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municipal corporations, counties, and other political subdivisions

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j.d., gary a. hughes, j.d., mindy pittell hurwitz, j.d., theresa l. leming,

j.d., william lindsley, j.d., eric c. surette, j.d., tim a. thomas, j.d., and

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xii. property

c. control, management, and maintenance

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§ 504. generally

  where property is in the lawful possession of a municipality, and is not impressed with any trust or public use, the municipality may manage such property for its own benefit. [fn1] absent fraud or abuse, municipal authorities have wide latitude in the exercise of control over public property, so long as that control is exercised for the benefit of the municipality. [fn2] however, if a specific tract or building either is held in trust for specific purpose or has been dedicated to particular use, a municipal corporation is powerless to change the use of that property without either specific legislative direction or, if the dedication is from a private source, the appropriate consent of the dedicator. [fn3]

              observation: the power of a municipality over public grounds within its limits is derived from the legislature. [fn4] the state, when creating municipal governments, does not cede to them any control over state property situated within the municipalities, or over any property which the state has authorized another body or power to control. [fn5]

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  lease and concession agreement--of city airport service station and valet parking facilities. 13b am. jur. legal forms 2d, municipal corporations, counties, and other political subdivisions § 180:205.

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