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please help a library rape victim - 8 year old girl!  before we tell you about donating to us, a little girl is apparently in dire need of help from the community.  if you are reading this, please try to help.  see our separate page with more information on this matter.  she was raped and left for dead in a public library by a repeat library offender who was kicked out of a nearby library, but library policy (anything goes on internet computers because it would be age discrimination to keep children from seeing pornography) directly resulted in this horrific crime.  the girl is suffering to this day and likely will forever.  this is the direct result of the ala's pushing pornography into local public libraries!!!  read how the little girl's life has been shattered, thanks to the rapist enabled by the ala.  read how she needs additional funds (the mother lost her job that day because the employer did not like her leaving for the hospital for a few days).  here's a story about how donations started and where to donatechecks and donations can be mailed to asian bank -- the support fund, 1008 arch st., philadelphia, pa 19107.  find out what it's like to be the father of a raped child seeing the rapist in court for the first time.

okay, back to us.  we started as just one dad trying to rid public libraries of pornography by forcing the use of internet filtering software.� as described elsewhere on this web site, the united states supreme court has on 23 june 2003 decided the case of us v. ala, and the ala is trying to nullify this case by fooling parents and by any other means necessary to achieve its goal in sexualizing our children.� we are trying to educate citizens not be fooled by the ala and, more terrifyingly, their own local library management.� reducing porn will make libraries family friendly by reducing the criminals and the enticements for incipient criminals.

however, this is very hard to do.� we need your help in many ways.� the most important way you can help is by reading this web site to learn what you can do in your own communities to stop the ala and your local library management from further sexualizing your children and exposing them and yourself to the dangers of sexed up criminals or incipient criminals.� another way to help is to donate the funds needed to sustain this effort.� there are a variety of current needs and future needs that need funding from time to time.� even a small donation is helpful.� of course we could also use legal volunteers to help us file the forms to obtain tax-exempt status, ensure compliance with copyright section 107 fair use provisions, etc.

as we said in plan2succeed asks residents to not support library:

we ask all citizens to immediately stop supporting the library financially since it is not acting in trust for the citizens, as shown by the board's own words and actions.  all money should instead be directed to our organization so that we can begin the legal action necessary to return control of the library to the citizens, not the ala.  for example, the filing fee for an order to show cause from the equity judge to ask the township why it should not place a public question about filtering on the ballot costs $200.

for your convenience, we provide several ways to contribute.� for your security, we provide a widely-used, ssl secured method.� for your privacy, we will never, ever reveal any information you provide us to any other person or entity.� nobody.� nothing.� we will even destroy your information within a reasonable period after our transaction has completed, unless specifically asked otherwise, to protect your privacy in case of theft or other loss of our hard drives.� as can be seen, we try to protect even our own identification.� we try to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.� for your taxes, we have found out to get tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) we need to incorporate.  since that will likely cost more than the donations we're likely to receive, we are sorry but we can not apply for that now.  any donations will not be tax deductible but we'll use them just the same 100% for our cause.  for webmasters, our web host will donate $10 to us if you use them as your own host by clicking on the graphic link below.� we love our web host and their customer service is outstanding.� do some research and you'll see they are top rated by reputable sources, but please use this link to sign up:

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