, ... said, 'middle schoolers tell me that they see pornography in their school library computers....'"
9/24/05 father wants to make sure porn can't be seen at library; panel creating proposal on teens' computer use "the racine public library is hosting a public forum to discuss its internet acceptable use policy, a discussion that comes on the heels of a citizen's complaint about teens using public computers to access adult web sites.  ....  java orr of racine became concerned when he was at the library several months ago with his 6-year-old daughter and he saw a male teenager downloading and viewing pornographic material on a computer in the adult services area.  orr said when he brought his complaint to library officials, he was told nothing could be done to prevent the youth from viewing the material.  orr took his fight to keep children from viewing pornographic material at the racine public library to the public.  he spent hours in front of the library petitioning residents to sign his child friendly library act, which he intends to get the legislature to pass a bill on.  so far he has more than 500 signatures on the petitions.  his goal is 1,000.  'the bill would prevent children, including young adults, from gaining access to obscene or pornographic material,' orr said.  ....  'i'm hoping to hear what the public wants,' [racine public library director jessica] macphail said."  [p2s:  hey, macphail, you know what the public wants?  the public wants children not to have access to porn, and they want not to use tax money to buy porn, according to a survey of oak lawn public library patrons.  the ala wants the exact opposite.  let's see whom you serve, the public, or the ala.]
9/24/05 sex offender's probation challenged "a 55-year-old san antonio man described by federal probation officers as a high-risk sex offender ... with a history of violations while under federal supervision ... latest run-in with police came june 29, when teenagers at a st. mary's university library saw him looking at child pornography on the library's computers, according to court records.  investigators seized a disk and alleged it had at least 15 images of child pornography that [he] had downloaded."
9/23/05 commentary:  jane greig - internet porn at the public library?  they have rules about that "q:  are there any restrictions on what can be viewed via the computers in austin public libraries?  i was in a branch and happened to notice a man viewing very explicit pornography when using one of the library's public computers.  i find it difficult to believe that what the man was doing was acceptable to the library, especially given that quite a few children were there.  the pornography was amply visible to anyone walking near the man.  certainly magazines containing similar content would not be found in the library.  why, then, was access to such pornography even permitted?  —james l. ryan

a:  'each library location has one unfiltered internet workstation, placed in a recessed desk so the content is not viewable from a person walking by,' says patricia fraga, spokeswoman for the austin public library.  users must present a valid id proving age (18).  the other stations with internet access are filtered, which should block all pornographic sites and references.  sounds as if this desk needs to be moved.  let the librarian know if an inappropriate site is visible on one of these filtered stations or if the unfiltered station should be repositioned."  [p2s:  no, jane greig, bad advice.  sounds as if all computers should be filtered.  moving the deck chairs on the titanic didn't work either.]
9/22/05 library life honore bray, the new director of the missoula public library, believes that porn should be available in public libraries under the first amendment, internet filters do not work, and anything goes despite the law.  media credit: yogesh simpson"don spritzer, a reference librarian who's worked 29 years at the missoula public library, takes a long view of the controversy, pointing out that new media have faced attempts at censorship ever since the days of cave painting.  'it's always the same battle, only on a different battlefield,' he says, and debates about internet filtering have heated up at the missoula public library several times in the last decade, most recently in may when a library board meeting was held to address requests from some citizens for automatic filters on the library's internet stations to prevent the viewing of pornography.  for libraries, the issue is simple.  'public libraries do not filter computers because of the first amendment,' says honore bray, the new director of the public library who started sept. 6.  bray, who directed the historic hearst free library in anaconda for the last decade, says filters also present practical problems because they block 'non-obscene' material.  for instance, she says, a student doing a report on breast cancer would run into trouble researching on a filtered computer because the word 'breast' is a no-no.  the computers in the children's department do have optional filtering for parents who choose to use it, morton says.  and in the case that patrons are made uncomfortable by what shows up on a neighboring screen at the adult computer stations, a comment to a library staff member will usually rectify the situation.  ....  'librarians from the ala on down take freedom of speech and the first amendment very seriously,' bray says.  'if you don't believe in that then you shouldn't work in a library.'"  [p2s:  another lie-brarian knowingly and intentionally misleading her community and placing its children at risk.  she completely ignores us v. ala.  the us supreme court says "[p]ublic libraries' use of internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' first amendment rights...."  lie-brarian bray says, "public libraries do not filter computers because of the first amendment."  either bray is lying or she is misinformed about us v. ala; either way she should not be used for guidance on protecting children from pornography or its effect on adults who then attack the children.  bray also claims, falsely, that breast cancer research would be blocked.  breast cancer is not blocked by internet filters.  the point is moot anyway because, as the us supreme court said in that case bray ignores, "concerns over filtering software's tendency to erroneously 'overblock' access to constitutionally protected speech that falls outside the categories software users intend to block are dispelled by the ease with which patrons may have the filtering software disabled."  lastly, bray talks about "patrons ... made uncomfortable by what shows up on a neighboring screen at the adult computer stations," completely ignoring the us supreme court a third time:  "[a] library provides [internet] access for the same reasons it offers other library resources:  to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits by furnishing materials of requisite and appropriate quality."  librarians from the ala on down do not take freedom of speech and the first amendment very seriously, as bray states; what they take seriously is misleading the public about the law so that children may continue to mainline pornography and criminals may continue to mainline children.  how else can one explain so many librarians arguing the exact same arguments asked, answered, and proven wrong in us v. ala, a case against their own organization.  missoula, montana, your children are deer in the headlights of your public library policies that are in defiance of the law.]
9/21/05 oddly enough - naked words:  librarians pose for sexy calendar click for larger picture.  lisa hein, assistant director at marion's library, is featured in the april and september photos of the desperate librarians calendar.  media credit: outagamie waupaca library system."librarians aren't usually considered sex objects.  that might be changing here.  six area library administrators have produced a sexy 2006 calendar they are selling to raise money for their libraries.  it's called 'desperate librarians.'  the idea came about when craig lahm retired after 32 years of running kaukauna's library, and his colleagues in the outagamie waupaca library system wanted to come up with a different kind of gift.  five middle-aged library directors and a 32-year-old assistant each put up $200 and posed provocatively, using oversize books to cover what their clothes usually do.  each posed for two photos.  the women appear to be naked in many of the photos, but all were at least partly clothed during the shoot, said ellen connor, manawa's library director.  'it's probably going to be a collector's item,' lahm said of the calendar.  'i'm going to be ebaying it in 20 years.'"  [p2s:  librarians posing for porn calendars!  buy one here!  "proceeds benefit the public libraries in weyauwega, clintonville, waupaca, marion, seymour and manawa," wisconsin.]
9/19/05 keep porn at home, not writing center "my opinion is that students should not use the writing center for looking at pornography or erotica, it is that simple. .... the [jefferson community and technical college] writing center ... is a place to learn and to study - not to view oral sex or any other kind of offensive or erotic content, either in print or on the internet.  this past summer the center's staff had to repeatedly ask at least one student to leave the center for doing exactly this.  english instructor and writing center coordinator, stacy taylor said, 'we have had to ask students to leave because they were viewing material that made others uncomfortable and was clearly not for a class assignment.'  ....  for someone to use the resources available in the center is unfair and disrespectful not only to the students needing to use the computers for coursework, but also for everyone around that may not share enthusiasm for pornography or erotic content.  ....  taylor said, 'i do believe in everybody's first amendment rights and i am not for censorship in any way, but it's unfortunate when i have to ask someone to leave the writing center because they can not make their own decisions about what is appropriate behavior in a public place.'  for those students that choose to view such content, please bear in mind that there are places you can go to view whatever kind of content you want.  for example you can go home and do it in the privacy of your own house.  you can go behind the dark windows of the adult only bookstore and have a field day there."  [p2s:  cipa-compliant filters would stop this kind of anguish that some student had the guts to put into words, guts because the administration is likely responsible for not filtering in the first place using false ala claims.]
9/16/05 antonovich:  plan to block porn at library deficient; librarian issues report on shielding children from objectionable material "the county's top librarian has proposed measures to keep children from inadvertently seeing internet pornography while it is being viewed by adults in public libraries.  county supervisor michael antonovich said, however, that's not good enough - and the goal is to eliminate pornography completely from the los angeles county libraries.  ....  the situation came to the supervisors' attention after a canyon country woman visited the local library with her 4-year-old daughter and noticed a man sitting next to them viewing pornography in plain sight of her child.  [county librarian margaret donnellan] todd said in the report submitted to the board tuesday, '... the library makes no attempt to determine which (internet) sites meet the legal test of obscenity....'  ....  the report identified five steps that might be taken to ensure children are not viewing pornography, but banning pornographic sites from library computers was not among those steps.  the steps include:

+ permanently attached privacy screens on all computers.
+ filters on children's computers to allow limited access to internet sites.
+ a change of location for adult computers so they are not in the direct path of travel for children.
+ public signs informing people of unfiltered computers in use.
+ a requirement that any adult wishing to use a children’s computer first receive permission from library staff.

antonovich and his staff believe todd's recommendations are not enough.  'the supervisor doesn't feel these recommendations go far enough,' [tony] bell[, spokesman for the supervisor] said.  bell said ... 'it does not behoove the taxpayer or library staff to go to such an extent to preserve the computers for porn users in a public place.  we feel the most expeditious, fair, solution is to eliminate (pornography) altogether.'[p2s:  another example of lie-brarians misleading governing bodies with ala propaganda, only this time the government is not falling for the tricks.  notice the lie-brarian admits "the library makes no attempt to determine which (internet) sites meet the legal test of obscenity," but then recommends solutions that do not stop that very obscenity.  more governments need to be aware of how lie-brarians intentionally mislead them with ala propaganda!  los angeles citizens should thank county supervisor michael antonovich who obviously treats office as a public trust to protect the public.]
9/15/05 party chair may oppose harris the aclu vs america.  media credit: alliance defense fund"in 1996, he was elected to the plano city council and served as mayor pro-tem from 1999 to 2001.  on numerous occasions, the aclu threatened personal lawsuits stemming from neudorff's efforts to remove pornography from the public library computers.  according to his web site, plano was the first community to institute such a strict filtering policy.  the policy is now duplicated by countless other communities."  [p2s:  mayors everywhere:  here's a mayor who had the guts to protect his community by using internet filters.  notice also the aclu "threatened" him several times for trying to install computer filters.  the aclu is a radical organization dedicated to destroying america from within.  and judith krug of the ala served on the board of the aclu for three years while working at the ala.  consider reading "the aclu vs america, exposing the agenda to redefine moral values" where we learn the aclu founder said, "communism is the goal."]
9/8/05 shielding children from sex in media is seminar topic "sherrie wieland of roseburg was walking through the children's section of the douglas county headquarters library a couple of years ago when she saw something on a computer screen that appalled her.  pornographic images that someone had viewed online had been left on the screen.  ....  max leek, director of the douglas county library system, said the computers in the main branch's children's sections are equipped with such software ... and ... it has been effective in preventing accidental viewing of content like pornography.  although incidents like the one wieland describes are rare, he said, it's difficult to completely avoid it because people don't always follow the rules and the software can't block all such content.  if people don't follow the rules, they are asked to leave."  [p2s:  an admission, if only implicit, that acceptable use policies are a failure!]
9/8/05 children view porn at school "a wellington school has begun an investigation into how a group of its pupils were able to view sexually explicit images, including bestiality, on a computer in the school library.  it is understood that around 8 children, all aged 11 or under, were involved in the incident at thorndon school, which occurred during an unsupervised session on the library computers."  [p2s:  see also "school acts to prevent porn viewing," sept. 9, 2005.]
8/29/05 the next justice:  primum non nocere; the measure of roberts's conservatism is what he won't do on the bench "last week, ralph neas of people for the american way, judge roberts's most automatonic opponent, came out officially against him.  the committee for justice's sean rushton responded by putting out a list of positions that people for the american way, under mr. neas's leadership, has taken in various court cases.  among the things he opposes:  parental choice in education, voluntary prayer in public places, pornography filters on public library computers, regulation of hard-core internet porn and even restrictions on simulated child porn.  not that mr. neas is a negative fellow.  he supports deleting 'under god' from the pledge of allegiance, redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, enfranchising felons, forcing openly gay scoutmasters on the boy scouts, partial-birth abortion, judicially imposed tax hikes, removing the ten commandments from public places, and, of course, racial quotas in college admissions."  [p2s:  people for the american way, as shown above, and the aclu holds nearly identical views as the ala (see the aclu's shocking legacy:  "a report by the special house committee to investigate communist activities stated 'the american civil liberties union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the united states, and fully 90 percent of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law.  it claims to stand for free speech, free press and free assembly, but it is quite apparent that the main function of the aclu is an attempt to protect the communists'") .  the ala policies on age discrimination and the failure of librarians to protect children from pornography all stem from the direct aclu-ala connection (see the internet and the seduction of the american public library).  the ala, the aclu, and people for the american way all launched the challenge to cipa that became us v. ala (see aclu, ala file law suit against child internet protection act - american civil liberties union, american library association declare law unconstitutional - brief article).  is it any wonder why the ala is so extreme?]
8/21/05 parents show high tolerance; web sites available on school computers regularly draw more concern than books available on library shelves "citing tolerant and liberal parents, media specialists for columbia public schools say book challenges are rare in the district.  since 2000, columbia has received only four requests to remove books from school libraries.  during that same period, however, about one parent each month has asked the school to block a web site.  ....  most such requests involve pornographic sites that children were able to access from school."
8/20/05 "banishment" from a public library? "some time ago i approached the [powhatan county public] library director to ask why there were no internet filters on the computers that were available for public use.  many public libraries are notorious for making internet pornography accessable to their patrons.  i heard several of the same excuses that i had heard before at other public libraries.  'it's not a problem here' and 'filters are too expensive.'  i even offered to pay for the filtering software.  ultimately, the truth seems to be that many public libraries just simply don't want to place any limits on the internet pornography that can be accessed on their computer screens.  ....  i encourage you to stand against the flood of sin that seeks to overwhelm the young people in your community.  you can make a difference for good.  though you may find yourself 'banished,' there will be a place prepared for you if you remain faithful to your king."  [p2s:  ah, another person/group besides p2s to offer money for filters only to have it refused.]
8/14/05 sleaze aids sleaze "from the day this concerned mother of two undertook to point out how many sexually inappropriate books she believes have wound up in that city's public school libraries, she's been vilified by those arguing that kids should be free to digest such material without their parents' knowledge or consent.  she believes that books with such wholly inappropriate, sexually exploitative content should be restricted to a parents' section in school libraries and that parents should be notified before their kids are given access to the material.  that decision should not be left to school librarians, a.k.a. agents of the state.  how can any reasonable adult be opposed to that?  [t]he school librarians, i.e., the state, has knowledge and control over children's reading material, but not their parents.[p2s:  while applicable to internet filtering issues, this article is mainly about books in public school libraries and laurie taylor's successful yet ongoing efforts to remove certain books from the children's sections of fayetteville, ar public school libraries.  go to to learn more.]
8/14/05 public porn online "state library patrons are accessing porn on the internet -- but staff are powerless to stop them.  instead it's up to library staff to confront patrons if they visit inappropriate sites.  'we don't have software to stop patrons accessing porn,' said state library digital strategies manager lloyd sokvitne.  'we do have an "acceptable use" policy that explicitly states that it is against that policy to access or display material that is offensive to others.'  but library staff have told the sunday tasmanian that patrons have become abusive when approached and questioned about their use of the internet.  one junior member of staff said she was 'dreading' having to confront anyone."  [p2s:  another acceptable use policy failure.  see also tas library visitors accessing porn.]
8/13/05 toss out the pervs:  menino vows to keep kids safe in libraries boston mayor menino.  media credit: boston herald/matthew west"the mayor has declared war on sex offenders who use the city's libraries, providing staffs with mugshots of the worst offenders and instructing police to help librarians boot them.  the crackdown is motivated by fear that predators might be hunting for kid victims or using library computers to find child pornography.  ....  [t]he mayor received complaints that a purported level 3 sex offender was lingering in the children's section of a library branch.  ....  'we went right into action immediately.  let's protect the users and punish the individuals in the library who shouldn't be in the library,' menino said.  'it's better to be proactive than reactive.'  the resulting policy kicked into high gear yesterday, when the copley square central library received enough booklets with sex offender information to send to each of the city's 27 branches.  at each library, one book will be given to librarians and another made available to the public.  police want librarians to call them when their instincts tell them a patron is up to no good.  'we all know when the hair on the back of our neck stands up,' linskey said.  ....  in another library-related measure, a small squad of boston municipal police officers two weeks ago was dedicated to patrolling all the library branches."  [p2s:  boston mayor cracking down in public libraries -- because librarians won't.  the boston public library's internet policy claims to comply with cipa but in the next sentence reveals the presence of non-cipa compliant unfiltered computers:  "the boston public library complies with the federal children's internet protection act which requires the use of filtering software for adults, teens and children.  adults, defined by the law as over the age of 17, may choose to use unfiltered computers for internet access."  cipa requires al computers to be filtered, not just some.  hey boston, wake up, your librarians are misleading you before your very eyes!  your mayor has made an excellent start.  a great finish would be to filter all computers all the time by actually complying with cipa, not claiming to be complying with cipa.]
8/12/05 valparaiso librarian suspended after patrons visit porno sites "a florida panhandle librarian has been suspended and may be fired by officials upset that a registered sex offender and three boys allegedly used the city library's computers to access pornographic internet sites.  sue martin, head librarian at the valparaiso community library, was suspended with pay and will receive a hearing within 60 days, city attorney doug wyckoff said thursday.  ....  hard drives have been removed from the computers and the public has been prohibited from using them until further notice.  ....  the library's internet policy forbids using computers for 'illegal or fraudulent activity' or displaying 'images which other library users may find offensive to view.'  parents or guardians must sign a responsibility contract before minors can use the computers, acknowledging they are strictly for educational purposes and that it's impossible for staff to restrict access to all controversial materials.  [a man], 25, was charged with possession of child pornography several days after he allegedly accessed porn on a library computer.  police said they found computer discs, tapes and pictures of child pornography at his home.  billingsley said police chief joseph hart a week later told him that three juveniles also had viewed pornographic material on a library computer.  bob gorin, coordinator of okaloosa county's public library cooperative, said ... [b]locking software is available but is easy to get around...."  [p2s:  another acceptable use policy failure, this time with a registered sex offender.  why is the filter so "easy to get around"?]
8/12/05 library as porn peddler "then, of course, there's the sensitive issue of young children.  ....  should public libraries be the willing purveyors of soft porn to kids?  apparently, the american library association believes the answer to that question is 'yes.'  here's its official statement on 'free access to libraries for minors':
library policies and procedures that effectively deny minors equal and equitable access to all [italics mine] library resources available to other users violate (article v) of the 'library bill of rights.'  the american library association opposes all attempts to restrict access to library services, material and facilities based on the age of library users.
....  the ala also conveniently ignores a definitive 2003 precedent:  u.s. et al. v. american library association (yes, the same bunch).  in that case, the court flatly rejected the ala's claim that it was a violation of the first amendment to install internet software filters to prevent minors from accessing pornographic material.  minors aren't adults.  their rights are limited, as are their responsibilities.  libraries, like schools, are obliged to act in loco parentis - in place of responsible parents - to safeguard kids.  the ala is as bad as the american civil liberties union when it stakes out abstract, dogmatic positions devoid of responsibility and common sense.  strategic planner lapierre confirmed that the ala's absolutist position on access to porn for kids is 'consistent with dpl policies.'  there ought to be something we can do locally to change that.[p2s:  another library blindly following the ala.  see this free republic thread.]
8/12/05 libraries now wireless zones "the city of boulder public library system has installed wireless internet access points at three branch locations, and officials say locals are already surfing sans wires in droves.  ....  wireless users are asked to avoid 'inappropriate' uses such as visiting pornography sites while in the library, but reed said she hasn't witnessed problems with wifi video or audio uses to date.  'we'd remind people they're in a public setting, and what might not be offensive to them might be offensive to another person, and this has to be a place where people feel comfortable,' said reed."  [p2s:  okay, all you molesters, please agree to play nice in the library.]
8/11/05 mom outraged at porn in library; county officials say visitors have first amendment right to look at explicit content "a santa clarita mother who took her 4-year-old daughter to the library for a learning experience was outraged by pornography on a computer screen in plain view of her child, she said wednesday.  but county library officials said they can do nothing to halt such uses of library computers because visitors have a first amendment right to view pornographic material.  lorrie holguin said the incident last week was doubly offensive, because the computer in question was just 10 feet or so from the children's section in the canyon country library.  holguin said she had escorted her daughter to play games on the computer when she 'noticed the man sitting next to us was viewing very graphic, harsh pornography.'  'i was absolutely horrified!' she wrote in a letter to santa clarita mayor cameron smyth.  ....  'it is a first amendment issue,' [a library spokeswoman] said.  'the supreme court ruled that they have the right to view what they want ... as long as it is not illegal....'  to control content would be censorship, she said.  ....  she added:  'the library serves a variety of outlooks and lifestyles.  we provide (the computer service) free of charge without censorship.'  but holguin was unsatisfied with the library's response to the situation.  'we will not be going back,' she said."  [p2s:  this librarian is flat out lying; the government blindly follows along against the will of the people, as the online poll shows.  controlling content is not censorship, a word she uses glibly to scare people.  true, people can view "legal" pornography, but a public library is not the correct forum.  and again we see the failure of ala-engendered policies and procedures designed to avoid internet filters.  as always, we urge this mother to contact us for further information, and we urge the librarians and city government to read and follow us v. ala.]
8/11/05 comic relief; are you a man or a mouse? "a few did discuss the stabbing at the library on saturday, in the bathroom where homeless men frequently perform their morning ablutions after staking out the computers, where they'll sit as long as the librarians let them, putting porn within eyeball's reach of kids."
8/10/05 library kid porn pervert is jailed "a dad-of-three who downloaded more than 1000 child porn images on a school library computer was jailed for two years yesterday.  [he] was only caught when a pupil glanced over his shoulder and told staff what he had seen.  some of the images showed sado-masochism, bestiality and adults having sex with children.  [he] used the internet in earlston high school library for more than a year.  it doubles as a public library.  ....  [he] admitted making and possessing indecent photos of children at earlston and galashiels libraries...."  [p2s:  in england the sentence for allowing a child to accidentally view porn is 2 years in jail.  in the united states the sentence for masturbating in front of a child is 2 months suspension from the library or the incident is just called "unfortunate."  guess which country is controlled by the ala?]
8/10/05 keeping our kids safe on the internet "especially for small towns, the internet opens previously unimaginable super-highways of information to any and all who are curious enough to travel them.  but some of the off-ramps can lead to danger, especially for children and youth who may naively-and sometimes unintentionally-encounter predators and pornographers on the prowl.  and it happens more often than you might think.  ....  parental involvement works at home, but internet access is available at other stops in a child's day-not only a friend's house, but also libraries and schools.  director cathy fish said parental involvement is a key component of the internet strategy at hillsboro public library.  'we have an internet agreement that must be signed by a parent if a person less than 18 (years old),' she said.  ....  fish said the library also uses a statewide filtering system offered through the kansas state library, but she called its effectiveness 'sporadic.'  ....  'there's been a couple of times when i've tapped a kid on the shoulder and said, "you know, your mom wouldn't like you looking at this." they turn beet red.  'i try not to make a big deal out of it, though.'[p2s:  to this librarian, kids looking at porn is "not a big deal"!  thank you, ala.]
8/9/05 foti emphasizes dangers to children using the internet "louisiana attorney general charles foti jr. told a crowd of lafayette parish's elected leaders recently that his high technology crime unit spends 75 percent of its time and energy investigating sex-related internet cases.  foti says the number of cases is growing.  that intense focus is indicative of the incredibly widespread use of the web for malevolent purposes such as the exploitation of children.  foti's comments should create awareness among parents that all communities are hunting grounds for sexual predators who use the internet.  it should be a wakeup call for those who have young children with access to a computer.  there is a very dark side of the internet.  it consists in part of the endless assortment of brutally explicit hard-core pornography.  with a mouse click, even the very young can travel to web sites that offer photos, stories and movies depicting sex acts of every nature between people of all ages.  even more threatening, however, are the sexual predators who stalk the web.  pedophiles lurk in chat rooms, seeking to establish sinister relationships with children.  they also use e-mail to make contact and promote their malignant agendas.  ....  remember that your child could make contact with a sexual predator on a school or library computer.  learn what safeguards are utilized there.[p2s:  if the school or public library is ala-controlled, the safeguards are effectively nonexistent.]
8/9/05 council race puts rift in spotlight; dan anderson, facing a challenger for his arlington council seat, has often been at odds with other members "dan anderson is aware he's not popular with some of his colleagues on the arlington city council.  at times during his six years on the council, anderson has found himself the odd man out.  ....  he has lobbied repeatedly for ... pornography filters on computers at the library ..., among other things."  [p2s:  yes, if you want to comply with the law and protect children from rape and molestation, often you are considered by the politically correct to be the "odd man out."  we hope mr. anderson wins reelection for standing up against the tide and doing what's right.]
8/9/05 harmless hackers or criminals?  the case of the kutztown 13 "they're being called the kutztown 13 - a group of high schoolers charged with felonies for bypassing security with school-issued laptops, downloading forbidden internet goodies and using monitoring software to spy on district administrators.  ....  the kutztown area school district ... reported the students to police only after detentions, suspensions and other punishments failed to deter them from breaking school rules governing computer usage.  in pennsylvania alone, more than a dozen school districts have reported student misuse of computers to police, and in some cases students have been expelled, according to jeffrey tucker, a lawyer for the district.  the students 'fully knew it was wrong and they kept doing it,' tucker said.  ....  as school districts across the nation struggle to keep networks secure from mischievous students who are often more adept at computers than their elders, technology professionals say the case offers multiple lessons.  ....  the trouble began last fall after the district issued some 600 apple ibook laptops to every student at the high school about 50 miles northwest of philadelphia.  the computers were loaded with a filtering program that limited internet access.  but those barriers proved easily surmountable:  the administrative password ... was taped to the backs of the computers.  ....  at least one student viewed pornography.  ....  it staff at schools are often poorly trained, making it easy for students with even modest computer skills to get around security, he said.  ....  the district isn't backing down, however.  it points out that students and parents were required to sign a code of conduct and acceptable use policy, which contained warnings of legal action."  [p2s:  a school "acceptable use policy" fails to prevent children from viewing pornography just like those in public libraries fail.  that's why the ala recommends them so much instead of internet filters that actually work.  what a coincidence!  is your school safe?]
8/8/05 public libraries, the left, and the corruption of children "what better way for liberals to change public opinion on homosexuality than to indoctrinate the youngest and most vulnerable children.  ....

in addition to the public school curriculums and school libraries, a significant threat posed to our children is taking place at our local tax-supported public libraries.  ....  i decided to visit my local library to see how accessible and what materials were available.  ....  when i went up to do some research on the internet, i decided to check the google history of the computers which allow unfettered internet access.  someone using the computer had looked up topics such as 'gallery magazine,' 'young women in wet-tees,' and 'young women in cut-offs.'  shockingly, we had an individual arrested for downloading child pornography in this same library a few months ago.  still this was no reason to put a filter on the computer; because according to liberals the free speech of pedophiles must be protected.  the hand made sign exclaiming, 'no porn, or chatting' was felt to be a significant deterrent.  as i was researching the content for this article, my home internet filter blocked access to the two homosexual newspapers.  not to worry, i was able to go to my local public library and pull up information on their websites.

focus on the family's citizen magazine reported in 'libraries feel the pressure,' the local chapter of citizen's for community values (ccv) in memphis, tennessee, was successful in getting filters installed.  'the battle began after a mother and her 15 year old son happened upon a man masturbating as he viewed pornography in a suburban memphis library.  the mom reported the incident to the library and police.'  the offender's penalty was no access to the library for 60 days.

as i left the library, i noticed a policy sign that read, 'children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by someone at least 14.'  how reassuring, having a 5 year old under the careful watch of a 14 year old.  ....

much of this homosexual indoctrination comes from the aiding and abetting policies and practices of the american library association.

according to family friendly libraries (, 'because of ala lobbying size and power, they've succeeded in getting most states to treat their "library bill of rights" as a legal extension of the first amendment.  the ala had liberalized those rights even further to exclude "age" as a qualifier for library policy.'  a child of any age can have access to harmful material without the consent of their parents, but the parent will have to pay the overdue fee.

'the official manual of public policy positions states that their membership is expected to support the era, the concept of a nuclear freeze, gay rights, opposition to mandatory aids testing, national health insurance, and minors' access to sexual resources both in and out of the library.  the ala has even publicly lobbied against the boy scouts' policy of not allowing homosexuals to be scout masters.'

indoctrination of our children into homosexuality is just the tip of the iceberg.  ....

the ultimate goal of the liberal left is the removal of any and all barriers to sexuality so that anything is permissible even pedophilia.  consider that sitting supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has advocated for lowering the age of consensual sex to 12.

those of us who care about our children can cry and bemoan the left, but more blame is to be put on those of us who have been asleep at the wheel, me included.  the sexualization of our young people is perhaps the greatest threat we face in our nation today.  earlier and earlier we are seeing the media show children as viable sex partners, dating and dressing more immodestly at younger and younger ages, and as having an anything goes attitude towards sex void of any consequences.  it will only be a matter of time before we are absolutely snowed under with filth and perversion in our libraries, and communities.  consider that the average age now of exposure to pornography is 5 years of age.

the other side is more dedicated to the corruption of our children more than we are at saving and protecting them from harm.  they are mobilized and dedicated and will never stop.  is it time you started to care?  you may feel uncomfortable and may be called homophobic, intolerant, fascist, or a censor, but the alternative is certainly much worse, losing the hearts and minds of our children.  ....

for additional resources go to:,,,, and .... 'and they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.'  isaiah 58:12"  [p2s:  the entire article is excellent, and it covers the ala's influence in places besides the library, like schools.  it's really a well-written, eye opening call to arms.  go read it all.]
8/4/05 bridgeville man pleads guilty in pornography case "a bridgeville man pleaded guilty yesterday in beaver county court to possession of child pornography.  ....  [h]e admitted in february to viewing pictures on a computer in the community college of beaver county library.  [he] was caught when a library employee tipped off college security.  ....  the computer was seized and turned over to state police...."
8/2/05 libraries keeping kids away from online porn "the internet can be a dangerous playground for kids.  the government knows it and that's why lawmakers passed the children's internet protection act back in december, 2000.  it forces libraries to monitor which web sites children have access to.

11-year-old lindsey gilbert likes to surf the web but she also knows the dangers lurking in cyberspace.  'if somebody's trying to sell something on the computer like drugs or something -- they shouldn't be on that,' said gilbert.

that's why the toledo-lucas county library has protective measures in place to make sure kids don't see something they shouldn't.

last summer, the library installed filters on all of its computers. they're the same kind used by many public schools.  'it has 38 categories that you can deny your patrons accessing.  and, of course, it includes any illegal materials, pornography, violence, hate, gambling, drugs,' said library deputy director margaret danziger.

the filters can tell if you're looking for something smutty or legitimate information.  'they differentiate between someone who wants just to view breasts, nudity -- and those who want information on breast cancer,' said danziger.  ....

but even adults don't have full access.  they have to follow the library's internet policy, which prohibits users from viewing porn sites.  that is good news for moms like myla gatlin, who says it's always nice to have an extra set of eyes watching out for your kids.  'they're not around me all the time so that's kinda like a private mother of their own that guards them and helps me as well to keep them from seeing things that i would definitely not want them to see,' said gatlin.

library officials say they had to install the filters if they wanted to qualify for federal funds.  also, we should point out the filters only block visual images -- not text or audio."  [p2s:  shhhh!  don't tell the ala!  filters work!  they don't block breast cancer, a favorite deception of the ala.  adults can ask that they be bypassed.  parents welcome the extra help (remember, the ala advises filters are not really effective).  and, worst sin of all according to the ala, this library is actually trying to "protect" children!!  shhhh!]
7/30/05 porn access at public library criticized; dad wants material kept from youths "after observing what he calls pornographic material being downloaded and viewed by a teenager at a public library, a racine man is now on a mission to change the law.  java orr said in an interview last week that while visiting the racine public library three weeks ago with his 6-year-old daughter, he observed a male teenager downloading and viewing pornographic material on a computer in the adult services area.  orr said that when he brought his complaint to library officials, they said nothing could be done to prevent the youth from viewing the material.  'it's insane that kids can actually see and read about this kind of sexual material at a public library,' orr said.  'furthermore, that my child or any other child can easily walk by and witness it.'  orr is taking his fight to keep children from viewing pornographic material at the racine public library to the public.  in the past week, orr has spent hours in front of the library petitioning residents to sign his child friendly library act, which he hopes will get attention from the legislature.  he has gathered more than 500 signatures and has set a goal of 1,000.  'the bill would prevent children, including young adults, from gaining access to obscene or pornographic material' at a public library, orr said.  ....  [racine public library director jessica] macphail said a separate youth services area in the library provides five computers equipped with filters to weed out such material.  she said that area is used primarily for children through eighth grade.  ....  macphail said the racine public library does post its internet access policies for the public.  the policies state ... it is unacceptable to use the library's internet equipment to send, receive or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene by community standards.[p2s:  another child computer-only filtering library fails to protect children.  another acceptable use policy joke.  another 6 year old child sexualized by the ala's policies and defiance of the law.  another parent that should sue the ala, the local library and town, and the library board of trustees.  this constant onslaught against children in the face of the law is sickening, isn't it?  isn't anyone getting tired of reading story after story on this web page?]
7/28/05 libraries struggle to keep porn off computers "an irate mother claimed her teenage daughter was exposed to internet pornography at a baltimore county library.  ....   willa taylor's 17-year-old daughter went to the northpoint library to do some research, she was shocked at what she caught a glimpse of on the computer next to her.  'she said while she was there, there was a man sitting right next to her and watching porn,' taylor said.  'she saw the man's ... you know ... and the other picture was a woman's legs straight up in the air.'  her daughter was too embarrassed to speak with us, but taylor was irate and called the library.  ....  four years ago, 11 news exposed this problem as the i-team's hidden camera caught people in baltimore, howard and anne arundel counties openly viewing pornography on library computers.  ....  robinson took taylor's concerns to baltimore county's public library director jim fish.  'that's very traumatic,' fish said.  'i feel sorry.  as a father of two teens, i have a great deal of empathy.'  fish said the library has had filters in place for seven years -- even before the children's internet protection act.  he said although they are getting better, they are not 100 percent effective.  ....  anyone who wants to use the internet must read and sign an acceptable use policy.  all of the public libraries in the baltimore area have similar policies."  [p2s:  there's those useless ala-recommended acceptable use policies again.  related story:  video:  how do libraries prevent porn on computers?]
7/26/05 governor pledges support for internet filters in public libraries "governor rod blagojevich surprised representatives of a conservative women's group this week when he told them he would support an effort to filter children's internet access in public libraries.  blagojevich reportedly made the comments monday afternoon at the eola public library in aurora, immediately after he signed into law a ban on selling and renting sexually explicit video games to minors.  concerned women for america-illinois' state director kathy valente said the governor appeared concerned when he learned children could get access to violence and pornography on eola public library's computers.  'we just pointed out that children could access the same images on the library's computer screens that he was trying to protect them from seeing in video games,' valente said outside aurora's eola public library.  'he said he didn't know the library allowed the access to pornography on their computers.  that's when he told us he would help.'  ....  'it was embarrassing that the governor chose a public library for the signing where children have taxpayer-funded access to the very things he's trying to protect them from,' she said.  'that makes as much sense as signing an environmental bill at a smeltering plant.  what was he thinking?'  ....  this past spring, state representative kevin joyce (d-chicago) introduced legislation which would have required public libraries to filter internet access.  the legislation met strong resistance from the aclu, illinois librarians and the state's pta, and failed to get out of committee.[p2s:  the governor of illinois joins the fight against the ala!  see how he joins the fight after discovering the truth the ala attempts to hide about public libraries.  read about librarian deception and misinformation in illinois as a response to the governor's reported statements.]
7/22/05 man faces charges of downloading porn at uw-l "charges are pending against a la crosse man who reportedly was caught wednesday viewing child pornography on a university of wisconsin-la crosse library computer.  ....  a librarian called uw-l police at about 5 p.m. wednesday after growing suspicious [he] was using a public access computer to view pornography, uw-l police chief scott rhode said.  officers found at least one computer disk that contained images of child pornography, rhode said."  [p2s:  what a coincidence -- another library that drools over the ala library bill of rights has patrons that drool over pictures of child pornography.  la crosse apparently enjoys libraries that attract criminals, as we reported below, or else they would do something about it, like removing the ala influence from their policies.]
7/22/05 man arrested for having child pornography "lincoln police arrested a transient wednesday for possessing child pornography.  ....  [the transient] told police he printed the pictures at bennett martin public library....  only some of the library's computers have pornography filters.[p2s:  once again, a library that filters only some computers still suffers from criminal activity.  is anyone seeing a pattern yet?]
7/22/05 man faces charges in connection with child porn; police say man printed photos off internet at library "a lincoln man who was arrested in connection with possession of child pornography ... obtained the pictures by using computers at the public library.  screens allow library patrons to surf the internet privately.  ....  library officials said they have worked hard to establish its computer policies, balancing safety with privacy."  [p2s:  boy, those privacy screens the ala tells us to use are really useful, aren't they!  the library claims it was attempting to "balance safety with privacy."  yeah right.  the privacy of the criminals -- that's likely why "computer logs are not kept."  to protect its citizens, this city needs to shed the ala psychobabble.  let's see if they have the guts to defend themselves against the overbearing ala or will they just shuffle the deck chairs on the titanic.]
7/22/05 west palm beach becomes hotspot for wireless surfers; web users find free net access downtown "the city is the first in the county to provide free wireless internet service to residents and visitors in the downtown area, mayor lois frankel said. the service will use the same web filtering as the library and will prohibit access to pornographic and other objectionable internet sites.[p2s:  good news, finally -- contrast this excellent library with ala-guided libraries that claim this is impossible.  more ala misinformation apparently.]
7/20/05 porno peeping via internet vexes librarians "internet users at public libraries are trusted to browse the web freely, but sometimes that trust is abused.  ....  several months ago police were called to silas bronson library in waterbury because a man was seen viewing child pornography.  the wolcott and southington libraries also have had instances of people looking at inappropriate content.  ....  southington public library director jay johnston said his library considered using filters, but decided it was too much of an invasion of privacy.  filters also don't always work.  instead, southington members use a card to sign onto the computers.  ....  the silas bronson library also considered filters, but decided to use a sign-in method instead.  'children and caregivers use our library a lot during the summer,' said emmet mcsweeney, acting director of silas bronson.  '(we are) doing our very best to keep control of this thing.'  ramona harten, director of the cheshire public library, said at her library, workers cannot do anything unless the person is viewing illegal material, such as child pornography, in which case they would call the police.  if patrons are viewing legal pornography, something like, they can claim first amendment rights and possibly sue the library if staff interfere.  if someone else wants to call they are more than welcome to, said harten.  'as long as they understand that calling the police when there is no crime can get [the caller] into trouble,' she said.  other libraries, such as the prospect public library, have a policy saying that anyone viewing a web site with pornography will lose their internet privileges.  patrons must sign a sheet saying they won't disobey the rules.  ....  to make sure children do not see inappropriate material, the wolcott public library has separate computers just for kids, something southington and prospect have as well.  to effectively manage internet use on computers the american library association recommends using codes of conduct, internet training classes, privacy screens and time limits."  [p2s:  patrons are warned by the library that if the patrons call police on people for what turns out to be "legal pornography," then the patrons will get "into trouble"!  oh my!  librarians have been so successful in misleading the public that now they are warning the public if they call the police for the wrong reasons!!!!  and look at the other completely wrong statements made by these librarians.  and libraries that filter only the children's sections do not stop children from being attacked by adults on unfiltered adult computers.  and the use of library cards has failed in other libraries because people were trading cards.  and agreements not to view porn, a favorite of the ala for circumventing the law, are useless.  good people will not look at porn in public libraries anyway and bad people will not care about such silly agreements.  similarly, people are not supposed to carry guns in some states but that doesn't stop the criminals from carrying them, does it?  that's why court houses have metal detectors -- to stop the criminals from bringing in weapons.  well internet filters essentially perform the same function -- stopping those who refuse to comply with social agreements.  lastly the argument is made that filters don't always work.  who ever said they did?  filters will never work 100%.  does that mean you don't use them?  metal detectors do not stop plastic weapons.  does that mean you don't use them?  if filters are never to be used, why did anyone waste time on a law requiring filters and a us supreme court case finding that law constitutional?  these librarians are possibly allowing or creating a danger to children in their own communities so as to satisfy the radical agenda of a union of librarians far, far away.  "(we are) doing our very best to keep control of this thing"?  not!]
7/19/05 librarians protest possible financing cut; denton county:  group argues against plan linking anti-porn filters "librarians from across denton county filled seats tuesday in the commissioners court to argue against a plan to cut their financing unless they agree to install anti-pornography filters on their public computer systems.  denton county has proposed cutting its funding to county libraries and nonprofit organizations by 20 percent.  the library funding, however, could be eliminated under county judge mary horn's proposal.  ....  ms. horn's move to vote on library funding tuesday was stalled when commissioner sandy jacobs persuaded her colleagues to give librarians time to approach their town and city councils about ways to reduce the chances that pornography could be viewed on library computers, especially by children.  'this is not an adult-child issue,' ms. horn said.  'it's an access-to-porn issue.  i don't care if you're 14 or 40.'[p2s:  read what p2s wrote to judge mary horn in support of her actions, and we'll have to write again so town and city councils know that librarians argue the very same arguments that they lost decisively in us v. ala finding filters legal.]
7/18/05 the ala and porn filters and how far is too far in "young adult" books? "the well resourced, radical, internet porn loving, anything-goes-at-any-age ala's impact on children, local communities, and public tax expenditures is very troubling.  a small, out of the mainstream circle of people in the ala have a huge impact as they define and implement their new and strange ideology in both public and public school libraries.  plan2succeed is an organization that plans to succeed at 'stopping the ala from pushing porn in public libraries.'  they have useful information on:
- how the ala continues to resist and undermine the supreme court decision on filters
- information about the ala and children
- crimes and filters in libraries
it is disgusting how some public libraries are becoming 'safer' for public porn and perverts but unsafe for children.[p2s:  naturally, we agree fully.  we thank pabbis - parents against bad books in schools for this - please visit them to read the actual text of various public school books and make up your own minds as to their appropriateness for your own children.  (see also]
7/18/05 man arrested for child porn in usf library "university of south florida police arrested a tampa man at the university library on sunday after other library patrons reported seeing him looking at child pornography on a computer, police said.  ....  people around him noticed he was looking at web sites depicting young boys in 'various states of dress and poses' and alerted library security, klingebiel said.  library security revoked [the man]'s internet access and called police.  the florida department of law enforcement will analyze the computer to determine whether [the man] downloaded any pornographic images...."  [p2s:  using the computers to track down the criminal is terrific.  the ala, however, is wholly against that and local libraries often follow the ala's lead.]
7/17/05 mayor won't let phoenix become another 'sin city' "phoenix mayor phil gordon wants the downtown and central areas of the valley's core to feel more like family-friendly disneyland than las vegas' sin city.  ....  all those moves come on the heels of gordon's restrictions on city library patrons to access pornography on public computers.  that was a problem at the city's main library just north of downtown.  'we will respect the constitution, but we are not going to give incentives to help adult businesses, the mayor said.  business leaders, especially those downtown, welcome gordon's efforts and hope they will spur further economic activity including retail, tourism and an increased asu expansion.  'that's what good mayors do,' said stan barnes, president of copper state consulting, a downtown lobbying firm, of gordon's efforts to make downtown family-friendly.  brian kearney, chief executive of the downtown phoenix partnership economic development group, agrees.  he said he wants the copper square area to be for families and tourists, not adult businesses.  ....  gordon said he wants to protect children and city neighborhoods from dangerous repeat sexual offenders.[p2s:  whoa!  mayor gordon "wants to protect children," something the ala is totally against.  according to the ala's intellectual leader judith krug:  "i get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children."  well, mayor gordon, the ala is "very concerned" about you -- watch out!  do radical, extremist librarians make you quake in your cowboy boots?  businesses nationwide, it's time you also make the ala "very concerned" about your interests in protecting children -- businesses must stop donating to the ala until it stops defying the law!  maybe judith krug will "pull her hair out"!]
7/17/05 por-no-no:  a twisted trip through public libraries' battle with internet pornography "people don't usually describe a trip to the public library as 'obscene' or 'violating.'  but that's the way kelli phillips described her recent visit to evansdale's house of knowledge.  'i took my 4-year-old son to the library and i was sitting at a table behind the computers.  i looked up and saw two men were looking at ... pornographic materials, so i reported it to the librarian,' phillips said.  ....  but the library's no-censorship policy meant there was little they could do.  ....  'i thought there was a block or filter or something,' phillips said.  'i didn't realize this stuff is available in public.'  ....  french johnson, whose library gave up federal funding in order to avoid mandatory filters, said trial filters have blindly blocked out legitimate web sites about breast-feeding, nursing homes and the unfortunately named city of essex.  ....  [judith] krug [of the ala] said the idea of librarians looking over a patron's shoulder and deeming sites obscene is a violation of patron privacy.  'what you look at at the library is your business as long as it's not illegal,' krug said.  ....  while blocking pornography may keep most patrons happy, such actions have never been tested against the first amendment in court."  [p2s:  wow!  this article is loaded with the same misinformation that p2s has been pointing out time after time as if us v. ala never existed.  the misinformation comes from the media as well as the librarians as this story says filters have never been tested in court.  here's another library turning down federal funding to keep serving up porn to children and criminals while the ala claims libraries are underfunded.  and those krug quotes are priceless in that they demonstrate one way the ala defies the law:  the article says, "krug said the idea of librarians looking over a patron's shoulder and deeming sites obscene is a violation of patron privacy.  'what you look at at the library is your business as long as it's not illegal,' krug said."  contrast this with the deception used on the ala web site:  "scenario 2:  a library has a bank of pcs in which the filter is in a default 'inactive' state.  the pcs are clearly labeled to be used 'by adults only.'  library staff monitor use on a regular basis.  library staff supervise use of the computers; if staff thinks a person under age 17 is using the 'adult' pcs, they ask for some identification."  this is used as an excuse to leave filters "inactive."  but it talks about staff supervision.  krug, on the other hand, says that's "a violation of patron privacy."  so libraries may have "inactive" filters and librarians will not be looking over any shoulders, yet the library will claim it is using cipa-complaint filters to accept federal funding.  is this not defiance of cipa and the us supreme court?]
7/16/05 former beverly public library director indicted; is charged with indecent assault on teenager "as the library director and so much more for the city of beverly for the past 19 years, [the criminal library director] ... preyed on a male teenage library patron.  ....  [he] met the alleged victim at the library two years ago when the teenager was 15 years old.  the alleged victim said he befriended [him] after the library director found him viewing an internet site [p2s: sex] on a library computer.  ....  [he] retired in the spring and is receiving a $30,000 pension with medical benefits."  [p2s:  why did this story leave out that the kid was viewing a sex site on the public library computer, hmmmm?]
7/15/05 fleecing the public "then there's the case of [the] former beverly library director ..., who was indicted by a grand jury wednesday on multiple counts of possession of child pornography and indecent assault on a minor.  last month the beverly retirement board - saying it had no choice in the matter - granted [the criminal library director] early retirement that carries with it a $30,000-a-year pension and full health benefits.  he retired after serving a paid suspension following his arrest last april 22 and collecting almost $30,000 for unused sick, vacation and personal time.  he stands to lose his pension and other retirement benefits should he be convicted and there is a finding that the crime or crimes occurred while he was at work.  but the city is unlikely to get back any of the tens of thousands of dollars [the criminal library director] has collected to date.  but then that's the way things usually work in the bay state where all rights belong to those who work for the government and those who pay the bills are expected to just keep on paying."  [p2s:  and all rights go to the criminal library director child assaulters who get their pick of children viewing sex sites on library computers, courtesy of the ala.]
7/14/05 strip club owner guilty of unauthorized building use "phoenix mayor phil gordon..., a moderate democrat, has also imposed a ban on public library patrons from viewing pornography on the internet at city computers....  business leaders generally approve of gordon's ... library porn ban.[p2s:  phoenix business leaders approve of library porn ban!!!!  businesses should stop funding the ala until it stops advising libraries to defy the law.]
7/6/05 libraries ban 14 from using city computers "library officials have banned 14 patrons from using public computers since january for violating the 'no pornography' policy at city libraries.  the city council approved the policy banning patrons from viewing pornography on city computers in september, despite objections from civil liberties groups.  'there is no constitutional right to view (pornography) in our libraries,' mayor phil gordon said.  'our libraries are not adult bookstores or adult video stores, rather places for families.  and that's the way it's going to stay, and why i fought so hard for it.'[p2s:  mayor phil gordon of phoenix is outstanding!  we hope other governmental leaders follow his lead to protect children.  he should be awarded special recognition by the child exploitation and obscenity section (ceos) of the us dept. of justice!]
7/4/05 keeping children safe from prying eyes "how many of you know what your children are doing on the internet?  if you don't, then it is high time for you to do some checking before it is too late.  ....  today, we often read in the newspapers or watch tv news about molest, rape, paedophiles, kidnap, and even murder cases that involve children and teenagers, and most of these cases are said to originate from some sort of online activities such as surfing and chatting.  ....  if you think that children and teenagers access these inappropriate content at cybercafes, then think again.  most of these unwanted exposures are said to happen at home with 67 per cent of the cases, while another 15 per cent and three per cent occurred in schools and libraries respectively.  ....  'if we don't think about it now, our kids will be living in danger,' pramotedham says.  ....  'parents need to do something rather than nothing,' pramotedham says."
6/30/05 new:  sex offender charged with downloading child porn at st. mary's "a 55-year-old registered sex offender was arrested wednesday afternoon at a st. mary's university library, accused of downloading sexually explicit images of young children.  ....  according to a police report, teen girls saw a man looking at pornographic images on a computer at the louis j. blume library, a federal repository of documents open to the public.  the girls told a library employee who then called police."
6/29/05 ala council calls for withdrawal from iraq "the council of the american library association (ala) has passed a resolution that calls for the withdrawal from iraq of all u.s. military forces and a return of full sovereignty to the people of iraq."  [p2s:  what is it the business of librarians to weigh in on foreign policy?  be that as it may, the ala appears to support terrorists just as it appears to support the terrorization of children in public libraries.  see this freeper thread for more.]
6/29/05 crime blotter "at 4 a.m. june 10, pornography was discovered on a computer in millar library [portland state university]. disposition of the case is pending."
6/?/05 child-pornography possessors arrested in internet-related crimes:  findings from the national juvenile online victimization study "where and how did cp [child pornography] possessors use computers to view and acquire pictures?  almost all of the arrested cp possessors (91%) mainly used home computers to access child pornography ...; however some ... mainly used computers at less private places like at at work (7%) or other places (2%) such as libraries, schools, and rental venues."  [p2s:  this groundbreaking national survey of law enforcement estimated the number of arrests for child-pornography possessors in internet-related crimes and described the characteristics of the offenders, the crimes they committed, and their victims.  it was produced in cooperation with ojjdp and the university of new hampshire's crimes against children research center.  60 pp.]
6/24/05 working against local taxpayers:  the american library association "the ala is a private organization of librarians, and the public should be aware of the fact that it is not a government agency, nor does it have the legal authority to dictate its policies to local elected or appointed library boards.  taxpayer funded public libraries belong to the local taxpayers and as such should reflect the community's needs and values and not succumb to the radical dictates of a private organization promoting its own arbitrary social and political agendas.

in recent years the ala has come under considerable controversy for its fierce promotion of its self-proclaimed 'library bill of rights,' most notably policy v:  'a person's right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.'  the ala's idea that minors have the same rights as adults to read whatever they want to in a library [without parental consent], or to access any information they want to on taxpayer funded library computers [even legally challenging cipa and copa], has caused a firestorm of protest from concerned parents.

challenging the ala policies are individuals and organizations such as dr. laura schlessinger, concerned women for america, the family research council, focus on the family, citizens for community values and others.  these organizations are interested in protecting the sensibilities and vulnerabilities of minor patrons under 18 years of age by promoting 'family friendly' libraries.

local citizens are pressing liberal, ala-indoctrinated, library directors and staff to respect the 'community standards' and local, state and federal statutory laws on obscenity which are relevant to the selection, display and access policies concerning available materials in the public library system.

our challenge is to take back the ownership of our local, taxpayer-funded libraries from unfriendly private associations that have systematically forced their hostile policies upon the public.  parents and citizens need to participate with their local library boards in maintaining a 'family friendly' atmosphere that successfully serves the needs of the community without undermining the strength and values of the traditional family."
6/24/05 iran targets dissent on the net "[t]he iranian government is blocking pornographic sites, and other sites with sexual content."  [p2s:  what does this say about the ala's efforts to block the blocking of porn in american libraries?  smartfilter]
6/23/05 oak lawn library vows to keep playboy on shelf "resident mark decker asked the library to remove the adult magazine from its inventory because it could incite molesters into action, he said.  decker, a father of three young children, said that sexually excited men should not be allowed to view such material in a building that also has child visitors.  'i was ticked off that some guy might be looking at playboy when my kids are there,' he said.  but library officials disagreed.  ....  'it's a public library,' said judith krug, director of the office for intellectual freedom for the ala.  'if you don't like the book, magazine, cd-rom or film, put it down and pick up something else.'  ....  'i get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children,' she said.[p2s:  well, at least judith krug of the ala who made up and maintains for decades this whole push-porn-on-children, librarians-no-longer-protect-children-from-porn, let's-defy-the-us-supreme-court policy is consistent.  in the past she said, "blocking material leads to censorship.  that goes for pornography and bestiality, too.  if you don't like it, don't look at it ...  every time i hear someone say, i want to protect the children, i want to pull my hair out."  speaking of beasts!!  do you think this one should set policy in your local public library?]
6/23/05 man caught downloading porn at library "an online watchdog has warned councils across wales to be more vigilant after it emerged that pornography was available for download on public library computers.  the internet watch foundation said local authorities should be taking extra care and calling in expert advice to ensure that their online safeguards are as foolproof as possible.  ....  the person who found the obscene material ... said, 'i just could not believe my eyes that disgusting material like this was on public view.  i thought libraries were meant to have systems in place to ensure this kind of thing is wiped out.  what if it had been a child who discovered the images?'  ....  executive board member for education mary thomas added that the council took the misdemeanour very seriously.  'we will not tolerate this sort of abuse of the library facilities.  our officers acted as soon as they were made aware of the problem.  they have removed the images and traced the offender.  he will not be allowed to use the facilities again.  we take this sort of thing very seriously and have measures in place to prevent such incidents, which are few and far between.'"
6/21/05 wireless 'net coming to metro's libraries "wireless internet access will be available at metro libraries, possibly as soon as late august, with branches throughout the system going wireless in phases.  ....  like the current system, wireless access through libraries will employ filters, which essentially act as censors to block out pornographic sites, a library spokeswoman said.  ....  within the library buildings, you will be able to surf the internet [on personal pcs].  library cards will not be needed for this service."  [p2s:  wireless access can and should be filtered, although the ala recommends unfiltered wireless access as another end run around the law.  fortunately for tennessee, the people run the libraries, not the ala.]
6/16/05 sex offender found viewing porn at hcmc "a level three sex offender was found viewing pornography at hennepin county medical center earlier this week, hcmc said.  ....  'it makes me uncomfortable that somebody can just walk in off the streets and access that kind of stuff,' said rachel smith, a dental hygienist who works at hcmc.  hcmc patient anissa echols [said ']there's a lot of kids and stuff so that's really scary.']"
6/7/05 man charged with downloading child porn "an iowa city man faces a felony charge for allegedly downloading child pornography in november on a computer at the university of iowa's hardin library for health sciences.  ....  two computer technicians looked at the recently visited web sites and determined that hodges was browsing pornography sites.  investigators confiscated the computer and verified the sites as containing child pornography.  ....  online court records show [the man, age 31,] previously pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor and reckless use of fire in 2003."  [p2s:  the computer techs ought to be given awards for their actions to encourage others; we bet the ala will find a way to condemn them somehow.]
6/6/05 pornography ok to watch in library "instead of being used for research or homework, computers in the david adamany undergraduate library are often used for another purpose:  to watch pornography.  many students and staff walk by and regularly spot users watching pornographic material.  'yeah, i witnessed a couple of white guys masturbating on the first floor, but i quickly turned my head,' said antoine stevens, a freshman.  'after that, i went to the third floor.'  library staffers are finding that the community access terminals, located on the first floor of the ugl, are where users are getting in heavy viewing time because it seems easy to log on and 'get off.'  'the community access terminals are frequently used by people who do not attend wayne state,' said andrea williams, a senior who works at the information desk in the ugl.  'we get a lot of complaints about people viewing pornography and we have also had problems with people masturbating to porn.'  yet, it's ok for anyone to look at porn (as long as it's not child pornography) in the ugl because wayne state university is a public institution.  'the library can not kick anyone out for viewing porn, but we can tell them that their behavior is not acceptable,' said williams.  'it's a privacy act and this is a public institution.  so, we can't say 'you can't watch porn.'  'we just have to make sure people don't get too physical.'[p2s:  any questions on the need for internet filters?  just don't get "too physical" and you can masturbate all you want in the wayne state university public library.  hey, maybe the public library can host a masturbator's convention and the ala can award them for innovative ways to attract people into the library!]
6/3/05 peeping tom suspected at uw law library media credit:"university of washington law students are asking for more security after a possible peeping tom was discovered in a women's restroom.  ....  the law library is open to the public and some students told kiro 7 it's drawing in the wrong crowd.  'there are a number of people who watch pornography in the library all day so that kind of behavior might foster an incident like this,' said tori lallemont, uw student."  [p2s:  why is it always the victims of criminal activity who understand the effects of unfiltered computers on criminals?]
6/1/05 connaughton pushing for 'net filters "putting filters on public-library computers to block patrons' access to hard-core pornography isn't a first amendment issue.  'libraries are not in the business of purchasing pornography for citizens to view.  and they shouldn't be providing their patrons with the same or even more intense types of pornography over the internet,' republican party lieutenant-governor nomination candidate sean connaughton said on wednesday during a campaign stop at the staunton public library.  ....  'it's something that i think the state should be doing,' connaughton said.  '....  the state should go out and provide the funds to library systems to purchase and install these systems and then provide funds for them to maintain them.  connaughton said the state should also lead the way toward the establishment of standards for the filter systems."  [p2s:  bravo!  this guy has guts!]
6/1/05 library pervert "a pervert who used a school library computer to download more than 1000 images of child porn is facing jail, ..., 42, was only exposed when a pupil glanced over his shoulder and alerted staff.  he admitted to police he got sexual pleasure looking at the images of 13 to 15-year-old girls, adding: 'i need some help with this.'  selkirk sheriff court heard that more than a year [he] visited the library at earlston high school in the borders to use the internet.  the premises also combine as a public library."
5/31/05 when 'shhhh' just won't do it:  jackson county library officials have decided to hire a security guard to deal with unusual problems at the medford central library security guard warren osborn walks through the stacks at the central library in medford. since osborn began in april he has helped calm down a runaway girl, dealt with a drunken man outside the building and 86ed a man viewing porn on a library computer.  media credit: mail tribune / jim craven"[p]roblems have prompted library officials to hire a security guard for all hours of operation to deal with situations beyond the scope of a librarian.  'this is really not what the library staff are trained to deal with,' said meghan o'flaherty, medford library manager.  ....  the security guard, for example, ... caught another man looking at pornography on the internet and told him to stop or leave the building.  ....  o'flaherty said that with fewer staff, it has become more difficult for librarians to patrol every corner of a building that is five times the size of the former carnegie library.  ....  'we don't have the supervision capability that we used to have,' she said.  ....  library patron aaron mccord said he liked the idea of a guard, particularly because the library is such a public place.  'it doesn't seem like people are good at policing themselves,' said the medford father of two.  'i think to have security and keep people safe is the most important thing.'[p2s:  here a father of two children states the obvious, "it doesn't seem like people are good at policing themselves," but the ala insists so-called acceptable use policies are sufficient to protect patrons.  the security guard option is excellent, has been used elsewhere, but can only happen where a community refuses to follow ala drivel.  this community, however, is torn between two lovers, the ala and the citizens, so they filter only one computer.  why not follow the law, filters all computers, and protect the children from men viewing pornography in the first place?]
5/28/05 police:  suspect viewed child porn at library "a 57-year-old township resident has been charged with downloading child pornography onto a computer at the public library.  ....  [he] allegedly walked into the main branch of the wayne public library on thursday afternoon and logged onto one of the computers that provides free internet access.  library patrons need only show their driver's license or other form of identification to the librarian in order to obtain an access card with a pin number they then plug into the computers.  police say that [he] accessed several web sites, some of which contained nude pictures of children, and downloaded them.  a patron using another computer near [him] became concerned about the content and then notified a librarian, who phoned police.  ....  the wayne public library has software blocks on its computers that prevent children from accessing pornographic material.  the access cards issued to children are different than those given to adults."  [p2s:  another case where blocking porn on child computers does not stop the criminals on the adult computers.  another library defying us v. ala, the result being as reported.  at least the librarian called the police, something the ala discourages.]
5/26/05 bill would require filter on library computer "public libraries in massachusetts would be required to equip at least one internet-wired computer with technology that blocks material that is 'harmful to minors' under legislation proposed by a state lawmaker.  state rep. charles a. murphy, d-burlington, said his bill would ensure that parents who bring their children to the library can be assured their child won't have access to pornography if they use a computer with a content filter.  'the focus is more on the parents.  it's giving the parents a choice to put their kids on that particular computer,' murphy said.  'i understand it's not a perfect solution.'  ....  librarians in massachusetts and across the u.s. have been adamantly opposed to any attempt to mandate content-blocking technology on public access computers, saying those decisions should be left to the boards of trustees which run the libraries.  ....  pat mcleod, director of the milne public library in williamstown, said her library trustees voted not to install the filters, and forego some $80,000 in federal funding.  'i don't have the money to buy the filtering software.  if my community came to me and said, 'listen, we've got a severe problem, we want you to get the filter,' i think we'd give it a hard look,' mcleod said.  'but no one has ever said, 'why don't we filter the machines.''  mcleod said the library has had problems with library users logging onto pornography sites, but those are dealt with on an individual basis."  [p2s:  more evidence of ala control over public libraries and public libraries refusing federal funding at a time when they complain about a lack of funding.  see how the librarians use community inaction as an excuse to follow ala doctrine.  state rep. charles a. murphy, read us v. ala.  read also bill seeks to filter content for kids, 5/29/2005.]
5/26/05 library board restores "bill of rights" to policy appendix "a standing-room-only crowd of supporters for the american library association's bill of rights filled the central resource library meeting room last week when the library board voted 5-1 to restore the bill to the collection development policy appendix.  the board in april voted 4-3 to remove the bill from the appendix to the library collection policy and related references within the policy.  ....  fred logan, the library's legal counsel, spoke for rescinding the april vote.  'the three documents do have some legal dimension and a substantial history.  they have been part of the collection policy since 1956.  i suggest it makes sense to keep those documents intact,' logan said."  [p2s:  apparently, us v. ala is completely ignored by this town as is the ala's purposeful defiance of the law.  sickeningly, even the library's lawyer ignored the law.  we wonder if this "standing-room-only" response was caused by the ala seeing the removal of the law-defying language as a threat to their efforts to defy the law before other libraries similarly reject language in defiance of the law.  when a child is raped or molested here, and it's just a matter of time, the victim's family will have more than an adequate basis to bring punitive damage claims against all involved, including the ala.]
5/?/05 maintaining intellectual freedom in a filtered world "as a proponent of intellectual freedom, i advocated and received administrative support for unfiltered internet access in the mankato area (minnesota) public schools from 1994 through 2001.  but because of [cipa], our district installed an internet filter.  i was expecting a raft of problems.  ....  i was certain i was violating my long-held personal beliefs that every individual, regardless of age, has the right to access and read a multiplicity of ideas and viewpoints, free of censorship in any form.  ....  happily, the sky has not fallen since we installed our filter.  the complaints about overblocking and underblocking from teachers and students have numbered less than a dozen since 2001.  ....  [i]t is the responsibility of the teaching staff to see that students do not access inappropriate materials....  ....  [o]ur district seems to have been able to both meet the requirements of cipa and give staff and students access to the greatest possible range of online resources."  [p2s:  for fair use reasons, we provide page 2 only, but the entire article is worth reading.  the author criticizes the electronic freedom foundation's report "internet blocking in public schools" as needlessly overblown and just plain wrong.  this proud defender of intellectual freedom takes a position in direct opposition of the ala:  filters work well and teachers are responsible for what children see -- the ala says filters do not work and only parents are responsible for what children see.  if this authors' attitude takes hold in public schools, the ala's days of defiance of the law based on overblown and just plain wrong information are nearing an end.  webblocker]
5/20/05 [criminal] remains free on probation "[a criminal] wasn't really doing anything he wasn't supposed to do when he used a library computer for job reasons, though that was a 'technical' violation of his probation sentence.  that's what circuit judge gary jacobs concluded friday when he decided to not revoke the probation sentence the former mattoon high school assistant principal received for a child pornography conviction.  a term of [the criminal]'s probation is that he not use the internet unsupervised....  ....  [t]he judge said ... a library could be considered a supervised setting.  [the criminal] admitted that he had pornography on his school computer where students could see it.  he also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of public indecency, alleging he fondled himself through his clothing in front of students, but ... jacobs acquitted him of a charge of criminal sexual assault that accused him of performing oral sex on a male student at the school, and that offense would have required a prison sentence.  ....  jacobs ... agreed with defense attorney ron tulin, who noted that [the criminal] had to sign in with a librarian to use the computer."  [p2s:  look!  public libraries are considered supervised when criminal child sex offenders are in them but not when children are in them!!  "q.) is any attempt made to supervise children's use of computers in the library?  if not, what would this entail in terms of time and personnel?  a.) no.  it would be incredibly staff intensive and guidelines would be difficult to formulate.  some parents are more permissive than others.  how would the library staff determine what is acceptable?"]
5/20/05 lieutenant governor candidate in virginia calls for state-funded library filters "sean connaughton, a candidate in the june 14 primary election for the republican nomination for lieutenant government in virginia, says he will push for 'for legislation to provide the funds necessary to install and maintain pornographic filters on public computers.'  ....  'the costs involved in this effort are relatively minor given the harm that may be prevented,' he said. "  [p2s:  political candidates take note:  sean connaughton, the republican candidate for lt. gov. in virginia, has been distributing flyers taking credit for getting porn filters installed on county computers and on public library computers in prince william county, va.  his flyers (#1 thing he will do) say as lt. gov. he will "lead the effort to install pornography filters on computers at libraries so our families will be protected."  his web site is at  one whole side of his flyer has a girl at a computer with in big letters the question:  who's protecting our children from internet pornography?  see his tv commercial.]
5/20/05 naperville to launch fingerprint id system for internet access "the naperville (ill.) public library board approved a $40,646 contract may 18 with a local technology firm to install fingerprint scanners on its public internet computers.  ....  [c]ardholders will only be asked for a fingerprint scan if they intend to use the internet workstations, and patrons who object to that can request a staff member to log them in.  in 2004, naperville police subpoenaed the login records of a man who had been viewing pornography at the nichols branch.  in the process of investigating the incident, nlp officials discovered that many patrons logged in using the library cards and pin numbers of friends or relatives.  west told al that the library has implemented a policy allowing parents to request software filters on their children's internet use.  'we discovered that kids frequently borrowed each other's library cards to log on,' he said, 'but the new system will prevent that.'  the only other library using similar biometric technology, west said, was the buffalo and erie county (n.y.) public library...."  [p2s:  wow!  and notice the law-defying use of library cards and parental permission to bypass internet filters were failures because people just switched cards or pins.  "kids frequently borrowed each other's library cards to log on."  if your library is thinking of using these systems proven to be illegal and ineffective, consider thinking again -- let's see how the fingerprint scanners do over time.  see library card? check. fingerprint? really?, 5/20/05; il library to id patrons via fingerprints; state confidentiality law stands, 5/24/05; big brother on the net, 6/7/2005.]
5/18/05 librarian's brush with fbi shapes her view of the usa patriot act "it was a moment that librarians had been dreading.  on june 8, 2004, an fbi agent stopped at the deming branch of the whatcom county library system in northwest washington and requested a list of the people who had borrowed a biography of osama bin laden.  we said no.  ....  [o]ne of our patrons had sent the fbi the book after discovering these words written in the margin:  'if the things i'm doing is considered a crime, then let history be a witness that i am a criminal.  hostility toward america is a religious duty and we hope to be rewarded by god.'  undeterred, the fbi served a subpoena on the library a week later demanding a list of everyone who had borrowed the book since november 2001.  ....  [o]ur trustees ... were resolute and voted unanimously to go to court to quash the fbi subpoena.  fifteen days later, the fbi withdrew its request.[p2s:  another article, like below, not about filters, but nevertheless about how librarians will defend criminals against law-abiding citizens.  the library refused to turn over records of a possible terrorist to the fbi, even after a subpoena!!!  the fbi never got the information!!!!]
5/17/05 investigation into library pornography "gainesville police detectives are looking into how a children's videotape, checked out from the library, wound up full of pornography.  a local mother made the discovery almost a month ago but very little has happened with the investigation.  ....  it wasn't until tuesday that a judge ordered the library district to hand over their records.  a couple weeks ago the state attorney's office issued a subpoena for the records, but the library director says that wasn't enough and requested a hearing to throw out the subpoena.  ....  a spokesperson for the state attorney's office says it takes several days to get on a judge's calendar.  he adds it wasn't a 'great delay' to get the judicial order but feels the subpoena should have been enough to get the records.  ....  alachua county attorney bill harlan, representing the library, told judge toby monaco they had no interest in obstructing the investigation and pointed out they asked for the judicial order to be issued to hand over the records."  [p2s:  normally we write about filtering issues.  in this case, however, the common theme is the library's actions to help police identify possible child sex criminals.  the library refused to turn over records of a possible child sex criminal after the state attorney general issued a subpoena!!!  a law that protects criminals from children allowed the library to insist on obtaining a judicial order before releasing the records that might have quickly stopped similar crimes against children in the future!  the library is so defensive about this that they have to argue "they had no interest in obstructing the investigation."  that's another example of why we call them lie-brarians.  recall that "when a public librarian in delray beach, fla., recognized some of the suspected hijackers in the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon as men who had used the computers in her small library, she immediately called the police.  that broke a florida law that guarantees confidentiality to library patrons.  it also violated a cardinal principle of librarians never to tell the police, in absence of a court order, about who uses their rooms and what books they check out.  but almost no one thinks ms. hensman did the wrong thing." except, of course, the ala.  "judith krug, director of the american library association's office of intellectual freedom, said, 'i would have felt better if she had followed the florida law.'"  the way we read this is that the ala would have preferred the 911 terrorists library records were not made available to law enforcement until a law that should not apply to non-citizens trying to kill thousands of americans was followed anyway.  whose side are they on?  and krug's the one who created or perpetrated the "age" discrimination excuse to push porn on children, now exposed as illegal in us v. ala.  floridians ought to reconsider that law in light of the illegal activities and shocking anti-american statements of those favoring it and in light of the us patriot act.]
5/17/05 library discusses internet filters "the solano county board of supervisors will decide later this year whether to add filters at libraries in fairfield, vacaville, vallejo and suisun city.  ....  concerned parents recently challenged the county's policy, adopted in 1996, which allows unfettered internet access.  they argue that children can pull up internet porn or watch others who do."  [p2s:  this is an excellent example of an article written by someone totally biased in favor of the ala, someone appropriately named "bunk," as in ideas that are absurd and contrary to good sense.]
5/14/05 sex offender nabbed at asu "a convicted sex offender eight days into his parole was caught recently looking at child pornography on an arizona state university library computer, according to police.  ....  he is not affiliated with the school."  [p2s:  it's happened again!  they did not want to filter then.  will they now?  doubt it, with the ala breathing down their necks.  from two months ago, march 8, 2005, see asu porn computing policies unlikely to change; recent incidents not enough to alter rules at university.]
5/13/05 information alert:  internet filters become campaign issue "internet filters became a campaign issue when sean connaughton, candidate for lt. governor [of virginia] in the republican primary, proposed that the general assembly pay for the installation of filters on public library computers.  his opponent, senator bill bolling (r-4, mechanicsville), voted in favor of a bill supported by the family foundation [of virginia] that requires libraries to install the filters if they receive taxpayer money.  on the democrat side, viola baskerville (d-71, richmond) voted against the bill this year, while chap petersen (d-37, fairfax) voted in favor.  ....  everywhere the family foundation staff goes in virginia, citizens see this proposal as a common sense idea that has broad support, particularly among families.  ....  it seems the only opposition to this bill comes from either left-wing "free expression" groups that don't seem to care much if our children are exposed to hardcore pornography, or some in the library community who claim the filtering technology is unaffordable.  neither has a strong case, as the supreme court has already upheld the constitutionality of a similar federal law, and the cost of internet filtering technology can be as little as $10-$15 per computer."  [p2s:  another approach people should consider using to nullify the ala's defiance of the law.]
5/13/05 oklahoma library to allow e-mail, gaming after all "'this library has sided with the molesters against the children,' reacted an anonymous reader of the online enid news.  the posted comment concluded with a link to, an antipornography website whose unidentified developer describes its mission as 'stopping the american library association from endangering children.'[p2s:  the reporter below got it half wrong.  we are not "an antipornography website" but we are trying to stop the ala from endangering children.  when the ala defies cipa and us v. ala, we think that defiance endangers children, the very people sought to be protected by the law the ala chooses to defy.  notice the article talks about "inadvertently causing information to be censored."  if cipa-compliant filters are used, and if the libraries relatively quickly temporarily disable the filters upon request by people of a certain age group, then there is no censorship according to the law.  yet the ala and this ala publication keep pushing the big lie, that filters are censorship so they should not be used.  it truly is surprising how the very people involved in us v. ala continue to act like its holdings do not exist, or worse, that they do, yet people should intentionally do the opposite.  instead of p2s being attacked for bringing the truth to light, the ala should be made to comply with the law, and citizens should know the ala and ala-controlled librarians are intentionally defying the law and misleading the public.  in enid's case, the library has chosen to side with the ala against the citizens and the law (cipa and us patriot act).  by the way, that "anonymous reader" the ala article's author wrote about is actually clearly described as p2s citizen's group and we believe that the library's intentional defiance of cipa, us v. ala, and/or the us patriot act, likely at the behest of the ala, necessarily means the library has sided with the criminals against the children.  remember, this is a public library, and the public are the people of enid, not the people of a huge law-defying union of librarians from out of state.]
5/11/05 filters sought for library computers "accessing internet pornography on public library computers will become difficult if lawmakers approve proposed legislation to require filters.  ....  'i do support having filters,' said state sen. robert creedon, d-brockton.  'there are some people who view it as censorship and others say we should have filters.  i believe computers that receive state aid should have filters.'  ....  controversy over viewing internet porn surfaced at the john curtis free library last year when a 12-year-old girl noticed a young boy viewing sexually explicit images on a computer in the adult section.  ....  'that is why i brought this issue to light,' said [hanover resident rosemary ] baker.  'i want other parents to know the library is not always the safe place it's thought to be.'  ....  the american library association opposes having internet filters on its computers.  ala officials say computer filters will be a form of censorship and prevent patrons from reaching web sites that have information about various diseases such as breast cancer.  baker said protecting children from online porn should be a priority for libraries.[p2s:  curtis librarian lorraine welsh then goes on to give the usual litany of ala disinformation designed to defy the law and convince people to do the same.  this article also recognizes that the ala ignores us v. ala by claiming filters are censorship when they are not.]
5/10/05 library access to internet will continue "library patrons will continue to have access to the internet and e-mail under new guidelines approved monday.  once new software is installed - which may not happen until july - computer users at the public library of enid and garfield county will be required to have a library card before they can log on, the library board decided.  ....  enid law enforcement officers had asked the library board to consider some restrictions on computers because of evidence the computers have been used by sexual predators to contact children.  ....  computer users must comply with an on-screen agreement.  ....  library officials will maintain the privacy of their computer users.  ....  enid police could obtain the information with a warrant.  ....  police chief rick west also spoke, saying the police department is not concerned with censorship but is concerned about protecting enid youths."  [p2s:  this library is protecting the rights of molesters to molest children without being molested by the police.  this library has sided with the molesters against the children.  mr. molester, please agree to "comply with an on-screen agreement" before molesting any of our children, your pick, of course.  and if you get caught, we'll give you a few hours or days lead to get away from us while we force the police to obtain a warrant to determine your identity.  it is truly shocking how libraries continue to defy us v. ala and decry censorship, even in the face of police requests based on illegal activity, and the sheeple just go along with it.  disgusting.]
5/10/05 new scrutiny for county volunteers "nominees who volunteer to serve on johnson county boards can expect closer scrutiny from county commissioners after a controversial vote last month by the johnson county library board.  ....  the move came a week after the johnson county library board voted 4-3 to remove guidelines of intellectual freedom by the american library association from its collections-development policy.  some supporters said the vote signaled the need for local control of the library collection to protect minors from objectionable material.  critics called it censorship.[p2s:  the critics are wrong -- it's not censorship -- see us v. ala, unless the critics know better.  it is not "intellectual freedom" to allow children to access hardcore graphic pornography, neither is it "age" discrimination to keep them from seeing it, as the ala maintains.]
5/10/05 money for library internet filters urged "sean connaughton, who's seeking the republican nomination for lieutenant governor, yesterday called for legislation to provide money to install and maintain filters to block pornography on computers at public libraries.  connaughton, chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors, said the broad language of state statutes about limiting the exposure of library patrons to pornography have made its application uneven ... with libraries across the commonwealth using different schemes to meet the laws' requirements.'"  [p2s:  we would vote for him on this alone, but we bet the other candidate may take a similar position as well since it's the law and it protects children from predators and the ala.]
5/9/05 consumer reports finds filtering softwares improve blocks on pornography improved but restrict acceptable web sites "consumer reports' (cr) latest tests of filtering software show that while internet blockers have gotten better at blocking pornography, the best also tend to block many sites they shouldn't.  in addition, consumer reports found the software to be less effective at blocking sites promoting hatred, illegal drugs or violence.  the june issue includes ratings of 11 popular filtering software products and advice for concerned parents who are trying to better protect their children online.  ....  the full report on filtering software is available for free on"  [p2s:  consumer reports, an independent source, says filters are better at filtering porn, but not other categories.  for cipa, the main concern is porn so this is acceptable.  overblocking is also reported but us v. ala addresses that issue already.  cr even recommends the ala for information on filters!  when will ala lie-brarians stop saying filters don't work?  see also study rates porn blockers, 5/28/2005.  safe eyes, parental controls (9.1) from microsoft, aol parental controls (9.0)]
5/8/05 libraries' web policy scrutinized "responding to public criticism of their open-access internet policies, solano county library officials will report to the board of supervisors tuesday on methods that could lead to more restrictive access to computers at local libraries.  the report, penned by library director ann cousineau, also, however, makes a strong case for leaving the library's current access policy exactly as it is.  ....  toni horn, a vacaville parent of two daughters, ages 6 and 9, said her children were shocked by pornographic images at a local library when they stumbled upon a teenager using the library's computers inappropriately.[p2s:  the report by the library director is filled with ala propaganda, so we wrote to the town to advise them of the specifics.]
5/7/05 library issue could be revisited "county commissioners filled one of two open seats on the johnson county library board this week, a move that could lead to reconsideration of a disputed vote last month.  ....  last month the library board voted 4-3 to remove the american library association's 'bill of rights' and other guiding principles of intellectual freedom from the board's collections development policy [to give] the board authority to shield children from inappropriate material such as pornography that the library association's guidelines did not.  but a vocal minority on the board said the vote was tantamount to an attack on the first amendment - a 'smokescreen' to hide a conservative agenda to censor library materials opposed by the far right."  [p2s:  they never get sick of the misinformation campaign to ignore/discredit us v. ala and to continue sexualizing children.]
5/6/05 mother's call gets son in hot water "kevin francois gave up his lunch break to talk to his mother, but it ended up costing him the rest of the school year.  francois, a junior at spencer high school in columbus, was suspended for disorderly conduct wednesday after he was told to give up his cell phone at lunch while talking to his mother who is deployed in iraq, he said.  ....  a teacher who saw francois on his phone told him to get off the phone.  but he didn't.  ....  francois said he told the teacher, 'this is my mom in iraq.  i'm not about to hang up on my mom.'  francois said the teacher tried to take the phone, causing it to hang up."  [p2s:  censoring porn is supposedly bad for a child's education development but censoring a boy's soldier mom in iraq from talking to her son is what this teacher apparently did with zest.  is this crazy or what?  we guarantee if that boy was using his phone to view porn, the teacher would not have dared take the phone away from him.]
5/4/05 woodlawn library going wireless for internet "the woodlawn library will be the first county library branch to get wireless internet access when an addition is completed in august.  'if someone has a wireless device such as laptop, a cell phone or pda, they will be able to access the internet,' said shelly shires, the technology support coordinator for the baltimore county public library.  ....  shires said that wireless access is quickly becoming the standard in public libraries.  wireless internet access - sometimes called wi-fi for 'wireless fidelity' - allows patrons in the library to access the internet without plugging their laptops or pdas into a modem or other device.  internet access is provided on a radio signal.  ....  while some institutions offering wireless access require people to have a user name and password, baltimore county will not require any pass codes.  'when someone walks into the library they will have to have no staff interaction and still be able to completely access the system,' shires said.  like other computer users, wireless users will be expected to adhere to baltimore county public library's acceptable use policy, which warns users not to view material from pornographic web sites....[p2s:  the so-called "acceptable use policy" should be called the "unacceptably useless policy."  notice to pedophiles, rapists, and molestors:  baltimore county public library welcomes you to view and download pornography with "no staff interaction."  please feel free to enjoy the little children while using the taxpayer-supported pornography mainline, since the acceptable use policy never stops other criminals from sexualizing other children.  here's another reason why we're called "the greatest city in america."  come on down, ya' hear?]
5/4/05 candidates favor unfiltered access "john curtis free library trustee patricia pervane and challenger john o'leary oppose having internet filters on the library's computers to prevent patrons from viewing pornography.  both candidates said the devices raises censorship questions and possible legal issues....  'they also took a poll that indicated 10 parents wanted filters and 98 do not want the filters.  the parents need to take responsibility for their children's behavior.'  she said the use of internet monitors could raise legal questions about censorship by civil liberties groups.  controversy over accessing online porn surfaced at curtis last year when a 10-year-old boy was observed viewing sexually explicit pictures on a computer by a young girl.  ....  she also said library patrons of all ages are required to sign a release form to use a computer.  ....  she also said internet filters don't always prevent savvy computer users from viewing sexually explicit images.  'there is no perfect filter,' said welsh.  'there are people who can get around them.'"  [p2s:  if they are opposed to filtering pornography, that means they allow the porn into the public library.  sick, isn't it?  see the cavalcade of ala excuses:  1) there are censorship issues (and the lie-brarians know better than the us supreme court in us v. ala, right?), 2) the people are against it (naturally, if you mislead them about the law), 3) parent's have to watch their own kids (great, but that did not stop the philly library rape and other crimes, and librarians who defy the law cannot use this as an excuse), 4) savvy people can bypass filters so they are essentially useless (so us v. ala was a waste of time, right?), 5) everyone agrees to abide by the rules of something like an acceptable use policy (as if criminals care -- just see all the molestations that happened in libraries that rely on such ala-engendered policies), and 6) there is no perfect filter (so us v. ala doesn't take effect until filters are perfect, right, and the provision allowing the disabling of filters is out of sight, out of mind, right?).  on the "children's page" the three "recommended reading" sites are all ala sites, and on the "teen's page" the top three recommended sites are again ala sites.  with all the web sites available, is their any doubt who runs this library -- definitely not the citizens.  does anyone think with the anything-goes policy of this library that namesake mr. john curtis of boston from 1887 would be proud of the library's administration and staff?  when the first rape or molestation occurs in your library, someone contact us and we will help you win punitive damages against the lie-brary, the town, and the ala that defies us v. ala.]
5/4/05 board in johnson county, ks, board excises ala bill of rights language "does the american library association's (ala) bill of rights stop a library from protecting children from pornography?  worried about that possibility, the board of the johnson county library (jcl), overland park, ks, recently voted 4-3 to strip the language from the library's collection development guidelines.  the action may turn out to be symbolic, as two of the board members who voted to delete the language are at the end of their term.  plus, patrons have made their displeasure over the action known to jcl staff.  'because of patron response to the action, the staff will request that the action be reconsidered,' county librarian mona carmack said."  [p2s:  wow!  the ala almost seems to get it!  but then they say it's only symbolic and patrons, likely misinformed by the ala lie-brarians, are supposedly against the recent changes.  right - so why is the lie-brary staff asking for the change and not the public?  when the first rape or molestation occurs in your library, someone contact us and we will help you win punitive damages against the lie-brary, the town, and the ala that defies us v. ala.  sadly, see a step back for library, 4/30/05.]
5/3/05 guard turns in man "a 25-year-old sarasota man was arrested monday and charged with seven counts of downloading child pornography at the selby library in downtown sarasota, according to a press release from the sarasota police department ... after a security guard took [him] into custody.  the security guard said [the man] was using a computer at the library to download and print to a public printer 'naked, sexually indecent pictures of children,' according to the release."  [p2s:  see also man arrested for downloading child porn at library, 5/2/05, and man charged for accessing porn at library, 5/3/05]
5/2/05 libraries vs. pornography visitors to the county library in fairfield browse the internet, which isn't currently filtered for content. that may soon change.  media credit: mike mccoy/daily republic"chris stockman the college student doesn't like the idea of filtering internet stations at public libraries.  without full access to research such things as the human anatomy, library computer stations are useless to the 40-something nursing student.  as a mother, however, stockman doesn't like the idea of her young child seeing pornographic images on computer screens at the library.  because it's nearly impossible to separate educational material from the lewd content permeating the internet, officials in charge of public libraries have to choose between the free flow of information and locking out sites that may contain offensive pictures or text.  ....  according to solano county policy, library staff can revoke a visitor's computer privileges if they use the internet to view 'extremes of sex or violence,' but there is no automated filter to keep people from seedy sites.  but that might change.  the issue of whether to filter library online content has come once again to the attention of solano county policy makers, who this month will consider requests from concerned parents to put limits on internet access at the seven libraries in their jurisdiction.  several people spoke up at recent meetings of the county board of supervisors about the need for online filters.  it appears they've gotten through.  a majority of supervisors say something needs to be done to keep children and adults from using government property to look at porn.  ....  library administrators hesitated to say whether they would favor a change.  only a small percentage of the internet users breach the gap between appropriate and inappropriate web sites, library director ann cousineau said.  'but it does happen,' she said.  even with staff members roaming the library, it isn't always easy to control what people are looking at, cousineau said.  ....  some california counties chose to filter internet access, and others rely on policies similar to the one that governs napa and solano.  it's ultimately up to the county's governing body to choose for themselves.  for instance, alameda and contra costa counties have restrictions, yolo county has none, and sacramento filters children's internet stations but not those for adults.  ....  as for chris stockman, she's more mother than student.  'if i had to choose, i'd say filter it,' she said.  'it would be inconvenient for the work i'm doing, but the way it is with children in there it's like putting hustler magazine on an eye-level shelf.'[p2s:  see how the librarians toe the ala line.  citizens:  read us v. ala to see how and why the librarians are wrong.  also, filters, when properly configured, work just fine without blocking breast cancer sites.  the articles below show libraries that filter only the children's computers still suffer from child molestations and other crimes -- one library even regretted trying that method in the first place.  see how citizens speaking up can have an effect!]
5/1/05 loving our library and its flaws "like a love affair that has lasted for almost a year, we are starting to see a few flaws.  it smells sometimes.  it makes you wait.  and, more than once while visiting the seattle central library, we've spotted pornography on the computer screen.  'i love that there are public places and where people can borrow books and use a computer,' said patron sheila magnano.  'but to me, pornography is the bottom.'  ....  and for all the library's newness, and the international awe, it turns out libraries face the same issues everywhere, from denmark to des moines.  [n]ot everyone thinks porn belongs on the same computers that students use.  ....  and, in response to concerns about patrons viewing pornography, harris said, the library has implemented closer staff supervision and installed devices that block neighboring patrons from seeing other screens.  'there is a principle where if you want access to the information,' harris said, 'you should be able to get it.'  if we are a city committed to our central library, we need to remember that 'public' is the system's middle name.  smell, porn and all.[p2s:  this article states porn is perfectly acceptable in a public library and should be an example for the world!  do seattle citizens think this or is this another instance of an ala takeover with media approval?]
4/29/05 jacquielynn floyd:  porn fear frazzles library "you know, i always thought it might be pleasant to be a librarian, to spend all day in a peaceful place surrounded by books, to light a little lamp of knowledge against the void of ignorance.  on second thought, though, the job might make me run screaming and flailing into the street. other people's lofty ideals and smug political grandstanding seem to be making the librarian life awfully difficult these days.  ....  easy, for instance, to nod in earnest agreement when ms. horn flatly said:  'i don't want taxpayer-provided porn.'  ....  the reality isn't so simple.  the filters create more problems then they solve, said pilot point library director phyllis tillery.  'they're expensive, and they don't work,' ms. tillery said.  ....  it's easy to have an opinion in this debate.  it's a lot harder to cope with the reality."  [p2s:  another pro-ala journalist promoting another pro-ala library director as gospel, completely ignoring how they are both totally wrong.  actually, 100% wrong.  p2s has published a response entitled, ala policies make a librarian's life difficult, 5/1/2005, containing a dozen links to source material to prove how wrong these people are and how they defy the law of the land.]
4/28/05 police say man viewed child porn in library "a bridgeville man is accused of viewing child pornography while on a computer at the community college of beaver county library on two occasions in february.  ....  a ccbc librarian observed drobiezewski viewing pornographic material on a computer at the library on feb. 15 and contacted campus security, according to a police report.  ....  reading from the system's internet usage policy, [diane] ambrose[, director of the beaver county library system] said, 'these computers are to be used for educational, informational and recreational purposes.'  'they may not be used for unauthorized or illegal purposes. viewing "obscene and other sexual materials and performances" ... is not allowed.'"  [p2s:  this library director correctly defies the ala and calls the police for help.  further, the library defied the ala's defiance of the us patriot act by turning over computer usage records to the police.]
4/28/05 local students say it's easy to access porn at school students at clear lake intermediate school say they have no problem downloading porn in class. media credit: unknown"clear lake isd will be taking a closer look at its computers to after some students claimed they're looking up more than just research.  technicians will check the histories of every computer at clear lake intermediate.  some students claimed to have bypassed network internet filters in the computer lab and downloaded inappropriate material like pornography.  students say it happens often.  'kids go to inappropriate sites and look at pictures of nude women while they're supposed to be doing class work....'"
4/28/05 librarian has more to say than just 'shhhh!' "dear abby: i have been thinking about writing this letter for a long time.  i'm the director of a small public library.  i love my job and serving our patrons, but you would not believe some of the outrageous behavior that occurs in libraries - so i have written:

a librarian's plea for library etiquette

....  if you want to view pornography, buy a home computer.  while we support free speech, our facility needs to be child-friendly.  no one - not children, other patrons or staff - wants to see your 'private life.'  ....  i know this letter is too long to print, abby, but thank you for letting me get this off my chest.  i feel better.

- marian the librarian in kansas

dear marian:  you're welcome.  i'm printing your letter in full because it has merit, and also because i suspect most of the offenders do not know any better."  [p2s:  another librarian defying the ala, only on a national stage.  thank you, dear abby, and thank you, marian the librarian.]
4/26/05 stranger danger lurks online "jan lorch, violence prevention coordinator at memorial high school, helped plan the forum after organizing a presentation by nooyen for district staff, who watched her go online posing as a 13-year-old girl.  'within a matter of minutes, she started getting hit on by old men,' said lorch, who, as a school social worker, thought she had 'heard it all.'  'i was shocked and concerned,' said lorch.  'even the computer teachers and the library people were surprised by what they saw and what they heard.  we all felt that this was something parents needed to see.'"  [p2s:  librarians in this story are unaware of the dangers to children of the internet.  therefore, how can they be trusted to protect children?]
4/24/05 librarian charged in teen porn pal case "the longtime director of beverly's public library has been placed on paid administrative leave while he battles charges he used gay porn to foster a furtive friendship with a teenage boy.  ....  no stranger to controversy, [the library director] was forced out of his job as director of the peabody institute library in 1986 after allegedly encouraging two boys to masturbate.  prosecutors allege that after [the library director] caught a 15-year-old foster-care boy surfing a sex web site on a library computer in 2003, he brought him to his house for a private viewing.  prosecutors said the teen visited scully at home 'hundreds of times' to watch gay skin flicks.  beverly mayor william scanlon said yesterday he was 'terribly shocked and saddened' by the accusations against [the library director], who is also a corporate officer of ... the north of boston library exchange, according to public records."  [p2s:  a library director and boston library exchange officer!  kicked out of another library for getting two boys to masturbate!  gets hired again anyway!  catches a kid on one of his public library's computers viewing gay porn!  thereafter has a two-year relationship with the kid!  a statutory rapist? no wonder the ala is against filters!!!  see also, library leader accused of giving porn to minor, 4/28/2005.  happily, see librarian retires amid sex assault, porn charges, 5/19/2005.  unhappily, see taxpayers on the hook for scully payoff, 5/27/2005.]
4/23/05 county library vote spurs 'rights' debate "the chief proponent of a johnson county library board action earlier this week contends it was simply a housekeeping matter.  but others see it as a threat to intellectual freedom.  spawning this nascent debate was a library board decision wednesday to remove from its collections policy adherence to the american library association's 'bill of rights.'  ....  at a rancorous meeting wednesday, the board voted 4-3 to strip the bill-of-rights language [about age discrimination] from the library's guidelines regarding acquisition of books and other materials.  ....  the opponents ... said the deletion was tantamount to an attack on the first amendment.  ....  james berger, another board member who voted for the change, said library policies should reflect the direction of the board, not the national library association.  'parents see libraries as a safe haven where their children can go and have a good experience,' said berger....  he said the library association guidelines stripped the library board of the ability to safeguard children from objectionable material, such as pornography.  'if we put up a sign that said, 'parents, drop you kids off at your own risk, that would be fine,'' berger said.  'but we don't.'[p2s:  halleluyah!  a library board of trustees has finally acted to eject the law-defying child-endangering section of the ala's rules saying age may not be used as a reason to keep children from seeing anything including pornography!!!!  p2s urges every library nationwide to follow suit!  remove the word 'age' from your library's adherence to the ala's so-called library bill of rights!!!  you have to admire the guts of the library board majority for stating the obvious, "the library association guidelines stripped the library board of the ability to safeguard children from objectionable material, such as pornography."  and just so you all know, all first amendment concerns have been addressed in us v. ala, a case that also supports separate standards based on age as p2s has been saying for a long time.  new information:  johnson county commissioners react by requiring further library board members to submit their motivations for joining the board!!!!!  citizens - it's time to vote out county commissioners who question the motivations of those you wish to comply with the law!!!!  see library vote concerns officials, 4/29/2005.  sadly, see a step back for library, 4/30/05.]
4/23/05 it's no longer your grandpa's library "every week or so, there's another story in my favorite newspaper about the financial fix our libraries are in.  it's hardly a surprise.  our libraries are now being asked to provide all kinds of services that didn't even exist in your grandfather's day.  ....  evidently, it's too late to ask ... if the taxpayers should be providing access to porn on the internet.  ....  i do, however, begrudge people who expect a taxpayer-provided computer, so they can watch porn and other stuff that's so degrading that it has to be screened from younger library patrons."
4/22/05 [not titled] "meet [library director criminal].  the 66-year-old philadelphia academic--until last week a university of pennsylvania vice provost and director of libraries--was nabbed yesterday on kiddie porn charges.  according to philly cops, [he] downloaded pornographic images of children onto his office computer at penn's van pelt library, the university's main library facility.  a search of [his] computer turned up more than 2000 illicit images, according to investigators."  [p2s:  now we know why we wanted to be a library director.]
4/21/05 american library association receives $380,000 grant from ford foundation "the american library association (ala) has received a grant of $380,000 from the ford foundation [to] be used over a two-year period to support three major ala initiatives that will support intellectual freedom and advocacy efforts.  'this generous grant from the ford foundation comes at an important time for libraries and the ala,' said ala president carol brey-casiano.  'we are delighted to have the foundation's support to pursue these timely projects concerning privacy rights, intellectual freedom and library advocacy.'  ....  the second initiative encompasses 'lawyers for libraries' and 'law for librarians.'  lawyers for libraries is a project to create a cadre of attorneys across the country committed to the defense of intellectual freedom in libraries.  the goal of law for librarians is to provide librarians and trustees with legal fundamentals of the first amendment, which gives users the right to read freely in libraries,and to create a means of enabling librarians to effectively partner with their legal representatives to defend against censorship.  the ala office for intellectual freedom will administer this initiative.[p2s:  the radical left gets over a third of a million dollars "to create a cadre of attorneys across the country" to "defend against censorship"!  now since the us supreme court found the use of filters is not censorship, and since the ala is openly defying the law, this means the ala will launch a massive pressure attack on local communities to convince local libraries to effectively disable all filters so that children will become even greater targets for an ever increasing number of public library rapists and molestors!  this is a serious threat to the health and life of america's children!  the ala office responsible for overseeing this is the very one responsible for saying children may access porn because it would be age discrimination to keep them from seeing it!!!!!!]
4/21/05 blocking all explicit material impossible, library official says "a computer expert yesterday told a county council subcommittee that is considering legislation to block all pornographic material in allegheny county's 44 public libraries that even the most sophisticated filters will let images through.  'most filtering systems are very good at blocking texts and [specific internet addresses],' said dan jude, chief executive officer of security software systems, a texas-based company.  unfortunately, he said, no technology is available to block sexually explicit graphics and photos.  ....  members discussed legislation, authored by county councilman vince gastgeb, that calls for the einetwork, which links the 44 public library systems of the allegheny county library association, to use filters capable of blocking all pornographic or inappropriate material found on the web.  the legislation was in response to a february incident at the bethel park library in which a pair of 12-year-old girls sat down at a computer terminal to review homework.  at the same time, a man sitting next to them viewed nude women wrestling.  ....  speaking during yesterday's meeting, district judge robert c. wyda, who charged [the man], said [he] had engaged in that type of behavior for a couple of years.  'the librarians knew it was going on, but they couldn't catch him,' wyda said."  [p2s:  can you believe this was going on for years?  netsweeper]
4/21/05 nevada pl tightens policy after child porn case "last year, [while] using a computer at the washoe county library system, reno, [a man] was seen by another user to have pictures of naked children on the screen.  last week he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, and was sentenced to five years of probation.  the reno gazette-journal reported that the case prompted the library board to change its internet policies.  before the ... incident, library staff members weren't sure whether they needed solid proof of illegality before calling the cops.  now, a series of guidelines instructs them to contact 911 and library officials, and to do what they can to preserve evidence.  the library filters some but not all of its computers.  [the man] was using an unfiltered workstation designated only for adults.[p2s:  again, unfiltered adult computers used for criminal activity.  again, the library considers complying with the law only after a serious incident occurs.]
4/19/05 aclu of rhode island releases report on "troubling" internet censorship in state's public libraries (press release) "the american civil liberties union of rhode island today released a report showing that public libraries in the state are impeding patrons' access to information on the internet through the unnecessarily expansive use of so-called 'blocking software.'  calling the findings 'troubling,' the 18-page report, 'reader's block,' urged libraries to reassess the policies and practices they have implemented.  'we are hopeful that this report will encourage public libraries in rhode island to take every possible measure available to provide their patrons with the freest access to the internet that is allowable under the law,' said steven brown, executive director of the aclu of rhode island.  ....  [t]he deeply flawed software keeps patrons from accessing tens of thousands of lawful and informative political, medical and other sites, while often failing to block alleged 'pornographic' sites.  ....  the aclu report notes that during a recent session at a local library, the software blocked access to the official web site of famed photographer robert mapplethorpe, a health web site for men, and an interview with actor peter sellers, among other sites.  the report points out that 'the unnecessary blocking of internet material by public libraries only exacerbates the so-called digital divide in this country between those who have easy personal access to the internet, and those who must rely on their local library for this access.'"  [p2s:  the aclu's article and underlying report is very misleading and advocates defiance of the law; it should be dismissed as propaganda. 

first, they quote justice souter who can "smell a rat when a library blocks materials already in its control," but just look at any library that refuses to filter and you will see policy disclaimers about the web sites that are not under their control.

second, the aclu categorizes us v. ala as a case "requiring public library censorship" despite ruling the exact opposite.  how seriously should anyone consider the words of an organization that characterizes a us supreme court case to be exactly opposite of the actual holding of the case?

4/19/05 " third, the aclu says the us supreme court's censorship is a "blatant distortion" of the role of librarians.  since the aclu likely believes, like the ala, that it is age discrimination to keep children from seeing porn, then we suppose preventing librarians from allowing children to access porn is indeed a blatant distortion of the ala's view of the world.

fourth, the aclu complains too much power is in the hands of the filtering companies.  this ignores that there are many filtering alternatives, each one can be set as any library wishes, other librarians and even this very aclu report have reported that filters are causing no problems at all but are working well, and any librarian can be asked to temporarily disable the filters.

fifth, the aclu argues the filters perpetrate the "digital divide" because some people "must rely on their local library for ... access."  never mind that the ala has characterized the us supreme court as racist for this very reason, it is totally without merit.  internet access can be had in a wide variety of places now other than the public library.  and if the librarians are concerned people might not be able to access porn, not to worry, a florida man was arrested for viewing child porn in a local kinko's on an internet computer available for customer use.

sixth, the aclu complains filtering software was a "process limiting access to a vast amount of information for thousands of public library patrons."  this is gross overreaching for obvious reasons but for a very subtle reason as well.  google is the number one search engine.  google has over 8 billion pages indexed and ready for searching.  suppose a search returns 20 hits and 5 of them are blocked.  setting aside that one merely has to ask to have the filters disabled under the right circumstances, the 5 blocked sites are a tiny drop in the bucket of pages the library patron is not seeing.  it is estimated that the internet actually holds over 64 billion pages but google indexes only 8 billion.  so before any search results are returned, 56 billion pages have been effectively "blocked" from the library patron.  and since there are ways to search many more billions of pages than on google, and since the libraries do not assist patrons in finding these pages sometimes called the "deep web" when they could quite easily merely by providing a few links, it is the libraries that are effectively blocking billions and billions of pages from library patrons.  in other words, if libraries don't like a few pages being blocked even if this is perfectly legal, then libraries should make the effort to open up the deep web to library patrons, not defy the law and fail to filter.

4/19/05 " seventh, the aclu arguments repeatedly rely on cites from the cases overturned by us v. ala.  and as to the facts, the aclu calls filtering software a "blunt instrument," obviously ignoring the truth that modern filters are working well.  they base some of their facts, such as on web sites being blocked, on a four year old report!  really, this is quite laughable as technology has greatly improved in four years.  but recent information would not support the aclu's conclusions, so they choose to use the old data and arguments from many years ago, particularly from before us v. ala.  frankly, we can't understand how anyone who really reads what the aclu is saying and providing as proof can take the seriously.

eighth, the aclu has an axe to grind.  "on the whole, and quite unexpectedly, many librarians have responded neutrally to the use of blocking software."  so obviously they were expecting librarians to be against the filters.  here's more evidence of bias:  "on a positive note, the jamestown library was no longer blocking 'language considered foul' as it had in the past."  here's more:  "the filtering software itself performed as expected - quite poorly."  is is possible the aclu is seeing only what it wants to see?  now that the aclu bias is evident, we believe they have marginalized themselves.  they have shown their report is a mere propaganda effort to try the reargue the arguments lost years ago in the us supreme court.

ninth, the aclu makes recommendations that either openly defy us v. ala and cipa, or make effective end runs around compliance.  what good is the law if anyone can take action that essentially nullifies the law?  adult computers obtaining automatic exemptions essentially nullifies the law.  staff computers being permanently disabled also nullifies the law.  the aclu even says, "although it is true that cipa, as interpreted by the fcc, requires that blocking software be installed on all computers, disabling it on staff computers should not pose legal problems because the staff are 'adults' engaged in 'lawful' work."  so they are using legal legerdemain and excuse making to openly defy the law.  this is not just our opinion, this is openly written into their report!  and remember the facts they reported, that no staff members were blocked even once after the application of the filters.  the facts are against the aclu and the law is against the aclu.  exactly why should anyone seriously consider their recommendations?

by the way, look how this report admits librarians opposed filters because of ala directives:  "[we've had] no comments from patrons [about the new internet filters].  librarians opposed because of american library association's library bill of rights tenet "free and equal access to information," but as of now, the staff has not been encumbered by filters.'"  p2s suggests this information be used when suit is brought against the ala for the rape and molestation of children.]
4/18/05 library rethinks 'porn' policy "if you walk into the library with an axe and start surfing internet porn sites, you're bound to cause a stir.  after a similar incident at lewis and clark library, one must now check weapons at the door.  but library board members aren't sure what to do about online smut.  ....  [t]he web presents a first amendment quandary.  ....  the library doesn't subscribe to penthouse, but it can't easily keep dirty pictures off its computer screens.  the question is how to do so without muzzling intellectual freedom.  for starters, internet filters don't work.  'we do not filter the internet access here because the filters do not work,' [interim library director becky] foster says.  'adults have a right to look at anything not pornographic.'  apparently, trying to google the word 'breast' - with the intention of looking for information on 'breast cancer' - can run afoul of internet filters.  unlike at school, public librarians aren't babysitters.  'we want to make it a great experience,' foster says.  'but we can't tell kids what to do or not to do.'  ....  [parent joe pennington] suggests computers for kids and computers for adults.  'one thing i'd like people to know is:  do you know that your child has access to pornography?'  pennington says.  'i didn't know.  did i fail or is the system failing?'[p2s:  ignorance is bliss, isn't it?  these people totally have it wrong.  there is no first amendment "quandary" because that has been resolved by the us supreme court in us v. ala.  further, internet filters do work and breast cancer is not excluded.  that statement about not being able to tell kids what to do or not to do comes from the ala's so-called library bill of rights that essentially makes it age discrimination to keep children from seeing porn.  is this what the people in montana want or is this the radical position of the ala being forced on another unsuspecting community.  mr. pennington, the system has failed you.  the ala defies cipa and us v. ala and no one does anything about it; your local library absorbs ala policy like it was a second skin that excludes the wishes of your community - just look at all the misinformation in your library's policy.  even you, as a parent, are to blame.  you think it's okay to filter only the children's computers - molesters will still have access to porn on unfiltered computers and to the kids on the filtered computers; you are likely willing to give up protecting your children fully if only the library will cave in a little on it's possibly illegal actions by filtering only a few computers.  your child will heal from an axe wound but being molested will ruin her life forever.  read us v. ala, get a backbone, and protect the children in your community from the ala librarians before you have to protect them from a perpetrator's aclu lawyers.]
4/18/05 laura bush honor raises questions "the decision by the [ala] to announce that 'ala honors first lady' has caused significant consternation among some ala councilors, some who questioned whether official channels were bypassed and others who consider her an endorser of presidential policies they deplore. while the honor was not any official award voted by council, councilor michael mcgrorty observed, 'the public don't [sic] see our machinery at work, nor do [sic] they [sic] appreciate fine distinctions. all they [sic] see [sic] is an award given by the ala to the president's wife, whom they [sic] view [sic] as a part of the current administration and its policies.'"  [p2s:  giving an award to the first lady is painful for the ala but giving an award to the ala person responsible for defying cipa and us v. ala is not. by the way, the ala despises our government but loves bad grammar--public is singular, not plural. exactly why does the ala despise our government?]
4/15/05 library bill giving cops access to confidential data may die "a bill pushed by naperville police to give officers access to confidential library records in the event of an emergency appeared headed for defeat thursday.  ....  the naperville police department sought the legislation after a standoff that occurred on may 18 with the naperville public library.  three teenagers reported to library officials that a man was viewing pornography and fondling himself in the computer lab.  library officials called police, but the man was gone by the time police arrived.  when police asked library officials for the name and address of the cardholder that had logged onto the computer, library officials balked, citing the illinois library records confidentiality act.  the act prohibits library officials from releasing registration or circulation records except with a court order.  ....  without the bill, police have to wait to obtain a court order before learning the identities of people allegedly involved in violent crimes, dunn said.  naperville police capt. ray mcgury said it took more than six hours to learn [the perpetrator's] identity.  ....  'this is a public safety issue.  this is not about power,' mcgury said.  'we just want to know if joe stabs john, we'd like to know who joe is.'[p2s:  just whose side is the ala on?  the library protected the criminal's right to masturbate before three teenagers in a public library.  the ala ought to be honest about its goals and add to its so-called library bill of rights:  "thou shalt have the right to masturbate in front of children in public libraries without police harassment because librarians only provide information and never make moral judgments."]
4/13/05 public library board votes unanimously for filters computers at the ardmore public library will soon be installed with filters to help control unwanted web sites. media credit: unknown"on the recommendation of ardmore public library director daniel gibbs, the library board voted unanimously tuesday to install anti-pornography filtering hardware on the library's public-access computers.  ....  a local woman, geri amon, complained in january that her children were exposed to inappropriate images being viewed by computer users at the library.  after hearing about amon's complaint, gibbs immediately ordered all of the internet-accessible computers moved to a new location within the librarythe change made it easier for the staff to monitor the screens but didn't provide the same degree of protection as filtering.  'i think it's great,' amon said after hearing about the board's decision.  'i'm glad they took it seriously.  i just think it's a sign of the times, and we just have to protect the children.'  ....  the decision will bring the library into compliance with the federal children's internet protection act and permit the staff to apply for discounts on internet connections and other federal funding.  ....  'i think this is the right thing for the library and the library patrons,' gibbs said.  'it's consistent with meeting community standards.  we are the public, the same as the people we serve.'[p2s:  wahoo!!  a library board that gets it!!!  and the library director gets it too!!!! this is all too rare!  iprism]
4/13/05 child porn case spotlights libraries' internet policies "whenever staff at the county library passed near [the perp] as he scrolled through internet sites, he would quickly change his screen, but when a nearby computer user saw pictures of naked children, he called the sheriff's office.  [the perp], 30, who was using one of the washoe county library's adult, nonfiltered computers in northwest reno to download child pornography, was arrested and charged with 13 counts of possession.  ....  the issue ... ultimately provoked the county library's board of trustees this year to change procedures for handling suspicious activity on the internet....  ....  the staff members are now encouraged to call 911, notify managers, preserve evidence, turn off the computer's monitor and even remove the computer's mouse and keyboard or disconnect the ethernet cable if appropriate, according to the official procedures."  [p2s:  more evidence filtering only the children's computers solves almost nothing.  more evidence libraries are defying ala directives to do everything possible to thwart law enforcement.  someone please send us those official procedures for posting on this site.]
4/12/05 house, others receive dubious muzzle awards "a ... measure to pull state funding from libraries lacking internet filters [has] garnered the virginia house of delegates a 2005 jefferson muzzle award recognizing disregard for free speech principles ... from the thomas jefferson center for the protection of free expression ... [for] people and groups guilty of outrageous freedom of speech violations, center officials said.  'fortunately they did not pass in the senate,' robert m. o'neil, the albemarle county center's director and former president of the university of virginia, said of the pair of house bills.  ....  the library filter bill would have required public libraries to install content filtering for all internet access on library computers or face the loss of all state funding.  it passed the house 78-16....  del. rob bell, r-albemarle, ... defended the filter bill ... [saying] 'i think many parents are concerned about what the internet shows their children, whether at home or in the library, and to keep child porn out of our libraries is a good idea.'[p2s:  sad, isn't it?  yes, parents are concerned as the 78-16 house vote shows, but librarians, university presidents, and american-sounding leftist organizations aren't--quite the opposite is true for them--leave no child unsexualized.]
4/11/05 pervert went on library's computer to access child porn "brand new computer systems with blocking devices have been installed in north wales libraries to prevent perverts downloading child porn.  it comes after a man who used public libraries to download porn was jailed for 12 months at mold crown court.  ....  he was caught after leaving a collage of indecent photographs on a computer in wrexham library.  shocked staff alerted police who found six computer disks containing 11 indecent photographs of children at his home....  ....  the judge, mr recorder john hillyer, placed him on the sex offenders' register for ten years.  he said:  'people like you are responsible for children being abused.  without a market they would not be created.'"
4/9/05 gangs threaten library peace "public libraries are supposed to be sanctuaries of whispered words and quiet reading, but packs of teenagers who showed signs of gang affiliation recently threatened the peace at centennial park branch library in greeley.  ....  'i couldn't concentrate,' said 13-year-old library patron jacob aguirre, who said the packs of obnoxious teens took over the computer stations.  they were looking at porn and shouting a lot.'  ....  for about three weeks, the teens all but took over at centennial park library.  ....  those kids soon discovered you can only push librarians so far:  the library decided it was time for a crackdown and asked police to help.  ....  even the greeley-evans school district 6 got involved by contacting some of the teens' parents, reid said.  soon, peace was restored and the library staff learned that sometimes it takes much more than a simple 'shush' to deal with problem patrons.  'it toughened some of us up,' reid said."  [p2s:  according to the ala, "as for obscenity and child pornography, prosecutors and police have adequate tools to enforce criminal laws.  libraries are not a component of law enforcement efforts...."  what we see is another library using common sense to defy the ala's own policy by doing what's right to protect the community.  although it's puzzling, the library does use internet filters, yet gangs were able to view pornography for three weeks.  hmmmm.  seems a little tweaking or retooling is necessary.]
4/8/05 stranger than fiction:  nudity, theft and mischief at olin library "sometimes the library's best stories aren't found in the stacks.  ....  olin has its share of mischief.  the most common complaint involves people misusing the computers.  when one man was asked to get off a computer because he was looking at pornography, he told a librarian he wasn't looking at porn-he was just trying to run his business.  slightly more than half of the incident reports involve people not affiliated with washington university, britton said.  'which is a lot considering that the thousands of people who use the library everyday are almost all students,' he added."
4/7/05 thousands use local public computers adam saldana of indianapolis uses a carnegie library computer to access the internet while in muncie on tuesday. media credit: daniel johnson / the star press"tens of thousands of people use public computer stations at the muncie public library each year.  bracken library at ball state university also offers computer time, and for-pay businesses like fedex/kinkos also provide the service.  'we get an awful lot of use on these computers,' said muncie public library director virginia nilles.  mpl offers more than 70 computers with internet access at its facilities.  in 2004, mpl's computers were used 85,225 times, nilles said.  ....  for every high-profile and embarrassing incident like the march arrest of a man caught downloading an e-mail containing child pornography on an mpl computer, thousands use the computers for research or work or recreation.  ....  mpl uses filters to prevent its computers from being used to access internet sites with obscenity or gambling, for example.  recent advances in filter programs mean that they will no longer block access to sites with information about breast cancer, nilles said.  computer users over the age of 18 can ask that incorrectly-blocked internet sites be available, she added.  'we haven't had a problem with it,' nilles said.  nilles said the library worked with police to arrest the man accused of receiving illegal e-mails.  'we were responsible for catching that guy,' nilles said.  'we will not allow people to do illegal things in our libraries.  if we can catch them, we will.'[p2s:  in a rare statement of defiance of the ala, this library director is to be congratulated for 1) using internet filters, 2) admitting they don't block breast cancer web sites because of recent advances in technology, 3) admitting that there has not been a problem unblocking incorrectly-blocked sites, 4) differentiating between people 18 and over who get sites unblocked and children 17 and under who do not, and 5) working with the police to arrest people abusing the computers -- each one of these five points is diametrically opposed to the statements, actions, and directives of the ala and its followers.  congratulations to muncie public library (indiana) director virginia nilles for defying the ala and for acting on behalf of the community, not the ala.  note to librarians who know the ala is wrong to defy the law but are afraid to act:  you won't melt when the ala throws water on you -- the exact opposite is true.]
4/6?/05 librarians honor a novelist whom parents would like to ban "the american library association, dogged champions of unfiltered internet access for all, young and old, has managed to outdo even itself in the libertarian librarian department."  [p2s:  the story goes on to talk about an ala award for a book for children about homosexuality, rough sex, pimps and drugs.  the ala continues to push porn on children.]
4/6/05 librarians forced to sniff out unwashed vagrants "the emergence of computers and the internet in libraries also has turned librarians into pornography police.  most libraries have stations in which patrons can surf the web or check e-mail for a limited time for free -- but some abuse that privilege and look at internet porn.  the d.c. public library system has no set policy on internet use, but has separate computers for children.  internet pornography also has been a problem at virginia libraries.  some state lawmakers this year attempted but failed to pass legislation requiring libraries that receive state funding to install and use internet filters that block pornography."  [p2s:  librarians who follow the ala's call to defy the law to stop porn are porn purveyors, not porn police.]
4/1/05 mother, children see porn on library computer; some counties do no filter computer materials during a visit to the town square library with her children, toni horn, of vacaville, observed a boy viewing pornography on the internet. media credit: joel rosenbaum/the reporter"a vacaville mother hopes her shocking experience at a county library will change the way people search the internet.  when toni horn and her daughters went to vacaville's town square library last saturday, they went online to look for children's books, horn said, but instead saw something very adult.  'there was a young boy (next to us), who i believe was a minor, looking at pornography. i looked at my kids, and my 9-year-old daughter was staring right at it,' horn said.  the boy was asked to leave, but horn said her feeling of unease didn't go away.  she now wants the library to block porn.  'we came to the library to check out books and promote learning for our kids.  instead, i had to explain to my 9- and 6-year-old daughters what internet pornography was,' horn said.  ....  for horn, whose daughter now refuses to go to the library, it's not a first amendment issue but a social one.  'it just makes me mad.  the whole thing makes me mad.  i don't expect my kids to live in a bubble, but to come to a public library?  it's just appalling to me,' horn said.[p2s:  here's another story (ardmore, ok) where kids see porn other kids had on the screen, thereby affecting multiple kids in different ways.  the vacaville, ca news story includes a video news broadcast and an online poll asking "should public libraries allow access to unfiltered materials" where the people are voting 2 to 1 in favor of filters!  today is april 1; who are the april fools for not stopping librarians from defying the law (and the vote of the people) requiring all computers to be filtered?  see also whether to filter internet; mother raises issue after library incident:  "it's a common-sense thing to me," said horn.  "the library has filtered their selection of magazines that are available and it should also filter internet access.  allowing a pubescent teenager full access to the internet is like putting a stack of porn magazines in front of him and telling him not to look at them."  and see supes agree to mull library 'net policy, 4/7/2005]
4/1/05 man cited with indecent exposure "a lexington man was arrested at the w.t. young library [university of kentucky] wednesday evening and charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespassing [and was] arrested ... after a security officer saw him looking at pornography on a computer and masturbating, the police report said; other library patrons were in the area, and [he] was exposing himself to others, it said.  ....  'the problem with that is this is an open campus, and the library is a public facility.'"  [p2s:  no.  the problem is the failure to use internet filters perfectly legal in a public facility.]
4/1/05 candidates make their stand "candidates for townwide office in monday's annual town election fielded a variety of questions, ranging from pornography to affordable housing and dual tax rates at yesterday's candidates' forum.  ....  'i'm upset about pornography in the library.  i hope things change,' said resident barbara porter, who challenged the library trustee candidates to find a solution.  concern arose several years ago when complaints were publicized that pornographic sites were not filtered out in the town library computers.  "  [p2s:  the candidates then went on to spew the ala line so this town will remain exposed to pornography.]
3/31/05 students gain early access to report after three-hour wait students approached university provost alan brinkley as he walked into low library. media credit: rami boundouki/cds"after being told that the ad hoc committee report would not be released until this morning, three students waited for over two hours before successfully persuading provost alan brinkley to allow them to read the document in his low library office late last night.  the students, all members of columbians for academic freedom, were angry after hearing rumors that the report had been released to some press outlets.  ....  [university president lee] bollinger ... was inside the building at a dinner and lecture with desmond tutu and toni morrison, so the students deliberated for roughly 45 minutes about what course of action to take as they regrouped on the low steps.  inside the building, the students encountered university spokeswoman susan brown, who refused to let them see the report under any circumstances, despite the fact that it had already been released to some press sources.  ....  after leaving the building, the students caught sight of brinkley on the low steps, and conversed with him for roughly 10 minutes about why they were not allowed to see the report.  brinkley apologized to the students and told them that he would check on why they could not view it.  ....  thirty minutes later, brinkley reappeared, told the students that they would be allowed to view the document, and asked them to wait at one of the side entrances to low.  weiss, roth, and beery waited for about 30 minutes before growing impatient and walking into bollinger's office on the building's ground floor.  just outside bollinger's office, the students encountered a group of security guards that directed them to return to the outside entrance.  brinkley said that the students were forced to wait so long because the decision to let them see the document 'wasn't spur of the moment.  it took quite a while.'  eventually, the students went into brinkley's office with the provost.  they sat in his office until close to midnight reading the report...."  [p2s:  in the interests of their definition of free speech, librarians push pornography on children and intentionally defy the us supreme court.  in this article, however, the library is the backdrop of the denial of free speech to students exposing the antisemitism and racism rampant among professors at columbia university.  "the decision to let them see the document 'wasn't spur of the moment.  it took quite a while.'"  can you imagine the condemnation and indignation of librarians and the ala and the cries of free speech as-applied violations and "horror stories" if "it took quite a while" to decide to disable a computer internet filter?  or can you imagine if security guards kept children from viewing pornography?]
3/30/05 internet pornography filters urged at all libraries "in early february, a pair of 12-year-old girls sat down at a computer terminal in bethel park library to review some schoolwork.  at the same time, a man sitting next to them viewed nude women wrestling on a yahoo chat room.  the man, [age] 38, was charged with disorderly conduct....  meanwhile, staff members at the library have upgraded their computer filters to block all chat rooms and have set aside certain computers for children 17 and younger.  'we do take our commitment to public safety very seriously,' said cheryl napsha, the library's director.  but allegheny county councilman vince gastgeb, r-bethel park, hopes libraries across the county will adopt even stricter measures to prevent similar incidents.  he wants the einetwork, the computer network that links the 44 public library systems of the allegheny county library association, to use filters capable of blocking all pornographic or inappropriate material found on the web.  ....  'i don't want any public funding going to any library until we know these filters work,' gastgeb said.  ....  if someone does access those sites, 'we need to know,' he said.  gastgeb's resolution calls for libraries to file a report with the county when their computer systems don't stop certain material.  ....  'in a library, there's a presumption of safety for minors,' he said."  [p2s:  wow!  every community government needs a man with backbone like mr. gastgeb.  we especially admire his calls for accountability and the teeth needed to ensure the community's wants and needs are not circumvented by ala types.  bravo!  even the ala has taken note of mr. gastgeb:  allegheny county councilman calls for mandatory filters.  netsweeper]
3/30/05 peers who peer:  who could be spying on you? "when san jose state university formed a joint library with the local public library, it incorporated the public library's privacy screens on its computers.  the privacy screens use the same technology as the screens on an atm - which allow only users who are standing directly in front of the screen to view its contents.  ....  according to the spartan daily, the screens allowed the library to maintain open access with no filtering and provide privacy for patrons.  the paper also reported that some saw the implementation of the [privacy] screens as a way to view pornography in the library - and that 21 arrests have been made on suspicion of lewd acts in public committed by patrons who got carried away while viewing pornography in the library."  [p2s:  21 arrests for lewd acts in a public library!  and they still have no filters!!  hey, reno, nevada is nearby, wanna place bets on where the next library rape will take place?]
3/28/05 students wonder why they're dining with dell a dell sits in the holloway commons dining hall for students and staff to use during their meals. media credit: scott yates"time for yet another dinner at holloway commons.  make a sandwich, survey the soup selection and grab your favorite seat by the window, but don't forget to check your e-mail.  that's right, university [of new hampshire] hospitality services has now equipped philbrook, stillings and holloway commons with computers for students and staff to use amidst their daily dining excursions.  ....  'they were installed with good samaritan intent ... but people aren't responding as well as we had hoped.'  inappropriate displays and pornographic content have been appearing frequently upon the screens he said."  [p2s:  no wonder the old man of the mountain's face fell off -- pornography in a public university's dining facilities would make anyone lose face, except librarians and college faculties.]
3/28/05 catching up with ... martin davis; library critic says politics gets personal "the real issue to me was the fact that adults have access to hardcore porn in our library system.  i was at morrison (branch, in southpark) four weeks ago, using the computers, and the guy beside me was downloading porn.  i told the attendant and she said she'd report it.  i asked if there were other ways to follow up, she said no.  ....  when i was initially going down there to the commissioners to do something, (democratic chairman) parks helms played a deaf ear to it.  the vehicle to change this is the republican party."
3/27/05 west gardiner approves new fire station "when it came time to vote on a sum of money for the gardiner public library, residents vented their frustration toward the library director, anne davis, but eventually voted to appropriate $23,613 for the library.  last week, davis told a legislative committee that children have a right to privacy when they check out books from the library.  she was one of the librarians who testified against a bill that would have required them to tell parents what materials their children were borrowing.  some voters at the town meeting, including a local pastor, expressed dismay about davis' comments and the fact that a child could access pornography at the library.  davis assured parents at the meeting that the computers face the middle of the room and can be seen by everyone.  a few residents still wanted to vote against funding the library.[p2s:  another library director moving the chairs on the titanic.  this is the same library from below where they said the us supreme court "manipulates the public with misinformation and fear," (10/5/04) and where they threatened "the whole network may fall apart" if they don't get what they want (10/10/04).  just who's manipulating whom?]
3/25/05 library approves web filters; ypsilanti board oks internet porn screens activated by user cards "internet filters activated by a user's library card will be used to prevent children from accessing pornographic or other adult-oriented sites on the internet from ypsilanti district library computers.  the library board of trustees voted 5-1 thursday to install the user-activated internet filters on the library's computers.  the move is a departure from a previous policy that rejected internet filters and is a compromise with new board members who ran for election in november on the filter issue.  ....  [t]he change will provide the protection that some board members want and will continue to allow adults full access to the web.  ....  roe, who campaigned on the filter issue in november, said the change is not enough.  'we should not allow anyone to access pornographic web sites at the public library,' he said after the meeting.  ....  internet filters became an issue two years ago after the library refused a request by ypsilanti township officials to install them on library computers.  the officials also recruited area clergy to help pressure the library board on the issue.  ....  nearly half of all michigan libraries have installed pornography filters since the high court ruling [us v. ala]."  [p2s:  board president roe is correct.  unfiltered adult computers will continue to endanger the children.  too bad the pro-filter people caved in here after all the successes this community had to protect children -- is a compromise that endangers children a little less really a compromise or is it a defeat.  don't let this happen in your own communities.]
3/24/05 especially for parents:  pandora's box today the focus this month is pornography, especially on the internet.  sharon secor writes, "if the libertine vanguard of the sexual revolution cracked open our modern day pandora's box, then certainly the internet has blown the lid right off of it.  and, indeed, our culture has been profoundly changed." sharon also says, "but, like pandora, we still have hope.  the moment that each of us who cares take an active stance in bringing this situation to a halt -- by refusing to accept or ... support those who distribute or profit from the distribution of pornography, by demanding appropriate legislation, by settling for nothing less than our children's right to a childhood untainted by adult concepts of sexuality – the tide will turn."  [p2s:  bravo!  please read the full article!  the ala and the libraries it de facto controls may be huge nationwide distributors of porn, even defying the law to continue pushing porn.  p2s is trying to "turn the tide" -- please help us!]
3/24/05 community access makes for a painfully distracting library "yes, the [wayne state purdy/kresge graduate library] is open to just about everyone as long as they behave appropriately.  there are community access terminals for people who don't have computers and want to look for jobs, use e-mail, or whatever.  sometimes the 'whatever' includes downloading pornography."
3/23/05 cyberspace attracting more child predators "'anything of porn nature is not allowed,' said larry bennett of the st. joseph county public library.  that's why there are security cameras, officers, filters, and constant monitoring at the st. joseph libraryjust last week, security had to throw a couple of people out of the library for illegal activity on one of their computers.  'we don't want to play a role in something happening to a child,' said bennett.  the fact remains that something can happen to a child, anywhere, anytime, even at home."  [p2s:  larry bennett of the st. joseph county public library sure said the right things to keep the public library family friendly, and we applaud him for this.  we especially admire the tough language that the library should not "play a role in something happening to a child."  but the article revealed that last week the internet filters failed to prevent the need to "throw a couple of people out."  is it possible better filters could be used, or could the existing software be better configured or implemented.  adding further cause for concern, the library has a policy that directly incorporates the american library association's so-called library bill of rights.  the ala is an organization that believes children may have access to pornography because it would be age discrimination to keep them from seeing it.  worse, the ala has brazenly announced that it recommends libraries defy internet filtering laws and specifically the us supreme court case of us v. ala that held the federal law to be constitutional.  is this how the people in south bend feel, that children may have pornography and the us supreme court should be ignored?  is this the public library or the ala's library, south bend branch.  of course a library has broad discretion, but not discretion to defy the law.  let's see if the library will back up its excellent words with action.  it should remove its adherence to the ala's library bill of rights.  it should improve its filters and usage policies.  but from what we read about the "security cameras, officers, filters, and constant monitoring," it sounds like the library is well on its way toward serving and protecting its patrons at the same time.  let's hope it makes a few more tweaks and cuts the umbilical cord to the ala, at least until the ala stops defying the law of the land.]
3/22/05 filtering vs. open access "have you ever been doing research on the internet and suddenly something completely inappropriate popped up on your screen?  many schools and libraries are taking measures to make sure teens and other children are not exposed to inappropriate material, such as pornography, while surfing the net.  ....  many school districts install or provide schools with software that blocks and filters out web sites containing inappropriate content.  ....  the school also has an internet acceptable-use policy....  the san jose public library has open access to the internet, ... no restrictions or filters on its computers for internet use, allowing users access to all web sites.  however, the san jose public library does have an internet access policy....  the library has also created web pages specifically for children and teenagers with age-appropriate links."  [p2s:  this is written by a junior in high school!  soon her research will show the ala-designed so-called acceptable use policies are never respected by criminals.  and as for age appropriate links, the so-called public library thinks it's okay to link to go ask alice, a web site about autoerotic asphyxiation, fisting, and bestiality and teenwire by planned parenthood, a web site about getting abortions without telling your parents -- these web sites have been removed from state web sites by state governors because taxpayer money should not be used to push these web sites on children.  if someone offers to explain those topics to the author of this article, they may get arrested, but the library gets away with pushing it on all teenagers.  8e6]
3/21/05 county weighs library ban on sex offenders; after one commissioner suggests keeping offenders out, the board considers whether it's a problem "clark county commissioners and library leaders are mulling whether registered sex offenders pose a threat to young library users -- and whether libraries should be off-limits to them.  ....  [commissioner marc] boldt said the county has 1,100 registered sex offenders, many of them categorized as sexual predators.  he said he wants to protect young library users from harm and suggested banning sex offenders from libraries.  county commissioner steve stuart also expressed concern about youth safety, saying he has a teenage son who uses the libraries.  stuart said commissioners have seen reports of sex offender incidents at libraries but said none were in clark county.  boldt, a former legislator, said that to authorize such a ban, an effort would have to be launched to amend a pending piece of state legislation -- substitute house bill 1147.  the bill creates 'community protection zones' near schools and bans registered sex offenders from living near public or private schools.  boldt said a reference to libraries would need to be added to the bill.[p2s:  here's a novel concept worth investigating -- everyone get on it.  watch as the ala types destroy it here so it won't be modeled nationwide.]
3/20/05 library director bette ammon moving on to coeur d'alene public library library director bette ammon"ammon doesn't shy from controversy.  she and the missoula library's staff have been vocal opponents of the patriot act and federal efforts to clamp down on internet pornography.  the library has rejected federal 'e-rate' subsidies, a provision of which requires libraries to install internet filters, which ammon calls unnecessary, intrusive and unworkable.  'this library has always been strong on intellectual freedom, confidentiality and privacy,' she said.  'our constitutional protections are being eroded under the guise of patriotism.'"  [p2s:  another librarian director proud to defy the law and endanger the citizens.  doesn't "shy away from controversy"?  the controversy is over; now she is in defiance of the law like a common criminal, only she endangers all children in the entire community and turns down federal money while begging for more money from you!  coeur d'alene citizens -- get ready for your children to be raped and molested in your public library because your new library director enjoys defying the law, according to the article.  her public statements of defiance and her actions are an open welcome mat for pedophiles who look for exactly these kinds of policies.]
3/19/05 foster father charged in city in sexual abuse of 2 young girls "an ellicott city foster father was arrested in 1994 on charges that he had molested his then-17-year-old foster son for seven years.  [t]hen a state administrative law judge, [he] pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse and avoided a prison term.  he was later convicted of abusing another young boy and then of viewing child pornography on a computer at the central enoch pratt free library."
3/18/05 man accused of downloading child porn at library; homeless suspect found with photos at shelter "albany police arrested a 21-year-old homeless man who's accused of printing child pornography he accessed on the internet at the new york state library.  ....  the library does not use internet filters because they can block legitimate sites.[p2s:  filters will never be perfect and will always overblock.  the law accounts for this by saying the filters may be disabled upon request, and the library knows this.  shame on the new york state library that chooses to ignore the us supreme court, but chooses to endanger children.]
3/18/05 accessing porn sites in library is legal, few complaints received "cmu does not punish students who view internet sex on university computers even if the pornographic material is used for non-academic purposes.  university officials say accessing porn web sites on campus won't be restricted or limited, because of internet free speech rights.  ryan buckley, communications and program developer for information technology, said viewing pornography on university computers goes against the intended use.  ....  however, the university has received few indecency complaints about students who viewing porn.  detroit senior andre henry usually goes to the woldt computer lab at least four times a week where he says it's common to receive internet porn advertisements sporadically pop up on his computer screen.  ....  'if students pay the fee to use the computer labs and if they want to look at porn, then why not?'  oit officials say the cmu police requested the investigation of one child pornography case a few years ago because that is illegal.  ....  currently, there are 300 computers installed in charles v. park library.  dean of libraries thomas moore said he's not too concerned the computers aren't equipped with internet porn filters.  'we haven't had any recent complaints of porn being viewed on library computers.  nothing has come to my attention,' he said."  [p2s:  these librarians have obviously never read us v. ala or choose to ignore it as the ala has advised.  they choose to wait for someone to be attacked before applying a simple, inexpensive solution compared to the results of criminal activity.  at least in university libraries there is likely a very reduced population of young children to prey upon.  but young adults are not immune.  those who give the money to keep this university going ought to closely examine what is going on in the libraries, why, and what can be done about it, then consider using the purse strings to rein in the anything-goes librarians.  see our online comments in the feedback section of the article.]
3/16/05 lafayette delays computer filter decision; board suggested ignoring state law requiring the technology "after lively philosophical and legal discussion, the lafayette city council delayed a decision tuesday on whether to implement a state law requiring filters on public library computers.  the city's library board recommended that the council not require internet filters on computers, despite a state law passed last year to protect minors from harmful material.  the board cited first amendment concerns, unreasonable costs and a 'flawed' law as its reasoning.  ....  mayor chris berry said lafayette and other libraries shouldn't have to comply because the law is an 'unfunded mandate.'  'this law is unfair, and it stinks,' berry said.  'if we're going to take a stand on what our values are — which is to fund libraries — then we take a stand.'"  [p2s:  again the porn pushers confuse people with "lively legal discussions," completely ignoring that all legal issues have been asked and answered in us v. ala and all the library need do now is comply with the law.  first amendment concerns?  hogwash -- us v. ala resolves all doubt as to that issue.  read it--don't blindly believe the librarians!  "unreasonable costs"?  wrong, but even if if were so, how much is too much to protect children from being raped and molested?  "flawed law"?  agreed, from the point of view of those pushing porn on children, the flaw in the law is that it legally stems the flow of porn into public libraries.  and those statements by the mayor show his concerns are the protection of the porn pushers and porn viewers who are merely expressing their first amendment rights just before they rape and molest children in public libraries.  citizens, wake up and vote that filth out of office and take back control of your own public library.  it's a public library, not a porn pushers library, and it's the law.]
3/15/05 lafayette library wants to defy state "the lafayette library board is taking a stand against a state law requiring internet filters on public computers.  a report from the library's director, michele seipp, says members of the library board agree that installing filters 'is an unreasonable restriction of first amendment rights to free speech and inquiry.'  the law, which passed last year, requires the protection to prevent minors from viewing sexually explicit material."  [p2s:  see comments immediately above.]
3/15/05 police:  man accessed porn at libraries "a man who has been accused of downloading child pornography on computers at public libraries was arrested while sitting at one of the terminals with materials that told of adults and children engaging in sex acts, authorities said.  ....  when [muncie police, il] found [the man] he had a disc with stories about adults engaging in sex acts with children, cook said.  he also admitted to downloading several pictures of child pornography while using a computer at ball state university, police reports said.  the city public library's computers filter searches for obscene material, but they do not filter e-mails, library director virginia nilles said."  [p2s:  see also library waits for better internet screening technology, 3/21/05, and child porn arrest at indiana library, 3/25/05.  websense.]
3/11/05 scientific american not pornographic "to the editor:  ....  we do not have pornography.  ....  sincerely,  jan behrens,  director,  knoxville public library."  [p2s:  this library director out and out lies.  she claims the library has no porn.  in reality, the library is perfused with porn; the library admits this is the case by warning parents that only the parents may protect the children from porn which is euphemistically called "access points."  the library explicitly complies with the ala's defiance of the law of the land.  it says essentially that if your kid is raped or molested by a criminal viewing unfiltered internet porn, you cannot blame the library.  too bad.  see the library's "internet policy":
in offering internet access, library staff cannot control access points which offen [sic] change rapidly and unpredictably.  users are hereby notified that they are responsible for the access points they reach.  parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children's use of or exposure to the internet through the library's connection.  in compliance with the library bill of rights and the freedom to read statement, the knoxville public library does not provide filters of any kind.  the knoxville public library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of the internet.
this means this community is in grave danger and must wrest control of the library back from the ala, the library director, and the library board of trustees who are all knowingly and intentionally defying the law of the land designed to protect the very children being endangered.  knoxville, now that you are aware of this information, take action as soon as possible before your children become more statistics on this web site.

p2s can report the library director's response to these comments was apparently to circle the wagons and call in reinforcements.  read censor alert; plan2succeed by kelly milner halls:
plan2succeed:  ...ever heard of them?  if you live in knoxville, iowa you may have.  because one of their loyalists supposedly registered a challenge to and defaced a copy of scientific american magazine in a knoxville public library branch, calling an unclothed illustration of a prehistoric woman -- a hominid -- pornographic.  ....  ms. behrens is well spoken and correct.  but on march 15, she received a disturbing email from [a p2s member, shown above,] who claimed to be a representative of the new jersey-based "plan2succeed" -- a venomous anti-freedom group determined to force their vision of morality on the rest of the country.  i wonder if their women are forced to wear burkhas.  keep you eyes on this hateful group and deny them their wish to deny you your rights.
too bad for the knoxville community that the library director found a notice of noncompliance with the law to be "disturbing."  perhaps we will offer to send the library of copy of that scientific american magazine, by far one of the best magazines in the country.  we are not trying to force our vision anywhere, we are just trying to get the ala to stop defying the law of the land, a law set by two branches of the federal government, not by p2s, where the defiance of which may be directly resulting in the rape and molestation of children in public libraries!  lastly, the comment about the burkhas may be considered racist or discriminatory, inflammatory at the least -- and they call us a "hateful group" in the next sentence!
3/11/05 guest opinion:  internet filters work part i "this letter is in response to statements from the library association given as testimony at the march 2, 2005 judiciary one committee hearing against hb 2458.  those testifying on behalf of libraries continue to claim that filters don't work.  over the years, their arguments have not changed, yet filters have.  i have had filtered internet service for nine years, i have no idea how filters work, but i know they do.  i have demonstrated their effectiveness before numerous groups, including several library boards.  one demonstration took place at the chicago public library....  ....  laura morgan, chicago librarian, stated, 'because of its unrestricted internet policy, the chicago public library is now the only place i might take my children where there is a real possibility of them being exposed to unwanted pornography.'  another demonstration took place at the nippersink library in richmond, il in may of 2003.  an american library association (ala) attorney, debra coldwell stone, presented their side.  during the demo, the attorney asked me to type in the urls of certain sites that she claimed filters blocked.  i did.  every address she gave me was easily accessible through my filtered isp.  she was noticeably frustrated, since she had claimed these sites were blocked by filters.  those representing the libraries continue to make public statements that information on breast cancer, sex education, homosexuality, quakers, dick durbin, mars explorer, earl of sussex, earl of essex, etc., is blocked.  on march 2, 2005, it was even stated that the site to the illinois general assembly is blocked!  this is absurd and i can easily prove it.  according to the january 2005 edition of the library journal, 59.5 percent of libraries now say they comply with the children's internet protection act, meaning they filter all computers.  sixty five percent say they filter some terminals.  if filters don't work, why are so many libraries using them?"
3/11/05 guest opinion:  internet filters work part ii "the argument by the illinois library groups against filters has not changed over the years, but the problems continue and grow worse.  ....  an internal audit conducted in may 2001 found that library users accessed 7,000 pornographic web sites in chesterfield county's (va) nine public libraries during a two-day period.  (the washington times, june 23, 2001 supervisors vote for porn filters; other libraries have faced suits).  pedowatch is a group that works with law enforcement world-wide and monitors pedophile activities.  pedowatch director julie posey stated, 'when a particular pedophile finds that the library is a safe secure place to view and download pornography, he shares this information with others ... i have seen cases where pedophiles on the internet use the library to talk with children and eventually lure them to have a face-to-face meeting.  these children are then molested, photos taken and further exploited when he sends the child's pictures to masses on the internet.'  'it is common knowledge in the business of pedophiles and traders of child pornography to go to your public library and download it because it's there.  i can't tell you how many cases we've had ... when there's communication on-line, there's an ip address.  i can't tell you how many times we trace that ip back to the public library,' said william harmening:  former deputy chief of investigations for high tech crimes in the il attorney general's office, director of il computer crimes institute, state wide coordinator for regional computer crimes enforcement groups of illinois, testifying in support of internet filtering legislation at a legislative hearing in marion, illinois, september 7, 2000.
3/11/05 guest opinion:  internet filters work part iii "on february 19, 2005, a philadelphia library porn surfer was sentenced to 35-70 years for raping an eight-year-old girl in the library bathroom and leaving her for dead.  he had just finished a porn surfing session and, according to library staff, was a regular.  on september 29, 2004 it was reported by the nbc affiliate in reno that, 'a 29-year-old reno man was arrested on ten counts of suspicion of possession of child pornography wednesday, after someone reported he was viewing sexual images of children on a computer at a public library in northwest reno, washoe county sheriff's deputies said.'  on september 26, 2004, the boston herald reported, 'a 46-year-old man wanted in arizona for failing to register as a sex offender was arrested at the boston public library yesterday where he used a computer to try to lure a 12-year-old maryland girl, police said.'  on september 23, 2004, the news-press (florida) reported, 'a convicted sex offender who admitted downloading child pornography from the internet at a lee county [florida] public library has been indicted in federal court ... lee county library director cynthia cobb said the library system has installed software that blocks pornography on computers used by children.  but computers used by adults have full links to the internet.'  a los angeles times article reported that 'a convicted child molester routinely used computers at the los angeles central library to collect and distribute child pornography and was arrested after planning what he thought would be a sexual liaison with six youngsters--one as young as 3, police said.'  (2/11/1999).  a survey of 452 libraries, with only 27 percent responding, revealed 2,062 admitted problem incidents involving internet pornography.  'librarians witnessed adults instructing children in how to find pornography, adults trading in child pornography, and incidents involving both adults and minors engaging in public masturbation at internet terminals.  analysis of computer logs from just three urban libraries revealed thousands of incidents that went unreported, indicating that the 2,062 incidents represent only a fraction of the total incidents nationwide.'  the information is in congressional record and cited in the u.s. supreme court's ruling on the children's internet protection act:  dangerous access 2000 edition:  uncovering internet pornography in america's libraries, available at  keeping in mind that internet access in libraries is free and untraceable, hindering law enforcement from solving sex crimes against children, illinois lawmakers must support hb 2458.  it's the role of government to protect its citizenry.[p2s:  bingo!  exactly as we have been saying!  the ala intentionally lies in the face of the law and children continue to get raped and molested!  also see again that filtering only a few computers does not stop the molestations.]
3/9/05 town library gets mean "better return those overdue library books - they could land you in jail.  [a victim of library disproportionality] of burlington, wash., called police to his home on feb. 22 about a case of mail theft.  but the cops found [he] had a warrant out for 'detaining city property' and missing a related court date.  they promptly clapped the cuffs on the 20-year-old man.  turned out he had 18 books, worth a total of $268, long past due to the burlington public library.  'i told [the police], "they're right on the table, take them,"' [he] told komo-tv of seattle.  'they said, "no, we have a warrant, we have to arrest you."'  [he] spent about an hour in the county lockup before promising to appear in court."  [p2s:  look!  not returning books lands you in the slammer!  but we've seen that assaulting girls in public libraries occasioned by defiance of the law is excused as "unfortunate"!  see also here.]
3/8/05 asu porn computing policies unlikely to change; recent incidents not enough to alter rules at university "despite two reported incidents of people viewing sexual images of children at asu libraries in february, no changes are planned for the libraries' computing policies.  a female student reported ... on feb. 23 that a 22-year-old phoenix man was viewing child pornography in fletcher library....  the case is classified as inactive because ... all data is erased from ram drives after 10 minutes of non-use....  in hayden library, a 44-year-old phoenix man was arrested feb. 4 after he allegedly downloaded images of clothed girls in provocative poses on a computer.  ....  state law requires public libraries to provide filtered internet access to minors, but asu libraries do not use filtering software because they are academic libraries that do not cater to children, said sherrie schmidt, dean of the tempe campus libraries.  ....  'because we're an academic library as opposed to a public library, we can ask that children be accompanied by an adult,' schmidt said.  ....  'if ... [a person viewing pornography] wasn't engaging people in a disruptive way, we probably wouldn't have anything to do with that person because we're not on patrol,' schmidt said.  ....  asu spokesman manny romero said the pair of recent reports 'is causing some concern to the university,' but university librarians said the incidents do not constitute a phenomenon that would need to be addressed with policy changes.  'i'm not ready to rewrite policy based on basically one incident out here,' myers said.  schmidt echoed that sentiment.  'i think we would have to see more incidents before we began changing policies,' she said."  [p2s:  look carefully at this article and see 1) two internet child porn incidents in a single month, 2) use of computer memory that is destroyed after 10 minutes of nonuse so the police were frustrated in their investigations, and it's likely the library does this to defy the us patriot act, 3) the psychobabble excuses for why the library needs not follow the law of the land, 4) the admission that viewing pornography is perfectly fine with the librarians, 5) the university's concerns are assuaged by the very librarians defying the law, and the university shows no backbone, 6) the librarians intentionally mislead people saying two incidents in a month is "basically one incident" and "does not constitute a phenomenon" and they need to see more child porn before that will even start thinking of filters, although two incidents in february is a rate of 24 per year.  asu administration -- you are being intentionally misled by your librarians who are likely intentionally defying the us patriot act, cipa, and the us supreme court, thereby directly exposing your community to physical dangers and legal damages.  get a backbone and require your librarians to comply with the law.  two months later, the criminals strike again -- will the library finally act?:  sex offender nabbed at asu, may 14, 2005.]
3/4/05 illinois filtering bill defeated again "by a vote of 8–6, the judiciary and civil law committee of the illinois house of representatives killed a mandatory [i]nternet filtering bill march 2.  it was the ninth time filtering legislation was defeated in the state, according to the illinois library association, which had fought the bill.  ....  'our success is due to the many calls and e-mail messages from the library community, the other coalition members, and the many citizens who shared our concerns,' ila executive director robert p. doyle said in a press release...."  [p2s:  the radical left here brags about mobilizing their "library community" and "other coalition members" (such as the aclu, planned parenthood, etc.) likely to mislead the legislators.  citizens need to tell their legislators that times have change in nine years, us v. ala of 2003 now makes filtering perfectly legal, and the ala/aclu/planned parenthood coalition does not get to dictate the law of the land.  are there family-oriented groups in illinois who can counter this radical left, law-defying, child endangering coalition the next time around?]
3/4/05 the cornell daily sunrise, sunset "on monday, the sun printed a revised list of things you should be doing to make the most of your time here at cornell university.  obviously, sex in the library is at the top of that list.  in a remarkable coincidence, sex in the library made the top of another list in the sun the very next day ('top 10 places to hook up,' opinion, march 1).  this must be in the pornology (the study of porn) library."  [p2s:  "everyone with half a sense of adventure aspires to have sex in the library."]
3/3/05 internet restricted on faculty computers; certain websites are now blocked on faculty computers; student machines remain unaffected "in an attempt to curb recreational use of the internet, a filtering system has been installed on staff and faculty computers to eliminate visits to pornographic, adult gaming and adult gambling sites.  ....  in september, the college began monitoring staff and faculty activity online to determine the amount of time spent visiting websites not used for institutional or administrative purposes.  ....  once the software was installed, 'we saw there were abuses,' said kossler.  however, faculty members are concerned about restricting certain websites, said kay dabelow, president of the academic senate.  ....  kossler sees things differently.  'staff computers belong to the college and are provided to employees to do their job,' he said.  'using them for porn or gambling is inappropriate.'  not all faculty members see the filter as a threat, including bruce carter, dean of natural sciences.  'i don't see that it's a particular problem,' he said.  'i don't see that during my hours i should be going into those sites.  i should be doing that on my own time.'"  [p2s:  that last sentence is unintentionally funny!]
2/27/05 oak park library alters web access; facilities around county balance interests of adult, youth patrons "a complaint about patrons viewing pornographic material on the internet at the oak park library has led to changes in the way the library, which serves both the public and oak park high school, allows computer access.  ....  'we rearranged things and set up two terminals so that accidental viewing is impossible,' said mccormack.  ....  'parents just want to be sure that children are not accidentally exposed to inappropriate sites, adult web sites, pornography or whatever,' mccormack said, 'while we have to not trample on the first amendment rights of adult patrons.'  ....  mccormack said she has been told that there are at least two patrons who come in regularly to view pornographic web sites.  ....  starrett kreissman, director of library services for ventura county, said, ... 'we have moved computers, brought in privacy screens and required their use.'  ....  'the filtering company decides what is filtered; that's been one of the biggest problems,' kreissman said.  kreissman said that students may not be able to access web sites because they are using search terms that have been filtered out.  she gave the example of searching for 'breast cancer,' which would be blocked.  ....  steve brogden, director of the thousand oaks and newbury park libraries, agreed that filters can't do everything.  'they give you a false sense of security,' said brogden.  ....  the thousand oaks libraries' computers are not filtered but have a strict policy requiring that children in sixth grade and below must be accompanied by a parent when using the internet.  ....  douglas said if there is a complaint, the patron is asked to log off the computer and leave and may lose library internet privileges.  at the three oxnard libraries, internet terminals are filtered, and patrons must ask librarians to unblock individual sites, said barbara murray, library director."  [p2s:  oxnard libraries have it correct.  all other libraries mentioned in this article have literally rearranged the deck chairs on the titanic.  see how the librarians are falling all over themselves to spout the lies the ala has programmed them to spout -- anything to defy us v. ala that requires filters on all computers.  for example, one library says they don't filter but parents are required to be with children at the computers.  well a little girl in a philadelphia public library was raped and left for dead when she was in the bathroom in a library where the criminal would not have been but for the unfiltered access--an acceptable use policy did not protect the girl.  warning to oak park community and surrounding area:  your librarians are knowingly placing your children at great risk, and your community is now placed on notice that, if any molestations occur in your libraries, punitive damages should be awarded to send the message that libraries should follow the law of the land, not the defiance of the ala.]
2/24/05 heights library plans renovations, shutdown "the morningside heights public library will shut down this march for an overhaul.  ....  most libraries in the new york public library system have children's books separated from the adult's and young adult's sections, she explained, but ... children and adults share the same desks, aisles, and computers on the second floor.  ....  'libraries used to be used for reading and studying,' the woman said, speaking on behalf of 'faithful library users in the neighborhood.'  'now, in the afternoon, lots of 10-12 year-olds are monopolizing the computers, looking for porno sites.  then they run back and forth looking at the juicy parts,' she said.  despite other complaints of this nature, most readers at the library were generally in good spirits and satisfied with the services provided by the morningside heights branch."  [p2s:  this library, while citing the ala as gospel, actually uses filters.  evidently they are ineffective or easily bypassed (as the ala recommends) if "lots of 10-12 year-olds" are looking at "porno" sites for "the juicy parts."  will someone please tell us why the filters are not working as expected?]
2/19/05 man sentenced to 35-70 years for attacking girl in public library "a homeless man who tried to rape an 8-year-old girl and left her for dead in the bathroom of a center city library has been sentenced to 35 to 70 years in prison.  ....  [at the independence branch of the free library, t]he girl was found unconscious and partially undressed, wedged between a toilet and a wall.  she was hospitalized in critical condition.  'the violence of this crime is unspeakable.  no words can describe what this little girl went through ...  it was an unfinished murder,' assistant district attorney deborah harley told the judge.  'as soon as this little girl screamed, he grabbed her neck and squeezed what he thought was the life out of her.  and then, when she was limp, he pulled down his pants, and pulled down her pants, and tried to rape her,' harley said.  harley said the girl, now 9, continues to be unable to dress and feed herself and is afraid to be alone.  "  [p2s:  sadly, library rapes and attempted rapes are real, victims are forever damaged for want of internet filters that libraries refuse to install despite the law, and victims are forced to ask the public for assistance.  isn't it sad the ala's defiance of the law is so out of control that little girls suffer this way and are forced to asked for donations from the public?  what should happen is the library and the ala should be sued for compensatory and punitive damages so the rape and pillaging of children by libraries that defy the law occurs no more in the usa.  this little girl still suffers because the ala's sexual agenda takes precedence over protecting children even in the face of the law and the us supreme court.  everyone please help this little girl attacked in a public library by a repeat offender the library and the ala refused to stop.  see also 35-70 years for trying to rape girl, 8, in library, man gets prison for attacking girl, and homeless man sentenced in central library attack.]
2/18/05 senate committee rejects money for porn filters on library computers "a [virginia] house bill requiring public libraries to put software filters on their computers to block pornography failed to muster enough votes in a senate committee today ... on a four-to-four vote by the senate finance committee.  a majority was necessary to move the bill to the senate floor.  supporters say it's too easy to access pornography on a library computers, and even though filters are not foolproof, at least they would help.  but senator edward houck, an administrator in fredericksburg's public schools says he's found filters on his school's computers to be counterproductive.  he says he couldn't access the code of virginia on his school computer because some state laws have sexually explicit language."  [p2s:  this is an outrage.  a handful of people, no one person, stops a bill to protect children because one biased (he is a school administrator and the ala is entrenched in schools), uneducated (he has a bad experience with his school's filter and does not know there are better ways to use the software and better software altogether), and uncaring (he cares not about protecting children from pornography or molestation at public library computers and he cares not about truly representing his constituency) senator doesn't know filters can be temporarily disabled under us v. ala.  this is an outrage and virginians will suffer for the thinking or lack thereof of this one man.  politicians may be protected from law suit for bad decisions but the libraries are not.  virginians, prepare to sue your libraries and the ala when the pornography and child molestation cases start rolling in courtesy of that one vote.]
2/18/05 surfing web on wireless wave "about one-quarter of the public libraries and two-thirds of the academic libraries around the country have enabled laptop users to connect to the internet on a radio frequency, said carol brey-casiano, president of the [ala].  ....  laptop users are subjected to the same rules as patrons using library computer stations, including penalties for visiting illegal web sites.  in some metro libraries, laptop users also are subjected to the same internet filters designed to protect children from pornography.  ....  in hennepin county, the library avoids applying universal internet filters by declining federal money.  'we try to balance the citizen's right for information and our responsibility to youth,' ryan said."  [p2s:  another library refusing federal funds to keep the pornography free-flowing into the library to fulfill the ala's sexual agenda.  this refusal to accept federal funds possibly shows the ala's nationwide campaign to raise money for libraries is a sham designed in part to enable libraries to remain unfiltered despite the law.]
2/17/05 fbi targets pedophilia advocates; little-known group promotes 'benevolent' sex "on its web site and newsletters, the north american man/boy love association advocates sex between men and boys and cites ancient greece to justify the practice.  it goes by the acronym nambla, and the fbi has been following it for years, linking it to pedophilia and recently infiltrating it with an agent successful enough to be asked to join the group's steering committee.  ....  it also says children should have the right to have sex with older men and that such relationships are 'benevolent.'  the 26-year-old organization wants to overturn statutory rape laws and free molesters from prison, and encourages members to send christmas cards to jailed molesters.  ....  nambla holds annual national conferences and monthly meetings around the country.  [nambla] made headlines in san francisco 12 years ago when a television station discovered a local chapter meeting monthly in a public library.  ....  the [aclu] has come to the defense of the group's leaders and publications."  [p2s:  lovely!  public libraries allowing child molesters to have monthly meetings in the library!  well the ala is also defended by the aclu and meets on a regular basis to discuss taking actions that may result in the same crimes against children, so perhaps the libraries are perfect for child molesters to meet.  the fbi should target the ala.]
2/16/05 residents say library used for viewing pornography; constitutional issues involved principal lenn mccormick, oak park ca high school"several oak park residents say they are outraged after discovering that two middle-aged male patrons of the oak park high school library frequently use the facility's computer terminals to view pornographic websites.  [t]he men spend time each day at the library looking at electronic porn.  one woman said she spoke to authorities, but was told that adult citizens have the right through the u.s. constitution's first amendment to view any website, pornographic or otherwise, at public libraries.  the oak park library is unique because it serves both public school students and the general public.  the challenge for ventura county library and oak park school district officials is to protect the rights of underage students and the first amendment rights of adults.  ....  according to authorities, the internet law only applies to libraries that receive federal aid,.  starrett kreissman, library director for ventura county, said the oak library doesn't receive any federal aid.  years before the law was enacted, the ventura county library system filtered all internet access for its patrons until a local group sued and won its case based on the first amendment.  today, the library system remains under a court order that states all adults must receive unmonitored, unfiltered access to the internet.[p2s:  more librarians ignoring us v. ala and endangering their community.  nice excuse:   the school receives no federal funds so don't use filters to protect children.  and a court order to provide unfiltered access is like a court order to allow all pedophiles to work at day care centers; that court order is obsolete in light of us v. ala but the community is afraid to act.  this community is in deep denial.  see also man surfs porn at local library, feb. 17, nbc4 tv, and joint-use library corners porn surfers, feb. 18, ala.]
2/16/05 police:  man viewed sexual images at asu; man used hayden library computers for privacy "a phoenix man who allegedly downloaded images of children in sexual poses at hayden library was arrested and charged with eight counts of sexual exploitation of a minor earlier this month.  police reportedly found thousands of images of young girls on usb drives that [the] 44-year-old ... used at the library on feb. 1....  ....  he reportedly told police he looks at the images 'just about' every day and that he used hayden library 'due to the amount of time he could be online and the amount of privacy he could have at certain terminals.'"  [p2s:  evidence that phoenix mayor phil gordon's plan is working, the criminal here chose a nearby library with more "privacy.".]
2/15/05 east valley news briefs; library user indicted on child porn charges "an arizona state university library patron who is suspected of downloading child pornography, has been indicted on six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, police said monday.  [a] registered sex offender with child pornography convictions in oregon and tennessee, is being held on $108,000 bond.  investigators from the asu public safety department say another library patron saw [him] viewing the pornography.  when police responded, they found [him] with a removable computer drive, onto which he downloaded the images."  [p2s:  another library that adheres to the ala so-called bill of rights.]
2/14/05 child porn suspect awaits monday arraignment; louisville man faces more than two dozen charges "a louisville man is expected to be arraigned monday after his arrest on more than two dozen charges of portraying a minor in a sexual performance.  ....  detectives with metro police's crimes against children unit began investigating [him] after he was accused of approaching a girl at the bon air library."
2/9/05 board pleased with actions taken by library "ardmore public library director daniel gibbs got a 'thumbs up' from his board tuesday for the manner in which he addressed a complaint from an ardmore mother who said her children were exposed to inappropriate images at the library.  ....  gibbs said he would continue to investigate filtering options for the library as well."  [p2s:  true to his word, see this 4/13/05 article entitled "public library board votes unanimously for filters."]
2/9/05 library says its safety measures work "a weekend incident in which a man was accused of masturbating in front of a teenage girl at the la crosse public library, while unfortunate, shows the monitoring system works, officials said tuesday.  ....  police were called to the library just after 4 p.m. sunday after a 13-year-old girl alerted a librarian that a man sitting between her and her brother was looking at pornographic web sites on a public computer and masturbating.  the teen reported that at one point, [the masturbator] tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention, then smiled while he continued to masturbate.  library director kelly krieg-sigman said [the masturbator] has been barred from all library property, and police will be called if he trespasses.  ....  in the complaint, police said [the masturbator] admitted he was masturbating but said he was trying to be discreet.  [he said] he masturbated at the library once a week.  patricia boge, the library's community relations coordinator ... said the computers do not have internet filters but those who sign in agree to not view pornographic sites."  [p2s:  an unfiltered library has a repeat masturbator and the response is to kick him out of the library, but not to install filters.  can anyone really argue that the library is not responsible for criminal activity where the us supreme court requires it to filter but the librarians refuse to comply with the court?  look at this library's web site where the teen web page links to sexually explicit sites like go ask alice where teens can learn about how to perform bestiality, autoerotic asphyxiation, fisting, etc.  can anyone really argue that the library is not pushing pornography into children's minds?  what can you expect from a library so steeped in ala doctrine that they invite a former ala president to be a keynote speaker and spend up to $1,000 to attend a illinois library association meeting.  by the way, if your child observed someone masturbating in a public library after being tapped on the shoulder to gain her attention, then the guy smiles and continues masturbating, would you characterize that as "unfortunate" as the library has?  citizens of la crosse:  based on this story, your children are in danger -- this is *your* public library, not the ala's!  do something!  once again we see so-called acceptable use policies are an abject failure.]
2/6/05 mtv knows no shame "[mtv's] urge to sexualize children as young as possible was also made painfully plain by a recent report from the sundance film festival, where variety's todd mccarthy found that depictions of sexually voracious and manipulative teenagers are taking over the art-film world....  one of the films mccarthy actually liked ... includes ... the barely pubescent '11-ish' son react[ing] to his parents' divorce by masturbating in the library stacks and smearing the result around school."  [p2s:  masturbating in libraries happens often enough that movies feature the act and its result being "smeared" around schools.]
2/5/05 bill for porn filters on library computers passes house "public libraries [in virginia] would be required to put pornography and obscenity filters on their computers under legislation approved by the house of delegates.  ....  'my concern is that every time the word breast or rump-roast comes up, we're going to censor it,' said del. albert c. eisenberg, d-arlington.  the measure, which passed 72-17, now goes to the senate."  [p2s:  this article shows the effectiveness of the ala lies -- a politician deciding the fate of all virginia children says filters are censorship although the us supreme court said the exact opposite almost two years ago.  this is truly scary.]
2/4/05 internet 'filtering' bill stalled in legislature; aclu says measure could block gay sites on library computers "a committee in the virginia state senate rejected by a tie vote a bill [sb 882] that would cut off state funds to public libraries unless they install software to block web sites depicting subject matter defined as 'obscene' under virginia law.  opponents of the bill, including the virginia chapter of the aclu, say so-called 'filtering' software programs usually fail to block all internet sites being targeted while they often succeed in blocking other sites that are not sexually oriented, such as gay or safer sex-related sites aimed at preventing the spread of aids.  ....  senator mark obenshain (r-harrisonburg) introduced this year's version in conjunction with an identical bill introduced in the virginia house of delegates by del. samuel nixon (r-chesterfield).  at a jan. 10 news conference, nixon said his bill ... would make virginia law consistent with an existing federal law that requires public libraries to install blocking devices on computers with internet access as a condition for receiving federal funds, the ap said.  nixon noted that the u.s. supreme court upheld the use of 'anti-pornography' internet filters in public libraries, the ap reported.  ....  [g]ay groups have expressed strong opposition to internet 'filter' laws, saying they often force public libraries or other institutions to install software that blocks non-sexually oriented gay sites, including sites for gay youth groups."  [p2s:  despite us v. ala, the ala, in alliance with the aclu and so-named "gay groups," have decided to bring their defiance of the law to virginia.  while telling virginians they must make up their own minds ("the aclu believes the decision on whether to install such filters should be left to individual libraries"), they tell virginians not to use filters because they overblock web sites and the technology is no good.  after almost two years, one would think they would stop making believe us v. ala doesn't exist.  unfortunately, they continue to do this because they continue to fool the public, few do anything to stop them, communities continue to lose local control, and children continue to be raped and molested.  in fact those who try to stop them are cast as "censorship nuts" and worse.  virginians:  tell your legislators to read us v. ala so they decide what virginia does, not the ala/aclu/gay coalition advocating defiance of the law.]
2/1/05 library computers moved for additional safeguards "ardmore public library director daniel gibbs ordered 10 public-access computers moved friday after an ardmoreite reporter interviewed him last week in preparation for a story about children being exposed to inappropriate images at the library. 882'we made the change to further safeguard children,' gibbs said.  with the new setup, all the internet-accessible computers will face either the reference desk or circulation desk, making it easier for librarians to monitor user activity.  ....  the library requires that children who use the internet-accessible computers be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have written permission to use the computers without supervision."  [p2s:  the library requires children to be accompanied, but the article of a few days ago described "unsupervised" children viewing topless women.  how can a library that allows violations of its own rules be trusted even if the deck chairs on the titanic have been shuffled?  filters are the only effective answer.  the librarian says he is doing this for the children but it is more likely he is doing this to prevent the application of filters.  see other newspaper stories below where people just don't care who is watching them do what and where.  new information:  library adds filters!  see this 4/13/05 article entitled "public library board votes unanimously for filters."]
1/30/05 parents shocked by online images viewed by children on library computers "a local mom says she was shocked when her children [ages 9 and 13] were recently exposed to inappropriate images being viewed by computer users at the ardmore public library [when] their attention was drawn to two, young, unsupervised boys who were already online.  'one of the boys appeared to be 6 or 7, and the other was a little bit older.  they were giggling and pointing to the screen,' amon said.  'as we passed, we glanced at the screen.  they were looking at images of topless women.'  amon said she immediately approached a library employee.  'i asked "don't you have filters on the computers?"' amon said.  'i was shocked when i was told no.  the employee told me the boys would be told to get off the site, and if they were caught a second time, their parents would be called.'  amon said she was disturbed by the fact the library did not provide safeguards on the computers.  however, she and her friend allowed their children to get online.

but before the visit was over, amon got another shock.  'my daughter told me she thought a man at a nearby computer was looking at things he shouldn't,' she said.  the child later described seeing a naked man and woman performing a sex act on the screen.  the computer user this time was an adult male.

amon said she later telephoned ardmore public library director daniel gibbs to discuss the two incidents.  'what he said was pretty much what the other employee said, which was unless someone reported it, they didn't know.  he said when it was reported, people were told to stop and if it continued, they couldn't use the computers,' amon said.  'now, i'm not trying to cause trouble.  i think what people look at on computers in their own homes is their business.  but when they do it in public places and my children are exposed, then it's my business,' she said.  amon said the experience has also caused her to be concerned that predators may be using the library's computers to prey on child victims in chat rooms or via e-mail.  ....

'even though we have never been made aware this was happening, i did go to the library and speak with mr. gibbs,' [ardmore deputy chief rickey d.] lawrence said.  'there are laws that protect the public from viewing any type of indecent materials in public places.  i discussed the matter with him, and he educated me on how the computer use process at the library works.  it is the ardmore police department's understanding that incidences of someone displaying lewd or indecent materials on internet sites is very rare at the library, but it has happened.  we then discussed the protection of children.  mr. gibbs was very helpful, concerned and understanding.'  ....

city manager dan parrott confirmed the public library does receive a portion of local tax dollars.  however, he said city commissioners do not have authority or control over library operations.  'all the commission does is make appointments to the library board.  the library board has the authority to make the budget, hire and make policy,' parrott said.  the only thing the commission can do is voice their pleasure or displeasure over what happens.'

unlike most other libraries in the area, apl does not use anti-pornography blocking filters on its public-access computers.  ....  in utah, city and county libraries that don't use anti-pornography filters are ineligible for state funds.  similar legislation was introduced in the virginia general assembly this year.  ....

gibbs said the apl board has considered filtering in the past and will likely continue to study the issue.  ....  'we were concerned the filtering software wasn't effective enough and would offer parents a false sense of security,' gibbs said.  we were also concerned about overblocking.'

[t]he chickasaw regional library system headquartered in ardmore [has] a filtering device ... to block objectionable sites on all the libraries' computers.  adults and students conducting legitimate research can ask to have specific sites unblocked.  the plainview school district uses filtering hardware that blocks inappropriate sites on every computer in the entire network.  ....  the ardmore school district uses an internet filtering system which blocks by key words and known web sites.  ....  mcintosh, who also is president of the oklahoma library association, said the ola supports local control and recommends each board should do what is best for their local library.  ....

i definitely recognize the threats posed by the internet,' gibbs said.  the library has never taken that lightly.'"
[p2s:  kids get exposed to porn at the public library by other kids looking at topless women.  they move to another computer.  they then get exposed to porn a second time by another person, this time looking at intercourse!  in a public library!  we count a total of six kids looking at porn accidentally and/or purposefully.  hello?  anyone home?  the library director says they are not filtered but have been thinking of it for a long time because 1) filters are ineffective, 2) parents would get a false sense of security, and 3) filters would overblock.

first, the ala has directed libraries to drag out decision making as long as possible and this library is doing exactly that.  as to 1) filters are very effective -- if they were not effective the us supreme court case of us v. ala would be totally useless and the scotus does not decide useless cases.  regarding 2) this is a false argument since the single person responsible for public libraries pushing porn into american communities admits that parents are not always in the picture:  "we know that there are children out there whose parents do not take the kind of interest in their upbringing and in their existence that we would wish."  and 3) the library director is either ignorant of us v. ala or is intentionally misleading the public -- us v. ala says where overblocking occurs, a patron need only ask to have the filter temporarily disabled.

now in the face of these erroneous arguments by the library director, the police were "educated" by the library director who was "very helpful, concerned and understanding," and the city manager says all the government can do is "voice their pleasure or displeasure over what happens."

your community needs backbone to do the right thing.  first, read us v. ala so you and your leaders will no longer be lead around by the nose by your library director.  it's your public library, not the ala's.  second, realize inappropriate materials coming in over the unfiltered internet fall outside of your library's book collection practices, past practices, and current policies, therefore the library board is acting outside of even its broadly defined duties and the town government has every right to step in if the library refuses to act in compliance with the law of the land.  third, your children are not all angels and need protection from porn.  the ala makes fun of this argument claiming, "only one child out of a trillion billion" might use library computers to find pornography.  we guess your public library won the lottery because two boys about 6 or 7 were giggling and pointing at images of topless women.  even if your children are angels, do you want them to see porn?  the little girls in this story saw intercourse on the screen.  frankly, their whole lives may be negatively impacted.  last, get motivated to protect your children from predators.  even if you trust all you children, criminals are still attracted to the unfiltered computers and rapes and molestations are happening all across the nation.  this is especially bad where the law says to use filters but the ala intentionally defies the law and advises libraries to do the same.  you don't want your children to be next.  what makes this case unique is that the victims moved to another computer after observing topless women only to find an adult male looking at people having intercourse.  this is outrageous!  these children have been doubly negatively affected and the families involved should consider suing the library, the library board, the town, and especially the ala who is likely directly responsible -- damages could be doubled if each exposure is considered a separate offense.  get some backbone and wipe out the negative influence of the ala before it wipes out your children!]

new information:  library adds filters!  the library director overcomes his earlier ala-style objections to protect the community!  see this 4/13/05 article entitled "public library board votes unanimously for filters."
1/29/05 college newspaper editor arrested on child pornography charges in fresno "a fresno city college newspaper editor was arrested on federal child pornography charges after allegedly admitting he had possessed photos of girls having sex with adults.  ....  federal agent mike prado said in an affidavit that [the editor] told him his computer use was restricted after being caught viewing incest web sites in the school library.  he said he was aroused by incest tales, ... admitted posting child porn images to a now-defunct internet news group[, and] acknowledged an online relationship with an ohio teenager, now age 16 or 17, prado said.  the relationship lasted about two years until the girl's mother found out."
1/29/05 library should be open book "[i]t's time ... for the unhappy civilian members of the ottawa public library board to remember who really is in charge of the opl budget.  it's mayor bob chiarelli and the 21 city councillors who sit around the council chamber.  they hold the purse strings, so you can stop trying to protect your little empire of books and work with them, instead of treating them like the enemy.  ....  what's the problem?  why not ... end this drama where you act like the politicians on the board are interlopers of some secret society you're desperate to protect?  remember the name, people.  it's the ottawa public library board.  and if you don't have something to hide, quit acting like you do.  ....  you're the library board, not the protectors of the free world.  ....  just think of all those news releases you send out....  (of course, this is the same organization which, when confronted with a flurry of negative publicity following the furor over access to the internet -- porn and all -- adopted the don't talk to the media policy.)  ....  in truth, politicians ... are city councillors and they have the right and the opportunity to speak openly wherever they choose."  [p2s:  library boards think they run towns, and town politicians think they have to do whatever the library boards want.  they don't.  are you in a city government intimidated by some public library board?  don't be.  and notice the "don't talk to the media policy" when it comes to internet porn.  as the author says, it's a "public" library!]
1/28/05 former mu prof guilty of child porn "a former millersville university professor has pleaded guilty to possessing videos depicting child pornography on a college-owned computer ... after a university employee found dozens of files, including some that contained images of children having sex with men....  ....  he had been a science librarian at millersville university for about 10 years, since 1995.  he is still listed as an assistant professor at ganser library on the college's web site [and] has a master's degree in ... library science, had been responsible for teaching science and english students library research skills.  ....  according to a police affidavit, 33 of the videos found on studdard's computer in ganser library show young males involved in sexual acts with each other or an older man.  one of the files showed a young girl and boy engaging in intercourse.  ....  [he was told] to remove the programs and files from his computer [and he] said that the files were deleted [b]ut ... the files were still on the computer, in a new file.  the college reported [him] to the police."  [p2s:  here's a librarian with the ala's vaunted degree in library science using his ala-approved library research skills to download child pornography on his public library computer.  filters might have prevented this.  the library's first reaction was just to tell him to delete the files.  the ala will surely award this library it's highest honor for freedom of speech!]
1/26/05 no action on porn; council sees no reason to meddle in library affairs "hampton attended tuesday's council meeting to request that the city send a letter to the moffat county library board urging the library to install pornography filtering software.  'i don't even know why we're having this discussion,' he said.  why we have pornography displayed in a public library is beyond me.'  ....  library director donna watkins attended the meeting to explain that a cost-effective solution to internet filtering had been found and installed.  ....  the filters, watkins said, bring the library in full compliance with state and federal filtering laws."  [p2s:  here's a reporter who turns truth on its head.  a library's finally adding filters is not "no action on porn."  see a completely opposite article from the same paper 3 weeks earlier:  county library lagging; no filtering computer software installed.]
1/24/05 sexual predator ordered back to prison; had photos, written fantasies "throughout october, november and december, 'meghan thomas' spent a lot of time in internet chatrooms frequented by children, saying she was an 11-year-old girl in pittsburgh.  ....  'meghan thomas' was really ... a convicted child rapist from lawrenceville just released from prison who had been accessing the internet dozens of times from the library at duquesne university.  ....  now federal prosecutors are examining his internet use at duquesne ... for more child-porn violations.  [t]hey consider him to be a dangerous predator.  ....  during that june arrest, police found a black bag filled with child pornography downloaded from carnegie library....  ....  and that's when the employees at duquesne university's gumberg library saw him looking at pictures of little girls in their underwear on the computers.  they told him to leave several times, but he kept coming back.  when he returned on dec. 22, university police cited him for defiant trespass and escorted him off campus.  the university's technology staff preserved his online history....  ....  there also was ... a printout from the carnegie library web site about activities there for toddlers and babies; a handwritten list of child porn pictures online; and a guide on how to circumvent children's internet protection act filters.  ....  [h]e will be a registered sex offender under megan's law, but police nationwide have had well-publicized problems keeping track of megan's law offenders.  that fact hasn't been lost on federal prosecutors or the fbi, who are examining his internet use...."  [p2s:  cipa must be effective if criminals are reading guides on how to circumvent it.  we wonder if the guide was written by the ala.  see how the staff preserved his online history, yet the ala advises libraries to defy the patriot act.  had this library complied with the ala instead of preserving the records, the rapist gets to rape some more, courtesy of the ala.]  see also lawrenceville man violates probation, back behind bars.
1/21/05 libraries, law officers sometimes clash "dane county sheriff's detective david mahoney walked into the rosemary garfoot public library in cross plains on dec. 30 and asked to see the library's internet sign-in sheet for the day.  assistant library director sue freedman said no.  ....  [t]he detective's request highlights a growing tension between the needs of law enforcement and librarians' strong desire to protect patrons' privacy and their ability to access information."
1/20/05 turning public libraries into public latrines "nothing reveals america's descent into cultural mediocrity - and heading even lower - more than the availability of pornography at our nation's public libraries.  i say we are heading deeper into depravity on the basis of the defense of the new york public library's policy of letting adult patrons use its computers for pictorial voyeurism, telling any other library patrons disturbed by noticing what is going on that they should move to a computer at a greater distance.  though the library must have filtering software on its computers or lose federal financing, it will disable the filter at the request of any user older than 17.  when a cultural facility such as a library feels compelled to cater to those of pornographic appetites, then it takes on the role of a procurer and provider — that is, the library becomes, in a blunter term — a pimp.  ....  libraries were once considered hallowed places of uplift and access to heights of human expression.  pornography makes them nothing better than public latrines.  ....  it would not be a wild prediction to say that if pornography is recognized as a proper function of public libraries, the providing of it will become a greater and greater role.  the next step might be places to watch pornography, and then put into play the perversions and atrocities viewed.  if pornography is so valuable as to have a place for library viewing, then what it depicts would be even more valuable if acted out."
1/20/05 bill aims to filter internet content at state libraries "legislation requiring public libraries to install computer filters to block pornography has failed its first test in the general assembly ... on a tie vote today in a senate committee.  the virginia library association told the committee that filters would cost libraries about 76-thousand dollars.  ....  [l]ibrary computers in chesterfield registered several thousand hits on inappropriate sites within a few days.  there is an identical bill still alive in the house."
1/19/05 sex offender guilty in case tied to library "a convicted sex offender pleaded guilty tuesday to sexually exploiting a minor in a case that changed the way computer users at phoenix public libraries access the internet.  ....  'this pedophile will be returning to prison for virtually his entire life,' thomas said.  'and he will not be taking his library card.'  ....  'our libraries should be places where families and children can enjoy what they were intended for ... and not become adult bookstores,' [mayor phil] gordon said.  the phoenix city council changed the way library patrons access computers in the wake of [the] arrest last year.  library employees opposed the changes because of first amendment concerns.  the library now uses filters to keep pornographic content from being accessed."  [p2s:  more librarians favoring criminal rights over child safety.]
1/19/05 porn sites net peru teacher sanction; officials want instructor fired for viewing explicit material, say hearing officer 'tied our hands' "a second-grade teacher caught viewing porn on classroom computers won't be allowed back at work until at least next school year.  ....  on march 10, 2004, intermediate school principal and technology coordinator bonnie berry was checking software that filters out inappropriate material and discovered that somebody had visited pornographic sites from computers in [his] classroom.  she confronted [him], and he admitted visiting the sites ... two or three times, but the hard drives revealed that he had viewed pornographic sites six times on three computers.  ....  [he] waited until his second-grade students had left for lunch, art, music or end-of-day dismissal before searching the internet for pornography.  he never contested the fact that he knew he had violated district policies, admitting 'horrible judgment' in accessing and looking at the sites....  'he signed an agreement with the school district, and the rules state that such sites cannot be accessed,' said school district attorney dennis curtin.  ....  [i]n [another] case, a teacher accidentally came across pornography by typing an incorrect suffix during an internet search.  ....  'there was a policy in place, the software was put in and worked, and he was discovered and confronted,' curtin said.  'you follow all the procedures and have someone who is supposed to be held to a higher standard, and he is with second-grade kids and when they go out to music he is looking at porn.  this cannot be condoned in an educational setting.'[p2s:  there it is.  see how agreements not to look at porn do not work.  see what happens when filters are inadequate or intentionally set low so as not to ruffle feathers of the criminal rights advocates like the ala.]
1/14/05 library rapist ruled "sexually violent predator" "the man who tried to rape an 8-year-old girl and left her for dead in a public library bathroom last year is a sexually violent predator, a judge ruled today.  ....  in addition to the library attack, [he] previously tried to strangle another young girl.  he served 6 months in prison for the july 2000 attack on a 9-year-old girl in a restroom at the venice island recreation center in manayunk.  [he] was previously kicked out of a home where he was staying for taking the underwear of a 4-year-old girl....  before his arrest last year, he was repeatedly thrown out of philadelphia libraries for publicly masturbating and viewing pornography on library computers...."  [p2s:  the ala may be directly responsible for the girl's attack because pushing homosexuality is more important to them than both child safety and compliance with federal law, especially where the criminal was kicked out of another city library for a similar crime and the criminal himself was featured in a fox news tv story surfing porn web sites, but the library did not prevent this crime due to failure to comply with the law -- it's time concerned citizens band together to hold the ala legally and morally responsible for such crimes and force it to comply with the law so the carnage stops!  in the library where the attack occurred worked barbara gittings who epitomizes how the ala's sexual agenda trumps protecting children from sexual predators.  the ala has awarded it's greater honor to the "rosa parks" of the gay and lesbian civil rights movement who promoted homosexuality by having a "gay kissing booth" (see picture) at the ala's 1971 convention.  there's even the library's "barbara gittings gay/lesbian collection" named in honor of her.  ms. gittings was "the principal force behind the growth of the ... ala gay task force."  congratulations may go to ms. gittings for her accomplishments and we wish her well, but why does ms. gittings get the ala's very highest award while the little girl is attacked in the same library by the lowest of the low:  "of the 60 offenders she's evaluated for the state's sexual offenders assessment board, [this one] is 'absolutely at the extreme end of the spectrum.'"  and why does the ala have a sexual agenda in the first place, and why does that agenda take precedence over the protection of children from crime resulting from unfiltered internet access? worse, it seems the child protection agenda is thwarted precisely because it is at crossroads with the sexual agenda, and it is ironic that the rosa parks lady and the little girl got polar opposite treatment in the very same library courtesy of the same organization, the ala.  we urge this family to sue the ala and bring attention to this matter so that children nationwide will be protected from this terrible fate, and we urge people to donate to help this family.]
1/14/05 man admits to public indecency at library "a judge banned a man from using computers inside dupage county libraries after he pleaded guilty thursday to public indecency for an incident at nichols library in naperville [where he] admitted fondling himself may 18 while he perused porn on a library computer.  his arrest sparked a battle regarding privacy issues between local police and library officials.  ....  three male teens reported to a library supervisor that another patron in the computer lab was touching himself while looking at pornography.  [the patron] never exposed himself.  after being confronted, [he] told the supervisor he was leaving.  the supervisor later reported the allegations to police at the teens' urgingpolice asked library officials if they could review their records to identify the man, who had left the building.  initially, library officials refused, citing state privacy laws prohibiting the release of such information without a court order.  police obtained the subpoena and identified [the patron] the next day after reviewing the library's records.  although young children did not witness the crime, prosecutors said several between the ages of 9 to 14 were nearby.  'he admitted he was watching pornography and that he knew kids were around him,' prosecutor david rafferty said. 'he admitted doing it on two prior occasions.'"  [p2s:  the library knew the guy fondled himself while viewing porn near teenagers, possibly knew he had done this several times in the past, only called the police when the teens insisted, then refused to help the police identify the man until being forced to do so by a court order.  why are library officials "battling" local police?  can anyone not see how the library and the ala policy it follows may be directly responsible for this criminal's ability to exercise his behavior with its resultant effect on children?  can anyone explain why the library chose to obstruct justice to protect the criminal from the children?  is this what the community wants, or the ala?  this is further proof that the ala and libraries knowingly and intentionally defy the law, this time public indecency laws besides cipa and the us supreme court, to remain faithful to the agenda of pushing porn into communities thereby endangering children.  even where the children were reaching out for help, the library refused to help the police apprehend the man, choosing instead to help the criminal.]
1/11/05 virginia considers requiring library computer filters "lawmakers in virginia will consider legislation that would require all public libraries to install filters on computers that would screen out sexually explicit web sites.  'protecting children from online predators must be a priority,' said delegate samuel a. nixon jr., chesterfield republican, who authored the bill.  'it's a sad fact that child exploitation is one of the fastest-growing threats.  ...  something needs to be done.'  mr. nixon said internet filters are inexpensive, easy to use, and do not violate constitutional rightsthe bill is part of the family foundation's legislative agenda for this year's session....  victoria cobb, the foundation's executive director, said the foundation recently received a call from a henrico county parent who said her child had been exposed to 'obscene' material at the local library.  'this problem is very real,' miss cobb said yesterday.  'our bill will bring virginia into conformity so a child's innocence is not taken.'  miss cobb said 40 percent of the public libraries in the state already use such filters.  ....  opponents of such legislation argue that it amounts to censorship, and relies on imperfect technology that can block legitimate sites on such topics as abortion or homosexual rights.  the american library association has opposed the measure.  'the whole technology approach requires computers to make subjective judgments that they're incapable of,' said carolyn caywood, intellectual freedom round-table counselor for the [ala]...."  [p2s:  virginia citizens should not be fooled by the ala.  claims of "censorship" are irrelevant because the us supreme court has already ruled there is no censorship.  claims of an "imperfect technology" are also irrelevant because the us supreme court already considered this as well and was satisfied that temporarily turning off the filters was an adequate solution.  citizens need to read us v. ala to see how the ala acolytes are merely attempting to confuse the public by raising issues already asked and answered in the us supreme court.  here's the essence of the bill:  "for libraries that receive state funding for any purpose, the policy shall also contain provisions requiring the selection, installation and activation on those computers that have internet access a technology protection measure, as selected by the library of virginia, to filter or block internet access through such computers to child pornography as set out in § 18.2-374.1:1, obscenity as defined in § 18.2-372, and, with respect to minors, materials deemed harmful to juveniles as defined in § 18.2-390."  hey, ala, you lost!  get over it!  stop defying the law and causing children to continue to be molested by public library porn peddlers and peepers!  by the way, what right do you have to oppose virginians in their own state?]
1/7/05 residents being misled on library letter to the editor showing our responses to typical examples of librarian excuse making: 1) filters don't work, 2) who defines what's inappropriate, 3) other libraries don't filter either, and 4) citizens made the decision not to filter, not the library.
1/6/05 net filter is working in libraries "city officials are satisfied with the way they're doing business when it comes to internet access at the public libraries.  a review of the city's internet-filtering policies tuesday was prompted by a recent change in phoenix libraries.  phoenix officials decided to filter all public-access computers, not just in the children and youth areas as had been previous practice.  ....  library staff members were constantly being asked by patrons to do something about people viewing sites they thought were pornographic, widom said.  'we were having so many cases that were (causing) trouble for the staff,' she said.  'we wanted our librarians to be able to do their work, not be computer monitors.'"
1/5/05 county library lagging; no filtering computer software installed "five days have passed since the state mandated that internet filters be installed on all public library computers, and the moffat county library still is not in compliance with the law.  it's a situation the moffat county commissioners expressed concern about during their meeting tuesday.  commissioner les hampton said a craig visitor called him to complain that his son had been exposed to pornography while at the craig library branch.  the man's son had been filling out a college application on a library computer when another library patron sat at a computer next to him and began viewing pornography, hampton said.  'i can't tell you as a taxpayer in moffat county, how upset i am (that) equipment paid for with my tax money is being used for this,' hampton said.  but the situation would not have been avoided even if the computers had filtering software installed on them, library director donna watkins said.  the software must be disabled at library patrons' requests, watkins said.  the library staff could not have made him quit looking at the pornography without violating his freedom of speech, she said.[p2s:  another librarian making deceptive statements in total defiance of the us supreme court.  another librarian intentionally endangering the children who visit that library.  sickening.  what will the excuse be when a child is molested?]
12/30/04 opinion - steinbeck's 'eden' loses its libraries "if you think vancouver libraries took a hit this year, get this:  the home town of the nobel prize-winning author of 'cannery row' and 'of mice and men' is shutting down its libraries.  and it isn't because no one lives there anymore.  john steinbeck's salinas, calif., near monterey, ... is experiencing many of the same budget woes as other city and state governments....  ....  [t]he message whenever libraries close is the same:  libraries are a public amenity and they can be lost to higher government priorities.  this means library boards, including fort vancouver's, should do all they can to reach out to the populations they serve.  our library system already has stellar service and convenient check-out policies.  but it could do better by avoiding unnecessary battles over community standards in which the library board appears to lack common sense.  carrying pornographic magazines and resisting maximum child-safety measures for internet use continue to hurt our libraries.  to gather the support of as many taxpayers as possible, the board needs to make amends.[p2s:  message to libraries:  shape up or ship out!]
12/24/04 library declines use of online content filters "montclair resident kathleen conneely visits the montclair branch library [and] used the internet after a 9-year-old boy.  ....  conneely realized she was looking at disguised links to pornographic web sites.  'i was just aghast,' conneely said.  'i'm an adult.  what must this do to the 9-year-old?'  gerry garzon, director of oakland public library's technical services, said the library system does not use internet filters to screen out pornography -- because the filters are problematic.  ....  the other issue, according to garzon, is deciding which web sites as 'inappropriate'  ....  the oakland library is among 80 percent of libraries nationwide that choose not to filter internet services, according to garzon.  ....  officials at the oakland library have chosen not to accept [cipa] federal funding --which, garzon said, is insignificant.  these decisions are not made in a vacuum, but by the library advisory commission, which is made up of 10 community members, library officials say."  [p2s:  typical community ruled by the ala.  the library argues filters are imperfect -- great argument since they will never be perfect so us v. ala need never be applied, right?  then why feel the need to stop accepting public funds?  the second argument is the old who's to judge what's inappropriate -- ignoring again us v. ala.  the third obstacle is that most of the other public libraries nationwide aren't filtering so why should we?  the community should decide that, not a consensus of nationwide public libraries most of which are de facto controlled by the ala.  lastly, the argument made is that it is not the library's fault, it's 10 citizens who decided not to use filters.  in response we remind people of what aldous huxley said in brave new world:  "a really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude."  citizens, compare your library's policies to phoenix's and see how you have been intentionally misled!!  see our letter to the editor.]
12/22/04 city oks 'no porn' policy staff; phoenix will add librarian, 3 assistants "phoenix officials have agreed to spend an extra $175,000 to add a full-time librarian and three assistants to help implement the city's new 'no pornography' policy at all public libraries.  ....  'as a result of this one specific case, we've discovered that this behavior [downloaded child pornography] has been going on all the time,' said vice mayor peggy bilsten, who ardently fought to implement the new policy, along with phoenix mayor phil gordon.  the computers in phoenix's libraries now filter all web sites that are classified as pornographic, and, unlike before, residents no longer have the option of having an unfiltered internet session.  ....  the extra staff members are needed to ... better monitor users' activity.  ....  in addition, the city has taken several steps to try to provide a 'safe' environment for those using the public library, officials said.  for example, the library has implemented a computer logging system that monitors, tracks and saves all uploading and downloading at the terminals.  the information will be maintained for 30 days and will be accessible to law enforcement agencies if they are armed with a court order.  in addition, printers for the computers have been moved closer to reference desks so that staff can keep an eye on what materials are being printed out."  [p2s:  phoenix sets the standard for the death knell of the ala's law/court-defying force feeding of pornography into american communities, resulting in repeated child molestations.  this community puts the interests of children above the interests of groups like the ala that push pornography into every corner of society under the guise of engendered an "educated electorate."  the large expediture of money and hiring of additional staff to protect the children will result in the nation's first family-friendly libraries, a great reduction in area public library child molestations caused by the ala's defiance of the law, and the elimination of the rippling results of child molestations.  when it comes to the safety of the children in public libraries, phoenix now leads the nation, and other communities should consider following phoenix.  phoenix's ratings should rise significantly in the yearly "america's safest cities" awards!  see also ala comments in phoenix funds staff to manage "no porn" internet access and phoenix to add staff to help with filter requests.]
12/15/04 librarians have to keep eye on students' internet use "when she signed up for a career as a school librarian, maryanne coppersmith never imagined she'd also have to be 'the internet police.'  as head of bozeman high school's library department, coppersmith knows that an important part of her job is to help students learn to use the internet wisely.  yet today's librarians also have to be vigilant to make sure kids aren't abusing internet privileges on school computers -- by ... cruising for sexy sites....  it's only a few who violate the rules, and most are contrite when caught, she said.  'but a few are being extremely persistent.'  ....  last week, one student was caught looking at pornography.  once discovered, such sites are blocked electronically.[p2s:  this information shows us children in this school are not adequately protected from pornography and are in danger.  have the parents of the "extremely persistent" children been advised that their children have plunged head over heels into the world of pornography and may need professional intervention?  has the school no effective method of controlling these children?  are these children victimizing other children?  the parents must have signed an "acceptable use agreement" -- are there any consequences for breach of the policy?  if so, what was done?  if not, why not, and is the policy not a mere feel-good measure?  it's obvious from the article and from the existence of "extremely persistent" children that the school's filtering policy is a total failure.  we bet the ala is involved with this school's failed library policies.  this school should immediately control the problem, else children will continue to suffer and parents may consider removing their children from this pornography indoctrination center.]
12/15/04 county will decide on internet filters; multnomah county officials will vote on a proposal to restrict access at libraries for those 12 and younger "the multnomah county board of commissioners will vote thursday on a proposal to filter the internet when used by minors ... to restrict the online access of their children at multnomah county's central library and its 16 branches.  the proposal represents a compromise from the library's position a year ago, when the u.s. supreme court ruled on the county's challenge to the federal children's internet protection act requiring pornography filters on library computers.  the county sacrificed $100,000 in federal funding by defying the law.  'this is about trying to find the middle ground,' said senior library manager cindy gibbon.  ....  the plan calls for filtered searches for library users 12 and younger unless their parents choose otherwise.  all computers in the children's sections will offer filtered internet use only.  for users 13 to 17 years old, unfiltered content would be the norm, but parents would have the final say on whether to restrict internet access.  users 18 and older could choose filtered or unfiltered access.  ....  a self-described 'intellectual libertarian,' stephanie vardavas, president of the friends of the library, strongly opposes the idea of filtered information -- but she said she supports the library's plan."  [p2s:  let's all get this straight.  doesn't a "compromise" between the us supreme court ruling and their own diametrically opposed point of view mean they are intentionally not following the us supreme court ruling?  what is the "middle ground" in a case already decided a year and a half ago by the us supreme court?  will citizens be fooled by these statements?  and the "friends of the library" "strongly opposes" the us supreme court while supporting the "compromise" that defies the law.  maybe library patrons should dissolve the "friends of the library" and create instead the "friends of library patrons and those who obey the law."  we have been opining for a while that the ala is defying the law; this is the first article we have seen using that very phrase.  are there no consequences for defiance of the law?  see the related article and our comments below on 8/27/04 to see how these people who defy the law have effectively misled government leaders.  don't you be misled!]
12/10/04 porn filters, other actions keep library patrons safe "we are pleased to report that we have made significant progress toward our goal of keeping phoenix libraries places of family-friendly learning - and not allowing them to become adult bookstores....  in addition to taking the obvious steps to filter pornographic images while allowing non-offending images to display, the city began working on the broader issue of ensuring the safest possible environment for library patrons.  and we did so in three important areas:  [1] staffing:  staff members will terminate the computer sessions of anyone who hacks through the filters....  if it's child porn, the staff will immediately notify police.  we [will] transfer library security from the library staff to the police department.  finally, library staff members will be assigned to computer areas at all times of public usage.  [2] technology:  the library is purchasing new filtering software after a review of more than 20 products.  a form has been developed to allow users to request the reclassification of any non-pornographic web site that has been mistakenly blocked.  our next generation of public printers will be required to eject printed pages face up rather than the current practice of printing face down.  internet users will be advised that records of all public uploading and downloading will be preserved for 30 days.  ....  [3] education:  ....  police and library staff members will develop and conduct regular public workshops for parents and children on internet safety.  new signage is being posted in public computer areas reminding users that the viewing of pornography is prohibited in our public libraries.  in addition, all library computer users must indicate, in writing, their understanding and acceptance of the internet-use policy.  we do not want to stifle research, education, intellectual curiosity, recreational usage or just plain 'surfing the web.'  our only interest is in getting phoenix taxpayers out of the pornography-providing business and in keeping our libraries family- and kid-friendly.  and to make sure that the child predators of the world have fewer havens to act on their criminal sickness.[p2s:  must reading!  great ideas to control porn in public libraries from the leaders in this area!  the ala must be pulling their hair out!]
12/10/04 molester's lawsuit blaming library security is tossed "a judge has thrown out a prisoner's lawsuit blaming a library's security for the child molesting he committed.  [the plaintiff-molester] claimed that the 4-year-old victim would not have been hurt if security guards had confronted him or called police after observing him in an unauthorized area of the st. joseph county public library before the molestation.  ....  u.s. district judge allen sharp dismissed the case monday.  'though every decent and moral person wishes that he had been prevented from committing this hideous crime, no one owes mr. alexander anything for having not done so,' the judge wrote."  [p2s:  we note this molestation occurred about 3 years ago, before us v. ala.  now that the ala is intentionally defying that case, the outcome might be different.  article does not mention if porn had been viewed.]
12/8/04 library says kids, nude art don't mix " three watercolors were removed from an exhibit at the library because they showed nude bodies.  ....  one of the pieces was of a sitting male nude from the back, the other two were of female models. one showed a woman reclining on her back with both breasts visible; the other piece featured a woman laying on her stomach with one breast in sight.  ....  the problem with the three nudes was that they were hung on a wall near the children's area of the library and it was not the appropriate place for them, frenz said.  ....  white said she was not upset with the librarians, but would 'like people to be aware there is censorship in manatee county.'  'and that should not be, especially for art,' she said. 'i'm concerned about a small minority putting their mores on the rest of the public.'  white saw no problem with children seeing art depicting the nude body.  'most of those children were probably breast-fed,' she said.  ....  'it's not how it's presented,' said junior bishop lawrence livingston, pastor of eternity temple in palmetto.  'it's where it is presented - in public where children can view it is not appropriate.'  livingston said people in the united states are very sensitive about the exposure of young people to so many sexual images."  [p2s:  can you believe the comment from the artist of the nudes in the children's section of the library that it's okay for kids to see nudes because they were all breast fed?  and she how the word censorship is used as her main defense?  she's concerned about "a small minority putting their mores on the rest of the public" while she forces her lack of mores on children -- just like the ala's tactics.  on the other hand, here's a letter from a supporter:  cave-in to art censors.]
12/7/04 library internet filters "the council concurred with the board of the corvallis-benton county public library in its decision to continue a testing period of internet filtering software at the main branch.  the library began testing in september, but the results showed problems and complaints, according to responses on voluntary surveys collected during the first test.  city officials are testing options to install filters on computers, as prescribed by the federal child internet protection act.  the city did not comply in the first year under the legislation, and it could lose about $4,000 if it does not filter all of its computers.  the library board and city council are looking for a program that will not inhibit legitimate queries for information.  they want to provide library patrons with the option of using a filtered or non-filtered computer.[p2s:  non-filtered computers?  don't allow the library to use non-filtered computers!  take the time to find the correct solution--don't give up.]
12/3/04 unaccompanied adults banned from children's area "the orange county (fla.) library has implemented a policy that bars adult patrons who haven't brought a youngster with them from lingering in the children's area.  'it's adults who don't really have a purpose for being there that we're regulating against,' ocl community relations coordinator marilyn hoffman told american libraries.  ....  the new policy went into effect november 1, three months after a 15-year-old girl reported that a man had tried to molest her on the first floor of the downtown library.  dismissing any cause-and-effect link, hoffman said, 'it's not one incident that caused us to say we need to change policy, but looking at the world today, unfortunately things do happen.'  she went on to say that ocl officials took the action to make library visits 'more positive, more secure for our children.'  ....  cynthia richey, president of the american library association's association for library service to children, characterized the action as 'a preemptive move' that she predicted 'is going to become more common.'[p2s:  wow!  the ala magazine printed this story, so they can no longer argue they are not aware of any problems.]
12/2/04 child-porn bust at library "a 34-year-old man has been charged after allegedly downloading child pornography at the cambridge public library.  the man's arrest on tuesday was part of a police investigation into 'suspicious activities allegedly linked to this individual,' waterloo regional police staff sgt. bryan larkin said yesterday.  library official greg hayton said the man was using a computer at a study stall in the adult section."
12/2/04 what should libraries tell the public after a case like this one? "eleven-year-old c.c. was at the public library on merkley avenue in west sacramento with his brother on the afternoon of december 21, 2001.  defendant approached c.c., sat down next to him at a table, and attempted to engage him in conversation.  fearing defendant, c.c. moved to another table.  a little later, c.c. went to the shelves in the juvenile book section of the library.  defendant followed him.  once in the library stacks, defendant grabbed and held c.c.'s upper arms with the child facing him.  defendant kneeled down.  defendant let go of c.c.'s arm with one hand and tried to unzip c.c.'s pants.  however, defendant was unable to unbuckle c.c.'s belt using just one hand.  after defendant tried to undo c.c.'s belt, he attempted to grab the boy's 'private part' while still holding his left shoulder.  c.c. hit him away with his free hand.  c.c. returned to his table.  when he thought defendant had left the library, he went to the restroom.  defendant followed c.c. into the restroom, entered the same stall, and shut the door.  c.c. backed up and stood on the toilet seat to try to get away.  defendant again attempted to grab c.c.'s 'private part.'  he lifted the child's shirt and tried to unbuckle his belt.  defendant warned c.c., '"if you tell anybody, i'll find out where you live, and i'll hurt you."'  defendant abruptly left when c.c.'s uncle and brother entered the restroom looking for him.  cathryn lorda, the librarian, noticed that c.c. looked nervous while defendant was near him.  when c.c. came out of the restroom, he appeared to be 'flushed' and 'very upset.'  lorda immediately spoke with c.c. and his uncle, and called the police."  [p2s:  imagine having to live through this solely because the library, following the lead of the ala, refuses to filter out pornography.]
12/1/04 man suspected of viewing child porn in library "the sacramento police department is investigating a 30-year-old man suspected of looking at child pornography in sacramento state's library nov. 8.  ....  'this guy has been in the library a lot and has been seen viewing pornography before,' associate dean of public services fred batt said.  'when it became child pornography, we had to do something and hand it over to the police.'  ....  there is currently no filtering process for the computers in the library because of academic reasons."  [p2s:  they let him look at porn and did nothing?  they use a weak excuse to allow porn?  there's a problem here.  be that as it may, this article attracted a fascinating comment by a man falsely accused of child porn because spyware/browser hijackers put child porn on his computer - can anyone help fima fimovich defend against this?]
12/1/04 pa governor rendell signs bills "pa governor edward g. rendell today signed the following bills into law:  ....  house bill 2262, sponsored by rep. allan egolf (r-franklin/perry), establishes the child internet protection act.  it provides that each school board and the governing body of each public library establish an acceptable use policy for users of the internet in schools and libraries.  the aim is to prevent students and patrons from viewing, sending or receiving electronic images that are obscene, harmful to minors, or contain child pornography.  each school board and library is to file a copy of the policy with the secretary of education, who is responsible for review of the policies and enforcement of the act.  the library may disable any software that has been installed to block the images on request of an adult of minor who has written parental consent, to enable that person to conduct bona fide research or for other lawful purposes.  the bill passed the house, 182-10, and was approved in the senate, 43-3, where it was amended.  it passed the house on concurrence, 190-6.  acceptable use policies are to be adopted within 180 days of the effective date of this act and filed with the secretary within 200 days of the act.  the act is effective immediately."
11/30/04 principal apologizes for reading 'school prayer' poem "the principal of cedar shoals high school in athens, ga., apologized monday for reading a poem called 'the new school prayer' over the school's intercom, which brought complaints from some parents who said it violated the principle of separation of church and state.  ....  the poem, which has circulated on the internet since at least 1992, is written in the rhyming style of the children's prayer that begins 'now i lay me down to sleep.'  it refers to prayer not being allowed in school, although students can 'dress like freaks, and pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks' or 'elect a pregnant senior queen.'  the poem mentions the ability to get condoms and birth control, as well as study 'witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.'  'but the ten commandments are not allowed, no word of g-d must reach this crowd,' the poem said."  [p2s:  another school that filters out any slight mention of the church but invites in pornography.  notice no parents are complaining about the flow of porn from the ala, likely because they don't know it's happening.]
11/29/04 in battle over values, will the family pc be the next target? "if america gets serious about doing battle over 'values,' will the internet-enabled personal computer be able to stay out of the crosshairs?  it's a wonder that no one has yet run for office by campaigning against the computer.  after all, you couldn't ask for a better sin-delivery system than a pc with a fast web connection.  ....  what would happen if those people were to try to keep teenagers from using the computers at schools and libraries for those sorts of purposes?  various forms of this issue pop up now and then in local communities.  what would happen if they became part of a bigger social movement?  ....  the computer and the internet have established themselves as an integral part of many homes; small wonder if some people will begin to wonder what is being let in."
11/25/04 filtering for truth on porn "[the perpetrator] started telling stories the moment officers entered his motel room and found child pornography photos crumpled up in a wastebasket.  one of them ended up changing the way phoenix residents can use the computers at the library.  and maybe for no good reason.  [the perpetrator] told officers he downloaded the graphic photos at the downtown phoenix public library.  within a week of his arrest being made public, mayor phil gordon was crusading to keep filters on the city's library computers.  ....  now it looks like the initial reason gordon wanted the filters wasn't solid.  it's possible that [the perpetrator] didn't download any pornographic images off the city's computers.  a detective is looking into the possibility that [the perpetrator] took the photos himself and used the internet story as a cover.  ....  further investigation could find he actually molested the children, a crime for which he previously went to prison."  [p2s:  pornography is apparently so common in public libraries that now recidivist criminals are using public library pornography as cover stories to hide even worse crimes!  libraries have, therefore, brought upon themselves a new low.  it seems the reporter casts the mayor's actions to protect children in a negative light.  this reporter should have at least determined if any library logs exist of web sites accessed that day from that library.  in truth libraries are so bad that criminals now use them as cover stories and everyone believes the criminals, so mayor gordon showed some backbone and did the right thing.]
11/25/04 local legislators' bills pass "the state legislature has sent to the governor an internet pornography bill....  the anti-pornography bill sponsored by former rep. allan egolf, r-86, would withhold a portion of state funding from public schools or libraries that do not adopt policies to prevent students and employees from sending, receiving, viewing or downloading visual depictions of obscenity, child pornography or material harmful to minors, egolf says in a written statement.  under the proposed law, library boards would be responsible for implementing and enforcing their policies with the use of access-blocking software, egolf says.  the bill passed the house in june by a vote of 182-10 and cleared the senate friday with minor changes, egolf says.  final approval in the house was 190-6.[p2s:  gee, bet the ala is going to flip out when they see the blue state of pennsylvania has sent a cipa-like bill to the governor by a vote of 190-6, that's 97%!!!  we predict the ala's response, besides the same old same old, is to place a higher percentage of inappropriate books into their recommended book lists for children to bypass the will of the people.  perhaps pennsylvania ought to lead the country in taking on that fight as well.]
11/24/04 school bars declaration of independence; teacher sues for right to use documents that reference god "a california teacher who teaches his fifth-grade students with the aid of primary source documents like the declaration of independence has been ordered by school administrators to stop using such artifacts of american history because the material contains references to god ... like the declaration, various state constitutions, george washington's journal, john adams's diary, and writings by william penn ... because 'many original source documents from the founding era contain references to god and christianity.'"  [p2s:  it's sick and getting sicker.  this school bars the declaration of independence, but the school library follows the perverse recommendations of the ala pushing porn on children.  view the complaint.  here are quotes on america's independence by the founding fathers and others.]
11/24/04 libraries still let adults, kids mix; orange county's ban on "unaccompanied" adults in children's book sections won't prompt changes locally "orange county's recent move to ban 'unaccompanied' adults from hanging around the children's book section in its libraries won't prompt widespread policy changes across tampa bay, area officials said.  ....  [t]he john f. germany public library in downtown tampa ... had problems with people going there to sleep and downloading pornography from the internet....  ....  caroline ward called orange county's move on the 'extreme edge' of library policies throughout the country.  ward is the past president of the american library association's children's division.  'the fact that the orange county library is going to be stricter is just one way of handling it,' she said, 'and i don't think this will set the tone in how libraries set rules.'  ....  'people think of libraries as safe havens,' ward said.  'they're not necessarily, particularly because the public can come in and libraries are opened to everyone.'"  [p2s:  and the reason it won't is that the ala has a strangle hold on these libraries.  see how the ala past president, of the children's division no less, attempts to marginalize orange county's efforts by labeling them as "extreme."  wrong, ms. ward!  pushing pornography on children is extreme and people are just trying to regain control to protect their children!  you even contradict another past president, cynthia richey, as shown in the article immediately below, who said, "i think it's going to become more common"!  citizens, don't be fooled by the hordes of ala librarians who protect the criminals from your children!]
11/23/04 orange libraries ban "unaccompanied" adults from kids' area "the orange county library system is barring 'unaccompanied' adults from lingering in the children's areas of its 14 branches, a policy that is among the first of its kind in the nation.  as of nov. 1, adults without children may select items in the children's section, but they cannot read books or loiter in the department....  adults may visit the teen-oriented 'club central' section of the downtown library with their kids, but they may enter only with a librarian if they are alone.  officials with the [ala's] association for library service to children said many libraries limit adults' use of computers or bathrooms in their children's departments, but orange county's policy could be the first in the nation to restrict adults' presence the areas.  'it's not a common trend, but i think it's going to become more common,' said cynthia richey, the association's immediate past president.  'it's, in part, a pre-emptive move.'  ....  orlando police arrested a man in august after a 15-year-old girl said he tried to molest her at the downtown library.  earlier, the february rape of a girl in a philadelphia library bathroom underscored the issue of library safety."  [p2s:  great!  this community gets it--our children are under attack!  amazingly, even an ala member is bold enough to tacitly admit children need protection from predators!  and another "pre-emptive move" would be to filter all internet computers, not only those for the kids, though it seems this library already filters all computers.]
11/23/04 sting uncovers alleged sex predators "the ... man talked about sex with the child, asked what type of underwear she was wearing and suggested he meet her to have sex and take nude photographs of her....  ....  [mr. loser], 25, of hummelstown, allegedly used computers at hershey public library to talk to an agent [disguised as a child] and showed up to a fast food restaurant in susquehanna township to meet the child."
11/22/04 students free to thank anybody, except g-d "maryland public school students are free to thank anyone they want while learning about the 17th century celebration of thanksgiving ... — as long as it's not g-d.  and that is how it should be, administrators say.  young students across the state read stories about the pilgrims ... and native americans, simulate mayflower ... voyages, hold mock feasts and learn about the famous meal that temporarily allied two very different groups.  but what teachers don't mention when they describe the feast is that the pilgrims not only thanked the native americans for their peaceful three-day indulgence, but repeatedly thanked g-d.  ....  teaching about a secular thanksgiving counters the holiday's original premise as stated by george washington in his thanksgiving day proclamation:  'it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of almighty god to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor' ... [a]ccording to the web site"  [p2s:  here's another school that denies g-d but follows ala recommendations that push pornography on children.  we bet few public schools teach the truth about thanksgiving while at the same time ensure children are exposed to ala-recommended pornography.  watch for the ala to attack this statement by calling us religious fanatics to draw attention away from their own complicity in pushing porn on children.  p2s is not a religious organization and likely has members from many religions--frankly it's not an issue to us.]
11/19/04 porn filters shelved for now "the state-mandated deadline of dec. 31 to install internet filters on public library computers is fast approaching, and the moffat county library staff members have no intention of meeting it.  ....  there seems to be no penalty for not complying with the mandate, watkins said.  the library board has opted to include the filtering software as an item on their monthly meeting agenda, and they think they might install the software by april or may.  ....  but several months ago, the internet browser on one computer would open a pornographic web site for no apparent reason....  ....  'we don't need that kind of (stuff) around and available to kids,' downard said.  'it's not appropriate in a public place.'[p2s:  yet another library follows the ala guidance to defy the us supreme court and the law of the land.  but don't you dare defy the ala's library bill of rights that pushes pornography on children.  websense.]
11/18/04 addiction to porn destroying lives, senate told "comparing pornography to heroin, researchers on thursday called on congress to finance studies on 'porn addiction' and launch a public health campaign about the dangers.  ....  internet pornography is corrupting children..., a panel of anti-porn advocates told the hearing organized by sen. sam brownback, r-kan., chairman of the commerce subcommittee on science.  ....  mary anne layden, co-director of a sexual trauma program at the university of pennsylvania, said pornography's effect on the brain mirrors addiction to heroin or crack cocaine.  ....  brownback ... said the public is beginning to realize 'they don't just have to take it.'  ....  judith reisman, a vocal critic of the kinsey institute and the field of sexology, suggested congress require police officers to gather evidence of pornography at crime scenes to further research."  [p2s:  sadly, libraries are crimes scenes.  evidence of porn should include whether the library refuses to follow cipa and us supreme court law.]
11/18/04 federal judge overturns limits on bookstore, library displays [unbelievably on the very day the clinton library opened in little rock, in the same town on the same day, this happens:]  "a 2003 state law requiring ... libraries to shield minors from pornographic material in books and magazines violates the u.s. constitution, a federal judge says.  ....  the measure approved by legislators in 2003 changed a previous law that required books, magazines and videos with material that is 'harmful to minors' to be kept in racks that prevented a view of their covers.  under the new law, such books and publications must be kept entirely separate from other material on display.  ....  librarians ... said in the suit that the law would require them to build expensive partitions and to pore over the content of every item, or else to close their doors to anyone under 18.  the [aclu] ... claim[ed] the law would force serious ... libraries to create stigmatizing adults-only sections and unreasonably limit adult access to some of the greatest literary works if they were arbitrarily considered lewd for minors.  ....  'it is basically a major victory for the plaintiffs,' said attorney michael a. bamberger of new york."  [p2s:  the ala and the aclu.  perfect together.  do libraries really hold so much porn that they would need to "build expensive partitions"?  this may be a "major victory" for them, but it's a further assault on our children for us.  isn't the ala wonderful?
11/17/04 mom warns patrons about porn - toni manning says the naked images harmed her daughter; library officials say filtered web access is in the children's section "in late october, toni manning took her three daughters to the library in search of information on hemophilia.  manning's been seeing red ever since.  on the way home, manning overheard her 10-year-old daughter, heidi, whispering to 8-year-old hannah about what she'd seen at the library.  while her mother was helping 13-year-old holly with her hemophilia homework on the computer, a teenager sitting near them was looking at naked women on his computer.  heidi was red-faced, embarrassed and confused.  her mom was just plain mad.  'are you sure you saw this?' manning asked.  'i wanted to let it go at first, i thought it was just a bad incident,' manning said.  'then i thought, "no, i can't let this go."'  manning went back to the branch library in downtown gresham the next day.  the librarians were sympathetic and acknowledged that sometimes patrons use the free internet access to look at sexually explicit material.  but the staff said there was nothing they could do about it.  first amendment, the librarians said.  ....  all of which has been argued before as the multnomah county library system ... challenged the federal children's internet protection act [cipa], which requires libraries to filter pornography from internet access or lose federal funding.  the county argued that the law violated patrons' first amendment rights and overstepped local authority.  the supreme court ruled that internet filters did not violate the first amendment, noting that libraries exclude pornography from their print collections.  the county continues to disagree, hasn't changed its policy and gave up about $100,000 in federal funding.  ....  for her part, manning is making sure people know such material is available.  she printed 500 fliers with her daughter's photograph and a message that such 'innocent eyes' were exposed to pornography.  she's distributed them outside the gresham library, and most people she talked to were outraged."  [p2s:  same story, different day.  the librarians, obviously, were *not* outraged.  it's time people start suing the ala to stop their intentional defiance of the law and the us supreme court, as this article shows.]
11/17/04 police log; sacramento state's campus police "monday, nov. 8 ... trespass -- library -- an adult male was looking at what appeared to be child pornography on the internet.  the case is still under investigation."
11/12/04 getting out the word on web acronyms; new site helps parents decode chat, im-speak "cyberspace can be a fertile hunting ground when predators are looking for young victims.  according to a recent study conducted by the u.s. department of justice, one in five children will be propositioned with cybersex - through e-mail, instant messages or posts in an internet chat room.  statistically, it happens to 1 in 5 young people under the age of 18 who frequently use computers, either at home or places like school or the library.  ....  a survey by the national center for missing & exploited children found that 5 percent or fewer of parents are familiar with the most commonly used acronyms in internet chat rooms.  because of this lack of information, the organization has developed an extensive web site - - where parents can learn how to prevent, detect and report online sexual predators.  to get acquainted with common chat-room lingo, simply click on a feature called 'the cyber tipline,' then on 'online acronyms.'  pos, for example, stands for 'parent over shoulder.'  lmirl is the acronym for 'let's meet in real life.'  ....  not paying attention to children's online activities can be costly."
11/11/04 two men are arrested at swic on gun charges "two men have been arrested at the belleville campus of southwestern illinois college on gun-related charges in the past week.  police were called to the college at 7:50 p.m. tuesday because of a man in the science library with a gun....  'the public safety officer at the school saw the suspect in the library viewing pornography on the school's computer....'"  [p2s:  look how the viewing of porn is only incidentally mentioned as if it's an everyday thing, only this guy had a gun.  sad, isn't it?]
11/5/04 books yield places for more computers "[library director phil] baugher said the library currently has three computers for those 18 years old and younger that filter the internet for pornography, obscenities and violence.  he said there are an additional 14 terminals whose filters are turned off for adult use."  [p2s:  here's another way libraries get around filters while claiming they follow the law -- install them but don't use them!"]
11/3/04 project uncensored:  the new library internet filters solve nothing.  so why have them? "wanna use the internet at the library?  guess what—you're censored.  except you're not.  start to surf the net at the brooklyn public library, and the screen says:  'please choose filtered or unfiltered access by clicking the appropriate button.'  to comply with the children's internet protection act (cipa), the library has installed filtering software 'designed,'--um, designed however poorly--to block visual depictions of obscenity and child pornography.  but adults can turn the filter off.  since july 1, brooklyn and the other two city library systems (new york and queens) have been practicing this crazy-quilt comstockery.  don't blame them.  if they want federal funds for discount internet access, they gotta censor--or at least pretend to.  ....  how do librarians feel about entrusting decisions to a black box?  'i'm not crazy about it,' says brooklyn library director ginnie cooper, who would not have recommended compliance with cipa had the supreme court not allowed adults the uncensored net.  a few years back, cooper could be a purist.  when she headed portland, or's multnomah county library, she testified against cipa in court.  but federal money--some $2 million for brooklyn this year--crucially helps democratize internet access.  many libraries that don't follow cipa still deploy filters.  at multnomah, cooper's old library, the proposed policy for kids 12 and younger is filtered access unless a parent/guardian says otherwise.  teens from 13 to 16 years old can choose either filtered or unfiltered access, unless a parent/guardian designates filtered access.  computers in the kids' areas will be filtered.  ....  but librarians don't choose the internet the way they choose books--it's just a pipeline, leaving them to maneuver longstanding anticensorship policies, including an american library association dictum that minors shouldn't be barred from accessing any library materials.  that was easier to defend when materials got no racier than portnoy's complaint."  see how libraries intentionally circumvent cipa--gee, does any teen ever choose filtered access?  more importantly, see how the ala's anything goes attitude is being questioned.  8e6 technologies, websense.
11/3/04 backers of library filters win:  proponents of web filters oust 2 ypsilanti incumbents "a group of ypsilanti residents who want to install internet filters on the ypsilanti district library's computers scored a victory tuesday, ousting two incumbents and signaling a possible change in the board's views on filters.  ....  roe and philips say they want to install the filters on all library computers, while bolden favors installing them on computers used by youth.  trustee sheveve caudill already supports installing the filters that are designed to block pornography, giving the filter group a majority on the seven-member board.  philips said the vote reflects the community's wish to install the filters.  'i'm thrilled and honored to serve on the board,' she said.  ....  the ypsilanti district library does not receive federal technology dollars...."  [p2s:  congratulations!  this shows once again people want full filtering, even where the library does not accept federal funding!  see also battle ahead for library board on internet filters; 3 new ypsilanti trustees support limits on web porn access:  "'they are not going to be able to ignore us this time,' said rick roe, one of the newly elected trustees and a member of a group of residents who pressured the library board earlier this year to put filters on all library computers to block pornography."]
11/3/04 public safety bans man from campus for lewd behavior at library sunday "a man who was removed from cunningham memorial library sunday for suspicious behavior was told not to return to isu, or he will be subject to arrest for criminal trespassing....  ....  the report states, 'she saw the suspicious male viewing pornography on the computer while fondling himself as she walked behind him.'  ....  [the man] was told not to return to the real property of isu, his photograph was taken by public safety.  his driver's license and library card were also taken from him, the report said.  ....  students interviewed sunday told the statesman that children were present during the incident, along with several students working on other computers."  [p2s:  contrast the firm action taken by this library with the library at dartmouth, shown below (8/3/04; "man watches porn on first floor berry"), where tens of students clapped and cheered a man behaving similarly and the librarian essentially said anything goes.  filters may have prevented this situation in the first place.]
10/30/04 task force calls libraries safe, offers ways to make them safer "a joint security task force set up in february to study safety in the city's libraries after an 8-year-old girl was raped and almost killed at the independence branch has concluded that the city's facilities are 'generally safe.'  'while acts of violence may sometimes occur that cannot be avoided, by and large, library buildings are safe,' the 16-member task force said in its report, which was released yesterday.  ....  while visiting the free library's independence branch at 13 s. seventh st. in center city with her grandmother and two other youngsters on feb. 7, the 8-year-old was attacked in the women's restroom.  another child found her unconscious and partly clothed, wedged between the toilet and the wall.  a homeless man ... was arrested.  earlier, he had been banned from the central library for using computers to view pornography, but the ban did not cover branch libraries."  [p2s:  a rapist gets banned at one library and merely goes to another.  the "joint" task force was made up of 15 library employees and library security and 1 policeman.  sounds cya to us.  the victim suffers forever and could use financial donations.  checks and donations can be mailed to asian bank -- the support fund, 1008 arch st., philadelphia, pa 19107find out what it's like to be the father of a raped child seeing the rapist in court for the first time.]
10/28/04 beaverton seminar suggests ways to keep children safe from porn; children can be accidentally exposed to sexual content on the internet or television "[m]ore than 100 people ... attended an anti-pornography conference last week in beaverton sponsored by the burbridge foundation and american mothers inc....  the conference explored the state of sexual activities and attitudes among youth, the prevalence of pornography and suggestions for how to help keep children safe.  accidental exposure accounts for 80 percent of the sexually inappropriate images seen by youth, said jack samad, executive vice president of the national coalition for the protection of children and families....  ....  genetics, previous sexual abuse and 'accidental conditioning' were found to trigger a pedophile's early acting out....  accidental conditioning could include exposure to child pornography during early sexual development.  ....  dennis shaw, chief operating officer of i-safe america inc., a government-funded organization that offers school-based education and outreach on internet safety, spoke about the dangers of meeting predators online.  children can get around internet filters or find sites at the library or at friends' homes.  ....  shaw said 75 percent of children don't tell their parents when they are sexually solicited online because they're afraid their parents will ban their computer use."
10/28/04 team amber internet safety tips:  a parents guide "over the last few weeks we at team amber alert news have seen an alarming number of kids being lured away from home by someone they met on the internet.  we have put a little information together ... as a guide to help you and your kids understand the dangers of the internet and predators.  ....  protecting our children against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime must be a national priority.  ....  there are individuals who attempt to sexually exploit children through the use of on-line services and the internet.  ....  pornography is often used in the sexual victimization of children.  ....  even if you don't subscribe to an on-line service or internet service, your child may meet an offender while on-line at a friend's house or the library.  ....  find out what computer safeguards are utilized by your child's school, the public library, and at the homes of your child's friends.  these are all places, outside your normal supervision, where your child could encounter an on-line predator."  this article has excellent questions and answers for parents - highly recommended reading.]
10/25/04 former library official honored by the aclu "candace morgan, former associate director of the fort vancouver regional library, was honored saturday for her fight against mandatory pornography filters on library computers [with the] william o. douglas award, presented annually as the top honor of the washington state american civil liberties union....  morgan, who is on the board of aclu-oregon, was honored for her national effort to block a blanket requirement that libraries install pornography filters on all internet computers.  ....  she served as a witness in 2002 for the aclu and the american library association in a court challenge of the federal children's internet protection act.  ....  the vancouver library started with a parental permission system but has since complied with the law."  [p2s:  this stuff is too unreal to be made up.  here the aclu gives an award to someone who blocked pornography filters.  recall that the playboy foundation also gives the hugh m. hefner first amendment awards to librarians who block internet filters.]
10/24/04 are libraries places to learn or engage in illegality? " libraries serve a variety of roles:  as repositories of cultural knowledge, as places to communicate with others, and as places to gain information from books and other printed materials and the internet.  however, many also see libraries as places for illegal activities – from collecting dangerous books, to viewing of internet pornography, to lairs of terrorists and un-american interests.  ....  while the actual impact of the usa patriot act is not known, the justice department is facing librarians who are not backing down from their protests.  after the earlier infamous library awareness program, librarians may not relent down until the repeal of the usa patriot act.  in addition, by protesting against this government action, libraries and librarians have joined in a large civil libertarian protest in ways that librarians previously did not, such as the large group of libraries and librarians that supported the voluntary use of filters, splitting the profession.  the majority of the library profession seems to be strongly against the usa patriot act.  however, this is not to say that all librarians are against the usa patriot act.  ....  the united states government has alternated between viewing libraries as purveyors of high culture and viewing them as dangerous places.  ....  what can people do in a library and what items should a library collect?  who gets to decide?  with the struggle over filtering and the usa patriot act, librarians have taken an active role in defining what they believe to be the role of libraries.  according to, the author of the usa patriot act, viet dinh, said what he learned from the debate over the act was, 'don't mess with librarians.'  whether this apocryphal story is true or not, librarians are taking a more active role to define the boundaries of librarianship, in holding with the ideals held in the american library association's library bill of rights – that libraries should contain materials that present all points of view."  [p2s:  this article, although written by an ala-influenced librarian, discusses numerous legal issues in depth and is worthwhile reading.  see where it says the profession is split?  some are law abiding but most are "protesting" against government action--that means us, the ordinary citizens, they are protesting against us, defining their work the way they want, not the way we want.  after november's election that showed the liberal elites are in decline, it's only a matter of time before the ala's defiance of the laws of the land is exposed and expunged.]
10/23/04 mesa toughens internet filters; libraries match federal standards "a move designed to toughen pornography filters on all mesa library computers isn't going to work perfectly, but it will bring the city into compliance with the federal child internet protection act, librarians say. .... chandler and scottsdale give patrons the option of turning off the filters, while phoenix does not. beginning tuesday, mesa's filters will be programmed to monitor for adult content, nudity and sex on each of the city's 110 library terminals, sorensen said.  now, only the youth terminals have such filters in mesa."  [p2s:  this library used to filter only the children's computers and have now been required to filter all computers.  take note:  this is more evidence that the step of filtering only some computers should be skipped—go directly to filtering all computers in compliance with cipa.]
10/23/04 early voting brings cries of bullying "one woman who voted early in boca raton, at the southwest county regional library, complained that as she stood in line, two men behind her were 'trashing our president,' fletcher said, declining to identify the woman.  she tried to ignore them.  then the man touched her arm and said, 'who are you voting for?'  'i said i don't think that's an appropriate question,' the woman said she responded.  'uh oh!  we have a bush supporter here,' screamed the man behind her.  for the 2 1/2 hours she had to wait in line, she was heckled by the man.  as they neared the voting room, someone in the rear of the line yelled, 'i sure hope everyone here is voting for kerry!' she reported.  that's when the man behind her held his hand over her head and screamed, 'we have a republican right here!'  there were 'boos and jeers' from the crowd.  'i felt intimidated, harassed and threatened!' the woman wrote in her complaint to the republican party.  ....  in broward county, at the regional library in pembroke pines, a voter complained that kerry supporters used abusive language about president bush and had signs and banners within 50 feet of the entrance.  kerry supporters were 'shoving anti-bush propaganda at us,' complained the voter, who said he shouted back 'vote president bush!'  ....  howard sherman complained about his voting experience at north shore branch library in miami-dade county.  he found a crowd of kerry supporters blocking the door.  'they were positioned directly in front of the entrance to the library in such a manner that it would be impossible to avoid them while entering the polling place,' he reported.  sherman said he tried to slip through the thinnest part of the crowd, but a woman in a kerry t-shirt grabbed his arm and asked if he was voting for kerry.  'i seem to recall from civics class that this sort of electioneering is illegal,' sherman complained to the republicans."  [p2s:  the people who are against censorship of porn for children are often the very same ones censoring those voting for the conservative president and his librarian wife.  [like the incessant showing of anti-bush propaganda while trial lawyers and the government work together to steal the freedom of the press and censor sinclair broadcast group's "stolen honor," a documentary on john kerry's post-vietnam antiwar activities.]  the ala is against president bush, and apparently kerry supporters at public libraries are successfully suppressing the votes of those attempting to vote for president bush.  why are they against censoring porn but in favor of censoring bush supporters?  while it is hoped the library merely served as the voting location, this is an example of the double standard that exists for those pushing porn on children.]
10/22/04 mesa libraries to have internet access filtered for porn "the mesa city council has voted to filter internet access for pornography on all 110 computers at mesa libraries as early as next week.  the council voted 6-0 thursday to adopt the policy.  more than 2,000 city residents signed a petition asking for filtering.  library staff will be able to unblock non-pornographic sites if a library computer user discovers one that's been caught in the filter.  several libraries in the phoenix metropolitan area already filter computers for pornography."  [p2s:  more than 2,000 city residents signed a petition asking for filtering!  further proof porn-pushing librarians are losing their control over the people.]
10/20/04 man suspected of sex crimes is out on bond "a park ridge man awaiting extradition to wisconsin to face charges of trying to lure 13-year-old girls into performing in pornographic videos was released oct. 14 after his bond was lowered by cook county judge raymond miles. .... park ridge deputy police chief tom swoboda said the park ridge police force assisted wisconsin authorities on the case when told [the perpetrator] was using computer facilities at the park ridge public library to illicitly communicate with the girl."
10/14/04 roses and raspberries "raspberries to the poorly functioning initial computer filter that has flunked its test for installation at the corvallis-benton county public library.  of the 113 sites that the filter blocked as porn during a test period from sept. 1 to oct. 6, only 16 actually were porn.  that's too high a percentage of legitimate sites — including the library's own home page — that were blocked from patrons' access.  that is not acceptable, and the library board wisely voted to try a different kind of filter and extend the trial period.  roses to library patrons who, during the filter trial period, demonstrated that corvallis doesn't have a problem with people using library computers to view porn.  the internet site histories of the library computers indicated that 99.996 percent of the web sites visited were not porn.  it's not surprising.  people know that library patrons and staff take a dim view of someone reading porn in a public librarythe best library filters out there are people, keeping the library a busy, bustling place — and keeping their eyes open."
10/14/04 tiresome comments on banned books "the yearly 'banned books week' sham by the 'anything goes for any age' american library association (ala) attempts to paint those of a differing opinion with the broad brush of 'book-burner.'  yes, that's right, if you believe that internet porn should be filtered in libraries or that some books are age-inappropriate for your child — well, you just became a book-burning nazi in the eyes of the ala....  parents against bad books in schools (pabbis) does not promote banning books.  it promotes public and parental awareness of age-inappropriate literature in schools.  it advocates choice for students who find material objectionable.  it lobbies for rational book selection criteria in our taxpayer-funded schools.  pabbis is a good example of parents becoming involved in the education process.  it's unfortunate — not surprising — but unfortunate nonetheless, that the school system wants to see those pesky parents disappear.  the public school bureaucracy wants parents involved only as long as they're willing to toe the line and not question the almighty educrat.  ....  and i am grateful for groups like pabbis that are willing to stand up and make a difference."  [p2s:  plan2succeed is also willing to stand up and make a difference.  we too have been subject to personal attack as a technique to avoid facing the issue of porn being pushed on children by the ala.]
10/13/04 library candidates call funds top issue; at ypsilanti forum, board hopefuls differ on internet filters "money for books, materials and operations is the top issue facing the ypsilanti district library, said a group of candidates vying for seats on the library board.  only two of the six candidates attending the forum tuesday supported installing internet filters on the library computers, a more contentious issue that has been a part of this election.  one candidate opted for installing some filters on computers used by youth while the rest rejected the idea.  ....  internet filters at the library became an issue after the library board refused a request by ypsilanti township officials to install them on all library computers. "
10/13/04 computer filtration "providing public access to the internet is a touchy subject at public libraries.  in order to get federal funds, libraries must prove they're taking appropriate steps to prevent 'inappropriate' access.  and the recent case at mission's speer memorial library, where a man is accused of viewing pornographic images with children nearby, is causing many people to call our action 4 listens line and voice their opinion.  parents want to know what can they do to protect their children from encountering these types of images on the web.  ....  the mcallen school district subscribes to a high-tech computer security system that bans pornographic and gambling sites.  it costs several thousand dollars, but district spokesperson mark may says it's worth every cent.  'you want to protect children from inappropriate material.  there's a lot of material that is out there that is bad and of questionable taste.  it's just not a school systems place to provide that sort of material for students or for employees for that matter.'"
10/13/04 child porn found on public computer at valley library "officials in the rio grande valley city of mission are investigating after child porn images were found on a public computer at the city library.  mission police say a computer software program disclosed the images -- as well as when the images were downloaded and who was using the computer at the time.  ....  officials at the speer memorial library say the computer is separated from public computers used by children."
10/13/04 library board to review internet filter test results "results of a one-month trial of internet filtering software at the corvallis-benton county public library revealed technical difficulties and a tendency by patrons to use the computers with filters for convenience rather than for protection from vile web sites.  ....  library director carolyn rawles-heiser said that people reported more problems with the filtered computers, such as more frequent crashes, difficulty accessing e-mail and an overall slower processing speed.  ....  after evaluating sites that were blocked by the software during the test period, library administrators learned that a majority of the sites didn't actually contain pornography.  of 69 sites that were blocked, 54 did not contain any pornographic material, such as the web site for the center for defense information."
10/13/04 library won't back censorship decision "if the wickenburg town council votes to support the city of phoenix's decision to censor computers at phoenix public libraries, it will do so without the support of the wickenburg public library board of trustees.  the wickenburg library board voted last week against giving the town council its support on the issue.  the board also chose not to filter internet access at the wickenburg library.  ....  'the librarians are doing a good job of monitoring what's going on,' [library board president george] pilicy said.  'i will not participate in any censorship, because i don't feel i can tell any of my fellow citizens what they can and cannot read.'"  [p2s:  yet again another librarian makes claims of censorship despite us v. ala, and he says librarians will do the monitoring.  the same librarians that think kids may see porn because it would be age discrimination to keep them from seeing it?]
10/12/04 man booked on more child porn charges "a 29-year-old man accused of viewing child pornography at a northwest reno public library has been booked on additional charges, according to the washoe county sheriff's office.  [mr. library porno] of reno has been arrested on 20 counts of suspicion of possession of child pornography.  he was arrested last month at his home on 10 counts and booked into the washoe county jail."
10/12/04 internet filter system revised to build morality "the president's cabinet at whitworth decided to implement an internet filtering system.  the campus-wide filter was first announced in april of 2001 and banned access to pornography.  recently, the filter was updated and its ban was extended to include gambling.  ....  the initial policy was enacted to aid students in a battle against a 'multi-billion pornography industry too often fought alone, in the privacy of one's room' as described in an internet filtering announcement issued three years ago.  ....  an announcement from whitworth president bill robinson proposed the system would aid students in fighting personal demons.  'community battles are more winnable than the ones we fight in solitude,' he said.  ....  they acknowledged that 'all technologies designed to screen internet materials are fallible.  ultimately, individuals determine what they put into their minds and hearts.'  findings included in the statement also revealed that 'a disturbing number of students have reported habitual and addictive use of internet pornography.  many of these students cite ease of access as a very significant inducement, particularly in their initial use of pornography.'  ....  in some instances, a student who needs to access blocked sites can request that the filter be temporarily removed from their individual computer or they can use one of the library computer labs which aren't affected by the filter.  ....  'pornography destroys lives,' robinson said."
10/12/04 passions flare over sale of toys for boudoir; library event on church lawn promoted the gear "risque bedroom products had organizers blushing at saturday's friends of spring hill library flea market — which was held at a local church.  among the dozens of booths set up on the lawn of spring hill presbyterian church was one vendor promoting personal pleasure toys and intimate products for women and couples.  most of the items are sold at tupperware-like home parties and were not on display.  'i cannot believe it,' said organizer effie heiss, who didn't learn of the booth until after the vendor had packed up and left for the day.  'i didn't get a chance to see it, but i don't know if i'd have known what it was if i had seen it.'  the booth, set up a stone's throw from the church doors, boasted 'toys for you,' including lotions and a vibrating bath sponge.  ....  city administrator ken york said hightree will be cited as having violated the city's sexually oriented business ordinance.  ....  as for the friends of the spring hill library, heiss said they would definitely 'be a little more cautious in screening vendors and watch when they're setting up their wares at next year's flea market.'"  [p2s:  lovely.  now libraries are hosting fund raisers where vendors sell vibrators and the like.]
10/10/04 checking out your children:  pedophiles log on with libraries' unwitting help "the 'free to all' inscription above the doorway of the venerable boston public library represents one of the cornerstones of democracy:  a recognition that knowledge yields power, the kind of power no one should be denied.  but it also is a slogan the library's founders adopted before the internet - and before [mr. library predator].  [predator], 46, was arrested last month as he sat at one of the library terminals police say he used to threaten a 12-year-old maryland girl to compel her to send him pornographic photos of herself.  their investigation revealed [predator] had been sentenced to probation for a similar crime in arizona, where he had failed to register as a sex offender and was wanted as a fugitive from justice.  to the average parent accustomed to seeing libraries as safe havens for children, [predator's] arrest underscored a chilling new reality.  'computers are being used all the time to lure children,' said gail marcinkiewicz, spokeswoman for the fbi's boston office.  'the reason predators use the library is so that what they're doing can't be traced back to their computers at home.'  using [predator]'s screen names - kidmaker2004 and kidmaker4u - police ultimately were able to track him down.  but because of their relative anonymity, many libraries remain an ideal lair for tech-savvy predators.  'anybody can walk in and fish for little kids,' said state police sgt. rick hunter.  ....  [cipa] does nothing to address the most common way online predators lure children:  chat rooms.  last year, for example, a man using a filter-enabled computer at a library in rolling meadows, ill., managed to lure a 15-year-old girl simply by striking up a conversation with her online."  [p2s:  this article is spot on, except the libraries actions are not "unwitting."  just the opposite is true.  also see that a filtered computer was used for a sexual crime thanks to chat rooms.  this filtered computer example is rare so we are pointing it out here.]
10/10/04 plug in, surf or take a class "access to the library's wireless cloud will be open to anyone, regardless of whether they have an account with the library.  access also will be available anywhere on the grounds, whether in the lobby or out on a patio.  ....  just like other branches, every public computer will use software to block out pornographic web sites.  however, that software won't restrict the surfing habits of people who bring in laptops, whether they're hooked into the library's wi-fi network or a data port."  [p2s:  we warned you below (8/15/04 "goodbye, orlando?")—librarians are using wireless access as a means to circumvent us v. ala.  soon all libraries will have wireless access and us v. ala will have been completely obliterated by the ala.  is that what you want?  are you willing to continue to allow the ala to flaunt its defiance of the us supreme court?]
10/10/04 fcc's freeze on funding catches some schools, libraries by surprise "in trying to solve one multibillion-dollar problem, the federal communications commission has created a host of others for public schools and libraries across the country.  educators and librarians in central maine raised an outcry about the commission's recent freeze on its $2.25 billion e-rate program, which funds internet and telecommunications access for educational purposes.  this means schools and libraries must delay paying bills or take money from other projects.  an estimated $1 billion could be suspended by the end of the year.  the commission wants to overhaul accounting rules governing the program, citing fraud within the system.  but it has set no end-date to resolve the problem, which apparently affects only 2.3 percent of the fund, according to u.s. sen. olympia j. snowe, r-maine.  the commission's sudden, drastic decision has schools and libraries here worried that the maine schools and library network may collapse.  the network links 1,100 schools and libraries statewide.  ....  anne davis, director of the gardiner public library, said, ... 'depending on how long the moratorium lasts, the whole network may fall apart[.]'  ....  'it's quite devastating for schools around the country ...' said james c. morse sr., superintendent of oakland's school administrative district 47."  [p2s:  look at the dire emergencies, the threats the left thinks up to frighten people.  the entire state of maine's school and public school libraries may collapse, it's threatened, if federal funding under cipa is removed.  do they think people are really that stupid?  ah, yes, the same radical leftist librarians from the story two below this one are threatening "the whole network may fall apart."  have they considered complying with us v. ala and cipa instead of attempting to continue pushing pornography on children?  of course not!  that would violate their view under the "library bill of rights" that a child has a constitutional right to view pornography!]
10/8/04 officials report sexual activity in charlotte library "police and library officials are concerned that books aren't the only thing bringing people to the public library of charlotte and mecklenburg county.  authorities say there have been at least five reports of people engaged in sexual activity at the library this year.  reports range from a 16-year-old boy being fondled in august by a stranger in a bathroom to a couple engaged in a sex act in the library's carolinas history room."
10/5/04 forget filtering the web "the community compass was spun out of control in a recent commentary about library filters.  despite the claims of christopher coughlan of randolph (aug. 6), current technology cannot fulfill the promises of their proponents.  ....  library filters ... do not filter or block pictures.  no filter now on the market will keep this from happening in your home, school or public library.  ....  the board of trustees at the edythe l. dyer community library in hampden voted to use filters.  afterward, librarian susan taylor was researching motorcycle parts.  but one of the hits was blocked because the filter claimed it was pornographic.  when she turned off the filter, she discovered the site simply consisted of 50 or so links to motorcycle shops located in maine.  ....  this is the everyday reality of filters.  it 'protected' the public from a list of motorcycle shops and crossword puzzles.  ....  the misleading promise of filters creates a false sense of safety that in reality does not exist.  ....  anne estrada davis, the director of the gardiner public library, enjoys the full support of the library's board of trustees.  each trustee represents a community that sustains the library.  the board has voted unanimously not to filter.  all meetings are open to the public.  it is always unfortunate when some individuals, politicians or even supreme court justices, through ignorance or conscious intent, attempt to manipulate the public with misinformation and fear.  helen stevens is president of the gardiner library board of trustees."  [p2s:  what hubris!  the president of a library board of trustees saying the us supreme court "manipulates the public with misinformation and fear" and that "each trustee represents a community that sustains the library."  is that so?  does the public think the leader of an organization in favor of pushing porn on children knows better than the us supreme court?  citizens of maine, kick out the radical leftists from your library and respect the us supreme court before your children are raped or molested like in other unfiltered communities!]
10/5/04 porn found on printer at school "climax-scotts school officials are perplexed about several pages of pornographic images that wound up on a printer in the district's junior-senior high school library.  ....  the pages contained nude photographs of adults and what appeared to be children, said lt. terry vanstreain of the kalamazoo county sheriff's department.  vanstreain said deputies are attempting to determine whether, in fact, underage individuals are pictured.  if they are all at least 18, the matter would not be a criminal case, only an internal school violation, he said."
9/30/04 angry at banned books display "been to chantilly library lately?  you (and your kids) can't miss the 'banned books' display.  ....  i asked supervisor michael frey's office why chantilly library thinks it can tell my kids to read books that are mostly sex, violence, bad language, and that disrespect the family's religious belief.  they politely referred me to ... the [ala] ... for banned books week....  it was not reassuring.  some books are benign (who would challenge 'james and the giant peach'?).  but others are undisguised porn (e.g., 'the chocolate war,' 'the handmaids tale,' and 'fallen angels').  where's the educational value?  ....  since when are books 'banned' in america?  you can get almost any book you want in public bookstores, libraries (e.g., chantilly) and over the internet.  except you may have trouble finding conservative or religious books which are largely relegated to the back shelves, if available at all.  ....  the ala is still fighting the supreme court decision which allows internet porn filters in public libraries.  ....  there are many people who have different viewpoints than the ala and pay taxes to support the library.  nowhere in the library are their views represented.  chantilly library should not be a taxpayer-funded megaphone for left-of-center ideas.[p2s:  see?  the public is starting to catch on about the ala.  but someone else fell back into the trap by writing in response "banned books display violates first amendment."]
9/29/04 man suspected of having porn "a 29-year-old reno man was arrested on 10 counts of suspicion of possession of child pornography wednesday, after someone reported he was viewing sexual images of children on a computer at a public library in northwest reno, washoe county sheriff's deputies said.  [d]etectives talked to him at the library and found child pornography at his home and on his personal computer...."  [p2s:  still another library that filters the "child" computers only.]
9/29/04 [plan2succeed] wants all computers filtered "[t]he board's action to leave some computers unfiltered only kicks the can down the road - 1) unfiltered pornography is still available to attract criminals into our public library.  2) the board still follows the american library association's (ala) bill of rights, despite its 'age discrimination' section being made obsolete over a year ago by the united states supreme court in [us v. ala].  3) the board purposefully, knowingly, and intentionally says the exact opposite of what was ruled in us v. ala yet still demands respect within the community.  ....  [u]nfiltered computers will still attract criminals.  this has been the experience of many other libraries.  ours is no different.  only filtering all computers will best prevent criminality.  we believe the library installed the filters to forestall our real goal - placing the question of internet filters on a public ballot, potentially leading to the filtering of all computers.  ....  as the editorial board of '2600' magazine said, 'people just aren't as uninformed as those in power would like them to be.  and even those who are uninformed often just haven't had the issues explained to them in an engaging way.  when people realize the power they possess, they become a real threat to those who have been manipulating them.  fostering that realization is a worthy pursuit.'  ....  we urge our board to filter all computers, to update the internet use policy, and to stop following the ala's 'library bill of rights' until it comes into compliance with the law."  this was a response to library board oks filters for computers.
9/29/04 long hill joins a short list of libraries using filters "long hill township joined a short list of morris county libraries that filter their computers after the library board of trustees unanimously agreed to filter all the computers in the children's section, wednesday, sept. 15.  ....  [t]he subcommittee mailed questionnaires to library representatives in the main consortium, about six months ago.  about 18 of the libraries responded and the survey results showed that only five of those libraries installed filters on their [children's] computers.  those libraries are in jefferson township [all computers], chester township, morristown, kinnelon, plus the county library in whippany."  cybersitter, norton internet security.
9/29/04 man gets 20 years for child pornography "[mr. sadomasochistic library porn lover], 24, of port charlotte, was arrested last oct. 16 for using public library computers to trade sadomasochistic child pornography on the internet.  [his] 19-year-old wife ... broke down in tears after the sentence was announced.  ....  [he] has been a registered sex offender since he was convicted in michigan at age 19 for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.  ....  [he] was secretly videotap[ed] ... as he used a computer at the murdock public library to view child pornography.  ....  chief assistant u.s. attorney douglas molloy — who called the photos ... 'horrific' and 'unspeakable' — recommended the maximum penalty.  'seeing those images has made me understand what unspeakable things are,' molloy said. 'i will never be able to tell anyone.  they are that horrific.  ....  it's something i'll never be able to forget.'"
9/27/04 asking library filters to do the impossible "it was for the benefit of taxpayers and, of course, for the children.  that's why, in my duties as a journalist, i had to peer in closer to verify what i was seeing:  a picture of a topless carmen electra on a phoenix library's computer screen.  ....  but lost in the fuss was a simple truth:  the filters don't block all pornography.  ....  the phoenix public library knows its filters aren't perfect.  its internet usage policy warns that cyberspace is a 'vast and unregulated medium.'  it cautions users that they may turn up content they find disturbing and cautions them to be 'respectful' when viewing images others 'may find offensive.'  the city asked the internet filters to do something impossible:  protect children.  a piece of computer hardware can't do that.  install all the filters you want, perverts will still prey on children."
9/26/04 sex offender caught in hub web of deceit "a 46-year-old man wanted in arizona for failing to register as a sex offender was arrested at the boston public library yesterday where he used a computer to try to lure a 12-year-old maryland girl, police said.  ....  [t]he girl's parents reported that a man had threatened to hurt her unless she sent him pornographic photos of herself....  the man had hotmail and yahoo accounts that police traced to ... computers at the public library and the christian science library...."  [p2s:  what a surprise!  another sex offender in a library that filters the "child" computers but still provides unfiltered access.  anyone see a pattern here?]
9/25/04 man charged in library kiddie porn case "a convicted sex offender who admitted downloading child pornography from the internet at a lee county public library has been indicted in federal court.  [mr. library porn downloader], 26, of fort myers, was indicted sept. 15 on one count of possession of child pornography transported across state lines via computer.  [mr. downloader] — who served six years behind bars from 1996 to 2002 for lewd assault — likely faces at least 10 years in prison on the new charge.  ....  [fbi special agent john] kuchta wrote in his affidavit that harding admitting taking computer discs to rutenberg library in south fort myers and downloading the pictures from the internet.  'harding admitted to having a sexual interest in children,' kuchta wrote.  ....  there have been several cases the last couple of years in which men have been accused of using southwest florida's public libraries to download child pornography.  lee county library director cynthia cobb said the library system has installed software that blocks pornography on computers used by children.  but computers used by adults have full links to the internet.[p2s:  again, filtering only the "child" computers but not the "adult" computers results in continued criminality!!  p2s's own public library just decided to install filters on most computers but not all.  p2s will not stop seeking to have all computers filtered, and we are leaning towards phoenix's solution.]
9/24/04 library patrons taking anti-porn rule well "brad hjerp , 27, tapped in the address of his favorite gothic web site on a phoenix library computer as he has hundreds of times.  but instead of titillating clothes and sexually explicit words, trademarks of the 'dark lifestyle' site, a black screen popped up:  access denied.  ....  but he said he wasn't surprised.  'i have lived in other cities and they all have gone to filters,' he said.  ....  since it was implemented earlier this month, the council's action has received mixed reaction from library patrons, said elizabeth parker, a library administrator.  but she said there have been no complaints from users of the four libraries in south phoenix and maryvale, in west phoenix.  and warnings by some that sites about breast or penile cancer, genital warts and other such ailments are banned, aren't true.  ....  mark curtis, 33, a homeless man who comes to the harmon library a few times a week, said he ... agrees with others that there is no place for pornography in a public library.  'it would be like handing a pornographic book to children,' he said.  ....  'the filters are no violation of rights because pornography causes violence....'"  see also library patrons take anti-porn filters in stride.
9/24/04 security tops library's budget "the proposal to add the security force came after parents and residents said they didn't feel safe in the library because people were using the computers to view pornography, norlin said.  the library board decided to filter its internet computers to prevent the practice."
9/24/04 news of the weird "the unassuming town of greensburg, pa. (pop. 16,000, just east of pittsburgh), was the site of two high-profile arrests recently.  in july, [mr. toe kisser], 21, was suspected as the man responsible for several toe-kissing incidents, including one underneath a public library table, when he allegedly kissed the feet of a 12-year-old girl and asked if he could kiss her liver."
9/22/04 officials look to curb abuse of the internet in limestone schools "having technology without having trust is becoming a dilemma for limestone school officials.  a month ago the technology director, debbie owens, and superintendent barry carroll decided to block teachers' access to the internet, when they discovered the server was overloaded.  ....  carroll said officials reviewed sites that students and teachers had visited and found that students were bypassing the blocking software to get to pornographic sites.  teachers were going to sites like ebay, paying bills online and working on projects for online college courses.  ....  carroll said he doesn't want a parent coming to him and asking, 'did you do everything you could to keep my child from this site?'  owens said she observed a computer lab to see if students were bypassing the blocking software.  in many cases, there is one teacher to 25 students.  although the computer monitors are arranged so a teacher can see each of them from a central location, students often know more about technology than the teacher.  she said students are opening two internet sites and are using the task bar to go between the educational site and the site they open for their entertainment.  'if a teacher is concentrating on helping one student, these kids take the chance to do what they want to do and click on the task bar to go back to the educational site when the teacher is looking,' she said.  ....  austin said it is impossible to monitor every child every minute of the school day.  she said students and teachers both can accidentally get on an inappropriate site.  'i had a fifth-grade teacher who told the students to look up sites on african-american women,' austin said.  'one child misspelled a word and got a porno site.'"
9/22/04 libraries beef up filtering of web porn "children who surf the internet at local libraries are shielded better against pornographic web sites, thanks to new measures that the tucson-pima public library implemented this summer, the library's interim director said.  the 1,600 library patrons who use the internet in an average day must now type in a name and library-card number before they browse.  that step automatically activates filtering software for all cardholders younger than 18.  ....  previously, local libraries offered unfiltered internet access on some computers.  this sometimes resulted in children seeing sites with adult content, stunz-hall said.  ....  so far, the new software has been a success, stunz-hall said.  ....  wilson said under the old system, children sometimes were exposed to pornographic ads in pop-up windows if an adult had previously used that computer to visit a sexually explicit site."
9/22/04 library board oks filters for computers "the library board of trustees unanimously voted at a wednesday, sept. 15 meeting, to install internet filters on all of the computers in the children's department and some in the adult section....  about 20 parents, mostly fathers fearing their children could be inadvertently exposed to pornography at the library, addressed the board members.  ....  in may 2001, a township man was arrested for viewing child pornography at the library.  he was found guilty and sentenced to jail time on sept. 21, 2001.  ....  library director arline most said ... that the library staff rarely has to stop people from looking at inappropriate web sites.  once in a blue moon, she said, the staff may see a young adolescent male at a computer in the children's section, and it's obvious from his body language that he knows he's doing something wrong.  'we're not doing anything actively to bring pornography to the library,' said board member bryan boylan, chair of the committee that created the library board's report on filtering internet access.  'i feel filtering is censorship, even if it can be turned off,  boylan added.  ....  schools superintendent arthur dibenedetto attended the meeting ... [and] said he, the principal and librarian reviewed ... 'mangaboom,' by charlotte pomerantz, and decided to keep it on the shelves.  ....  dibenedetto said he could 'understand (why) some people may find it (the content) objectionable."  see our response at [plan2succeed] wants all computers filtered.
9/20/04 library porn filters in phoenix stir aclu challenge "the phoenix city council recently voted unanimously to immediately block all pornography from the public library's web terminals.  the policy, the toughest yet in any major american city, comes in response to last month's arrest of a convicted child molester who admitted he had been downloading child pornography at the library.  phoenix mayor phil gordon said the ban on what he called 'filth; has been a long time in coming.  'all porn should be filtered out and this policy does that.  the convicted child molester was simply the last straw.'  gordon noted that it should not have taken the arrest of a sexual predator to spur the city into action.  'i've been working on this since i was a city councilman five years ago and it's fair to ask what took us so long.  i assumed, out of ignorance, we were already adequately filtering.  with all the media attention, this thing moved, relatively, like light speed.'  but the phoenix chapter of the american civil liberties union is preparing to battle the new ban.  'we've heard from people who are concerned about this.  we have several possible plaintiffs.  this will end up in the (u.s.) supreme court,' said aclu executive director eleanor eisenberg.  ....  gordon admitted that there may be problems with the city's blanket ban, but said he is confident the new policy will pass constitutional muster.  'the (u.s.) supreme court ruling reaffirmed that porn is protected speech under the first amendment, but it didn't rule that city libraries must provide access to porn,' gordon said.  'you don't see pornographic books and magazines on library shelves.  we're confident we'll win any court challenge to the new policy.  it's the right thing to do and our attorneys agree, so we'll prevail in court.'  ....  gordon added that he believes the aclu is worried about the phoenix case because of the possibility that the city's policy will serve as the model for other communities.  'glendale's (arizona) mayor is following our lead.  mesa looks like they are following our lead.  porn industry leaders and the aclu are fighting us because we are the fifth-largest city in the country,' gordon said.[p2s:  the ala is another porn industry leader likely to fight phoenix, being it is a leading porn distribution channel, in our opinion.  the ala believes that "suppression [of 'hard-core pornography'] is discrimination...."  (here is the latest information about hard-core pornography "texas professor finds facts about porn 'should scare us.'")  the aclu is worried the phoenix rising from the ashes of child molestations might spread a renewal of family-friendly libraries throughout the usa!  everyone, follow what phoenix is doing very closely, help all you can, then apply that solution to you own communities!!!  "[t]hose in the hard-core pornography business [should be put] on notice that there will be a price to pay for violating our obscenity and tax laws."]
9/20/04 check out the response about library column "very few topics that i write about get as much feedback as ones about dogs and children.  so when i admitted getting scolded last week by multnomah county sheriff's deputies for leaving my three young children in the downtown library unattended, parents responded with varied degrees of outrage and empathy.  ....  when i was growing up, the public library was like a second home.  even now, i see a lot of unescorted young children there.  but these days, libraries -- especially the downtown branch -- are not as safe for children under age 11 to be in alone, i was told by sheriff's officials.  'in today's world, it's just too dangerous for the child,' says lt. mike shults, sheriff's spokesman.  'a lot of parents don't know what the potential dangers are out there.  ....  what's more, we all should also be aware that criminals, perverts and other folks on the social fringe may use the free high-speed access to the internet to look at pornography."
9/18/04 leave porn in jungle "the installation of anti-porn software on phoenix public library computers is great news.  anticipation in glendale of similar porn-buster programs is also welcomed.  civilization is pushing back the jungle and forcing the animals to hide and swing through the trees elsewhere.  ....  porn is considered a vice for a simple reason:  it tempts toward immorality, toward slimy conduct, and the city is not required to encourage or bolster or foster vice among the citizenry.  there is no healthy reason for porn.  so, if you want porn, you can go to the jungle and find it."
9/16/04 chandler to review net use at library "a week after the phoenix city council voted to keep pornography off all library computers, chandler is evaluating its own library internet policies.  ....  during the past two years, there have been only three requests for the disabling and they were by adults wanting to access internet gambling sites, which are also blocked by the filters.  ....  councilman bob caccamo said he wants more information and a staff recommendation before seeking any changes in city library policies.  'but my personal feeling is if someone wants to view pornography, they should view it from their house.'  he said he is concerned that viruses linked to some pornography sites could infect city computers."
9/15/04 don't mess with librarians "jessamyn west is a 36-year-old librarian living in central vermont.  but she's not your stereotypical bespectacled research maven toiling behind a reference desk and offering expert advice on microfiche.  she's a 'radical librarian' who has embraced the hacker credo that 'information wants to be free.'  ....  west, a self-described anti-capitalist blogger who was invited to the democratic national convention, ... has posted a page with links and photos that might best be described as library soft-core porn."  [p2s:  "radical" librarians are now making their own pornographic web sites!]
9/13/04 aclu is fighting the wrong fight "after reading eleanor eisenberg's column, 'censorship slithering down that slope again,' i was outraged that the aclu would fight for something like the libraries being able to have porn available.  ....  we need organizations like the aclu but they must function with responsibility.  i see no sanity here, much less responsibility, when the aclu wants adults to be able to view pornography at a public place.  public bathrooms used to be the sexual predator's favorite place.  now it could be the library?"
9/13/04 technically speaking, web filters working "as a test, des plaines public library director sandra norlin opened up playboy magazine's web site.  gaping white boxes stared back at her instead of naked women.  a few weeks after the library installed filters on all computers with internet access - a move prompted by community pressure - norlin wanted to test the software to see if she could view objectionable sexual images.  judging by norlin's trial run, as well as a complaint from a patron who liked to peruse adult web sites and now can't, the filters are doing their job.  ....  it's been a few weeks since the library added a system by websense inc. to computers used by library staff and adult patrons.  children's computers already had the filters before the library board voted to expand them in mid-august.  ....  at san diego-based websense, employees scour the internet for new sexually explicit web sites to add to the company's block list, product manager eric rohy explained.  filters are categorized so websense customers, including the des plaines library, can block what they want."  cyberpatrol, websense.
9/13/04 censorship always comes in disguises "censorship always creeps in under the guise of 'protecting' someone, usually those designated as vulnerable, such as children.  they are, and they deserve protection, but not at the expense of the first amendment.  ....  supposedly, someone downloaded porn using this system, which means that the protection was not 100 percent.  however, nothing is.  to protect yourself 100 percent from being in an auto accident, you could choose never to get in a car or go anywhere near where such vehicles exist.  it's an option, but one that would distort your life.  ....  i hope phoenix mayor phil gordon will take up eisenberg's challenge and join the aclu and other organizations at banned books week.  perhaps this will help him understand the importance of the first amendment."  [p2s:  we hope this writer will take up our challenge and read us v. ala.  perhaps this will help her understand that the first amendment issue has already been asked and answered by the us supreme court:  "[p]ublic libraries' use of internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' first amendment rights...."  case closed.  next?]
9/11/04 access to pornography not a government role "since when is it the government's job to provide access to pornography?  don't we have enough adult stores in town?  ....   everybody knows there are plenty of ways to get a hold of this stuff without using taxpayer dollars to support their addiction."
9/11/04 editorial:  the library's integrity "a problem that confronts all public libraries is illustrated in the morris county internet [main] library service's recent rejection of federal funding to upgrade public-access, internet-linked personal computers.  ....  [t]he problem is that existing anti-porn filters also can prevent library patrons from accessing legitimate information.  for example, the filters would not permit a user to call up anything containing the word 'breast' — which means it would be impossible to access information on breast cancer.  ....  [main] determined the filters were simply too cumbersome.  still, the question of people using publicly funded computers to access unsavory web sites also needs to be considered.  some libraries have designated certain computers for use exclusively by minors — and those have the anti-porn filters.  such an accommodation might be considered by the libraries in the morris county library system.  still, we think main's decision was a wise one."  [p2s:  this is an example of a member of the media doing the work for the ala.  instead of doing his research, he reports that filters would make it "impossible to access information on breast cancer."  this is completely untrue, one of the very same falsehoods the ala makes intentionally, as proven in other comments below." the filters can be disabled just by asking the librarian to do so, thanks to us v. ala.  but this is not new information.  he could have easily read the us supreme court case that defines this issue.  this is the same old story of librarians and some media intentionally misleading the public to convince the public to vote against filters.  then he says as an "accommodation," perhaps the computers for minors should be filtered.  an accommodation to whom, the molesters praying on the minors?  there is no need to accommodate the unconstitutional views of librarians that children should have access to pornography.  by the way, while property taxes are going up and libraries are advertising for donations, why is main turning down $10,000 so that porn will remain available in morris county, nj libraries?  the writer does not address that issue.  9-11 is a perfect date for this disaster of an editorial to be published, especially while children are being terrorized nationwide by molesters and librarians whose policies continue to attract the molesters and rapists despite law and a us supreme court decision.]  see a related article, "internet freedom will cost morris county library system $10,000," 9/15/04, and our comments.
9/9/04 phoenix bans internet porn at libraries "a determined city council declared wednesday that pornography will no longer be available at phoenix libraries, an action that could lead to a courtroom showdown with first amendment advocates.  phoenix's new policy, which will filter all internet sessions for adult users, is unusually stringent and appears to be the first of its kind among the nation's largest cities, a number of first amendment advocates say.  ....  the city council's unanimous vote disappointed many, including a visibly upset toni garvey, phoenix's public library director, and prompted the local leader of the american civil liberties union to say, 'this will end up in the supreme court.'  eleanor eisenberg, executive director of the aclu of arizona, stopped short of saying that her organization would take the city to court in the near future but did say, 'we've heard from people who are concerned about this.  we have several possible plaintiffs.'  the threat did little to sway mayor phil gordon and vice mayor peggy bilsten, who said they are fully prepared for a legal battle.  'i am willing to take this to court,' bilsten said.  'too many times, we stop short of what we want to do because we are afraid of it going to court.  i think this is a great case.'  gordon agreed.  'i don't believe that in our library, which is designed to be family-friendly, we should be obliged to provide access to these materials,' gordon said.  'if we are to be sued, then let the courts decide this case.'  ....  garvey, the city's librarian, ... did not speak and left the meeting quickly, blinking back tears.[p2s:  look!  phoenix has guts!!  "family-friendly" libraries should not be obligated to provide access to pornography!!!  this mayor and vice mayor should be mayors for life for doing what they are supposed to be doing, protecting their citizens, not the ala's unconstitutional right for children to view pornography!!!!  pity the poor librarian "blinking back tears" now that she can no longer push pornography on children!!!!!  pray that this is the beginning of the end of the ala's radical views or at least the power to assert those views!!!!!!]
9/8/04 if you want a peep show, use your own quarters "the discussion over blocking access to internet pornography at phoenix libraries suffers from loose thought about rights generally and the first amendment in particular.  cities do not have to provide internet service in their libraries.  ....  if a public library provides internet access, why is it suddenly a denial of a right to choose not to provide access to all sites?  ....  the [us v. ala] court, by implication, said the federal government cannot prohibit local libraries from making internet pornography available to adults.  but that's a long way from saying that local libraries have an obligation to do so.  simply put, the court did not address the question of whether cities could, on their own initiative, block access to internet pornography for both children and adults.  ....  [t]he logical reasoning that gets from the first amendment's 'congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech' to 'cities shall provide taxpayer-funded pornography' is, not to make too fine a point of it, nuts.  ....  [m]aintaining ... distinctions between rights, sound governance and wise policy choices is important.  otherwise you get people claiming that taxpayers have a constitutional obligation to turn their libraries into peep-show galleries."  [p2s:  this article shows at least some of the media are starting to understand the problem.  even still, his statement that us v. ala implies a right to view pornography is misleading.  us v. ala held, "[a] library provides [internet] access for the same reasons it offers other library resources:  to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits by furnishing materials of requisite and appropriate quality.  the fact that a library reviews and affirmatively chooses to acquire every book in its collection, but does not review every web site that it makes available, is not a constitutionally relevant distinction."  this means if your library did not provide print versions of hardcore pornography, having an internet connection does not suddenly make hardcore pornography part of the library's collection.  the case goes on to say "most libraries already exclude pornography from their print collections because they deem it inappropriate for inclusion,"  and that the filters can actually be used to enforce the library's collection policies.  indeed cipa is essentially about legally blocking obscenity, child pornography, and "visual depictions" harmful to minors from public library computers.]  [response to p2s by author:  thanks for the comments, but i think you misread my column.  i expressly rejected the claim that u.s. v ala established a right for adults to view pornography at public libraries.  i said that it only implied that the federal government couldn't make a prohibition a condition of federal aid.  i specifically said that the court didn't get to the issue of whether local governments could establish such a prohibition on their own initiative.]
9/7/04 sex offenders released into county "a handful of men convicted of sex crimes have been released from prison and are back in washington county.  released late last month were ... [mr. library molester], 36, convicted in 2002 of public indecency.  [mr. library molester's] conviction stemmed from an incident where he exposed himself to an 8-year-old girl at a hillsboro store.  he has prior convictions in the 1980s in montana for sexual exposure, sexual assault, theft, car theft, burglary, drunk driving and other drug charges.  he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in 1989 for molesting a 6-year-old girl at a public library.  ....  he has been released to his northwest jackson street residence."
9/6/04 phoenix library board doesn't back mayor's plan to ban internet porn "if phoenix officials decide to proceed with a plan that would ban patrons from accessing internet pornography at library computers, they'll do so without the support of the phoenix public library advisory board.  members of the board met last week with mayor phil gordon.  ....  board members ... feel it would violate first amendment rights and lead the city into a legal quagmire.  ....  but gordon said that the city already makes such decisions by opting not to carry pornographic magazines or adult videotapes.  he said that he, in consultation with the city attorney, doesn't believe that the city is constitutionally obligated to provide the public access to internet porn.  'there's enough private entities, home computers out there,' he said. 'people can access it elsewhere.'"
9/2/04 aclu:  guardians of liberty or 'card-carrying' hypocrites? "'the aclu is our nation's guardian of liberty,' its web site boasts.  'we work daily ... to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country.'  active in lawsuits, legislatures, the media and academia, the aclu certainly is working to 'defend rights.'  the inconsistency of its record, however, raises the question of just whose liberties they are working to preserve.  an examination of the aclu's involvement in and comments about individual rights reveals that it may not be working to defend 'every person in this country.'  becoming a 'card-carrying member of the aclu' may make you a member of the world's largest organization for hypocrites.  ....  freedom of speech:  ....  an organization with so many able lawyers ought to know the legal meaning of censorship, and stop using it to demonize every regulation on speech or pornography.  the aclu always leads the attack against any regulation on pornography, even when it involves children.  its opposition to the child online protection act, is in behalf of 'artists, sex educators, and web publishers [who wish] to communicate with adults about sexuality.'  in a similar move, the aclu threatened to sue a south dakota library for removing a planned parenthood web site that was geared toward teenagers.  though the site was sexually inappropriate for teens, the organization expressed concern about what 'appears on the surface to be a case of censorship' and the harm that removing the web site could do to children.  public library officials make content-selection choices as a matter of course.  no court has ever held that a person has a right to require a library to acquire a particular publication.  to argue that a library must provide access to every web site because it provides access to the internet is groundless.  wichita falls, texas, enacted an ordinance, known as the altman resolution, which allowed 300 library card holders to petition for relocating any book in the children's section of the public library to the adult section.  the library staff initially relocated two books, daddy's roommate and heather has two mommies, into the adult section after receiving petitions from cardholders.  a 'volunteer cooperating attorney on behalf of the aclu' filed suit in federal court claiming the ordinance was unconstitutional.  although 300 cardholders believed the books were age-inappropriate, the aclu called moving the books 'censorship.'  compare that with threatening a public library with a lawsuit if it continues to label some books as 'christian.'  emily baker, the olathe, kansas library director, was looking for ways to make browsing easier for her patrons, many of whom enjoy christian fiction books.  but one person took issue with the labeling, and rather than confronting the librarian or her board, the complainant went directly to dick kurtenbach of the aclu.  the library board voted to end the labeling rather than face a lawsuit.  '"(the complainant) felt that it was up to her to decide whether or not a book that she wanted to check out was religious in nature and it was not up to the librarian to make that decision," kurtenbach said.' he claimed 'the labels, which contained a cross and the word 'christian,' could be grounds for a lawsuit.'  in the texas library, the aclu argued that it was up to the librarians and not the patrons, to decide whether books are appropriate for children, but in kansas, it's the decision of the patrons and not the librarian to decide if a book is christian fiction.  not only has the aclu argued for the rights of children to access pornography, they are defending the north american man boy love association (nambla) in a lawsuit.  nambla actively promotes sex between grown men and boys, providing literature and a web site on the subject.  two men in possession of nambla material lured a ten-year-old boy into their car, overcame his resistance by choking him to death with an oil-soaked rag, molested his dead body, and dumped him in a cement-filled container into a river in maine.  when the boy's parents sued nambla for complicity in their son's death, the aclu stepped in to defend nambla, claiming 'those who do wrong are responsible for what they do; those who speak about it are not.'  ....  conclusion:  ....  in aclu the devil's advocate, f. lagard smith, author and law professor, ... adds, '... the aclu may ... be described fairly as the legal arm of the liberal-left, supporting any number of causes that seem to debase the noble ideals of civil libertarianism.  ....  smith concludes that the aclu has '... an activist [role in the ] the liberal left's inexorable march toward achieving unrestrained individualism [and ...] personal autonomy ... for licentious behavior.  if the aclu doesn't represent your vision of 'liberty,' the constitution and the bill of rights, please consider supporting those who do."  [p2s:  this article includes 58 hyperlinked footnotes and is an excellent resource on a variety of issues.  notice how the aclu whipsaws libraries.  notice to those planning to sue the ala:  first, notice p2s's idea to sue the ala for child molestation has been tried against at least one other leftist, destructive organization proving the idea has validity.  learning from that, expect the argument by the ala to defend its pushing porn on children and the resultant public library molestations and rapes caused by pornography on public library computers to be that "those who do wrong are responsible for what they do; those who speak about it are not."  lastly, the ala's "age" discrimination psychobabble was drafted by a former aclu member, to the best of our belief.]
9/2/04 panel examines state web policy "a special committee formed to review a policy on internet links from state government web sites recommended only a minor change....  gov. mike rounds decided in july that a review of state web site policies was needed after being alerted to a state library computer link to planned parenthood's teenwire web site.  the governor also objected to a state library link with a web site called go ask alice!, which is offered by columbia university in new york city and provides explicit information about sex.  deciding that the information was not appropriate for adolescents, rounds decided a few days later to temporarily shut down the library's entire web section for teenagers.  ....  'some of the policy guidelines interfere with the traditional role of librarians who have carefully picked books and other publications in an effort to present a wide spectrum of information,' said eric abrahamson of rapid city, a member of the state library board.[p2s:  here's an "outraged" librarian who wants to carefully pick what explicit sex web sites children will get to see, yet the us v. ala's library's internet policy typically says librarians are not responsible for controlling the flood of inappropriate sites on the internet:  "the library cannot control or monitor other material that may be accessible from internet sources because the internet is a vast and unregulated medium with access points that can and do change often, rapidly and unpredictably."  you can't have it both ways.]
8/30-9/1/04 various articles asking for a fight, debate brewing over e-porn on library computers, create 'safe zone' in the library, will phoenix city officials try to override cipa?.
8/29/04 phoenix eager to move against e-porn at library "phoenix's proposal to ban library patrons from accessing internet pornography could make its way to the legislature, but city officials say they still plan to enact their own restrictions before state lawmakers convene in january.  mayor phil gordon and a majority of the city council want to move quickly on regulations that would bar adults from disabling filters designed to block objectionable web pages on library computers.  the proposed policy comes in the wake of the recent arrest of a child molester who accessed child pornography at a phoenix library.  ....  'phoenix has always led by example, and we'll go it alone if we have to.'  ....  filters designed to block such sites are imprecise.  they don't differentiate between legal and illegal pornography, such as child porn, and in some instances, they've been found to deny users access to legitimate information. this, opponents argue, amounts to censorship.  'while i am very sympathetic to mayor gordon's concerns and i understand why he is taking the viewpoint he is, we will still defend the first amendment,' said eleanor eisenberg, executive director of the aclu of arizona."  [p2s:  here it is again.  calling filters "censorship" and claims about defending the first amendment.  us v. ala proves once and for all that cipa-compliant filters are not censorship and do not violate the first amendment.  these assertions are identical to those made by librarians in the multnomah county library, the losing party in us v. ala.  certainly those librarians know they lost the case in the us supreme court on the exact same grounds on which they resurrect the same issues to argue again in front of local governing bodies and the public.  government and citizens everywhere must know claims of censorship and a loss of first amendment rights have already been asked and answered by us v. ala.  using cipa-compliant filters, there is no censorship and no first amendment violations.  librarians are fully aware of this, yet they continue to argue this because they know people are afraid of censorship and a loss of first amendment rights, and a lie told often enough becomes the truth!!!]
8/28-29/04 various articles filters will block more than porn, 'good' sites may fall through filter cracks, harmless filters, the mayberry way to resolve most ever-thin', blocking library porn raises risks, library filters could block out educational sites.
8/27/04 new proposal to filter youth computer use in libraries challenged "a proposal to filter internet searches for children younger than 13 at multnomah county's libraries is creating a stir among those who say the devices might screen out educational materials along with the targeted pornography.  ....  'filters are about 95 percent effective in blocking out english-language smut,' said stephanie vardavas, president of the nonprofit friends of the library, a group that assists the library.  'but they can also be pretty effective at blocking contents that may or may not be controversial but are certainly educational.'  ....  vardavas and a handful of other people told the county board of commissioners at a public hearing this week that filtering the internet could have a chilling effect if the proposal becomes a rule.  ....  some county board members who initially supported the proposal said the testimony has forced them to reassess their position.  and even some county residents who said they showed up to support the proposal changed their minds after hearing the testimony.  ....  some library advocates worry that limiting access to the internet by library patrons of any age is a form of censorship.  'it's the camel's nose under the tent,' said susan hathaway-marxer, former chairwoman of the library's advisory board and a member of the department's internet access committee."  [p2s:  truly unbelievable.  having people from friends of the library and the like testify against internet filters is like theresa heinz-kerry testifying john kerry's purple hearts were honestly earned.  but the deception seems to have worked, sadly, as the article shows.  and see that scare tactic again calling filters "censorship"?  see the age discrimination comment direct from the ala's library bill of rights?  see that cute camel's nose comment?  all are intentionally designed to deceptively sway people against filters despite the law by misleading them about the law.  us v. ala proves once and for all that cipa-compliant filters are not censorship and do not discriminate against children.  these are not inadvertent statements since the multnomah county library is the very one named in us v. ala.  the deception is repeated in usa today.  citizens of multnomah county, wake up and think for yourselves!!!!]
8/26/04 should libraries allow teenagers to chat online? "in october, a 16-year-old girl disappeared from the molalla public library after chatting with a man she met online.  police described her as an endangered runaway.  during the more than nine months she was missing, investigators tracked down about 20 of the men the girl met online and found that more than half were sex offenders, including the man she eventually was found living with."
8/25/04 taxpayers shouldn't support porn "i would like to encourage phoenix mayor phil gordon and the city council to ban phoenix library patrons' access to internet pornography.  there is a direct connection between child pornography and child molestation....  the real issue is not about the exercise of the first amendment right of freedom of speech, but rather the safety of our children.  ....  we have a right to raise children in a safe environment.  should our tax dollars be used in a manner that puts our children at risk?"
8/25/04 if public libraries pose danger to children, why stop there? "phoenix mayor phil gordon and vice mayor peggy bilsten showed how much they believe in protecting children in announcing they would seek a way to ban city computers from displaying pornography.  ....  but why stop at just library computers?  ....  if we want to protect children, why not lock up all convicted molesters forever?  ....  the city should provide day care for all of its citizens to keep children out of the hands of predators.  ....  we should also consider licensing cameras.  ....  pens and paper should be rationed. police should be able to investigate any person's writing at any time.  for the children's sake.  sure, gordon and bilsten are willing to sacrifice some of our individual rights to protect children.  but if they really believe in safety over liberty, crushing the first amendment should just be a warm-up."
8/25/04 rural china logs on "internet access is restricted on content grounds in china, where government authorities use filters to block undesirable political views and pornography.  but chao did not cite any difficulties with accessing educational material in schools."  [p2s:  the entire country of china is filtered by the government!  do you think they don't want to indoctrinate their children with pornography like the ala indoctrinates ours?]
8/22/04 library's computer porn shocking "i am shocked to read that an adult can choose to unfilter porn on a public library computer.  what happened to the library being a safe environment for families?  i support phoenix mayor phil gordon in his efforts to block this."
8/20/04 phoenix mayor:  ban library internet porn "phoenix mayor gordon and a coalition of city council members are going up against the first amendment to restrict library internet access to pornography.  the city leaders want to restrict library patrons' ability to view pornography through libraries' publicly provided internet access following the arrest last week of a child molester who viewed kiddie porn on library machines, the arizona republic reported.  'the fact that it is legal for someone as an individual to view pornography doesn't mean that there is a constitutional obligation for the city, as a public entity, to provide everyone access to it.  that's what i believe in my heart, what i believe as a parent and what i believe as mayor,' gordon said.[p2s:  this is an example of how the media are biased against internet filters.  in the first sentence, the upi reporter says the mayor is "going up against the first amendment to restrict library internet access to pornography."  first amendment issues have already been asked and answered by the us supreme court in us v. ala.  the upi reporter does not tell you that.  the bias is even more evident where you see the original article used by the upi reporter describes "an action that could put the city at the center of a first amendment debate," a statement far less judgmental.  see phoenix out to ban web porn in libraries.]
8/20/04 to filter or not to filter? "several ahwatukee and chandler library visitors say they would support phoenix officials' idea to use filters to restrict access to pornographic web sites in order to protect children. phoenix has filters, which are designed to weed out or block objectionable materials, installed on its public library computers. the library branches allow adults to turn off those filters if they so request. phoenix mayor phil gordon wants to change that and require that all computers in the city's public libraries, which include ahwatukee's ironwood branch library, keep their filters."
8/17/04 librarians for terror "starting in the 1980's, hard-core leftists ... have steadily been working to take control of the ala....  these people decide what will you and your children will read and see at the local library.  dr. stephen karetzky, a noted librarian, wrote more than 20 years ago about the ala's embracing, soviet-style totalitarianism in the american library system....  he contends that the ala has always advanced radical socialist doctrine as being positive....  ....  despite ala policy that says library materials should show all sides of an issue, karetzky explained how the actual game plan is to admit only "progressive" [marxist] points of view to the exclusion of conservative ideas.  ....  the ala "bill of rights" has been twisted to the point that "anything goes" in library science as long as it is deemed progressive.  the ala proved its adherence to this philosophy when it spent 1.5 million dollars in lawsuits that reached the supreme court to oppose the child online protection act, h.r. 3783, passed by congress; an ala victory would have allowed pornography for children in public libraries.  when extremist positions like that thrive within the ala, it creates an atmosphere conducive to promoting any one-sided propaganda exported from totalitarian regimes abroad as part of the "progressive agenda."  ....  there are ala members opposed to what is happening but who are afraid to speak out for fear they will lose their jobs.  ....  but the fact remains:  those who support the actions and goals of terrorists and oppose ... america's war on terror have infiltrated america's knowledge distribution centers—our libraries."  [p2s:  can anyone else please provide us with information about the connection of the ala with anti american ideologies (as well as the ala/aclu connection?), how that connection is manifested (pushing porn on children?), what the ala hopes to achieve thereby, and how americans for america can stop the ala?]
8/16/04 libraries wrestle with net filtering; rights, kids' safety at issue "faced with standing-room-only crowds seeking ways to shield children from inadvertent views of pornography on the internet, officials at the des plaines public library are reconsidering their policy of no filters on adult computers.  'i had to sit down with my daughter and tell her i don't want her to go to the library anymore because there are bad people there who are doing bad things,' library patron wanda glitz said at a recent meeting.  ....  'because material may be offensive to someone else doesn't mean that the adult doesn't have a right to access it,' said judith krug, executive director of the [ala's] office of intellectual freedom.  ....  killackey said chicago libraries have video cameras and security officers near terminals to deter people from viewing pornography.  other libraries--such as the one in rolling meadows and the schaumburg township district library, which serves six communities and is one of the largest library districts in the state--filter all their internet computers.  ....  librarians in some districts have complained that their exposure to internet pornography constitutes sexual harassment.  in the most famous of these cases, the minneapolis public library paid $435,000 to 12 librarians to settle a sexual harassment suit in which the librarians claimed patrons constantly viewed sexually explicit images on computers and ignored their attempts to discourage them.  in other cases, library patrons have complained that pornography surfers have gone beyond watching.  in naperville, police arrested a man in june for allegedly fondling himself while viewing a pornographic web site.  ....  teenage boys in the computer lab at the time reported [the man].  in des plaines, police arrested [an 18 year old] after a patron alleged that [he] fondled himself while viewing a pornographic site.  meehan said the internet did not create such problems.  'i've been a librarian for 30 years now,' meehan said.  'and from day one, i've been chasing men out of the stacks.  it's a problem you run into at a place where the doors are open to everyone.'"  [p2s:  wrong and wrong!  in this one article anyone can see how the ala and local ala-controlled librarians intentionally lie in an attempt to confuse you and force you to reach the conclusion filters are bad.  can't see the lies?  that's how effective the lies are.  krug says adults have the right to access offensive material.  she is correct, but she leaves out the main holding of us v. ala, namely, that computers are to be filtered and adults may make requests to have the filters temporarily disabled, therefore there is no censorship.  did you catch that lie? here's another.  the local librarian says it's a problem where the doors are open to everyone.  do you see the lie there?  no?  that's how good these librarians are in intentionally deceiving the public.  the lie is that libraries may be open to anyone, but they are not open to any and all content.  again, us v. ala says that merely having internet access does not mean years of carefully selected book collection policies are tossed out the window.  rather, internet filters are to be used to enforce the book collection practices.  the public library is not an open public forum where anything goes.  read the case yourself—the ala was the losing party—they are knowingly, purposefully, and intentionally ignoring the truth to continue to push pornography on children and our communities!!!  and children continue to suffer mental an physical assaults, courtesy of the ala!!!!!  as one writer put it, "a young mind is a terrible thing to molest."]
8/15/04 goodbye, orlando? "the american library association's (ala) annual conference, june 24–30, in steamy orlando, drew 19,575 people ..., the lowest total since miami in 1994....  ala's new president, carol brey-casiano, speaking at the gala where she was inaugurated, said she plans to use her year as president to extend ala advocacy efforts and sharpen library expertise to lobby at the local level.  ....  filtering trends vary widely.  tamara georgick of the washington state library noted that while most libraries in the state are filtering, they're not cipa-complaint.  'cipa compliance is really not the issue in washington, because we have such cheap telecomm service.'  she noted that the king county library system is cipa-compliant, even though people can bring laptops in for unfiltered wireless service.  (the law addresses library computers.)  north dakota state librarian doris ott reported that 43 public libraries have chosen to participate in a centralized filter operated by the state library and the north dakota information technology department.  judith krug, director of ala's office for intellectual freedom (oif), said oif would conduct an informal survey of cipa compliance to make sure that librarians were turning off the filter upon the request of adults, as the supreme court decision indicates.  'i have heard some horror stories,' she said, citing one in which an adult asked the librarian for the filter to be turned off and was told the request had to go to a committee that wouldn't meet for two weeks.  the survey, prepared in conjunction with the center for democracy and technology, is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.  ....  whither social activism?  ....  jim rettig of the university of richmond, va, said that ala has a profound social responsibility to 'promote library issues,' among which he included first amendment arguments and cipa....  ala should 'speak and act on issues where our authority and knowledge are in our expertise,' he said."  [p2s:  "people can bring laptops in for unfiltered wireless service" because "the law addresses library computers"!  do you see the lengths libraries go to get around cipa?  "sharpen library expertise to lobby at the local level."  is this not an attack plan directed at our communities and our children?  and ms. krug's statement that a delayed response to a request to disable a filter is a "horror story"!  what nerve!  this is the same person that said, "blocking material leads to censorship.  that goes for pornography and bestiality too.  if you don't like it, don't look at it."  and "every time i hear someone say, i want to protect the children, i want to pull my hair out."  admittedly a long delay is a violation of the law, but calling it a "horror story" while protecting children makes her want to "pull her hair out" shows how extremist the ala has become.  and she's the director of the oif!  wake up citizens and get this monkey off your backs!  by the way, are librarians supposed to be social activists?]
8/15/04 chat room use can endanger young people;  some library and unsupervised home computers allow access to children, attractive targets of growing sexual solicitations
"at the molalla public library, children younger than 12 aren't supposed to go to the restroom alone, but anyone can get on the internet.  cynthia lamb, at 16, used molalla library computers to meet and chat with guys.  she disappeared oct. 30 after the last of those online chat sessions.  she was found early this month in montana, where she was living with a 34-year-old man.  ....  police tracked down about 20 of the men lamb met online and found that more than half were sex offenders -- including the man she had been living with....  but with computer access becoming nearly universal, online sexual solicitation of children is growing faster than anyone can keep up with, be they parents or law enforcement.  ....  'parents have to anticipate the fact that no matter what rules they set up at home, kids use the internet in all kinds of different places,' wolak said.  one place is the library.  in portland-area libraries, internet restrictions for children range from virtually nonexistent, such as in molalla and canby, to extremely limiting.  ....  [s]ome online vigilantes have taken matters into their own hands. one portland-based web site,, uses volunteers posing as teenagers to log in to chat rooms across the nation."  [p2s:  see also "daughters who disappear: police outmatched when hunting internet predators," 22 nov. 2004.  includes internet warning signs for parents.]
8/12/04 paroled molester accused of having sex with dozens of girls "a paroled sexual predator is back behind bars today, after parole officers found diaries and photographs detailing sexual exploits with valley girls in his motel room, authorities said.  ....  officers uncovered pictures of what appeared to be [the criminal] having sex with girls as young as 1 year old and as old as 13.  they also found children's underwear and child pornography [the criminal] said he downloaded from a public-access computer at phoenix public library.  city librarian toni garvey said the library filters online content for any user under 17.  federal law prohibits libraries from filtering content for adult users."  [p2s:  wrong!  no wonder kids are getting raped!  another example of how filtering children's computers only still results in rapes of multiple children!  phoenix citizens:  wake up!  your public library might be directly responsible, legally speaking, for the rape of your children!  someone sue the library!!!]
8/11/04 parents were primed to protest pornography "members of the des plaines library board, who until monday night appeared to be somewhat inflexible on the issue of filtering all or most of the library's 300 computers available for public use, surprised many of the estimated 65 people who attended monday night's policy committee meeting.  ....  what library board members may not have known prior to monday's meeting is that if they had not taken the measure to approve filtering, an army of parents of young children were prepared to immediately hit the streets in protest.  their protests would have been in the form of a fast-paced petition drive to have placed on the nov. 2 general election ballot the question of electing library trustees rather than appointment by the mayor as is now the case.  petition instructions and forms had already been prepared.  a new website was scheduled to be activated by aug. 13.  and as many as 60 volunteers were lined up ready to fan throughout des plaines neighborhoods to garner the approximately 1,100 signatures of registered voters needed to have the question placed on the ballot.  another question that supporters were also considering placing on the ballot was an advisory measure that would have asked 'shall pornography be eliminated at the des plaines public library.'  ....   'an elected library board would be accountable to the citizens, not to the mayor,' said moylan after monday night's library policy committee meeting.  ....  and by all accounts, voters would have approved the proposition of electing trustees.  ....  'we're claiming victory,' moylan said.  'we got the board members to move in the right way.'[p2s:  hallelujah!  the days of leftist library boards feeding porn to taxpayers are over!  everyone take a look at this case and follow suit!  see related article try porn filters for 6 months.]
8/10/04 corvallis citizens group presses for internet filters in library "members of a citizens' group in corvallis are asking city councilors to force the public library there to install filters on all the internet-accessible computers in the children's section.  library internet access has been a controversial issue in corvallis ever since the library declined to follow the federal child internet protection act...."
8/10/04 panel says expand use of library web filters "every computer in the des plaines public library would be equipped with an internet filter to block sexual images, under a plan approved monday.  ....  a des plaines mother last month went before the library board to ask them to change their internet policy after she witnessed a man watching pornography and inappropriately touching himself.  other residents came forward to say they were alarmed that people were accessing pornography at the library.  ....  [a] group of residents ... had considered placing a referendum on november ballots to ask that library board members be elected, not appointed by the mayor.  they are no longer pursuing those plans."  websense
8/9/04 sheriff's website features naughty link "at public computers, say at a library, this [accidental display of porn to children] wouldn't have happened, because in west virginia library computers are connected to two massive statewide servers with a highly-sensitive filter.  ....  so kids at a library would be protected from seeing those images...."  [p2s:  look -- an entire state's public library computers are filtered!  don't tell the ala or the aclu or they might sue!]
8/9/04 josh is taking matt to the prom "likewise, boys who 'liked' each other at age eight may have healthy sexual encounters together, aided by porn videos that the american library association sued to make available in every library."
8/8/04 county library system becomes high-tech "in compliance with the children's internet protection act, county libraries have installed internet filtering software on all of their computers that have online access.  'librarians were rather apprehensive about that,' said stevens.  'but the way it is set up, we can disable the filters when we are asked very quickly.'  ....  some of the system's libraries, including tredyffrin, previously had a filtering system [only] on the computers in their children's departments."  [p2s:  look folks, the transition from filtered 'childrens' computers to a fully filtered library caused no problems at all.  the librarians in this library obviously did not read the script on how to throw up tons of excuses for continuing to serve up porn.  the ala will soon set them straight.]
8/7/04 school bus driver had child porn, officials say "a mclean county school bus driver appeared in u.s. district court in peoria on friday on charges he possessed child pornography.  [he] allegedly sent seven illicit pictures of prepubescent boys to a new hampshire police officer posing as a 14-year-old boy in an internet chat room ... called 'gaymenteenboys....'  [h]e allegedly told the officer he had sex with other young boys in the past....  the alleged conversations took place from the bloomington public library, the normal public library and a computer lab at heartland community college, the complaint states.  ....  [his] arrest is part of operation cybersafe...."
8/6/04 south dakota governor remains opposed to abortion link on web site "south dakota's governor is standing firm in his opposition to having a planned parenthood link on the state library's website.  gov. mike rounds said, however, that library board members could resume a special website for teens if the internet links are age-appropriate.  rounds added that any links must be approved by state education secretary rick melmer.  the education department oversees the state library.  rounds said there may be no links to planned parenthood, the nation's largest abortion operation, or any other organization that is involved in political causes.  the governor noted that state government and its web sites are paid for by taxpayers.  he said it is inappropriate for tax money to be used for political purposes."
8/6/04 media gives porn industry pass -- again "[there's an] enormous growth of online porn [as shown] by focusing on a suburban riverdale (nj) school class of 13-year-old girls and boys [where] 100 percent of the 42 students in that class have at some time or another viewed online porn.  ....  while i agree that parents have the ultimate responsibility to monitor their kids on the web, sometimes this is impossible.  what [about] a school library where they refuse to monitor their computers?  or ... a library association (e.g., the american library association) that suggests that kids have the right to access porn?  ....  last march, the wirthlin worldwide conducted a survey for the group morality in media (mim).  the poll clearly shows that the public strongly supports (72 percent) enforcement of obscenity laws pertaining to the internet.  in contrast, those that strongly object numbered only 12 percent.  both law enforcement and the media need to understand that the public wants perversion pollution cleaned up.  ....  it's time that federal bureaucrats placed the welfare of families above the welfare of multi-millionaire porn pushers [like the ala]! "
8/5/04 internet predators force action by officials "federal and state legislation has put douglas county libraries between the rock of free speech and the hard place of children's safety.  ....  to comply with the act, douglas county libraries bought and installed filtering software for the children's internet terminals, which also are supervised by the library's staff.  ....  [but] the colorado legislature wants the same filters on all the library's terminals.  ....  rep. debbie stafford, r-district 40, was the prime sponsor for the state house bill 04-1004.  ....  [s]he has seen the 'ravaging impact' of pornography and its addictive impact on children.  'i believe parents do not want public dollars, their taxpayer dollars, to pay for their minor children to access pornography,' she said."
8/4/04 internet sex sting "a 45-year-old norwalk businessman was one of two men arrested as the result of an investigation targeting predators on the internet ... after he allegedly engaged in sexually explicit internet chat conversations with someone he believed was a 14-year-old boy.  ....  [h]e arranged to meet the 'minor' in the parking lot of the white plains public library last friday."
8/4/04 letters: humor should stay off the front page "pornography is readily available at our public library.  when our children were young, we felt perfectly safe in having them go to the library."
8/3/04 man watches porn on first floor berry "who ever said that long nights at the library are boring, monotonous affairs?  on thursday evening, a typical night at berry ended up a seminal moment of sophomore summer for those lucky enough to have a front row seat.  an unidentified middle-aged man, approximately 35-years-old according to sources, settled down into a dell reference terminal on first floor berry library, adjacent to the reference desk.  he was not there to research a paper, however.  first, students began to notice that in lieu of academic material, the man was viewing hardcore transvestite pornography.  other sources indicated that they observed the man rubbing and touching himself underneath the computer table.  ....  as time passed, word spread throughout the berry library and as many as 30 students subtly observed the man in action.  ....  'he must have been an exhibitionist or something,' scott said.  'the man must have known that people knew what was going on because there was constant traffic going behind him.'  in fact, seven or eight female students congregated at the top of the grand staircase, giggling and monitoring the location of the man's hand as the incident transpired, sources said.  thereafter, the man left the computer terminal and 'rushed' to the first floor berry library men's bathroom, causing onlookers to erupt in laughter.  when the man finally left the bathroom, students began to clap quietly at first, but soon erupted into a louder roar.  ....  associate librarian cindy pawlek said the mysterious porn-watcher did not necessarily do anything illegal during the incident, as viewing pornographic material is not in violation of baker-berry's public computer regulations.  ....  'it is part of our open access to the community to provide open access to the community on a walk-in basis,' pawlek said.  ....  about six years ago, students complained that a community member was viewing pornography in the baker library great hall.  in response, library staff asked the community member to leave, ghezzi said.  capping off an already eventful evening in the library complex, later that night, observers said that five female college students streaked through novack library, only to nonchalantly return minutes later in regular clothing attire."  see this link for an update.
8/3/04 area libraries say new rule on internet content has not caused a problem "so far, those who work at local libraries say there has not been a problem meeting new federal mandates on filtering internet content, despite objections from library representatives at the national level.  ....  nationally, many of the libraries that are not complying with the regulations belong to the [ala] which was part of a lawsuit asking that cipa be overturned.  the problem is that the legislation 'restricts constitutionally protected information available on the internet,' according to nancy kranich, president of the ala.  those locally are not echoing the national library group's position."  road runner.
8/2/04 libraries step ahead to intercept 'net porn "a federal law limiting internet use for children at libraries has had a smooth transition in the tri-state because local libraries were already ahead of the conditions it imposed.  ....  'we have had filters on our computers since 1997,' said j.c. morgan of the campbell county, ky., public library.  'the biggest change we made was in disabling the filters for patrons who are over 18.'"
7/28/04 our view:  we don't want a movement to scour the library of objectionable texts -- but how are these books chosen in the first place? "we're not that eager to jump again into the fray over books and public libraries, but the questions raised by some county residents over the montgomery county library's book review policy are worth some thought.  ....  but rather than asking whether it should be removed from the library, we ask: why is it there in the first place?  [w]hy [was] 'stuck rubber baby' [a comic book with very graphic art and very profane language about homosexuality] determined to be a keeper?  ....  [the book was] on the [ala]'s recommended library outreach to 'gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.'  ....  are library staff making wise choices tailored toward the interests of its patrons, or are they just blindly following ala recommendations?  ....  [see] -- and then let library staff and county commissioners know what you think."  [p2s:  this editorial, although not about filters, shows members of the media are not all a solid block of leftists and are jumping into the fray to protect children from the ala!  even noticing the problem exists is a huge step!]
7/28/04 residents need to have confidence in library's policy "what is going on a the des plaines public library?  recently at our library, we have witnessed multiple incidents involving graphic pornography and lewd behavior.  it was revealed last week that pornography is readily available for viewing at the library, via the internet, to both adults and children.  also revealed, were incidents involving lewd behavior tied to the viewing of pornography within the library.  ....  [d]id library trustees deny [another] incident to avoid the appearance of a recurring problem at the library, thus protecting themselves and their internet policy from criticism?  ....  what is the point of having filters for children on lower level computers when children are allowed to use the unfiltered computers?  the policy is self-defeating.  it's alarming to think that the trustees made a conscience decision to have little or no safeguards in place for children just for the sake of avoiding censorship of any kind.  ....  library board president noreen lake ... stated, 'i personally think there is no right answer.  filters are good but they don't stop everything.  we're afraid parents will get a false sense of security.'  earth to noreen lake, what kind of rationale is that?  ....  $12,825 annually ... is too much money according to the library administration.  what would it cost if an incident occurs at the library between a child and a sexual predator?"
7/28/04 internet filters spark debate "the des plaines public library is the community's living room, so a person able to log onto risque web sites is an unwelcome guest, one resident says.  ....  des plaines' children's computers are filtered with a software program that costs $3,000 a year.  but residents also want the adult computers equipped with software to block sites deemed inappropriate.  ....  resident kimberley bilotich says she recently saw a man inappropriately touching himself while looking at what she called pornography."
7/28/04 mother hits the warpath on pornography at library "when a des plaines mother of three reserved a computer at the des plaines library on july 1 she received a shock that sparked her into action.  after a 20-minute wait, she sat down and quickly realized the man at the computer next to her was watching graphic pornography and fondling himself while listening to a headset.  library trustees voted unanimously to install filters only on the ... computers designated for children."  ....  when library employees are informed of such an incident, they simply reserve a different computer for patrons who are disturbed.  ....  kimberley said she walked through the library on tuesday and found four of 16 computers displaying hard-core pornography. she said a group of boys approximately 14-years-old had gathered around one monitor displaying pornography, and they quickly switched the screen to a game when kimberley passed by.  ....  on june 9, police responded to a library security guard's call and charged an 18-year-old skokie man with public indecency.  the man allegedly watched pornography at a computer and fondled himself.  the library has barred the man from the library.  according to a police report, the man told police he was a repeat offender of the act at the des plaines library and had been previously removed.
7/28/04 recent lewd conduct not an isolated event "the des plaines public library has reported to police more than five incidents of indecent exposure and other lewd activity since it opened in 2000, police reports indicate.  des plaines police arrested only one of the suspects because the men left before police arrived.  ....  on two occasions in june of 2003, men were found in the women's bathroom checking under the stalls.  both escaped unidentified.[p2s:  librarians claim they can always call the police.  this article shows the police may not respond in time to stop the crime.]
7/23/04 parents urge more net filters in library "computers in the children's department of the des plaines public library are equipped with filtering software to block pornography.  but that's not enough, resident kimberley bilotich says.  ....  as a parent, the des plaines resident is concerned because she recently saw a man viewing what she would call pornographic images on an adult library computer while he was inappropriately touching himself.  having unfettered internet access on the library's adult computers is a main draw for people who want to surf pornographic images, bilotich said.  'by getting out the pornographic images, you get them (people who want to see it) out of the library,' bilotich said.  ....  an 18-year-old man in june was charged with indecent exposure after an employee at the library, 1501 ellinwood st., saw him expose himself while using a library computer to view pornography, police said."  [p2s:  this is an example of why filtering 'children's' computers only is not good enough!]
7/22/04 library association seeks role in review of state web sites "south dakota librarians want a role in gov. mike rounds' comprehensive review of state government web pages, a study he proposed after questions surfaced about links for teenagers on the state library's internet site."  [p2s:  isn't it funny librarians won't take public input but when the tables are turned they are the first to cry foul!]
7/22/04 voters in randolph adopt $1.5m budget "residents approved a $1.54 million budget at town meeting wednesday, after debates about whether to fund a library that does not filter internet content....  ....  a debate about whether to pick up the slack for a regional library that refused federal funding so it would not have to filter internet content was the only lengthy discussion at the meeting.  ....  residents, who were asked to raise around $10,500 for the library, asked why their tax dollars should go to fund a place where children might be exposed to graphic internet images.  ....  voters decided to fund the library by a wide margin."
7/22/04 ban this, ms. waters "it was communists who told their people what they could and could not see or read.  when lori waters, the 28-year-old broad run supervisor who has no children, made recent statements that the libraries of loudoun county needed to rid themselves of 'pornography' ..., i nearly fell out of my chair.  ....  to publicly suggest that the library board may buy pornography is ludicrous.  ....  'it's highly unlikely that anything considered pornography would be considered valuable enough to be placed in a public library,' willis said."
7/20/04 aclu objects to web site review "rounds' removal of content for teens may be censorship, group says."
7/19/04 conviction upheld in sexual assault of five-year-old in public library restroom "last week a texas appellate court upheld the conviction of [a child molester] who was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a five year old girl in a public library restroom.  his sentence of 60 years confinement was affirmed.  a.r., the five-year-old victim, testified at trial that she went to the public library with her mother.  while at the library, a.r. went to the restroom by herself.  a.r. testified that when she came out of the stall a man was in the restroom, took her back into the stall and touched her 'pee pee' with his finger.  a.r. testified that he then put her on the sink and touched her 'pee pee' with his 'pee pee.'  a.r.'s mother testified that, when a.r. returned from the restroom, a.r. was crying and said that a man had touched her.  a.r.'s mother reported the incident to the librarian.  a.r. was able to identify appellant, and the librarian called the police."  [p2s:  article does not mention if porn had been viewed, however, the ala's argument that a child must be watched 100% by a parent and a library has no responsibility is clearly wrong.]
7/17/04 filters issue spurs hopefuls' filings:  library's refusal to add internet filters angers some in ypsilanti "several local residents, upset over the ypsilanti district library's reluctance to install internet pornography filters on its computers, have decided to run for election to the library's board of trustees.  ....  love, 29, a pastor at greater joy ministries church of god and christ in ypsilanti, said he's running because he thinks the current trustees are ignoring local residents.  'i believe we need (pornography filters) for our young people,' he said. 'i think with filters, it cuts down the ability to pull up porn sites.'  the debate over pornography filters has raged since late last year when the board refused a request by ypsilanti township officials to install them.  board president linda gurka, a six-year board member, said the library is still examining the issue.  ....  soukup, 44, an unemployed mechanical engineer, said the library board has had more than enough time to make a decision.  'it's an issue that i know the board has reviewed and is looking at, but it just seems like they're procrastinating,' he said.  'i think somebody needs to step up to the plate, find out why this is happening and take action on it.'note from p2s:  bingo!  library boards refuse to listen to the public or even township officials!  they purposely procrastinate to delay as long as possible compliance with the public's wishes, just as they have been directed to do by the ala.  ypsilanti residents:  your children and your treasury are in danger.  your library is knowingly and intentionally pushing porn on children by 1) refusing to filter all computers, and by 2) providing them with web site links to sites like go ask alice that teach about autoerotic asphyxiation, fisting, bestiality, etc.  pride, diversity, heritage is your city slogan.  is pushing porn on children part of your heritage and diversity that makes you proud?  see below where the governor of south dakota shut down the teen site for this very reason.  request that your mayor/governor do the same.
7/16/04 kidnapper sentenced in macoupin and federal cases "a decatur man was sentenced this week to three years in state prison after pleading guilty to charges of abducting a minor. he was also sentenced to more than eight years in federal prison for possessing child pornography and coercion and enticement of a minor.  ....  his capture came after authorities were alerted that boatman had abducted a 14-year-old girard boy outside the girard public library about 2 p.m. that day ... and was the result of an ongoing internet chat between the victim and boatman."
7/16/04 decatur man sentenced for kidnapping, child pornography "a decatur man ... was ... sentenced ... to more than eight years in federal prison for possessing child pornography and coercion and enticement of a minor.  [he] was arrested in august for the disappearance of a 14-year-old boy outside the girard public library."
7/15/04 net guardians:  filtering at local library dates back further than rule "'it's just the age we live in,' said steve fosselman, library director.  'we just want to do the best for our parents and children.  society has turned a corner, and they're saying, 'i think filters should be in place for children.'  filtering at the grand island library dates further back than the federal mandate.  since 2001, library board policy has limited internet access for patrons under 16."  8e6, comprise technologies.
7/15/04 supreme court protects porn kings "the u.s. supreme court, in one of its well-known 5-4 decisions, has decided to provide more protection for the purveyors of online smut than for our nations children.  ....  this is absolute nonsense.  ....  [t]he pornography industry and their legal allies in the aclu and the american library association, oppose any efforts to protect children from online pornography.  ....  [c]hildren will continue to be victimized by online sexual predators...."
7/14/04 once again, u.s. supreme court thinks it knows better than congress "'[p]arental control or guidance cannot always be provided and society's transcendent interest in protecting the welfare of children justif[ies] reasonable regulation....'  according to a december 2001 kaiser family foundation study, 70% of teens ages 15-17 had 'accidentally come across' pornography while on the internet.  of these teens, 55% said 'being exposed to pornography would have a serious impact on kids under 18.'  the supreme court ... can no longer be counted on to defend the home, children, considerations of decency and morality, court precedent, or separation of powers against the relentless assaults of pornographers and moral anarchists (i.e., the radical libertarians)."
7/14/04 teens seek place on library panel "a teenager should be on the panel gov. mike rounds is assembling to review links on the state's web pages, a student group and the governor agreed tuesday.  ....  'that sounds like a neat idea.  i probably will do that,' the governor ... said.  under pressure from rounds, the state library board on friday reversed an earlier vote and voted 5-1 to remove a link from the library's teen page to a planned parenthood site for teens.  then, on monday, rounds announced that he had ordered the entire teen page to be removed."
7/14/04 no rules prevent students from viewing porn at library "students and visitors using the computers in the library have no rules to abide by that restrict looking up controversial or offensive material.  ....  according to the library and information commons policies, 'it is neither illegal nor against library rules for customers to view pornography or other controversial materials on the web.  the exception is child pornography.  the library will contact police if we see someone viewing child pornography.'"
7/13/04 bishop and governor intervene to have offensive material removed from south dakota state library site "the right of a catholic bishop to communicate with public officials has come under attack by pro-abortion, pro-promiscuity organizations in south dakota.  after bishop robert carlson of sioux falls wrote a letter to republican gov. mike rounds, pointing out inappropriate links on a section of the state library website aimed at teen-agers, rounds investigated the section and asked the state library board to take it down temporarily after he found several objectionable components.  ....   the website had links to planned parenthood and to 'go ask alice!,' an explicit, pro-perversion website run by columbia university.  ....   jennifer ring, director of the aclu of the dakotas, [said] 'the government has opened a public forum by including links to websites.'"  [p2s:  see how the aclu ignores the law of the land, us v. ala?  the aclu says "the government has opened a public forum by including links to websites."  compare that to us v. ala:  "internet access in public libraries is neither a 'traditional' nor a 'designated' public forum."  hmmmm.  who shall we believe?  (link down?)]
7/13/04 s.d. pulls plug on part of library site "the governor shut down the teen section of the south dakota state library's web site, saying it included links to material he doesn't believe young people should see.  ....  'as a parent, i would be very disturbed to have my children connecting to any of these web sites [go ask alice!, it's your (sex) life, planned parenthood, etc.] that are found through the state web site at this time' the republican governor said monday afternoon as links on the library's teen center page began disappearing."
7/11/04 adult web site might be shot at uw "an adult web site run by two university of washington graduates touts nude women posed in sexually explicit scenes apparently photographed and videotaped on the seattle campus ... that appear to have been shot at uw's suzzallo library...."  whoops, there it is:  now porn is being *filmed* in public libraries!  "'for those of you who don't attend uw, i took this picture just to prove that this is definitely inside one of our libraries,' states the caption.  'for the rest of you, did you ever think you would see somebody stripping in the stacks of suzzallo?'"
7/10/04 baltimore county libraries install porn filters "baltimore county public libraries [and the enoch pratt free library in baltimore city] installed high-tech filters designed to keep children away from internet pornography."
7/8/04 lane libraries: no problem with anti-porn deadline "lane public library officials said they had no trouble meeting a july 1 deadline requiring that libraries receiving federal aid install anti-porn filters on its computers.  'we've had filters for three, four or five years,' said mary pat essman, director of the lane public libraries.  'we haven't done anything differently.'"  "most libraries that have installed filters did not do so to garner e-rate funding, murray said.  'in most cases, it's because they made a community standard decision to do so,' murray said."  "we try to listen to our community and determine what it wants,' essman said."
7/8/04 bush wins; house leaves patriot act as is "justice department documents assert[ed] that terrorists have communicated over the internet via public library computers."  "rep. frank wolf, r-va., read a letter from the justice department stating that 'as recently as this past winter and spring, a member of a terrorist group closely affiliated with al-qaida' had used internet services at a public library."  [h.r. 4754]
7/8/04 libraries to comply with antiporn law or lose federal funding "public libraries must begin taking steps to prevent child pornography and other harmful content from reaching the eyes of youngsters using their pcs under the children's internet protection act (cipa), which went into effect july 1.  if they don't, the libraries will lose critical technology funding from the federal government.  school administrators have largely been complying with cipa, since they didn't join the american library association's first amendment challenge to the law."  bess, n2h2
7/7/04 to filter or not to filter? "fairfax county librarians discuss what is acceptable to view on the internet.  ....  as his oldest daughter was sitting at an internet access station, she heard a man grunting next to her.  curious, she saw the man was looking at pornographic images on the internet and printing them.  the oldest daughter reported the man to the librarian and learned that even though the man was looking at pornographic material, the policy for internet usage in the fairfax county library system dictates that unless the person is conducting illegal activities like gambling or child pornography, nothing could be done except to ask the man to be mindful of being in a public place."  "parents should feel comfortable dropping their children off to the library and not be afraid of their children being exposed to illegal material...."
7/7/04 ex-principal arrested on child porn charges "a former assistant principal at lufkin high school has been charged with possession of child pornography, including possibly images of lufkin high school students, said angelina county district attorney clyde herrington."  ....  "lewis is restricted from having or using anything other than public computers at the public library [p2s:  a lot of good that will do!!  an arrested sex offending school principal forced to use the computers in a public library ...!!!  justice really is blind!!!!]."
7/5/04 high court's ruling boosts internet filters "last week's us supreme court decision [ashcroft v. aclu] to block a law that banned internet materials deemed 'harmful to minors' was reviled by social conservatives worried about the effects of pornography on children. but the ruling was good news for companies that make software to let parents filter out undesirable internet sites.  ....  the court held that the voluntary use of filtering software would often work better than a federal ban on indecent materials...."  folks:  this case forces the far left ala, aclu, etc. to admit that filters are good!  "lee tien, senior staff attorney at the electronic frontier foundation, thinks the court erred in the library case. but he's happy with last week's decision.  'we think that filters are a better alternative,' lee tien[, senior staff attorney at the electronic frontier foundation,] said. 'but at the same time, just as the supreme court recognized, filters aren't perfect.'"
7/5/04 briefs:  allegheny county:  libraries install filters for internet "software to filter internet images that are obscene, contain child pornography or are harmful to minors has been installed on computers in all public libraries in allegheny county."
6/30/04 action extends library system's internet filters "sno-isle libraries will install internet filtering on every library computer beginning tomorrow.  the move brings the library system, which serves snohomish and island counties, into compliance with the federal children's internet protection act, a heavily disputed law upheld by the u.s. supreme court last summer.  under the act, all library-card holders will automatically have filtered internet access, but patrons age 17 and older will be able to request unfiltered access.  no one under 17 will be allowed unfiltered internet use anymore." "'overwhelmingly, the response has been positive,' kelly said.  'i think we'll find that some people will say we haven't gone far enough.'"
6/30/04 multnomah libraries propose internet filters with age limit "two years ago, multnomah county officials waged a pitched battle with federal authorities over children's use of the internet at public libraries.  the county -- one of two plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the then-nascent children's internet protection act -- argued that internet filters were a form of censorship and prohibited access to information.  government officials countered that without filters, libraries allowed access to pornography.  the new law, they said, simply stopped children from viewing objectionable material.  now, a year after the u.s. supreme court upheld the law, molly raphael, the new multnomah county library chief, is shifting the county's position, pushing a plan that would filter internet searches for children younger than 13 unless a parent or guardian says otherwise."  "any time you can give parents a say is a win-win situation."  this article is detailed and contains further evidence that the ala is intentionally defying the us supreme court.  us v. ala held filters are not censorship, but even now the ala insists they are:  judith krug, the [ala]'s director for the office for intellectual freedom, said, "when filters are ... mandated by the government, we consider it to be censorship."  another article with judith krug spreading misinformation.
6/28/04 filters are insulting "i would like to thank the salt lake city public library for carefully deliberating whether effective internet filtering on library computers is desirable.  they haven't given in to hysterical pressure groups and slapped on an unwieldy, unfair filter, yet.  ....  if there must be a filter, adults should have the option of turning it off."
6/26/04 pennsylvania's effort to block net child porn called failure "a pennsylvania law requiring internet service providers to stop customers from viewing web sites containing child pornography has been a failure and should be declared unconstitutional, a lawyer for a civil liberties group told a federal judge on june 23."
6/25/04 dcpl to install internet filtering system "internet filters are coming to dodge city public library, and library officials are giving patrons a chance to comment on the issue."  n2h2
6/25/04 former eosc student charged "a former eastern oklahoma state college student has been charged with downloading child pornography on a school computer."
6/25/04 libraries poised for porn law "janet wagner's three children visit the main branch of the kenton county public library to use the internet at least once a week.  rachel, 10, will, 7, and elizabeth, 4, play games and look up information about their favorite celebrities, wagner said.  she knows because she's always right there monitoring what they read.  'there's just too much weird stuff out there,' wagner, of covington, said."  bess
6/24/04 town debates library web filters:  a chapel hill official sees a public service--a library official says they don't work. "filtered or nonfiltered?  librarians at the chapel hill public library might soon routinely ask patrons that question.  although the library has resisted putting filters on the bank of public computers, there is a proposal that would provide adults the option of choosing filtered or nonfiltered internet searches for themselves and their children."
6/10/04 who drugged ala? "a may 28 press release on the ala site advises us that ala and walgreens are 'partnering' to 'bring medicare information to libraries.'  ....  if ala is truly concerned about access to high-quality, objective health information for america's citizens, then it should refrain from 'partnerships' that turn us into one-sided mouthpieces (serving bush reelection efforts, no less), and instead focus on promoting information on all sides of this complex issue.  ....  the 25 copies my library got in the mail today have found a nice home in my recycling box."  librarians are refusing to place ala-approved medicare information that helps seniors into libraries.  at the same time they push pornography on children and claim it is censorship (despite us v. ala) to keep children from seeing pornography.  anyone see a problem/contradiction/inconsistency here?
12/11/03 porn can stay in library -- but jesus has got to go "the nation's largest catholic civil rights organization is blasting officials at a connecticut public library for censoring jesus.  artist mary morley was asked by officials at the meriden public library to display an exhibit of artwork titled 'vision, hopes, and dreams.'  the exhibit included paintings of a nativity scene, jesus carrying the cross, his crucifixion and resurrection, and christ with a halo.  portraits of pope john paul ii, mother teresa, moses, and the prophet elijah were also included.  but library officials said the five images of jesus were not permitted because they were 'inappropriate' and 'offensive.'  ....  catholic league president william donohue finds the situation 'amazing,' pointing out that public librarians across the u.s. have fought furiously against internet filters that would prevent children from accessing or being exposed to pornography on library computers.  'but it's not as though they are value-free,' he says.  'what some of them can't stomach is an image of jesus christ.'  'perhaps they would have been more at home with a portrait of lucifer,' donohue says."
7/4/02 ala is big contributor to public library internet porn problem "once again the american library association is refusing to accept responsibility for their share of the child endangerment situation now in public libraries across the country due to the ala's irresponsible public policy effort regarding internet access.  ....  ala is very much a part of the internet pornography and child endangerment problem.  ....  recent widespread complaints from librarians themselves (see david burt's 'dangerous access' report ...) prove that so-called 'acceptable use policies' [the ala] hawks are irresponsibly failing to protect even accompanied minors from online smut and smut-surfing library patrons who now flock to public libraries, and children's sections, as never before.  there pedophiles especially have found fertile turf for their sick habits....  ....  librarians have also reported ... that their work environment has become unconscionably sexually hostile due to the growing crowd of porn-addicted patrons (some audibly moaning at their machines).  ....  the ala, in fact, works closely and vigorously on a national scale with the aclu to discourage every policy effort that local citizens and library boards attempt to protect their resident women and children, including the librarians, from cyberporn harassment and endangerment.  ....  although some categories of pornography are already illegal and not included in first amendment protections, the ala leadership refuses to change it's electronic bill of rights that currently supports no access limits, 'regardless of the user's age or the content of the material.'  at president clinton's 1998 online child safety conference, ala spokeswoman judith krug refused to recommend a change from that no-holds-barred position, even for illegal obscenity and child pornography.  that absurdity continues today.  ....  burt's 'dangerous access' report and similar revelations of other responsible child-protection activists have exposed ala leaders for what they truly are - friends of pornographers and not friends of the family.  a young mind is a terrible thing to molest.[p2s:  excellent article!  go read the whole thing!]
7/4/02 one librarian's story "my name is heidi borton....  after nearly ten years with the king county library system in washington state, in april of 1998 i resigned [because of] the library's policy of allowing unlimited access to the internet, including pornography, to children and teenagers.  not only did i find it unconscionable to provide such access in a respected, tax-payer supported institution, but i later applied for and received unemployment compensation from the washington state employment security department.  this was [because] my position in the library system was deemed to have required 'moral compromise' as a condition of employment.  this is the situation faced by thousands of librarians and library workers across the united states:  library systems are implicitly requiring their employees to put aside their own sincerely held moral beliefs in the interest of providing children with anything and everything on the internet.  ....  the caller identified himself as a fourteen-year-old.  he wanted to know if the library allowed him to access pornography (his term) on our library computers.  ....  he replied that he just wanted to see pictures of 'naked women.'  he also proceeded to ask a logical if shocking question:  if the library allowed him to view these porn internet sites, why didn't the library also subscribe to certain hard-core porn magazines that he wanted to see?  ....  whatever library policy was, it was wrong to give a fourteen-year old access to pornography in a publicly-funded and supported institution.  i hope that my story will encourage other librarians who are disturbed by the position taken by the ala on this issue to speak up, to act according to their consciences, and to not be intimidated.  ....  requiring library employees to deal with online pornography is, simply put, indecent."
9/7/00 internet filter legislative hearing - oak lawn village hall, august 24th "the room was packed with people who hung on every word as witnesses testified of the horrors of children being seduced and molested by on-line predators, the anonymity of the internet aiding the destruction of marriages and families, and the illegal activity occurring regularly in our libraries and schools that don't filter internet access. it defies common sense that we must even hold a hearing in order to present evidence of the need to safeguard children from on-line filth.  ....  some people waited over 3 hours to make their objections heard on the issue of children using tax-funded computers in schools and libraries to view such things as naked women being tortured, how to make bombs, and even displays of women having sex with dogs and horses.  ....  the filled room was evidence that illinois citizens want children protected from pornography! it's clear that when told of the problem, people are appalled that their tax dollars are providing hard-core smut to children and adults."
4/4/00 the toxic public library:  violating children with "harmful matter" "a clear & present danger contains quotes like, a) "propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence and it must concentrate on a few simple themes ... with lurid photographs of the ... sexual and physical" (by mass murderer adolph hitler);  b) "[i]n a matter of seconds, taking an incredibly modest signal, a word ... which is in your head as an electrical signal for no more than a few seconds can ... leave a trace that will last for years" (by brain researcher gary lynch);  c) "viewing coarse, graphic, violent or sexual pictures structurally shapes and alters the child brain/mind/memory, with brain tissue 'molded' by excitatory, anxiety provoking media" (by the presidents commission on obscenity and pornography);  d) "that the ala is in direct conflict with the majority of the tax paying public is visible by studying not only the hostile reactions of the polity to the current ala turning our public libraries into local dirty book stores monopolies, but to the concerns of the public regarding the media as 'harmful matter' which should not be provided to vulnerable adults or youths."  e) "so, it is criminal that the american public library is today a major conduit of toxic environmental contagion, transmitting 'harmful matter' to children as well as the pandemic numbers of vulnerable adults who would prey upon them."
nov/dec 99 porn alley: now at your local public library "'porn alley' is what we call it here—a row of pcs facing away from the reference desk with full internet access.  it's inhabited from the moment we open until the moment we close by brazen folk who, with no shame, will look at pornography no matter who is around or how shocking it may seem.  this is not high-class, airbrushed stuff; it's in a class by itself."  websense
11/12/99 ala denies porn played role in library rape "in response to charges by a michigan family group that internet pornography available online in a muskegon library may have contributed to the rape of a 10-year-old girl in the library's restroom last week, a spokesperson for the american library association told that she finds the accusation unfair.  'it was outrageous,' said linda wallace, ala director of public information, concerning a statement issued by american family association of michigan president gary glenn the day after the attack, which claimed that the library's lack of internet filtering software lured pedophiles and porn addicts to the facility.  ....  in the press release glenn said officials at the library where the girl was raped only 'pays lip service and little else to protecting muskegon children from the hazards of internet pornography and violence.  it does nothing to stop a pedophile who ignores the policy and manages not to get caught, especially since some of the most dangerous forms of child pornography are written accounts of sexual abuse and torture of children,' which he said cannot be easily observed by librarians.  ....  'the problem of children and adults accessing pornography in public libraries is far worse than organizations such as the american library association have led americans to believe,' said [david] burt."
"computers reserved for children can be filtered and supervised.  computers for adults can be placed in high-profile spots where they are less likely to be used for smut-surfing."  this is a flawed argument.  why?  even if the children's computer are filtered, the adult's computers are not, so criminals will be attracted to those computers and will rape the little girl on the filtered computer when they both go to the bathroom.  these are the sad but true facts of a rape that happened recently in a philadelphia public library, and this kind of activity happens all the time in public libraries as revealed in current events and a report by david burt, a librarian.
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