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"great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.  the mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly."

--albert einstein letter to morris raphael cohen, professor emeritus of philosophy at the college of the city of new york, defending the controversial appointment of bertrand russell to a teaching position, march 19, 1940.
"you say the hill's too steep to climb.  chiding, you say you'd like to see me try climbing.  you pick the place and i'll choose the time, and i'll climb that hill in my own way.  just wait a while for the right day.  and as i rise above the treeline and the clouds i look down hearing the sound of the things you said today."

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what people are saying (and, where noted, what we are saying):

see hundreds of comments, some insightful, some mere flames, posted on our freeper account on

"i admire your drive on behalf of all parents.  i know this is a huge issue but also know without the proper voice this would go unnoticed, but you have kept it in the forefront of the headlines.  keep it up.  i can tell you there are many parents reading this who do not know you but are glad someone is going to bat for them.  whether they know it yet or not, you could be the one who saves their child from one of those criminals they read about in your articles!  preventing it is the whole idea."

"if you have any email lists, please add me to it!  i strongly support your goals, and would be happy to sign petitions to get our library to install filters.  i deeply regret the donations i've already given them & certainly won't give any more until they start protecting our children.  i've been remiss in failing to write a letter to the library & the newspapers, but perhaps your effort will be the inspiration i need.  it's not easy with all we have to do with our children, keeping up the home, and volunteering.  thank you for taking your time to help protect our children!"

"i went to your site and appreciate the work you are doing.  i have long felt that the ala is wrong in their association stance on internet porn filtering.  every computer in every library should be filtered, and especially those that allow children access.  i will be happy to add a link to your site from ours."

"as promised, this is the newsletter that went out today to all our subscribers.  you will find mention of your site in the "we recommend..." section.  if you wish you may also read the newsletter online at  i hope you catch some visitors because of it."

"i am emailing you on behalf of "sisters united against" at  we want badly to help wage war on porn!  and to help parents to keep their children from becoming involved when they are so young and impressionable.  we also are here for people who need help to get away from this addiction both for the wife and the husbands.  god bless you for your work!  one of our members found your website and posted it for us to see and check out.  we are passionate in getting this awful secret out in the open, to "expose the darkness of pornography into the sonlight." 

thanks!!  keep up the fight!  are you getting any traction?  you should try soliciting help from landmark legal foundation (mark levin) or american center for law and justice (jay sekulow)...  there are a couple more i can't think of right now.  how can i help?

i was checking out your site and it looks great.  keep on them ... you'll wear them down eventually ... that or they'll just snap from being badgered to death!  you are doing a good thing for the community and more people should be aware of it.  the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

i think librarians, unfortunately, some of them at least, are more interested in allowing pornography to go to children than they are fighting terrorism.  former attorney general ed meese, 9/29/03 today show discussion of the usa patriot act.

i was touched by your website and the information you have there.  i work with a company that is also trying to eliminate pornography from reaching our children so i know what you are talking about.  how can i help?  i know a lot of web design, maybe i can help you maintaining your site.  i really want to get involved in this fight against pornography and if there is anything i can do to help please let me know.  thank you for what you are doing!  by the way, i found you through yahoo.  i was doing a search on "children internet safety."  i have always been appalled by crimes committed against children and ever since i started working with sonmedia i have made an extra effort to research and find out as much as i can what is really happening so i can teach others.  that is why your web site really caught my attention -- you seem to be doing the same thing, making people sensitive to this issue.

i'm angry!  i read that article and i'm angry i gave hundreds of dollars to the library!  i'm going to call the board president and demand my money back!  and i called the mayor and i'm going to start attending meetings!  thank you for doing the right thing!  can you believe the library director refused to comment in public?  that's part of the problem!  i'll see to it the any board member not installing filters does not get appointed again!  i'm going to the school pto and get them involved in this too.

i think the best thing i can bring to the effort is all the people i know in town -- i plan to continue getting the word out!

i agree with that other resident -- it's making me mad that i gave money to them and it's not being used well.  that's why i'll be sending a response to the acorn fund -- and let them know i won't be donating any more.  perhaps *this* is our approach, or even a third prong -- everybody usually responds to the money issue!  carry on!!

kudos.  my sincerest thanks to you for trying to keep the library in check.  i think we have to get the township committee to actually make a statement on this thing.  i read the article and it seems to me you shouldn't have to be the person to do this.  the township committee needs to take action but sometimes it's the citizens that have to push them.  thank you for doing what you're doing.  if there's anything i can help you do, please let me know.

you are scoring big now my friends!  i knew you would and i knew you could!  a huge thanks from the parents for helping bring this to light.  it's your passion for this issue that has driven it all the way to this point ... and no doubt, well beyond.

you are on fire!!  nice press release ... no doubt about your intentions!!!  do you have legal counsel locked in yet ... pro bono?  that would be awesome.  i hope someone sees the validity in this issue and takes it on with you.  i'll be watching some made for tv movie a few years from now about that little town group named who wasn't going to take it anymore and who changed the face of the ala forever!!!!  i can't wait ... to say i knew you when.  for now just keep going and take names along the way ... and don't give up!!!!

in response to your inquiry concerning a possible lawsuit against the long hill township public library, i regret to inform you that we do not believe the issue is yet ripe for litigation.

we certainly agree with you that the need is great for filters on computers offering access to the internet in public libraries, and applaud your efforts to promote them.  you wrote that the recent supreme court case of united states v. american library association's logic is equally applicable to libraries not receiving federal funds; we think so, too.  nonetheless, your urging of a local referendum on the issue of filters is not necessarily the best means to cure the problem.  as you probably know, constitutional rights are not subject to override simply on the basis of a majority vote.  the so-called right to receive non-obscene information on the internet was found significant enough to carry the day for the ala in the lower court case that was ultimately reversed by the supreme court, and remains an interest that must be addressed in any move to require installation of filters on your local library computers.

we also suggest your argument that the library board has admitted acting outside the scope of its authority is not well taken.  the mere fact that the internet may enable access to information "beyond the confines of the library's collection, mission, selection criteria and collection development policies" does not automatically mean the library is operating outside the scope of its authority as articulated by the town.  it certainly does not provide sufficient grounds for a lawsuit against the library.  at most, it seems to us, the library is simply warning users of its computers of the potential for accessing materials they may not encounter in hard copies on the shelves of the library.

as to the library's adoption of the ala's guidelines and advice, once again we agree with you that the ala is the root of the problem.  the ala is far more left-leaning and anti-american than most americans realize.  its policies have led to the virtual takeover of our entire library system by those bent on destroying whatever vestiges of traditional virtues remain in our nation.  in this respect, we suggest you concentrate your efforts on (a) raising the public awareness of the significance of the problem in the library (which you are already doing), (b) calling for greater oversight of the library's policies and practices, (c) attacking the funding of the library, to the extent it refuses to recognize reasonable limits on the access it provides to materials harmful to minors, and (d) encouraging like-minded citizens to become involved by serving on library committees, the board of trustees, and whatever subcommittees are tasked with reviewing acquisition policies.

we wish you well on your mission.  please let us know if we can be of further assistance in the future.  thank you again for contacting us.


stephen m. crampton
chief counsel

afa center for law & policy
p.o. drawer 2440
tupelo, ms 38803

i sure was happy to stumble upon your website. i am [concerned about] extreme porn found on the shelves at the marple township library in delaware county.  [from the web site:  "our goal is to enable the library to fill it's ... very important role of getting children ready for school."  considering what is taught in school courtesy of the ala, these types of books might be perfect!]  (these are some of the worst books i've ever seen.)  even worse, i was able to access "kara's top ten xxx sites" within 60 seconds of sitting at one of the computers.  after checking the "search history" on that machine, i found two hits on "adult video sites."   will anyone be available to talk with me about your experiences and whatever you think the parents should be made aware of?  i will fax you a copy of the newspaper stories (group urges ban on sex books and officials:  library sex books no delco issue) on the marple twp library affair.  thanks for your help! has been cited as a reference in an article entitled, "questionable books returned to library."

thanks for your phone call about my free speech article in imprimis.  i don't have any advice regarding plan2succeed or the issue of internet filters.  all you can do is pressure the recalcitrant officials who are in place.  eventually, of course, you have to win elections so you can replace these folks with people who have better sense.  tom west

you hit a major home run with this article.  i love it, i love it, i love it!  if this doesn't shake a few tail feathers than i can't imagine what will.  i only hope it gets published in it's entirety.  i read last week's article as well ... can't wait for this week.

you might be interested in our website.

we are a grassroots organization called pabbis - parents against bad books in schools.

we are in existence because there is more and more explicit and graphic material in k-12 books.  they have descriptions of rapes, incest, oral sex, bestiality, pedophilia, homosexuality, sex associated with violence, torture, excessive vulgarity, anti-religious material and other extreme content.  these books are being used with younger and younger students.  they are usually used without parental consent.  parents are generally not aware of this problem and when they find out they often get very upset.  for more information on this important issue and the disgusting excerpts from some of these books see, the pabbis website.

some people just take the leftist leaning ala position that any restrictions whatsoever are bad.  to see what the ala thinks is appropriate for children, see the 26 june 2003 and 29 june 2003 pabbis news stories on the website.  it gives parents a good idea of what some of the organizations against any restrictions and informed parental permmission policies really think is acceptable for young children.


i presume the library board of trustees is not elected.  i presume the township committee is.  elect members of local government that reflect the communities views, vote to end any township funding of said library and pass an ordinance that disallows anyone under a certain age to use any public sidewalk or street that provides access to said library.  perhaps then the library, having less funding, less customers and less reason to exist, might cause the board of trustees to change their minds.

here are some articles from my local paper, the florida times-union.  there are others that can be found by typing library porn filter into the search field.  council hears complaints about internet porn at libraries, library considers expanding filters on internet, libraries:  protect children.

"the issue is not censorship, not privacy, it's how to get the town to do what the citizens want instead of what a union of porn-pushing librarians want."  ditto!  we homeschool, now, but before we did, i was absolutely shocked at what was in the local middle school library.  some of the worst offending books had glowing recommendations on the back jacket from ... you guessed it ... the ala!  most parents are just clueless regarding the liberal organized effort to corrupt their kids.

as always when the subject is pornography, people arguing against "censorship."  anybody who is against filters for kids in public libraries is not worth arguing with.  you are wasting your time.  the san antonio public library at first resisted filters in the name of 'free speech' but soon backed off.  all is now filtered and not just for kids.  i remember when you could get porn in the sa public library.  the creepy scuzzbags who sat eagerly awaiting their time on the 'puters were absolutely sinister.  they shouted at the librarians to put them at the top of the list.  they instantly clicked up raw, ugly porn when they got on while little kids were playing right next to them.  they were frightening people.  dirty, addicted, young males.  now they have filters.  now the glassy-eyed dirty orcs are gone.

i am the it person for the high school which includes the library.  our filter was put into place after a 6th grade student accessed the internet while a substitute teacher was not watching what they were doing.  he then printed out a very inappropriate picture and a 4th grader happened to see it on the bus.  (i think she was a sibling of the perp.)  the 4th grader screams out "oh gross!" which alerts the bus driver, who alerts the school, but not before the parents of that girl and her friend with her called the school ranting.  the filter was extremely restrictive at first, there had to have been a lot of adjustments made at the county level to make it more flexible.  the main thing that works is the knowledge that i can "peek" in on them at any time with network assistant (macintosh) [now apple remote desktop] and watch or control their computer.  that brought most of them in line.  if you have other questions feel free to email me!

you are absolutely correct.  i manage about 500 public access computers on a university.  trust me, they should be filtered.  2 days ago i caught a little freak sneaking into the lab to download and view porn.  i threw him out.  he looked like a freaking troll.  it should have never come to that.  he should not have access, but the university won't filter.  why?  becuase it is a liberal institution.  yes, i have received numerous complaints about others seeing the smut that some creep seems to have to view in public.  because of some of the idiots, they are allowed to act like pervs in public.  internet filtering can be done very well, and with literally billions of pages of information on the net, the arguement about some pages not being viewed is absurd.

if you haven't read robert h. bork's "slouching towards gomorrah:  modern liberalism and american decline," i highly recommend it.  [here's a review.]  he discusses the very philosophical point about liberties and freedom on the one hand, oppressive government on the other, and how these can co-exist without civilization falling apart due to social chaos.  which is what we are witnessing today.  we are living in the worst of both worlds--billions of wretched laws that take our freedoms, yet a libertine atmosphere of perversity which is destroying the morality of millions by deviancy by default.

by promoting porn the library attracts perverts, making it unsafe for children.  also, porn has no worthwhile qualities, dehumanizes relationships, demeans especially women.  i would publicize the names of all those library trustees who want porn -- i'm sure there are a lot of skeletons in their closets -- on the internet along with statements by them as well as other things from their lives.  i would also get churches, certain feminist groups, other individuals to support your position.

1) free speech is not absolute.  never has been.  never will be.  you cannot plagiarize, libel, slander or threaten someone with their lives (especially the potus).  you cannot yell "fire!" in a crowded theater.  you cannot infringe on someone's copyrighted work.  and thanks to miller v. california, obscene material is also a no-no.  2) the ala specifically forbids the prohibition of any kind of material from someone of any age.  even the most vile.  coprophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, the ala believes a six-year-old child should have free, unobstructed access to such things.  3) any reasonable law passed by congress that would have placed responsibility on web site providers by mandating reasonable safeguards to keep away minors (e.g., no access without a credit card) has been promptly challenged by the aclu and the ala for reasons already stated herein.  instead of working alongside filthy sickos, people should be working to destroy them.  that is what plan2succeed is trying to do [not really--just trying to keep them out of the library], and that is why they have my full support.

amazing, i logged onto your website and out of the blue a sidebar appears, what's your favorite porn site!  [warning from p2s:  if this happens, the computer may be infected by spyware and adware.  consider using the free version of adaware to remove the spyware.  be sure to get the latest reference file after installing the software.  run it every other week or so and be sure to get the update first.] 
download ad-aware now to stop the porn pop-ups.
the issue of library filters was brought up at long hill township republican club meeting yesterday.  some of the less timid ones gave rather strong suggestions on how to go about eliminating pornography, via filters.  they were met with the tedious, generic response, "that's too extreme!"  well, i'm prepared for the extreme.  at your convenience, i would like to meet with members of your organization along with those of us interested in this crucial issue.  we have already discussed getting a petition together.

thank you for sharing your concerns about the teenlinks.  teenlinks is a collaborative effort involving teens, educators, community volunteers and library staff in identifying the information needs and interests of young people in our community.

you may have noticed that most of the material on the teenlinks site is selected to be helpful to students.  when we surveyed, teens in our communities, they identified homework help and help with special school projects to be their number one concern.

one of the eight standard links from the teenlinks home page, "life stuff," addresses the teens' needs for information about a number of their more personal concerns.  many teens, when surveyed, report that they are reluctant to talk with health professionals or family members about some of their concerns because they do not want to further what they perceive to be stereotyping about what drives teen needs for information.  they also report feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information available to them and their need for some help in identifying reliable sources.

using information gathered from teens, educators, health professionals, volunteers, and staff with expert knowledge in specific subject areas, hennepin elibrary staff reviews and selects websites to be listed on the teenlinks pages.  some of the selection criteria include credibility of the source, accuracy and scope of the information provided, ease of access to the information presented and usefulness.

we recognize that some of the information that can be accessed through teenlinks may be disturbing or inappropriate for some library patrons.  while the information is also available through traditional resources in libraries, the online presentation has a greater immediacy than print.

mental, emotional, and physical maturity--and the corresponding need for information--are not always determined by chronological age.  that is why hcl stresses the parent's role in guiding their child's access to internet resources.  we encourage parents to review web sites and provide guidelines for their children to use when accessing the internet.

the teenlinks page is reviewed and updated regularly by the teenlinks team.  feedback from library users about the content of teenlinks is part of the review.  the team will consider your concerns as part of that process.

again, thank you for sharing your thoughts,

nancy l. perron
manager, community relations
hennepin county library

-----original message-----
sent:  wednesday, february 18, 2004 9:18 pm
subject:  public comment/feedback to hennepin county library


your web site is an excellent example of librarians pushing pornography on children.  we'll be sure to add a link to you on our web site at and we thank wabc 770am and host laura ingraham for bringing you to our attention.
------------------------ accessed this form from

it has been demonstrated in various cases of a link between porn and crimes.  in any case this is rather obvious.  our values and behavior emerges from several sources:  our family, peers, schools, the media.  often the indirect and outside sources can have a great impact.  this was shown in the so-called russian experiment.  to say that internet porn has no impact is nonsense and is promoted by those with vested interests.  one episode of "touched by an angel" presented how internet porn can damage human relationships.

unbelievable.  thought you'd be interested in this:  "schoolbook's gay theme upsets parents," by sam scott, march 18, 2004:

"the hartsells read along with their 7-year old daughter every weeknight before bed.  but the night they read king & king was anything but routine for them.

"they first suspected their daughter's school library selection wasn't their kind of children's story when the queen tells her stubbornly single son she had already been married twice at his age, michael hartsell said.

"their surprise grew to disbelief as the prince waves off a list of eligible princesses before finally falling for prince lee, whom he marries.  the last page is a drawing of the two princes kissing, their lips obscured by a heart."  [go to the link for the remainder of the article.  note:  p2s is against the actions of the ala and ala-controlled libraries; p2s takes no position on the topic of any particular book.]

my son is a second year university student and asked me the other day to install some form of filtering software on his computer.  he is finding it too easy to drift on to inappropriate websites and as part of his christian walk, he wants to make sure that "the gate is securely locked" to prevent that from happening.  i have read a number of reviews concerning filters and it seems that there are many problems with the most common being a) the filter getting rid of a lot of the things you don't want filtered out and b) still letting a lot of things through that perhaps should have been caught.  as well, most seemed to be geared for very young children as opposed to young adults.  he is the only one using his computer and any filtering software would need to only concentrate on sexual images/content.  what do you suggest?

ps  in addition to the filter, i am going to make up a big plaque that he can hang over his computer!

psalm 101
3  i will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: i hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.  [another psalm 101 link.]

[p2s response:  p2s says check our links page where you can find things like bsafe or, but here's another idea.  david burt, the author of dangerous access, 2000 edition:  uncovering internet pornography in america's libraries, and the owner of the now defunct, now works with a filtering company called n2h2 that sells bess.  p2s feels he would be an excellent source of information about this question.  please let us know what you learned, what action you take, and whether you are satisfied with the result.  here's a related idea.  be sure his computer is free of spyware.  see the comment in green 3 or 4 comments up from here were a user noted porn ads appeared when she went to this site, probably because of all the times the word 'pornography' appears.  that's the spyware at work trying to get you to buy things you don't need, in this case, pornography.  use ad-aware as suggested above, or you can also use spybot-s&d to remove the spyware so that type of popup ad will not occur.  thank you for contacting us; please write again.  response to p2s: thank you for your quick reply and practical suggestions which i will definitely follow-up on.]

[this is an email from p2s thanking a library for installing cipa filters]
dear howard miller public library,

regarding the article "council to consider installing internet filters on library's public-use computers" by the grand rapids press - grand rapids, mi, we say congratulations on the decision to install cipa filters.  they should be on all computers.  the filters should be disabled upon cipa-compliant request.  that will help protect the children and keep the criminals out of your library.

further, we commend you for taking stances in opposition to the ala (american library association).  director dennis martin said, "it'll help protect the kids" and "we want to comply with the law."  both statements are in direct opposition to the ala that advises libraries how to avoid cipa and that says, "every time i hear someone say, i want to protect the children, i want to pull my hair out."  (see

too bad library administrators with your sensibilities do not exist in all libraries.  see where we have been fighting for almost 4 years just to get the library board of trustees to listen to the citizens instead of the ala.  they still don't.  they actually told us, in so many words, that the people are too stupid to understand the legal issues involved!

good luck and thank you.  if you have a mailing list for this issue, please add us to it.

(article was at

[this is the response from the library showing fear of the all-powerful ala]
[quote removed upon request of librarian frightened by the ala]

dennis M. Martin, director
howard miller library and community center

[this is the second email from ps in response to the above]
dear mr. martin,

thank you for your honest response.  would you be willing to allow us to publish your response on our web site?

you said, "[quote removed upon request of librarian frightened by the ala]," and "[quote removed upon request of librarian frightened by the ala]."  you know this is directly counter to the dictates of the ala, but this time i'll save you from their heinous quotes.  your response confirms that you and your coworkers are upright citizens standing against the ala, though quietly so as not to incur their wrath.

we realize you would jeopardize your position in taking a public stand against the ala.  see, for example, and  therefore, we will not print your statements without your approval.  but we offer to you a chance to be heard by those fighting the sexualization of children by the ala.  whether anonymously or not, we are willing to publish on our web site your statements about the ala and the sexualization of children.  perhaps you know other librarians willing to contribute?

please, at some point someone has to stand up against those in the ala pushing p-rn-graphy on children before more children are raped and left for dead like the 8 year old girl in the philly public library.  here's a chance.  please take it.

[this is the second response from the library]
[quote removed upon request of librarian frightened by the ala]

[this is the third response from the library, but to a letter bcc'd to him about another library defying the ala]
[quote not removed because it was broadcast to the public.]  i'm happy to see that i'm not the only one being used.  i made the mistake of answering a similar email.  i explained that i was proud to be a member of the ala and further that i did not want to be quoted on his website as i don't want to be a part of any crackpot's agenda.  i found my name plastered on his website as a librarian afraid of the ala.  isn't it interesting how he manipulates the right of free speech to his own purpose?  i don't understand how anyone can lie like this and live with himself.  mr. "plan2succeed" is running in the republican primary for township committee in long hill township.  i plan to write local papers in the area.  the voters in this part of new jersey need to know about this character's lack of character.  [p2s note:  on almost the same date the la times attacked fox news in a similar fashion (here's another link), so i am in good company:  "what we're seeing is a difference between journalism and pseudo-journalism, between journalism and propaganda.  the former seeks earnestly to serve the public.  the latter seeks to manipulate it.  it is the netherworld of attack politics that gave us roger ailes, the architect of fox news.  having spent much of his career smearing politicians, he now refers to himself as a journalist, but his bag of tricks remains the same.  over time, i believe, the public will become increasingly aware of the discrepancy between what it's told by pseudo-journalists and what turns out to be the truth.  they may even grow weary of the talk-show persona � the schoolyard bully we all know so well."

[this is an email from p2s to florida]
dear governor jeb bush and all florida senators and representatives listed in a recent editorial:

we support senate bill 1552.  we have read "editorial:  porn filtering software is flawed tool" at dated today, april 3, 2004.  what's flawed is the information in the editorial, not sb 1552.

the editorial says internet filters "can deny adults access to the legitimate riches of the internet."  under us v. ala, june 2003, us supreme court, adults are provided with the means to see almost any web site they want, just by asking the librarian to temporarily disable the filter.  simple.  and the great harm this simple procedure prevents makes the us v. ala holding all the wiser.

the editorial also says "it's better to let local officials and librarians negotiate this tricky passage."  first, thanks to us v. ala, it's no longer a "tricky passage."  all legal issues have been resolved.  although the case applied to libraries receiving federal funding, that does not mean the holdings protecting children are automatically of no value if a library isn't federal funded.  second, breaking up the fight against unfiltered access in public libraries into individual communities is the tried and true divide and conquer technique.  individual communities alone are often unable to fight against the 60,000 member behemoth of the american library association (ala) that advises all libraries not to use filters unless they are forced to do so.  the ala believes children should have access to pornography because it would be "age" discrimination to keep them from seeing it.  further, the ala produces lists of recommended books for children of different grade levels that contain pornographic books.  the ala and the libraries guided by the ala are just too big and too strong for most individual communities to take on, and they certainly do not reflect family values.  our organization has been fighting for almost four years just to get the library to even listen to the citizens.  it still doesn't.  a state-wide solution is the only effective way to go.

lastly, the editorial states, "computers reserved for children can be filtered and supervised.  computers for adults can be placed in high-profile spots where they are less likely to be used for smut-surfing."  this is also a flawed argument.  why?  even if the children's computer are filtered, the adult's computers are not, so criminals will be attracted to those computers and will rape the little girl on the filtered computer when they both go to the bathroom.  these are the sad but true facts of a rape that happened only weeks ago in a philadelphia public library, and this kind of activity happens all the time in public libraries as revealed in a report by david burt, a librarian.

in summary, sb 1552 must be supported.  the editorial is flawed because 1) it hides the ease with which filters may be disabled upon request, 2) it tries to stop a statewide response to the ala's intrusion into individual communities whereby the ala guides libraries not to have filters even though us v. ala shows there are no legal concerns, and children are being harmed and raped as a direct result, and 3) it implies some computers should remain unfiltered while ignoring the harm that will come to children, adults, and staff by criminals who could care less that the children's section is filtered.

therefore, we support sb 1552 whole heartedly.  all of our facts are fully supported on our web site at  we encourage you to learn more about the issues there.  you are welcome to contact us.  please add us to your mailing list on this issue.

thank you very much.

[this is an email from p2s thanking an author and calling for a national coalition to stop the ala from terrorizing children]
dear ms. sawicki,

excellent article!!  library filters, may 4, 2004,

i have been fighting this very issue in my town.  i have created a 6 member citizens group.  we have created a web site we think you will love to see.  please see where we added your excellent article and a summary of same on our "links" page.

and i am running in an election on this very issue in what might be the first such race in the country and i hope the leading edge of a wave of such action.  i also added your article to my campaign site too.  my campaign: and where your article appears: as a link under text saying "see an article from another source further illustrating my arguments and conclusions."

read our site carefully.  you will see we agree with you.  you are the only other person i have seen saying what i am saying, like "the board of directors has a fiduciary duty to be open to community involvement and input."  see how our citizen's group web site is seeking to sue the board, and see my campaign site where i state i will impeach the board.  my "publications" page has more of my thinking, but you will see me listed as "mr. plan2succeed."

i have been contacting victims and victim families all over the usa (and i'm bcc'ing them) to get them to realize they must not only fight their local libraries but also the ala.  we have to band together to fight the ala!  what the ala does is especially egregious in light of us v. ala, how the ala advises libaries to make end runs around the cipa law, how the ala intentionally misleads parents, and how children and citizens continue to be terrorized in unfiltered libraries.  i hope a law suit hits them with huge punitive damages.  rod paige called the nea a terrorist organization.  it is the ala however whose policies go against the law, are spread through a vast network, and directly result in the terrorization of children like the 8 year old raped in a philly public library a month back.

what can we do together to bring national attention to this problem and to build a national coalition to fight the ala until it stops pushing p-rn on children like the p-rn book handed by an ala librarian into my kindergartener's hand?  my ideas for my town fight appear on my "library p-rn removal" page.  but we need to work together, build coalitions, and ally ourselves with organizations like the american family association who has the experience, money, and legal talent to end this scourge on our families.

thank you very, very much.

[this is arlene sawicki's response]
thank you, thank you for your glowing words as you join me and millions in our concern for our public libraries.  the fact that you are running your campaign grounded on this appeal is amazing to me and i hope it stirs up the interest of your community - because truly, the ala [front for the aclu] has taken "ownership" of our taxpayer-funded libraries.  it's time to put a stop to that nonsense.  i wish you overwhelming success in your run for office.  i hope you win and clean out the ala-puppets who control the library.

my friend and co-advocate for family friendly libraries, bill sloss, ran for library board of directors in his town, lake zurich, illinois, and won - he also based his campaign on the issue of the necessity of filtering all computers in their library.  result:  the former ala-library director has resigned, a new more conservative director has replaced her, bill has educated the other board members and won many to his side, the children's computers are being filtered, and hopefully the adult computers will be filtered soon.  bill did have the support of the public.  he did a lot of op/eds before the campaign to get his point across.  i also helped him here.  we did a picket of his library.  it's a good idea to get your friends to do op/eds and help you out.

the point i'm trying to make is that good people like you and bill have to start running for public office and restoring our culture, because it has been taken over by liberal "aliens" who have no base of ethics, principles or values.  we have become a post-christian nation largely due to our apathy and lack of zeal.  we see this secular/atheism in all of our institutions - from the government, to media, to universities, to medicine, to corporations, etc.

the library issue held the news for a good while when dr. laura exposed the workings of the ala and its agenda.  the public was aroused by this information, but, unfortunately, not much has changed since then - which is a testimony to the power and control the ala/aclu has in this country.

i was hoping that because laura bush was a librarian that we could appeal to her.  i don't know if anyone has tried.  have you?

i have been working with anti-porn agencies for years and know most of the folks leading these organizations as personal friends.  the filtering issue keeps bobbing up, and cipa and copa have helped bring filters to many libraries.  but, the ala is still in control!

we need to promote the idea of community "ownership" of our local libraries.  people think that the ala has some kind of governmental or legal power to dictate.  surprise - they don't !!!

my congratulations to you for taking up the banner for decency as you campaign for leadership in your community.

god bless.....arlene sawicki

[broadcast by arlene sawicki - p2s has "someone you should know"]
dear pro-family friends:

my article on library filtering was published by and i received the following response [shown above] from a father and a "fighter," d.k.  d.k., together with many of his townspeople in new jersey, has been waging "war" against his local library board for refusing to filter taxpayer-funded computers.  his child was victimized by a bad experience at the library.

this is a man who has dedicated time, money and talent in opposing the ala-inspired, autocratic dictates of his local library board.  he is running for office and intends to win.  he also intends to make big changes on the library board when he does.

please click on his web site links to understand how d.k. has worked to bring this issue into his town's public forum, as well as to the nation's attention again.

dr. laura schlessinger brought the ala controversy into the nation's spotlight and the momentum still exists in various areas in the us.

it is important that all of our voices be heard on this crucial issue.  your voice can make a difference.

we should be proud and support people like d.k. - he is "someone you should know"...

arlene sawicki

may i suggest you pull up my website,, for useful data in support of your efforts?  the attached article is one of many that should be helpful.  best, dr. jar.  the toxic public library:  violating children with "harmful matter" "a clear & present danger" [which contains quotes like, a) "propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence and it must concentrate on a few simple themes ... with lurid photographs of the ... sexual and physical" (by mass murderer adolph hitler);  b) "[i]n a matter of seconds, taking an incredibly modest signal, a word ... which is in your head as an electrical signal for no more than a few seconds can ... leave a trace that will last for years" (by brain researcher gary lynch);  c) "viewing coarse, graphic, violent or sexual pictures structurally shapes and alters the child brain/mind/memory, with brain tissue 'molded' by excitatory, anxiety provoking media" (by the presidents commission on obscenity and pornography);  d) "that the ala is in direct conflict with the majority of the tax paying public is visible by studying not only the hostile reactions of the polity to the current ala turning our public libraries into local dirty book stores monopolies, but to the concerns of the public regarding the media as 'harmful matter' which should not be provided to vulnerable adults or youths."  e) "so, it is criminal that the american public library is today a major conduit of toxic environmental contagion, transmitting 'harmful matter' to children as well as the pandemic numbers of vulnerable adults who would prey upon them."]

[this is an email from p2s about a second library defying the ala]
subject:  congrats to library director pickell for defying the ala

dear mr. burnett,

regarding your article in the lancaster (ohio) eagle-gazette of may 18, 2004 entitled, "library considers internet filtering," at, i would like to submit the following for publication in your paper as a letter to the editor or whatever is appropriate.

cc:  ohio library council, intellectual freedom committee members,, governor taft (under separate cover), nancy pompilio, author of article on girl raped in philly public library

for publication:

congratulations to fairfield county district library director barbara pickell for having the backbone to stand up against the american library association [ala] to support her own community!  such library directors are few and far between!  according to "library considers internet filtering" by carl burnett, jr., ms. pickell said, "we are the public's library, and we should reflect the community."  bravo!  this is directly opposed to the ala's directives and ms. pickell is brave to make such a statement, no matter how obvious the statement might be to taxpaying citizens.

the ala is a washington, dc-based union of librarians that has de facto control over most american libraries when it comes to internet filtering.  the ala is dead set against filtering.  it believes children should have access to inappropriate material because it would be "age" discrimination to keep them from seeing it.  further, the ala has a sort of affirmative action program for children who have been deprived of pornography—it produces lists of books including pornographic books it says are appropriate for children in various grades.  on the fourth day of kindergarten my own daughter was handed such a book to take home to read by an ala librarian using an ala list of books for kindergarteners.  now i am leading a citizens group in my own town to filter out the influence of the ala from public libraries, and i only wish our library director was more like barbara pickell.  see for details on the ala and ideas for removing its influence from public libraries, including local groups banding together to fight the ala directly and hold them accountable for harming children nationwide.

the article also reports, "pickell said the system the library uses now is effective and conforms with the supreme court decisions."  the ala says no filtering system is effective and it advises all libraries about how to make end runs around the supreme court case of us v. ala.  the ala did not even meet with filtering companies for fear of giving them "legitimacy"!  the taxpayers served by ms. pickell better band together to protect her from the ala once it realizes she is going against its directives.

but ms pickell said, "[w]ith this new technology, we can set certain levels of access by age groups."  if i could make a suggestion, it would be that all computers should be compliant with us v. ala, meaning they are all filtered, whether intended for use by adults or children.  upon request, the filters may be temporarily disabled thereby preventing censorship, according to us v. ala.  if the library leaves some computers unfiltered for adults, or if adults have special access that automatically disables the filters, that would leave the library and the citizens vulnerable to criminality and the resulting liability, like the rape of the eight year old girl a month ago in a philadelphia public library.

again, congratulations, and i urge everyone to read us v. ala and to request the revision of the library's internet use policy to remove the influence of the ala.

# # # 30 # # #

[this is the response from the library showing the all-powerful ala is as all-powerful as we have reported]
dear mr. burnett,

as an advocate for intellectual freedom, i would not presume to try to stifle the voice of a free press, but before publishing this letter i would strongly recommend that you consider the blatant inaccuracies and outright lies it includes.

if, however, you do chose to publish this, i would request that you also publish my response included below.  i believe it would provide a more accurate and balanced view of this subject and the position of the fairfield county district library.

thank you very much for your consideration.

barbara pickell, library director, fairfield county district library
219 n. broad street, lancaster, oh 43130, 740-653-2745 x 177,

i want to express my concern about many of the inaccuracies included in the letter [above].  first of all, the american library association (ala) is not a washington, dc based organization, but a professional organization of over 50,000 individual librarians, library workers and supporters from all over the country that is headquartered in chicago.  as a long-time member of this organization, i strongly support their views on many subjects, especially in the areas of intellectual freedom and the public's right to access information.

the position expressed in the recent article on internet filtering is consistent with those views.  ala advocates that decisions on the use of filters should be local choices reflecting the communities the libraries serve, not decisions made at the federal, or even state, level.  it also believes that it should be both the right and responsibility of the parent to determine what material is appropriate for his or her own child.  the decision of the fairfield county district library to provide a filtering option certainly falls within that philosophy.  our approach would be to require that the parents make the choice about appropriate levels of access for their children.  this approach recognizes that parents may decide that a level of filtering that works for their six year old may not work for their fifteen year old, or that different parents may make different choices.  we do not believe that any individual, or any group of individuals, should make the choices for everyone else.

fcdl wants to provide filtering as a tool to assist parents in making choices for their children and adults in making choices for themselves.  in recent years, three decisions by federal courts, including two by the u.s. supreme court, have made it clear that public libraries must provide open access to the internet for adults, and our approach would insure that access for those people who want and need it.  accessing obscenity is never legal, no matter what the format, and no library allows that.  no filter, or other system, can guarantee that every site will be accurately blocked, so libraries will always have to remain aware of and watchful for problems, as we have always been.  but we also understand that what one person feels to be inappropriate, or even pornographic, may be important, constitutionally protected free speech for someone else.  it is our mission to serve the diverse needs of the people in our community.  we believe that, with the improvements in technology, providing a filtering option is now the best way to do that, and we believe that this is an approach that will meet the needs of our community.

barbara pickell, director
fairfield county district library

[the ala's declarations are made paramount to the united states supreme court then forced on local communities resulting in the terrorization of children and citizens.]

many clergy confuse lobbying for or against legislation with political activity.  lobbying is permitted (the rule of thumb is up to 5% of income); supporting or opposing a candidate is grounds for revocation of a church's 501(c)(3) tax exemption.

in my opinion, churches can invite both candidates to come and present their views, without endorsing either candidate.  in my opinion, they can also distribute information that fairly informs citizens about how candidates have voted (or what their position is) on various issues.

to be on the safe side, if i were preparing a pamphlet to provide information about candidates' voting records or positions, i would include a variety of issues, not just one or two "hot button" issues on which the church may have a strong position.

the prohibition on "politics" may be unfair, but it's still the law.

robert peters, president of morality in media

i greatly appreciate that you have taken the time to express your thoughts on internet access in our public libraries.  like you, i champion the constitutional right to free speech and if people choose to access information on the web that is legal, they should not be prohibited from doing so.  but also like you, i don't believe that the constitution obligates our government to provide access to pornography.  it is readily available in the private sector, and that's where it should stay available.

thank you for your comments and for staying involved in the issues that affect our community.  please contact me at any time to share your views and your thoughts on any issue that is of concern to you.  i value your input and rely on good council to help govern our city.


phil gordon, mayor
phoenix, az

good article by plan2succeed who now seems to be one of the major organizations out there carrying the ball against the ala.  it appeared just in time for me as i have to respond to my daughters' school re their internet use there.  the schools want me to sign a disclaimer saying i will take no legal action against them for any "harm" that could be incurred by them through being accidentally exposed to inappropriate materials on the internet computers there.  they state up front that they believe in the ala "bill of rights" (and of course accordingly have no filters)  i think it is ludicrous to sign away any right to civil remedy for anything, especially when they are not taking all "reasonable" measures (by not having filters) to protect children from the bad side of the internet.

we are writing to let you know that things are going well.  we are gathering support among our elected officials as they are educated about the problem.  we are also working with some elected officials in one neighboring county.

we know that your organization is directed primarily at internet porn.  we have filters on all our libraries' computers.  adults may ask to have the filters temporarily turned off.  our new concern however, is that we have three new libraries under construction.  they are going to have wireless internet access so that anyone can bring in their own computer with wireless access and be online.  we are not sure that is something our libraries need to offer the public.  in doing that, it seems we lose all control over what people may choose to access in the library.  last year we had to install security cameras in our libraries because of several incidents of attempted molestation of children.  is this an issue that should be raised?  we would appreciate your thoughts.

by the way, we have enjoyed going through your website.  you have amassed a tremendous amount of useful information.  thanks for your work in this area.

library patrons of texas, inc.

[we referred them to an ala article about a cipa-compliant library that provides unfiltered wireless access because us v. ala only "addresses library computers," which we take to mean the ala believes they have found another why to nullify cipa and us v. ala.]

i got your email before i gave the lecture, and, while i didn't mention your website specifically, i commented on the fact that unfortunately, there does seem to be less of an outcry nowadays about the negative content online than there used to be.  then, i just heard on the radio now on the way home that the senate is taking up the issue of pornography being sent to minors' email accounts.  we still have a long way to go, but i unfortunately doubt we'll see any effective political solution to this problem any time soon.  i enjoyed your website, and i truly wish your group all the best.  ____ _______, md

thanks for referencing my letter to the editor on your website (tiresome comments on banned books, 10/14/04).  the link specified has become extinct.  here is the "permanent" link for my letter to the editor:
keep up the good work.  stan barton

thank you for addressing my e-mail.  i'm very angry that my daughter was exposed to these images.  i've come up with some ideas that might bring about change.  your web site is very helpful, thank you.  i believe tax dollars will be the key to solving our local problem.  the librarian's ears really started turning when i mentioned fighting against the upcoming levy.  i'm starting here, locally.  if suing is an option, i might go there too.  feel free to e-mail me back.  i'm just concerned about my daughter's safety.  weirdos abound!  g-d bless all your efforts, and lack of sleep!

hello, i am a library board trustee at our small town district library....  we have had a difficult time getting the filtering on our computers but have finally achieved that objective.  our newest issue is [and then she goes on to describe a non-filter related issue but we are leaving this part out to protect her anonymity.]  ....  i guess the question is ... what will be the legal repercussions....  any insight?  [we offered her a lot of information and her own web page if she wished to fight this issue on the web.  she told us stories to make your hair stand on end about the slyness of ala adherents, but again we will leave out the details for now.  then we got this:]  thanks for the insight and the links.  i will check them out.  i am grateful for people like you and many others who are stepping up to the plate.  these are difficult times we live in and we must be strong to fend off this wickedness.  i will keep you posted....  have a good weekend.

if the parents and student sign an internet use agreement at the start of the year, it probably says right on the form that the school system subscribes to the ala bill of rights, or some such nonsense.  all a bunch of cya language to exculpate them when kids run afoul of the other high-sounding standards it will list--which they inevitably do.  good letter!  keep up the good work.  you are one of a few in america that the ala no doubt hates with a passion.

thank you for your good work!

it is too bad that you have nothing better to do than stick your disjointed nose into an area that you nothing about.  why don't you try to cure some of new jersey's drug problems in schools and the unfair way that school's are funded, before you try to solve montana's problems?  an irate new jerseyan.

thanks for your interest.  great web site for the issues, too.  onward!

thanks for the informative library issues.  here in sw washington state , we have the fort vancouver regional system covering 3 counties.  over the last 10 years citizens have voted down $166 million bonds mainly on lack of filtering porn and inventory issues.  lord bless your efforts and keep us informed.

go guys go!

well said!  as always thanks for your good work  found out something very interesting today related to your main focus.  a conservative group in va is planning to push new state law this year that prohibits giving state $$ to public libraries that do not have internet filters, essentially mirroring the federal law.  excellent idea in terms of both impact if enacted and the public awareness raised by the proposed bill moving thru the legislative approval process.  also hard for the ala and ilk to fight a law that is a mirror of already-approved federal law.  wonder how many other states already have this or have bills similar coming soon.  potentially very powerful new state laws to assist public libraries in paying proper attention to internet filters are possible.  thought you may be interested in this if you didn't know already.

bless you for your compiling a great resource!  i've bookmarked it for reference and sharing.

ok.  i for one am glad someone is keeping an eye on creeps like this.

think you need to keep in mind that there is a raping of children's minds when they see material they cannot handle!  it's like showing a 3 yr old how to light a match!  the knowledge while in itself is okay becomes dangerous and damaging if the 3 yr old uses the information which he/she cannot fully handle because of immaturity.  try always to personalize this issue!  it's about inappropriate material "raping the innocence" of children.  the mind of a child is like a sponge!  once saturated with filth, it cannot expunge the picture or pictures and cannot judge the appropriateness of what is seen.  this is based upon good, sound psychological development of the human person!  we have special laws protecting children precisely because they are vulnerable to being preyed upon!! -- dr. anchell is always a good source!  you can also close with this thought -- why have libraries become so unfriendly to children and their innocence?  nancy

ps  the more often you write about the libraries being unfriendly to children and "raping their minds and innocence," the more people will understand this is not just a difference of opinion.  i believe people know this but it needs to be articulated so people can relate.  children have a preciousness and wholesomeness in their purity!  destroy this and the child is now a damaged person!

an article we thought you might be interested in reading: turning public libraries into public latrines, by frank morriss.  it's an article about porn in public libraries.  "the wanderer" is an orthodox catholic weekly newpaper.

filters have been installed:  thank you, for your information, your help, and your interest.  upon receiving your email, january 5, 2005, i went to your web site and downloaded the us v. ala decision.  as you stated in your email all of the answers would be found in this document.  i read and wrote a three page summary of the decision and began disseminating the summary throughout our community.  i emailed approximately 50 copies to friends and residents, i mailed and emailed copies to all of the churches, copies went to the current board of county commissioners and to the craig city council.  last night while attending the craig city council meeting, to ask for their support, i was presented a letter dated january 24, 2005, from the library director this letter says that, "site filters provided by esoft have been installed on the firewall of the libraries [sic] wide area network.  this system will restrict access to chat rooms, criminal skills, drug and extreme sites, gambling, games, hate speech, sex and other sites not yet identified.  the library now believes that it is current and in full compliance with cipa and colorado's hb 1004, colorado's library filtering mandate."  [04/23/2004 governor action - signed]

i have been involved in this discussion since july 2003.  i do not believe that we would be where we are today if it were not for you.  thank you, for your interest, help, and your information.


les hampton, former moffat county commissioner

i hope that jan. 26, 2005 letter gets published.  it is very informative indeed!

p2s:  indeed!  p2s exposes media bias and outright suppression of the truth when certain reporters report on library internet filter issues.  the jan. 26, 2005 letter was published feb. 3, 2005.  it relates to two articles, county library lagging and, three weeks later, no action on porn.

les hampton responds to the above:

thank you.  i have found it interesting over the last few years that those who perform a service within their community are often vilified within the community for their involvement.  i have also noticed that at the state or national level ones contributions are viewed much differently.  i believe that in your letter to the editor you have painted a very accurate understanding of the issues, with one exception -- the meeting where there was "no action" was with the craig city council, not the commissioners.  yes, there has been a "tiff" over the years.  as a commissioner, i was a party to terminating the brother of the councilman who made the "tiff" comment.  the brother had been employed by the county.  i have also been openly critical of the biased reporting by the journalist who covered the story.  i guess "pay backs are hell."  i can live with that.

thank you, les h.

another reader responds to the above:

i truly resent the tone of your letter to the editor of the craig daily press, craig colorado thursday feb. 3, 2005. allow me to explain why.  the number one issue delaying the purchase and installation of the filtering software for the public libraries was the age and operating system of the public pc's at the library.  they're a combination of windows 95 and windows 98.  all were lacking processing speed and operating systems capable of accommodating the filtering required.  the machines arrival date was delayed slightly due to some special software installed in conjunction with the bill and melinda gates foundation.  this is why they ended up being installed after the jan. deadline for the filtering.  (thus delaying filtering decisions until their installation.)  les hampton is a respected member of our community and is not regarded as an 'old coot' by anyone.

i appreciate the good work your organization is doing.  it's a sad and tragic story of that girl raped at the library, (on your donation page).  thank you for saying what you feel and taking action.  the supreme court really must step up and define what porn is, so it does not fall on municipalities to do so alone!  however, in the case of the moffat county libraries, you could benefit from knowing the whole story.  after the new computers were installed, immediately children were absolutely barred from the machines in the brief time it took to select and install the firewall.  it is fair to say, the filtering could have been selected prior to the arrival and installation of the new computers.  however, the decision was made to wait to see the entire package up and running before selecting a filtering method, as funds are limited.  for the public of moffat county, timely, money conscious decisions were made and action taken to protect our children.  the implication of your letter, that the children were being left vulnerable, is simply not true.

keep up your vigilance!

with respect and admiration for your cause, ___

plan2succeed responds to "another reader" above:

dear ___,  a fascinating response.  thank you for thinking the issue serious enough to respond as you have.  more people like you are needed to think for themselves instead of blindly following the ala.

the tone of my letter was rather sharp; just understand that it was based on at least the two newspapers articles i cited that were total opposites for the reasons i stated.  i will be using these two articles as an example of the effect of one author trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear in the context of library internet filters (using, as bernie goldberg would say, bias and arrogance).  three weeks apart in the same newspaper the articles swing from a long delay by a library that refuses to follow cipa and us v. ala to one where the library was a perfect angel protecting truth, justice, and the american way while some lone citizen was trying to force evil censorship on the community.  not being familiar with the matter other than a few newspaper articles, this is how i believe the articles made the situation appear.

please reread the articles and then reread my group's comments (see the articles on their publication dates at to see that there are, at least as reported, more problems than just the timing of the filters, like the comment that staff cannot stop someone from viewing porn because of first amendment rights -- wrong, see us v. ala.  that library staff needs a lesson from the community, not from the ala.

be that as it may, your comments that the library in fact has done an excellent job in protecting children are very welcome.  i admit that reading a few newspaper articles from half way across the country can result in tunnel vision.  therefore, please understand that i was doing the best i could given the limited information and time i had.  as part of a group trying to fight this issue nationwide, i don't have the time to make my own independent inquiries.  however, the point is that at least someone, somewhere is taking note of local actions like yours and gathering them together with local issues nationwide so that people can start to realize they rule their own libraries, not the ala that pushes an agenda alien to almost all american communites.

thank you very much for writing.  shall i add you to my group's blind carbon copy email list so you can see where else we are fighting this issue and what we are doing?  also, may i have your permission to print your comments below on my group's web site?  i would publish them all, not just selective pieces that support us.


i had recently e-mailed you regarding your letter to the editor of the craig daily press, craig, colorado.  and we had some intelligent conversation of the issues concerning our library.  it is truly refreshing to share opinions and stay civil.  (so many web sites degrade to insults and stray from the subject at hand).

g-d bless you for taking this on - i hope you and your families are healthy and strong.

how can we wake up parents to what is happening in our public libraries, and make them realize that they have the right and the power to take them back?!

thank you very much for your comments.  i know it is a sticky question for librarians, who are on the front lines of upholding freedom of speech (which has been construed to extend to freedom to access information).  living in a free country like ours brings up questions and situations that wouldn't be possible in a more restrictive society.  yours sincerely, [reporter s.d.]

good talking with you last night.  thanks again for the good work.  don't get burned out.  hardcopy family foundation of virginia newsletter i saw today had a blurb about the proposed state law on library filtering to deny state funds to libraries that did not filter, just like the federal law.  what was interesting was the newsletter (you might want to check to see if you can get online or by emailing them) said the proposed law was opposed by the ala, the aclu and "the washington blade" which is the nation's largest pro-homosexual tabloid.  the ala still is fighting against internet filters!!!!!  this is related to the story you told me about.  wonder how much dues money goes into this.  will be very expensive when this legislation keeps coming up in numerous states.  :)

i give you full permission to make use of any documents on the family friendly libraries [ffl] website that would be helpful as long as you acknowledge where it came from.  the name and the symbol for ffl are copyrighted officially.  in other words, if it would be helpful to copy off some of the ffl documents onto your website directly, feel free.  for example, i've got a test on there to check if one's library is "family friendly" -- do parents have access to their minor children's library records?  do minor children need parental signature to get a library card?  do children's books with family sensitive topics like where babies come from, death and divorce and homosexuality -- like daddy's roommate -- have a place that can only be accessed by parents?  you can use any comments i've sent you so far, no problem.

if you haven't ever had time to go completely through my website, it might be worthwhile to at least eyeball each item and note whether it's still relevant for today's fight.  some are, some aren't.  i'm guessing their habits haven't changed much.  if a library still talks about age being no reason to limit access to porn, they haven't changed much.  back when i was active, the president of ala always served on hugh hefner's playboy foundation annual awards committee to pick their favorite person that was seen as protecting porn rights by their actions or whatever.  find out if ala people still do that.  i'm betting yes.  plus the so-called library bill of rights is not law unless the town council or whatever board is in charge lets themselves be snookered into adopting them.  also check david burt's "dangerous access" report to see if there's any history with a particular library or area.

keep up the good work.  since you seem to be one of the most serious library protectors around in the us, i'd be willing to send you my "collection" of ffl stuff.  you'd be free to throw out anything you felt was too outdated or not useful.  but some nasty programs don't seem to die very easily.  i'd be willing to part with nearly everything if it could go to someone like you, and when you get tired of the whole thing, you could pass it on to the next willing soldier.

karen jo gounaud

the ala official position is against the removal, restriction, labeling or placement in another part of the library of any book in response to a book challenge.  note this is any book no matter how explicit or graphic or age appropriate.

they do not even recognize the term age-appropriate in their so called "bill of rights" which promulagates it's way into numerous libraries policy statements.

they did not stand up for the librarians in cuba because their leftist politics took precedence over every other position they have.

they spent millions of dollars in fighting to keep porn filters out of libraries and when they eventually lost the supreme court case still promulagate misinformation about the court decision and encourage libraries to not install filters.

their annual "banned books week" is an annual farce brought to you by the same folks that spent millions in their fight against porn filters.  banned is a deliberately misleading and inflammatory word that they use.  no books are banned in america.  every book on the ala banned book list is readily available in public bookstores, public libraries and even over the internet.

the ala is an organization that pushes smutty books onto k-12 schools, often effectively using taxpayer money to do so.  they read excerpts from books like "tom sawyer" at their "read-ins," instead of reading excerpts from some of their very explicit ala young adult (ya)"best books" -- the books they think appropriate for children as young as 12, books turning up in elementary schools.  pabbis did two news stories on the ala (26 and 29 june 03, copied below for your reading) exposing how graphic ala "best books" can be.

what doesn't the ala understand about the two words age-appropriate?  perhaps they believe the dictionary should read:  age-appropriate - unacceptable thought, archaic term and idea, use banned; also see decency, taste.

pabbis wonders if all ala members are happy with their dues pushing books with oral sex to pre-teens.  it is clear that the ala leadership supports this.

the ala has links on the so-called "young adult" portion of their website to very explicit sexual material.

the ala - helping get and keep extreme material in k-12 schools

krug and the oif are the ala lead in doing this.  krug is an aging leftist with a clear agenda of social marxism.


26 june 2003

ala youth advisory or ya books

more and more so called ya or young adult books are entering k-12 schools.  ask people what age someone must be to be considered a young adult and they usually answer between 16 and 24 years old.  legally, to be an adult, one must be 18 or 21 years old.  however the american library association (ala) defines ya books as books for 12-18 year old readers.  to the ala even 12-year olds and young teenagers are "young adults."

the ala ya book genre is a way to introduce more explicit and graphic material to children.  the ala is an organization with some extremist positions.  they have an official position of being against the removal, restriction, labeling, or placement in another part of the library of any book in response to a book challenge.  the ala's position on books is very similar to their position on porn filters on library computers.  they would rather have many children exposed to porn than have one person have to walk a few feet to a non-filtered computer.

books that make parents blush, a march 11, 2001 article in the washington post by linton weeks noted ya books "may contain language and situations unsuitable for young readers" and pointed out while movies are rated for sex and violence, these books are not.  this article said, "the boundaries between adult fiction and young adult fiction are so fogged over that there is a question whether the term 'young adult' means anything."  pabbis believes the ala definition of "young adult" means "anything goes."

terms used in the article by linton weeks, and in youth fiction takes a stark, eerie turn, a december 17, 1999 the washington times article by julia duin, to describe ya book content include lust, hatred, horror, darkness, dysfunction, drugs, disease, gruesome death, adult situations, salty language, suicide themes, rape, demons, torture, gangs, mental illness, animal torture, divorce, incest and dismemberment.  while these terms accurately describe the content of many ya books, even they aren't fully descriptive of how extreme the content can be in these books.  in ya books one also finds pedophilia, oral sex, homosexuality, bestiality, masturbation, porno magazines, parental sexual abuse and prostitution.  this content is not just in an occasional or rare ya book but in many books selected each year for the ala's best books for young adults list.

some books with explicit content that won an ala best ya book award are:

baby be-bop - 1996
my father's scar - 1997
tenderness - 1998 (an ala top 10 best ya book)
the perks of being a wallflower - 2000
love and sex:  ten stories of truth - 2002
rainbow boys - 2002

these books are just a few examples and only the tip of the iceberg of graphic books that win this yearly ala award.  they are highlighted because excerpts from them are available for review on the pabbis website to provide more insight and details on the specifics of their controversial content.

graphic violence, smut, vulgarity and indecency are in more and more places in society these days but until recently most people have not been aware of the role of the ala in promoting and condoning books with this type content for use with children.

the ala has book categories and awards that help get explicit material to their target audience of 12-18 year olds.  ala "best books" are often selected for use in the k-12 public schools by ala members in their roles as taxpayer-paid employees working within public school systems.  these ala "best books" are then purchased with taxpayer money.  the ala ya label is the first step in accomplishing this.  the ala best ya book of the year is the second step.

to date the most outspoken proponent for use of the ya label or sticker in fairfax county, even in elementary schools, has been school board member cathy belter who is, surprise, a "professional" librarian.  however this is not an unusual case -- the ala mafia is entrenched in public school systems around the country and in many cases are being paid with our tax dollars to bring more explicit and graphic books to our k-12 school children.

not all members of the ala are against porn filters on library computers.  not all members of the ala believe anything goes at any age when it comes to k-12 books.  not all members of the ala believe no action should ever be taken in response to a book challenge.  however the organization these members belong to has these official positions and the membership dues collected go to support these policies and objectives.

a ya book or sticker does mean something -- youth advisory book:  may contain extreme content not suitable for youth.

the ala, of course, will express indignation at our viewpoint.  however the facts speak clearly -- ya ala designated "best books" have material that would be r-rated in the movies and the ala says they are good for 12-year old children to read.

the ala - helping get and keep extreme material in k-12 schools


29 june 2003

more about extreme positions of the ala

our last news story explored explicit material, in so called young adult or ya books, the american library association (ala) thinks appropriate for 12-year old children.  the ala believes 12-year old children are ready for sexually graphic and explicit material in fictional books.  the ala defining "young adults" as 12-18 years old is a method they use to expose younger and younger children to more explicit material.

this news story looks closer at what the ala thinks appropriate for these 12-year old "young adults" in the way of supposedly non-fictional "sexual health" material.  this, like the material in ya fictional books, is very explicit.

the ala young adult library services association has a portion of their website devoted to resources for teens.  in the sexual health section, the sexuality and sexual behavior section, and the relationships section the ala refers teens to a website named go ask alice.  this go ask alice website is hosted by columbia university.

some of the information categories on this ala ya recommended website include the following:  men using vibrators, virgin woman with rape fantasies?, bestiality, cleaning cat 'o nine tails, sex with animals and stds?, straight man wants penis in mouth, anal beads, auto-erotic asphyxiation, optimizing solo-sex, objects in anus during sex?, fingers in anus � safe?, anal stimulation ain't just for gay men, oral sex and ice cubes?, does a good washing before analingus remove bacteria?, is blowing air into the vagina dangerous?, what to do with a mouth full of semen?, do diet and exercise affect the taste of semen?

there are many similarly explicit 'categories' on this website but these are enough to provide adequate insight to exactly what the ala thinks is appropriate information for children as young as 12-years old.

the ala is an organization with some very extremist positions.  the "sexual health" information the ala thinks appropriate for 12-year olds speaks for itself.  perhaps the ala is against internet filters because they might filter out the very sites that the ala is recommending for children.  the go ask alice website is not technically legally obscene, but for the ala to recommend it for 12-year old children is extreme.


greeting in the name of lord jesus christ.  i am azhar kaleem, president of camp international pakistan.  i would like to move your attention to a burning issue of our time.  in a day where the highly publicized subjects are still aids, drugs and gangs, we must also begin to emphasis on attacking the root problem, in addition to treating its symptoms.  people must realize child abuse is a key issue which is cause for many of our society's problem.  a pervasive issue which has repercussions throughout the world.  computer telecommunication has become one of the most prevalant techniques used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships.  the internet has dramatically increased the access of sex offenders to the population they seek to victimize.  the creation of every significant new technology brings with it bright new opportunities and also the dark side of humanity.  the internet is by far the most progressive instrument yet devised for education, research, communication, business and entertainment.  but the internet is also a place where child pornographers now go to seek out its next victims and to provide their criminal product to the end users.  the internet has now become the most significant factor in child exploitation and the principal means for exchanging child pornography.  the internet is by nature international, thus child pornographers and peadophiles operating internationally can only be identified by sharing and exchanging investigative informations with each other countries.  irresponsible use of the internet may lead to potential dangers, especially for children.  governments and internet service providers should join together to educate the public (i.e., parents) about what safety precautions are available to protect their children.  the importance of protecting children from the harms of predators and pornography and the link to violence.  today, through the internet, our children have access to vast new worlds of informations, it is one of the most positive educational tool developed in our century.  cyberspace is fun, fascinating, and it is the future.  unfortunately, it can also be dangerous.  all possible avenues of attacking this problem must be explored.  highly civilian assistance is also warranted due to the unique challenges this new communication medium has presented to world wide law enforcement.  we are going to start a campaign against pornography, we hope you can help us a lot.  watching to hear from you.  stay blessed.  in him, azhar kaleem, president, tree of life, sindh pakistan,

i took a few minutes to really travel your web site....  it's amazing !!!  i don't know how long you have been involved in this controversy, but you really take the prize for the most comprehensive and resource-filled site around.  i am passing this information on to my e-list with high praise for your efforts!  a big bouquet of roses to you for your grit and perseverance in this battle.  g-d bless....  arlene sawicki

i enjoyed your web site.  i like it, and i am very happy about what you have achieved for us concerning the filters at our library.  you are a source of encouragement to me.  is it possible for me to see a copy of the child's book that started this whole thing?  let me know, and go for it, because we need you.  i hope you enjoy my web site,  somehow, it has become #2 out of 9 million when you do a yahoo search for "pray in school."  also, when and if you get a chance, would you be able to tell me how i can make any e-mails "blind" for the children when they contact me, as you have done for us on your site?  sincerely, vivian

good evening!  i came across your site, and was wondering what book it was that the child brought home from kindergarten?  [p2s response:  thank for contacting us!  mangaboom was the book (  read more about it here:

i recently took a look at your website.  i must admit that i am torn between many national library policies and my own personal morals.  as a librarian i believe that information should be available to anyone who needs or wants it, including the information that is on the internet.

for many years libraries have fought putting in filters even when schools began to install them.  as we heard of more and more students restricted from valuable information that they wanted for school assignments we believed that we made the right choice by choosing to educate students on how to use the internet as safely as possible without encountering graphic websites.

of course this doesn't mean that children are not still hiding in the stacks reading information in books that some might find offensive or inappropriate.  and so we have shifted all responsibility to the parents for any action that children take, whether reading print or online.  i do not feel that making parents responsible for their own children is in anyway wrong, but i do feel that as community leaders, librarians need to address issues sometimes.  i personally have called parents to let them know of misbehaviour in the library and have asked adults not to view certain websites when children are present.  i do not feel that by asking adults not to look at pornography in the library is an invasion of any right.  they may still view it, just in a different setting.

as we begin to expand our internet services to students at our small public library, we will consider putting filters on our children's pcs.  over the past few years filters have come a long way and while it will mean a lot more work for staff to turn the filter off when necessary, we will most likely put filters on our children's workstations.  (for libraries just turning a programme on or off is not simple, as many of us run security programmes which need to be turned off first in order to turn off a filter.)  you will find that many other libraries are going this route even if the several legislative positions by the ala are not.  school library journal has had several articles praising new, more accurate filters, but of course filters do not stop all porn.  an estimated 13% of internet pornography is still viewable even when using filters according to the henry j. kaiser family foundation.

it is vital that children use the internet in our society.  more and more careers are dependant upon the internet.  children should be taught proper search techniques from parents, teachers, and librarians.


rebecca stearns
children's librarian, saxton b. little free library
319 route 87
columbia, ct 06237

thanks for your email.  there were a varied number of opinions by council on this issue.  let me make my position very clear.  my issue was not with the filtering of certain content.  my issue is with a law that was so poorly written that it does not fulfill its intent (protect children from mental harm).  the way this law is written, acts of extreme violence (i.e., clips of the beheadings of hostages currently being done in the middle east) can be viewed in public libraries with no restriction as long as there is no nudity involved.  i find that concept ludicrous.  additionally, the law is so vaguely written that no standards are provided to measure the effectiveness of any filtering put into place.  during the workshop before the council meeting i asked, hypothetically, if the library downloaded freeware filtering and installed it, and it worked some or not at all, would they be in compliance with this law and the answer was yes.  in a nutshell, council could simply comply with law that does not do what it was intended to do, avoid the real issue, and be on our way.  i think the law should be challenged so it can be fixed to do what it was intended, prevent harm to children.

frank phillips
lafayette city council
mayor pro tem

ala and porn, other people's opinions
17mar05 | ala | porn, filtering, others, ala

i don't spend a lot of time reading what the american family association says about ala and pornography, but from time to time i check in.  you never know when someone will use one of these pages as a "to do" list and show up at your library.  so, without further commentary - except to note that "pray" appears before "reaserch" on the afa's list of steps � please see plan2succeed's library porn removal page and the american family association's library internet filtering page.

your group may have had a thin string of credibility once, but once you decided to ban sciam due to its "pornographic" nature you have lost all credibility.  you are now merely seen as sexually-repressed parents with nothing better to do.
p2s reply:
thank you for contacting us.  on the issue of scientific american, plan2succeed has been incorrectly portrayed.  and online we responded to the criticism as follows:
too bad for the knoxville community that the library director found a notice of noncompliance with the law to be "disturbing."  perhaps we will offer to send the library of copy of that scientific american magazine, by far one of the best magazines in the country.  we are not trying to force our vision anywhere, we are just trying to get the ala to stop defying the law of the land, a law set by two branches of the federal government, not by p2s, where the defiance of which may be directly resulting in the rape and molestation of children in public libraries!  lastly, the comment about the burkhas may be considered racist or discriminatory, inflammatory at the least -- and they call us a "hateful group" in the next sentence!
and for your interest, let's add the following.  we love sciam magazine.  it's one of the best.  it's one of the most useful.  it's one of the most interesting.  plan2succeed never said anything bad about that magazine, and we sure do not tell people to deface them, or anything for that matter.  we are fighting against an ala that defies the law.  we are not fighting to defy the law ourselves.  we place all of our criticism online for all to see.  yours will be there too.  if you look carefully at the criticism, you will see it is entirely of a personal nature.  not a single argument has been made as to why the ala is right to defy us v. ala, etc.  we actively encourage debate on the issue.  however all such attempts are merely personal attacks or complete misrepresentations.  here's another example:  someone said they did not want us to enforce our morality on anyone.  who cares about our morality.  that is so totally not the issue.  the issue is the intentional refusal by the ala to follow the law, the consequences thereof, and the children we could help save from rape and molestation if we could only get our message in front of the public.  and when we respond to the attacks, we usually do so in the polite manner in which this email response is written.  we do not get our jollys by personal attacking those personally attacking us.  our sole focus is bringing to the public's attention that the ala is defying the law, pushing porn on children, and getting away with it scot free, while the consequences are more molested and raped children.  i hope you will reconsider your feelings about p2s and consider helping us spread the word to communities to protect children.  sure not every community needs to worry all the time.  but just look at the examples we provide of newspaper stories and you will see the general pattern is some kid is getting raped, molested, or assaulted in some public library somewhere where that library would have had filters to comply with the law but for the direction of the ala to defy the very law designed to protect children.  we think the ala has some culpability and needs to be forced to comply with the law (cipa and us v. ala).  please help us.
i agree with your stance on getting internet filters in libraries to prevent porn abuse.  i am all for that.  i just cannot understand why sciam got targeted?
p2s surreply:
here's how.  apparently (we did not see the article) some religious leader said a picture of a naked lady in sciam was porn.  then, the library director, in a separate response, responded that, among other things, the library has no porn.  this article was then brought to the attention of p2s.  we investigated the library's web site where it was learned the library is against filtering.  although we have not been to the library and our only source of information is the newspaper articles and the web site, it is a very safe assumption that porn has in fact been in that library.  p2s therefore responded with a letter to local leaders and the library, possibly others, that the "no porn" statement was fatually incorrect.  p2s never once said anything about the sciam article.  we specifically commented on the internet porn only.  then someone doing the usually personal attacks claimed one of our "legions" (would that it were) defaced a sciam magazine, and that our removal of the sciam article is inflicting our personal views on them.  p2s, therefore, was mischaracterized, and likely intentionally so because emotional arguments are effective against us precisely because logical arguments would quickly lose -- who could argue that the us supreme court should be intentionally defied?  so, if you don't mind, where did you learn that p2s is against sciam, because we would like to stop that snowball before it kills our efforts to stop children from being molested courtesy of the ala.  thanks agains for writing.  we will post your emails to us on our contact us page unless you say not to, but we will not publish your name or email unless we have written permission.

see an excellent letter from a library director that could be a model for all communities:  finally, a library director who gets it

[this is from a dartmouth university student:]
i would merely like to offer my sincerest regret upon realizing that your organization exists.  this may or may not be the appropriate forum to express these feelings, but visiting your web site immediately spurred me to click the "contact us" link and let you know what i think.

while i am sure that just about every rational, mature person in this country can agree that pornography should not be distributed in public places by public organizations, your group seems very adamant about imposing its own severely strict definition of pornography on all others.  why does your group consider it so necessary to define pornography for everyone else, and to do so in such an unusually strict way?

since it is beyond question that parents have the right to censor their children's reading materials, why does your group furthermore desire to regulate other parents' children through censorship?  i wonder where your group thinks this right comes from?  do you really think that your authority does and should extend to other people's children?

i await a quick and informative response.  thank you for your time.

[this is the response from p2s]
p2s response:  thank you for writing.  your letter has helped us realize our message is not being understood to be what it is.  our definitions of things are irrelevant.  what we are against is the ala's spoken and written defiance of cipa and us v. ala, as written on our obviously confusing site.  all we want is for them to comply with the law.  we think that will save many children from irreparable mental and physical harm.  what we think people should do is of little consequence.  but we do believe the ala must comply with the law.  it does not.  children continue to raped, molested, and assaulted thereby.  we want to stop that.  that is essentially our message.  thanks again.  we hope you reconsider your support for us in light of our response.

[this is the response from the dartmouth student]
dear plan2succeed,

thank you very much for your informative response.  i am very pleased to hear that your group is working to enforce an opinion that has been issued.

i suppose the concern that moved me to write my previous letter was the fear that your group's mission extended to endorsing censorship of books with some adult content, to prevent undue harm against our children.  as i made clear in that correspondence, i feel it is completely within the right of parents to monitor their children's reading material; we don't need laws to do that.  i am pleasantly surprised to find out that your group is not working in this area, but is merely seeking to enforce a law that it finds especially important.  perhaps better organization of your website will help in clarifying this issue.

best of luck.

[this is the response from p2s]
p2s response:  great!  fyi, our group has only 1 web master.  me.  i only have a tiny bit of time here and there to do this, and i definately don't have the money to hire programmers.  the site has looked hairy for a very long time and is likely to stay the way only because of lack of time/money.  you are right.  we don't advocate censorship.  we are not even against p()rn.  we don't list the names of the perps on our web site.  our only interest is the ala and its defiance of the law.  can you imagine you or me getting away with defying the supreme court and dozens of children being directly harmed and nobody does anything about it?  but people are intimidated by the ala.  even librarians are intimidated.  well we are not.  the ala used to do good work, and it still does, but a certain branch of it does not.  there are terrorist organizations that murder people including americans by the thousands that have a so-called humitarian wing.  but they are still terrorist organizations.  similarly, the ala does good work but it has a wing that defies the law and causes children to be severely impacted.  giving money or support to the ala only allows them to continue to defy the law.  you should read us v. ala.  that is the bible of this area.  reading that will expose the ala propaganda for what it is.  here is the ala's defiance in writing from their own site:
despite the 2003 u.s. supreme court ruling on the children's internet protection act (cipa), which permits the government to require libraries that receive certain kinds of federal funding to install filters, ala policy is unchanged:  ala does not recommend the use in libraries of filtering technology that blocks constitutionally protected information.  ....  fact:  the association does not endorse the use of filtering technology in public institutions, such as libraries, because it blocks legal information to which users are entitled under the constitution.
i really am shocked that they get away with this; it's almost 2 years since us v. ala and the defiance continues -- that quote was posted in feb 2005.  when you have children, if nothing changes, your children will be direct targets of the ala.  we can't have "age" discrimination now when it comes to children and p()rn now, can we.  that reminds me.  if i gave the exact same information to your child that the librarians following the ala provide, i would get arrested, you would want to rip my head off, and in jail my lifespan would be very short.  tell me exactly why the ala gets a walk on this, especially when they openly defy the law.  thanks again for taking an interest.

[the following is from a blog.]  you've got to see this site - tell me, are librarians wrong to be in an uproar over this?  or does the meaning of "freedom to information" change depending on where in the country you are?  you know what's really obscene?  center-aligned text on web pages.  and links to wingnut publications like, frontpage rag and worldnet daily ("aclu fulfilling communist agenda").  that last site is obscene and satanic.  i don't want to get all censory on you, but don't go there.  better yet, filter it.  someone needs to tell the plan2succeed web people not to use caps indiscriminately.  it hurts my ears.  and for f[***]'s sake, set the cell spacing to "0" and use some fucking cell padding, that's one of the f[***]ing ugliest sites i've seen in a long time, and i mean that in all senses of the word.  yeah ... reads more like a grocery store tabloid than an information site.  look and feel are key to getting your message read, after all.  then again, guess we should all be glad it looks the way it does.  :-p [sticking out tongue.]

from a library porn child victim's grandparents:  you may be aware that our innocent grandchild *** ***** was exposed to porn at the *** public library.  our late brother was an assistant library coordinator in massachussetts, and i know they often give patrons the run around because they all belong to the ala.  some of you were wondering why the family of this little girl was angry about this.  let me say that child molestors and such thrive upon porn.  ted bundy admitted that he was addicted to porn and we know how that turned out; i recall his last victim was a small child.  we all know of the recent child torture and murder cases that have taken place in florida.  and heaven help us there has been a new case [4/26/05] of child abduction in bradenton, florida.  here in california, a little girl named **** ****** was abducted and sold to strangers for rape and after three or four weeks this eight year old was murdered.  it should be no surprise that our daughter, and all of her relatives and inlaws too, wish to protect our children from such lewdness.  it seems to us that the protection of the first amendment rights of sex addicts is indeed a very great danger to our children and helpless individuals.  we believe in raising our children and grandchildren to enjoy family time together, picnics, outings and allowing them time to just be children.  childhood should be a joyful experience.  are all of these child rapes and torture unconnected to the porn and filth that our society abounds with?  we do not think so.  ...  lets clean up library access to this sick information.

from a former library board member:  [t]he ala (american library association) [is] a group that has fought mightily against the patriot act and has resisted turning over records to the fbi, even when it means that criminals continue to run in our communities.

they also tightly control what materials are offered in our libraries -- skewed against religious treatises, and in favor of satanism, homosexual and lesbian materials.

after working with my local library system for 5 years as a board member, i have no respect for the ala.  i am no longer involved, but i treat the ala with the same suspicion i treat the apa!

the apa is the american psychological association -- the professional group that issued a manifesto a few years ago saying that sex between adults and children can be a "positive experience"!!!!  nambla (north american man boy love association) hitches their wagon to them.

i've been away from the library board for nearly 10 years, so i don't know what i can add.  my tenure devolved into a rather negative experience which i ended abruptly after a psychologist that i knew posed the question, "do you get paid for this?  if not, why don't you quit?"

my specific experience with the ala was around a series of decisions often colored by, "the ala says..." -- that being the "be all, end all" of the argument.

our library's mission was to serve both the general community and the school district.  in other words, we were to stock materials that high school students could use to research papers, etc.

a board member brought in a video produced by the wall builders (a christian foundation) and asked if the acquisition committee would purchase it for the library.  (we were very short of cash because they had embarked upon a very expensive remodeling and addition just before i was appointed to the board.)  the library director (who viewed her job to be automatically against anything the board suggested) was immediately opposed to acquiring the video.

i was president at the time and suggested that all board members review the video and submit their thoughts at the next meeting.  a second board member said that she had another copy of the video in her private collection and offered it so that we had two copies to circulate for review.  i had no preconceived notion about this video, but i changed my mind after viewing it.

i took the video home and watched it with my husband.  we found it to be an excellent overview of selected writings of our founding fathers concerning the constitution and how they viewed it, regarding their personal faith.  it was very well done from intellectual, artistic and technical standpoints.

the point of the video was to show that the founding fathers really didn't consider that there was a wall separating church and state, as is so often referenced in the mainstream media.  they were portrayed as men of deep faith and that they considered the founding of this country to be on principles of faith, without promoting one sect over another.

i researched all the references and quotes that i could and found them to be accurate.  i decided that this would be a valuable addition to our collection for any high schooler who was researching a paper, or debate topic, if the board agreed.  nobody had to agree with the premise of the video; and there were already many other authors in our library who would not agree -- but the video set out one side of this particular argument in a cogent and attractive manner.

in the mean time, a third board member offered to purchase two copies of the video in question and donate them to our cashapped library.  the proposal seemed settled until the library director threw a fit and said that several members of her staff would quit if we added the wall builders video to the collection because they found it to be personally offensive and threatening!  these staffers said that that they would be embarrassed to have this video in our collection because we had jewish patrons!  a fourth board member (who was jewish and none of us even knew it) commented that it didn't offend him and he would vote to add the video!

then the director and the staff pulled out their trump card -- we couldn't add the video because it had not been reviewed and endorsed by the ala!  according to our staff, nothing could go into the library that had not received a favorable review by either the ala, or the new york times!  and for the board to do anything else would be insulting and threatening to their professional status as librarians and members of the ala!

of course our board voted to override the staff and accept the gift of the videos.  they were added to the collection in 1996, but i'll bet that they didn't last the year.  i'm certain that they became "lost" along the way.

yet, this same staff (all proud members of the ala) saw nothing wrong in providing 10 feet of precious book shelf space in our library to books on satanism and other strange cults  however a defense of our founding fathers' judeo-christian ethic was considered "offensive and threatening."

that was just one of many incidents that started me questioning the motives of the ala.

and yes, we had problems with the library staff about computer use too -- although we had rather primitive computers back in 1991 - 1996.  but the idea of control over porn was anathema to those librarians.  personally i didn't even think it was a good idea to provide computers at all (other than to find out books) because this is one of the wealthiest communities in the us and everybody already has computers at home and the kids have them in school. we were a cash strapped system, as i said before, and the computers absolutely blew the budget.

of course, once you invest in computers, the demands on the budget never end -- constant upgrades are necessary and subscription fees, etc.

and yes, there is a definite ala/local library connection on policy.  as a board we were always being asked to adopt and defend ala policies as our own.  every month the director would propose something new and we'd spend hours revising our handbook to include it.  most of the proposals came directly from ala (she wasn't smart enough to think this stuff up on her own) or from our regional organization which got it directly from ala.

i finally discarded all of my records because i want nothing more to do with those people.  i must have had 50 binders of stuff.  i could write a book about the waste and petty politics that went on.

fyi, sean connaughton, the republican candidate for lt. gov. in virginia, has been distributing flyers taking credit for getting porn filters installed on county computers and on public library computers in prince william county, va.  his flyers (#1 thing he will do) say as lt. gov. he will "lead the effort to install pornography filters on computers at libraries so our families will be protected."  his website is at  one whole side of his flyer has a girl at a computer with in big letters the question:  who's protecting our children from internet pornography?  [see his tv commercial.]

this is why i believe we need more than blocking and filtering in libraries!  nancy
pornography linked to sex crimes
may is victims of pornography month
dr. judith reisman, author of "kinsey, crimes & consequences"

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