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stopping the ala from pushing porn in public libraries
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public library patrons say "no" to playboy magazine;
independent research survey proves ala is wrong to push
pornography on children:  almost no patron wants that.
but library refuses to comply unless court ordered.
safe libraries:  new web site exposes oak lawn (il)
public library's defiance of law and taxpayer interests
safelibraries. org - are children safe in public libraries?
"parents who would tell their children not to read playboy 'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"
judith krug, ala director of oif, citizen, 9/18/95.

act now to stop librarian deception and misinformation in illinois;
governor blagjevich is threatened with a deluge of librarian misinformation
to prevent his filtering all public library computers in illinois!
you should write to him to show your support right now!

another nail in the coffin of the ala:  the ala recommends giving children books like "rainbow party."  "a 'rainbow party,' you see, is a gathering of boys and girls for the purpose of engaging in group oral sex.  each girl wears a different colored lipstick and leaves a mark on each boy.  at night's end, the boys proudly sport their own cosmetically sealed rainbow you-know-where -- bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of 'party favors.'"  an ala representative said the book is good because "it's a way for kids to experience something at a safe distance" and "unless you read stuff that's perhaps not the most literary, you'll never understand what good works are."  the ala promotes this book in its list of nominations for "quick picks for reluctant young adult readers."
stopping the ala from endangering children
how safe is your own public library?  get a fill-in form here.
see examples of crimes and filters in other libraries updated daily.
10 truths about the american library association [ala] and children:
1)  the ala believes children may access inappropriate material because it would be age discimination to keep them from seeing it.
2)  the ala creates lists of books containing inappropriate selections for children of different grades.
3)  the ala has in the past guided children to inappropriate web sites like those discussing autoerotic asphyxiation, bestiality, fisting, etc.
4)  president clinton signed into law the children's internet protection act [cipa] that requires public libraries to essentially filter all public library computers.
5)  after years of efforts to protect children in public libraries, the us supreme court struck down each attempt as unconstitutional until cipa.  in june 2003, cipa was found to be constitutional in us v. ala and libraries receiving federal funding must now filter all computers.  the case de facto decided issues that apply to libraries not taking federal funding as well.
6)  after constant efforts to defy all three branches of the federal government calling for the installation of internet filters in all public library computers, the ala in february 2005 placed in writing that all libraries are advised to defy cipa and us v. ala for the very same reasons proven wrong in us v. ala.  the ala provides guidance to librarians on how to effectuate this policy.
7)  some libraries that would have had filters because of us v. ala have chosen not to install those filters because they instead comply with the ala's directive to defy the law.
8)  in some of those libraries children are raped, assaulted, and molested by other patrons viewing unfiltered internet pornography that might not have been on those computers had the filters been installed as required by the law.
9)  the ala, therefore, may be directly responsible for the rape, assault, and molestation of children.  we already know the ala is the leading national organization pushing pornography and other inappropriate material on children in public libraries and public schools.
10)  are there no consequences when a national organization uses its power to influence local public libraries to defy the law in a way that may directly result in serious harm to children nationwide?  is there no way to force the ala to comply with the law and advocate compliance with the law?  can they be sued in court for rape, etc., or could local library boards of trustees be sued for violating their fiduciary duty to the citizens, not the ala -- by the way, do libraries lose a portion of their autonomy when they advocate policies in defiance of the law, thereby allowing local governments to step in and take action?  can the irs revoke their tax exempt status?  can financial donors stop supporting the ala until it complies with the law?  could you or i defy the law with impunity?  does telling the truth about the ala and asking these questions make one seem out of line or is it the ala's policies that are out of line with the mainstream and the law?
bonus 11)  "the ... elites have convinced themselves that they are taking a stand against cultural tyranny.  ....  [t]he reality is that it is those who cry "censorship!" the loudest who are the ones trying to stifle speech and force their moral world-view on others."  by dan gerstein, an independent consultant, former communications director for joe lieberman and a senior strategist for his presidential campaign.
bonus 12)  who said in response to us v. ala , "maybe once in a while, [the justices] ought to go to a public library.  everybody in america - and especially republicans in congress - share the view that when school gets out, kids are running to the library to look at pornography on the internet.  it's not happening."  answer:  beverly public library director tom scully speaking in 2003.  scully was charged in april 2005 with disseminating obscene material to a minor.  police said he had a two-year relationship with a boy he encountered using a library computer to access sexual content.
bonus 13)  see an excellent letter from a library director that could be a model for all communities:  finally, a library director who gets it.
bonus 14)  read ala policies make a librarian's life difficult.

we're just ordinary parents trying to make a difference.  why?
one of our children brought home a pornographic book from public school.  what a shock!  on the 4th day of kindergarten no less.  the principal apologized and had it removed from the library.  the school librarian said it was on a kindergartners' book list from the ala.  (see, for example, pabbis - parents against bad books in schools and ppmc - parents protecting the minds of children.)  we found out the ala believes children should have access to pornography because it would be "age" discrimination to keep them from their "inalienable right" of seeing it to "become thinking adults and [an] informed electorate."  local library boards of trustees often choose to violate their trustee duties to the citizens and follow the ala instead.  worse, the ala continues to guide libraries accordingly despite a recent us supreme court case that proves they are wrong on all counts.  an inexpensive filter that can be turned off upon request is a simple solution compared to the great harm inflicted on society by criminals attracted to pornography on unfiltered computers.  time and time again we read about the latest parent shocked by a library or the latest child molested by someone viewing pornography.  when will society stand up, realize the terrorism inflicted on children as a direct and proximate result of the ala's purposeful and intentional actions, and stop the carnage?  here are some of the unbelievable statements made by the ala, made especially egregious in light of the us supreme court case:
contrast these statements with the words of the supreme court of the united states in us v. ala: 
"[p]ublic libraries' use of internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' first amendment rights...."  "internet access in public libraries is neither a 'traditional' nor a 'designated' public forum."  "[a] library provides [internet] access for the same reasons it offers other library resources:  to facilitate research, learning, and recreational pursuits by furnishing materials of requisite and appropriate quality.  the fact that a library reviews and affirmatively chooses to acquire every book in its collection, but does not review every web site that it makes available, is not a constitutionally relevant distinction." "concerns over filtering software's tendency to erroneously 'overblock' access to constitutionally protected speech that falls outside the categories software users intend to block are dispelled by the ease with which patrons may have the filtering software disabled." "the interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all members of the court appear to agree."
and it seems the ala is pushing pornography on children all the way down to kindergarten by creating lists of recommended readings for children of all ages that includes pornographic books!  the decision was made by us to take action to protect all children from pornography and the ala!  since then an united states supreme court decision [us v. ala] has proven everything the ala has been saying is absolutely wrong.  that makes our work easier as we do not need to argue issues such as censorship or constitutional rights, although the libraries and the ala continue to use these arguments to frighten and mislead people not familiar with the new supreme court ruling that nullifies these arguments.  come along, help us protect children from pornography they might see in public libraries and from the effects of pornography on criminals or incipient criminals that might be waiting to commit crimes on you and your children, because the libraries won't:
by insisting on the installation of internet filtering software in public libraries in accordance with the recent us supreme court case or under other mechanisms, we will protect children from pornography and force the criminals to go elsewhere, even if library unions and management continue to believe criminals have more rights than you and your children. 

here are the results of a lack of filters, terrorism coming to a public library near you:  an 8 year old girl beaten, choked, and raped (yes, 8 years old) then left unconcious, bloody, and crammed behind the toilet of a public library bathroom by a homeless 23 year old man who viewed pornography!  worse, this was at least the second time he committed a crime in a city library!!!  if the library only had filters, this might never have happened, but the ala prevented the library from having the filters.  who's next?  shouldn't citizens have a say in whether to install filters?  are library "trustees" shirking their responsibility to their beneficiaries, the citizens, by following the ala dictates proven completely false in the us supreme court?
see "the right of childhood, a state of mind," "man arrested in attack on girl, 8, at philadelphia library," "man held for trial in attack on girl in phila. library," and "homeless man's pastor told police of assault."

"filters have been installed.  ....  i have been involved in this discussion since july 2003.  i do not believe that we would be where we are today if it were not for you.  thank you, for your interest, help, and your information."
les hampton, former moffat county [colorado] commissioner
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"ala and porn, other people's opinions
17mar05 | ala | porn, filtering, others, ala

i don't spend a lot of time reading what the american family association says about ala and pornography, but from time to time i check in.  you never know when someone will use one of these pages as a "to do" list and show up at your library.  so, without further commentary - except to note that "pray" appears before "reaserch" on the afa's list of steps - please see plan2succeed's library porn removal page and the american family association's library internet filtering page."

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press release:  town refuses to ask citizens if library porn should be filtered out; seeking pro bono counsel
cartoon by ramirez about the aclu trying to change the pledge of allegiance while pushing pornography on school children.  click for a larger image. cartoon by ackerman about the gresham, ore. public library's internet computers being easier to access than an adult bookstore.  click for a larger image.
u.s. supreme court decision of 6/23/03:  us v. ala
another link:

u.s. supreme court, united states et. al. v. american library association, inc., et. al., no. 02-361, syllabus and opinion of the court. argued march 5, 2003-decided june 23, 2003.

click on a justice to view his or her opinion.
cipa supreme court justices.  click on one to view that opinion. ginsburg souter dissent kennedy concurrence breyer concurrance stevens dissent rehnquists majority opinion thomas joined in rehnquists majority opinion oconnor joined in rehnquists majority opinion scalia joined in rehnquists majority opinion

presidential proclamation:
protection from pornography week, 2003

dangerous access, 2000 edition:  uncovering
internet pornography in america's libraries

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pornography and violent sex crimes

public libraries, the left, and
the corruption of children

librarians for porn

turning public libraries into public latrines

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the internet and the seduction of
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librarians for terror and terrorists;
the ala library:  terrorist sanctuary

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